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Since 2003

Your Expert LED Lighting Supplier

  • 17 years of LED light manufacturing experience
  • All JASIONLIGHT lamps meet and exceed lighting industry standards
  • ISO9001 quality management system certificate.
  • Rigorous testing and certified with UL, CE, Rohs, IP & IK grade test report.
  • 8 R&D team, customize different functions for your projects.
  • Professional sales team, most of them have 5 years experience in the Chinese LED lights industry. 7*24 hours service, fully support your difficult questions at any time.

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What you can get?

If you are looking for an LED lighting supplier, JASIONLIGHT will be your best choice. JASIONLIGHT has long term experience in the LED lighting industry. As one of the best LED luminaire manufacturers in China, we provide professional sales support, high quality LED lighting products, all certificates to support your business. 



Hundreds of models led luminaire for your different market requirements. best quality and reasonable price.


Project Planner

Different models for different lighting applications, parking lot, shopping mall, apartment, hospital, school, etc.


Custom Service

If you need custom different functions for the led lamp, sensor, emergency, dimmable, etc, all are available. 

All Types of LED Lights

to Support Your Project and Business

As a professional LED light manufacturer and factory in China, JASIONLIGHT has been in the LED lighting industry for 17 years. We also provide OEM/ODM service for your business.

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Jasionlight Custom LED Neon Signs

to Support Your Project and Business

Jasionlight has hundreds of indoor and outdoor LED neon signs for wholesale, distribution, project, And support personalized customization.

Custom Outdoor Neon Signs

Jasionlight provides waterproof IP65 neon signs for your outdoor applications.

Custom Neon Signs

Jasionlight custom neon signs for the company name, logo, billboard, letters, etc.

Neon Sign Manufacturer

17 years of LED lighting experience, provide high-quality neon products.

All Types of LED Ceiling Lights

to Support Your Projects and Wholesale

Jasionlight has hundreds of indoor and outdoor led ceiling lamps. Different design and functions for your project requirements.

Wholesale Ceiling Lights

Consistent quality, competitive price, detonate your market

Plastic Ceiling Light IP65

PC base and cover, perfect lighting effect, no dark areas. high lumen 100lm/w.

Emergency Ceiling Light

Emergency and sensor led ceiling light, for the parking lot, staircase, corridor, etc.

Chrome Ceiling Lights

Classical beautiful appearance with whole plastic, say no to rust.

IP65 Ceiling light

Exacting testing IP65, security design, good for outdoor use. 

Square Ceiling Light

Square shape, perfect lighting effect, available with emergency, sensor function.

All Types of LED Tri-proof Lights

to Support Your Project and Business

Dimmable, Emergency, Sensor LED tri-proof lights to meet different project requirements, give customers the best lighting solutions.

LED Tubular Light

High lumen 130lm/w, waterproof IP67, 304 stainless steel fittings, no rust.

IP65 LED Tri-proof Light

Different size and wattage for your projects, support customization.

LED Vapor Light

Waterproof IP66 & IK10, surface mounted, suspended installation for your option.

Cooperated with JASIONLIGHT for more than 5 years, stable product quality, and our customers' feedback is also very good, trustworthy, and will continue to cooperate.

Andrea Ros