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Experienced Custom Outdoor Neon Signs Wholesale Supplier

JASIONLIGHT has a one-stop manufacturing process, there were around 100,000pcs custom outdoor neon signs exporting worldwide. For BMW, Britain Royalty, China government culture department, etc.

Jasionlight can produce one custom outdoor neon sign in just 2 days, so you can provide quick-response to clients always.

Most importantly we don’t have MOQ for you, just 1 piece can be customized. Just send us your inquiry, JASIONLIGHT will provide you all customization options instantly.

Your Expert Custom Outdoor Neon Signs Manufacturer & Maker

JASIONLIGHT is an expert in all outdoor neon signs manufacturing. Mainly are custom outdoor neon bar signs, custom outdoor neon business signs, coffee neon signs, outdoor led open signs, happy birthday neon signs, pub neon signs, club neon signs, personalized neon signs, vintage outdoor neon signs, etc.

With 17 years of experience, JASIONLIGHT offers multiple designs and extensive collections to meet your needs.

Best Solutions for Your Outdoor Neon Signs Projects.

JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor neon signs offer flexibility in terms of installation method and location. Our custom outdoor neon signs have the option of vertical or horizontal installation.

You just tell us your application area, JASIONLIGHT will provide you a suitable case according to our rich experience in just 2 hours.

Jasionlight Custom LED Neon Signs Meets All Conditions for Outdoor Use

Why Jasionlight custom outdoor neon signs are widely used in any outdoor location? It is because of excellent IP65 waterproofing and corrosion, and oxidation-resistant UV protection performance. This mainly depends on silicone raw material, neon rope structure design, extrusion process, waterproof testing, and special waterproof treatment.

Quality real silicone raw material

Jasionlight silicone burns without black smoke and black residue. Due to the high performance of non-toxic, insulation, anti-yellowed, anti-corrosion, and oxidation-resistance, it is more durable for long-time outdoor use.

The structure design of the LED neon rope

The engineer had to consider the hermeticity of LED neon rope light, the heat dissipation of the LED chips, and the final luminous effect at the same time. Therefore it's a complex and demanding task. 100% IP67 waterproof.

Two LED silicone extrusion production line

This critical step directly affects the outcome of the silicone vulcanization process. If done correctly, will extend the life of the silicone tube and delay its eventual yellowing. It's why Jasionlight neon signs can give you a long warranty.

Waterproof testing

JASIONLIGHT outdoor led neon rope lights have been subjected to a rigorous waterproof test. After that, we can put it into the production line of custom outdoor neon signs.

Special waterproof treatment

Unlike ordinary custom led neon signs, JASIONLIGHT trained workers use matching size plug caps and KAFUTER K-705 glue for a 100% sealing treatment.

Outdoor application

Jasionlight outdoor neon signs are widely used in various outdoor uses, for businesses and projects. Which have been well received by customers.

Jasionlight Custom Outdoor Neon Signs

helps you to attract all attention

Custom made outdoor neon signs with a wide variety of content, like company name, logo, brand, tagline, slogan, mascot, etc. Just send us your idea or contents and we will send you an instant design for reference

Neon Company LOGO

JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor branding neon sign is most approachable and eye-catching to showcase your brand. It will create and express your idea completely in different presenting ways.

Neon Light for Landscape

Let’s bring neon arts into your life. It seems a red color neon sign, best for a green background. Just send us your request, JASIONLIGHT professional design team will work for you instantly.

Neon Rope for Building

JASIONLIGHT manufacture custom outdoor neon signs but also produce led silicon neon rope lights. These flexible lighting decorations will make your building and brand the brightest star.

Outdoor Neon Signage

JASIONLIGHT also custom various outdoor signage, such as exit signs, pylon signs, monument signs, sidewalk signs, elevator signs, emergency signs, caution signs, etc. You just tell us your contents, then we will make it for you instantly.

Neon Signs for Outdoor Event

How to enhance the atmosphere? How to express your event’s theme? JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor neon signs will be your best choice.

Advertising Neon Signs

Custom outdoor neon signs for business! JASIONLIGHT provides you multiple designs and extensive collection for reference, believe you will get your inspiration instantly.

Neon Signs for Shop Deco

Eye-catching but also personality. JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor neon signs will make your shop outstanding from so many other normal signs.

Neon Signs for Wedding

However, it is the best way to custom outdoor neon signs for your unique wedding party. Whatever style you want, we can make it come true. Please trust you will enjoy this romantic and unforgettable wedding.

Neon Photograph Background

Definitely, JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor neon signs will make your place to be a photograph background, because of your creativity and our exquisite quality. Your brand will be the center of that mall or tourist attraction.

Why Jasionlight Custom Outdoor Neon Signs

Whether you are a reseller, project contractor, event planner, or end-user, JASIONLIGHT is always your best choice. 

From LED chips SMT auto production line to silicone extrusion production line, to acrylic engraving and cutting board, to professional handmade, to LED neon signs lighting and aging, to pre-shipment packaging, the entire production process and quality inspection are done in-house by JASIONLIGH.

As one of the best custom outdoor neon signs manufacturers, JASIONLIGHT gets the certificates, ISO 9001, SGS, CE, ROHS, and more.

The professional designers with over 5 years of experience in the advertising and decoration industry from JASIONLIGHT, can quickly create a proposal based on your request until satisfied,. We are your best custom outdoor neon signs center.

When you choose JASIONLIGHT custom outdoor neon signs, you get a no-hassle warranty with a 2-year free warranty and a 1-year extended free spare parts supply. JASIONLIGHT aftersales team provide 24 hours online customer service and 2 hours response& processing after request. We will be your long-time partner.

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Custom Outdoor Neon Signs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Custom neon signs are very popular and used in both indoor and outdoor of the business.

If you run  advertising agencies or retail businesses, you can’t deny the importance of custom outdoor neon signs. In this article, you will understand the importance of using custom outdoor neons signs and how to find a reliable manufacturer.

You will also know the factors that you should consider at the time of purchasing them. 

Table of Contents

#1. What Is Custom Outdoor Neon Sign?

Neon signs that can be customized in any format and used in the outdoor business area are known as custom outdoor neon signs. The customization is available in size, shape, colors, and features. 


#2. Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing Custom Outdoor Neon Signs

You should consider the following factors before purchasing custom outdoor neon signs. 

Purpose of Using

Custom outdoor neon signs are used for the following purposes. 

  • They can be used to show business activities (Open or Closed). 
  • Used to show the brand name of your business with neon signs
  • Used to show the products and services offered by your business.
  • They are used to display ads for your new products and services. 
  • To notify the upcoming special events. 

So, there has a huge demand for outdoor neon signs. So, the project planners and retailers should purchase outdoor neon signs according to the purposes. 


Traditional outdoor neon signs are made of soft glass tubes filled with different kinds of gases. As they are made with glass and metal, they are not suitable for outdoor use. Traditional outdoor neon signs will damage in extremely wet, windy, and cold locations. 

On the other hand, LED outdoor neon signs are made of silicone and so they can withstand all kinds of weather. Let’s see why custom LED signs are the best for outdoor lighting purposes. 

  • LED neon signs are made of Silicone which is resistant to heat, cold, dielectric, ozone and atmospheric aging, anti-yellowed, and anti-corrosion. 
  • LED outdoor neon signs are ensured with a waterproof rating up to IP67. 
  • A 12-24V electric circuit is used to ensure safety.

So, the project planners can use them for more than a decade. Jasionlight is a renowned manufacturer of custom outdoor neon signs. They gained national and international awards for their high-quality neon signs. 


Size is another important factor that you must consider at the time of purchasing custom outdoor neon signs. The initial cost of small-sized neon signs may be less but they are not visible from a far distance. And so, advertising agencies and project planners can’t meet their objective with small-sized neon signs. 

The project planners will also face trouble if they purchase large-sized neon signs. Larger sized neon signs can’t be mounted properly on the top of bars or restaurants. So, first of all, you need to measure the size of your mounting area, then order custom outdoor neon signs. 


Waterproof is the most important feature of outdoor neon signs. Manufacturers ensure the waterproof feature at the time of manufacturing custom outdoor neon signs. Outdoor neon signs are set up in the outdoor environment and so they are directly affected by the external environments. Heavy rain, excessive cold weather, and cleaning with water can easily damage non-waterproof outdoor neon signs. So, LED neon signs are made of waterproof features. 

Most neon sign manufacturers use IP65 waterproof ratings that slightly protect from water and rain. But, Jasionlight uses IP67 waterproof rating in manufacturing outdoor neon signs that ensure the best protection from water.


Brightness is also a crucial factor at the time of purchasing outdoor LED neon signs. Low-quality outdoor neon signs can give high brightness in the first few months. But, they will be blurry after some months. The consistent brightness of neon signs largely depends on the light decay feature of LED chips. 

There are 3 LED chip styles used in neon signs. They are dual in-line package (DIP) LEDs, surface mounted device (SMD) LED chips, and chip-on-board (COB) LED Design. The chip-on-board (COB) LED chip style is a recent development in LED lighting. This style of LED chip provides the greatest light potential and takes up less space. This type of chip provides multi-directional light. The chip-on-board improves thermal resistance, better lighting effect, a larger cooling area,  and greater light efficiency. But they are not suitable for outdoor neon signs. They are generally used for high power led lights, such as led flood light, led street light, etc.

The Surface-Mounted Device ( SMD) LED chips are the best for outdoor neon signs. Jasionlight uses 2835 SMD chips to achieve a higher brightness for single color design on outdoor neon signs. And, they use 5050 SMD LED chips for achieving colorful effects on outdoor neon signs. So, you will get consistent high-brightness from outdoor neon signs

So, be confirmed that your manufacturer uses the right SMD LED chips on outdoor neon signs… 


Advertisement agencies, wedding planners, and other project planners need customized outdoor neon signs. Different project planners need different types of neon signs. And so you should purchase neon signs that are flexible in usage. 

Jasionlight provides different neon signs for different applications and usage. Custom outdoor neon signs are used for the following purposes. 

  • In billboard for advertising purposes. 
  • Wedding planning
  • Outside of restaurants and bars


The average lifespan of the custom outdoor LED neon signs is about 30,000 to 35,000 hours. You can use high-quality neon signs of Jasionlight for more than a decade. Outdoor neon signs of Jasionlight last at least 50,000 hours. So, you can use Jasionlight’s neon signs for more than 12 years even if you turn them on 12 hours/day. By purchasing from them, you can also save on the repurchasing cost, importing cost, replacing cost, and maintenance cost. 

Energy Consumption

Custom LED neon signs consume very low energy compared to traditional outdoor neon signs. Manufacturers that follow advanced lighting technologies can produce high-quality outdoor neon signs. 

The project planners should not only focus on the initial purchasing cost of the neon signs. They also should focus on maintenance costs. The average cost per kilowatt of neon signs is about 10 cents. 


A renowned manufacturer is confident with their products & services and provides a warranty. Products are tested in the lab and ensured quality.

A project planner or maintenance authorities don’t need to replace if neon signs have a longer warranty time. Retailers also can increase the name and fame of their local shops.

Jasionlight provides a 1-year free replacement warranty and later on 2-years free spare parts maintenance. Usually, if you don’t face any problem with neon signs in the first year, you will not face any problem in the future also. 

Jasionlight also provides Shipping Damage Warranty though the shipping damage rate of this company is under 0.5 percent. Damages can happen in any step of importing neon signs. If you find any damage in the neon signs after opening the package, inform the customer support department of Jasionlight.

Jasionlight is fully responsible for the shipping process and they will replace your damaged neon signs without any cost. 

You can reduce the cost of your lighting projects if you follow the above factors. 

#3. What Payment Systems Are Safe at The Time Of Ordering Neon Signs from China?

L/C or letter of credit is the most popular and secured payment system in the case of international commercial transactions. In the system of L/C, the bank releases funds after the suppliers meet the predetermined conditions. So, both the buyers and manufacturers feel secured. 


If the manufacturers are trusted, you can use other payment systems. Here are some other renowned payment systems used to purchase neon sign from China

  1. AliPay ( Widely Used) 
  2. Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T) 
  3. ApplePay
  4. PayPal 
  5. Payoneer

As you can fall into the trap of the hackers, you should not use your payment system on every website. Use credit cards and other payment systems to those websites which have SSL certificates.

#4. How Do You Choose Reliable Custom Outdoor Neon Signs Manufacturers?

Most of the renowned manufactures enjoy the economy of scale for mass production. And so they can offer high-quality products at a lower price. Mass production lessened the cost of the unit prices. 

There are many neon sign manufacturers around the world. And China is the most renowned lighting manufacturer for high-efficiency and cost-efficiency. Yet, you may feel hesitant to choose reliable neon signs manufacturers in China. If you consider the following factors, there is a high possibility of finding reliable neons sign manufacturers. 

Manufacturing Setup

To find reliable neon sign manufacturers, you must focus on the manufacturing setup of the neon sign companies. Look at the aging equipment, electrical testing equipment, mounting equipment, photometry equipment, and packing process. You should consider the quality, capacity, and maintenance of the manufacturing setup. The quality of the final end products largely depends on the manufacturing setup. 


Efficient Human Resource

Manufacturers should not only depend on automation and assembly lines. The only efficient human can understand the problems of neon signs in each step and ensure the highest quality. The manufacturing process of LED neon signs largely depends on hand-craft work. Only trained workers can ensure quality and make the best neon signs. 

Jasionlight efficiently recruits talented human resources and manages them effectively. The higher the efficient human resource of the organization, the better the output products you will get. Let’s watch how the trained human resources of Jasionlight help to produce high-end neon signs.

Experience in Lighting Industry

You must choose a custom outdoor neon signs manufacturer that has at least 10 years of experience. Theoretical knowledge is not enough and so human resources should be learned with experience and experimental studies. You can check the founding date of the manufacturers to check experience. 

As a lighting product, the light source, heat dissipation, and LED driver are the cores. Jasionlight’s human resources have gained the best experience in these three sectors. So, you will get the best custom outdoor neon signs from them.

Appropriate Process

You should look at the appropriate process of making custom outdoor neon signs. The manufacturers should have a documented process so that it can be audited. The manufacturer should include product designing, development, manufacturing, testing, and troubleshooting processes. The documented process will help you find defects in every process.

Sourcing of Raw Materials

The quality and durability of the products largely depend on raw materials. Ensure that your outdoor neon sign manufacturer collects raw materials from well-reputed vendors. Jasionlight has QC inspection reports, test reports for all of its raw materials. It uses eco-friendly Rosh certified silicon and its Led chips have an LM-80 test report.  The Led driver/transformer of Jasionlight has a UL/CUL/CE/SAA/PSE/KC  certificate. 

Quick Support

From collecting data to installing outdoor neon signs, you need to know many pieces of information about products. You sometimes need urgent support to maintain outdoor neon signs. So, choose a manufacturer that has an instant customer supporting system. Contact customer service executives of Jasionlight to ask for any information about your purchase. They are available 24/7 to support their customers.


Warranty is another important factor that you should consider at the time of choosing outdoor neon signs. A good manufacturer provides both product warranty and shipping damage warranty for their products. Jasionlight uses wooden crates and carton boxes to ensure the highest safety of shipping. The shipping damage rate of Jasionlight is less than 0.5%. If you find any damage after opening the package, please contact us as soon as possible. We will replace or repair your neon signs without any cost. 

Jasionlight also provides a 12-months free replacement warranty and later on 24-months free spare parts maintenance. From their experience, most project planners say that they don’t face any problems in the future if they don’t face problems within 1-2 years. But keep in mind that misuse, negligence, accidents, improper installation, incorrect maintenance of the outdoor neon signs will not be covered by warranty.

After-Sales Service

You should never focus on only a low price. You should not follow the “pay and pray” process at the time of purchasing outdoor neon signs. Consider the features with the price. It is normal that manufacturers will charge a higher price if they offer more unique features. 

Competitive Price

You should never focus on only a low price. You should not follow the “pay and pray” process at the time of purchasing outdoor neon signs. Consider the features with the price. It is normal that manufacturers will charge a higher price if they offer more unique features. 

#5. Are Custom Outdoor Neon Signs Waterproof?

Outdoor neon signs should be sturdy and waterproof. As the outdoor weather condition changes frequently, manufacturers produce outdoor neon signs waterproof and dustproof. But, not all manufacturers produce high-quality waterproof outdoor neon signs. The average waterproof rating of most outdoor neon signs is just IP65. Jasionlight’s custom outdoor neon signs have an IP67 waterproof rating that ensures the highest safety in any outdoor condition.  Check this feature on the product package or ask the manufacturers to be ensured before confirming the purchase.

#6. Why Do Outdoor Neon Signs Stop Working?

High-quality custom neon signs last more than a decade without much maintenance. Yet, some custom neon signs stop illuminating for the following reasons. 

  • In case of losing joints of neon signs. 
  • If the wires become electrically shorted and broken. 
  • In case of a leaky tube in the neon signs. 
  • If the transformers of the neon sign become damaged, outdoor neon signs will stop illuminating.
  • If the led chips are virtual welding or loose welding. 
  • If the led chips have severe light decay. 
  • If the silicon housing is not anti-yellowed and anti-corrosion. 
  • If the whole product is not sealed well or not ensured the waterproof feature.

#7. How Do You Find The Problems in Custom Outdoor Neon Signs?

It is not necessary to replace custom outdoor neon signs if they stop working. You can fix the problems and repair them in a cost-efficient way. To find the problems, you should follow the following steps.

Step 01

First of all, check the supply of voltage to the neon signs. If the voltage supply is good, check the loose connections of lights. If the power supply in neon signs is low, they will start flickering or blinking. You can easily check the power supply using a multimeter. To get rid of low power supply, use a step-up-transformer.


Step 02

Sometimes, custom outdoor neon signs stop illuminating instead of flickering or blinking. In this case, check the shorted wires, broken wire sections. If you find any problems in them, fix them to make neon signs active again. 

Step 03

Check the leaks along with the neon signs if you don’t find any problems in the above two steps. In case of finding any leak in the neon signs, you should replace them with a new one. Fixing the leaky neons signs in the custom outdoor neon signs is very expensive.

Step 04

You should check the transformer of the neon signs also. If you find any problems with the transformer, just replace it with a new one. Fixing the transformer of neon signs is not only difficult but also very expensive.

#8. Are Outdoor Neon Signs Different from Indoor Neon Signs?

Custom outdoor neon signs are manufactured in a more efficient way than indoor neon signs as they are set in an outdoor environment. Rainwater, snow, wind, and heat of the sun can easily damage the low-quality outdoor neon signs. So, the advanced and complex manufacturing process of custom outdoor neon signs make them waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion. 

Indoor neon signs don’t need to have waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion features at extreme levels. Jasionlight manufactures both indoor and outdoor neon signs in sturdy and waterproof ways. 

Final Thought

Jasionlight is a renowned manufacturer of LED lights. They have more than 17 years of experience in the lighting industry. They are capable of providing any customized outdoor neon signs for your project. You will get high-quality products and good services at competitive prices from Jasionlight. 

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