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With over 18 years of experience in the LED industry and 10 years of manufacturing indoor LED display screens, Jasionlight is the leading indoor LED screen manufacturer in China.

Jasionlight Indoor LED screen provides lots of options, flexibility, and versatility. Our indoor LED screens improve the aesthetic value of your decoration and deliver optimum functionality.

Jasionlight has clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our durable and high-performance LED screen is one of our top-selling products. We have earned the faith of our customers with our global presence and unwavering customer support.

Are you planning on investing in a LED screen? Indoor LED screens are a great way of advertising your product and improving brand awareness. Just give us a message if you want to know anything about the indoor LED screen.

Superior Technology Indoor LED Screen to Boom Your Business


Jasionlight produces indoor LED screens with unmatched choices. We manufacture indoor LED screens with high resolution and more brightness. We manufacture our indoor LED screens with the best available technology: SMD technology.

Our precise die-casting aluminum cabinet and internal lockers make our indoor LED screen bezel-free and gapless. Jasonlight’s indoor LED display screen comes in a Golden aspect ratio cabinet size to deliver the best comfortable visual effect.

All of our indoor LED screens ensure high resolution, a large viewing angle, and a maximum flat design.

Full Range LED Screen Product Line To Support You

Jasionlight manufactures indoor LED display screens for customers from every corner. We manufacture indoor LED screens with various screen resolutions, 720P, 2K, 4K, or others.

Jasionlight brings the power of customizable indoor LED screens to unique applications. You can use our indoor LED screens in control rooms, boardrooms, marketing arenas, and many other places.

Our flexible and customizable indoor LED screens are very famous for indoor advertising and corporate branding.


Why Jasionlight Indoor LED Screen Is Superior?

Jasionlight has 18 years of rich experience in the LED industry, a strong R&D team, and a complete supply system. So we can always give you the best solutions and services.

Various Options

We have a strong product line for all of our customers. We manufacture 720P, 2K, 4K different kinds of LED display screens to meet all clients' demands.


With our indoor LED screens, you can be relaxed for a long time. Our products are durable, and you will be able to use them for a long time.

Easy installation

Our indoor LED screens are incredibly lightweight, and you can install them effortlessly. The quick assemble and disassemble feature makes our indoor LED screens convenient to use.

High Brightness

We manufacture indoor LED screens with up to 10,000 nits brightness, proving the best possible view under any circumstances.

High Contrast Ratio

Our indoor LED display screens come with up to 5000:1 color contrast ratio between the luminance of white color and black color to enhance sharpness, brightness, and color.

Flexible Aspects Ratio

The aspect ratio is vital for creating a perfect image or video on the screen. Our indoor LED screens have 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios to deliver the standard image and video on the screen.

High-Tech Indoor LED Screen Factory

To support your business and projects

The power of a LED screen manufacturer comes from its factory. Jasionlight has the most advanced factory in the LED display screen industry. 

Jasionlight has 10,000 square meters of fabrication sites. The site is equipped with 20 engineers and 10 sales technicians. Our prolific and experienced workers work dedicatedly to deliver the best indoor LED screens in the market.  Our factory is powered by the most advanced LED technologies like SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, etc. 

We are never short of raw materials and can deliver products prior to your deadline. The 10 approved quality control systems ensure the highest standard of our indoor LED screens.

Indoor Rental LED Screen
Indoor Rental LED Screen

Jasionlight produces versatile, easy to carry, lightweight, and fast installation indoor rental LED screens. Our rental indoor LED screen produces images and videos with unbeatable brightness and resolutions from the large conference room to indoor product promotion. Jasionlight rental LED screens are highly durable and straightforward to assemble and disassemble and promises to bring the X factor to your content.

Fine Pitch LED display
Fine Pitch LED display

With Jasionlight fine-pitch indoor LED screen, you can create a profound impact on your customers' minds. Our fine pitch indoor screens ensure the highest resolution even from the nearest distance. We manufacture Fine Pitch LED displays with resolution up to P0.8. With Jasionligh fine pitch LED screens, you can display your products innovatively and stay top of the mind of your customers for a long time after they leave your store.

LED Screen For Restaurant
LED Screen For Restaurant

Many canteens and restaurants use Jasionlight LED screens to easily and quickly communicate with their customers and employees. Our eye-catching LED screen for restaurants brings more sales to your business by displaying your food items in front of those hungry customers. You don’t have to attach a computer or DVD; everything is built-in with a sleek and lightweight display.

Indoor Fixed LED Display
Indoor Fixed LED Display

Jasilonlight’s indoor fixed LED display provides polished and realistic videos. The high-definition image will deliver great visual enjoyment to the viewers. Thin and light panel design ensures easy installation and improves the aesthetics of your structure: the 160 degrees wide viewing angle and flicker-free video image guarantee optimum performance.

Indoor LED Wall
Indoor LED Wall

Jasionlight is the industry leader in manufacturing fine pitch indoor LED walls. Our high-standard video walls are used in retail, tv studios, corporate areas, and other areas for large-scale presentation. At Jasionlight, we offer a full range of indoor LED wall products to satisfy our customers from every corner of the world.

Indoor LED Advertising Screens
Indoor LED Advertising Screens

Jasionlight manufactures Indoor LED screens using SMD technology with a “Die Cast” structure for modular. Our indoor LED advertising screens offer more excellent brightness and more possibilities for your advertising with larger formats. You can use our indoor LED advertising screens for window displays and store signage.

LED Backdrop Screen
LED Backdrop Screen

Jasionlight Backdrop screen is trendy for concerts, conferences, or festival gatherings. Our every high standard LED backdrop screen is built with the leading-edge technology that will captivate your audience’s attention. Whether it’s excellent weather, raining cats and dogs, or snow with our LED backdrop screens, you will be able to entertain your guests.

Conference LED Screen

A Jasionlight conference LED screen in the meeting room of your corporate office is a more robust alternative to your old projector. You can give your presentation on our conference LED screen that fills the entire wall. And our conference LED screens are bright enough to do the presentation in full sunlight. With our conference LED screen, the days darkened rooms are over.

Church LED Screen
Church LED Screen

Jsionlight Church Screen is uniquely designed for churches. We understand a church doesn’t need a large LED screen. Therefore we have developed a special panel that will allow the participants to engage with the church’s activities. Whether you are a large, medium, or small-sized church, our Church LED screens will highly benefit your space.

Why Should You Trust Jasionlight Indoor LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier?

Jasionlight is a leading indoor LED screen manufacturer in China with customers in more than 100 countries globally. 


Jasionlight is located in Shenzhen city, the original production house in China. We have been working in the LED industry for more than 17 years, and manufacturing LED display screens for six years. We offer more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year. 

Our company has 10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory. The factory has all the cutting-edge technology to manufacture the LED display screens with the highest standard. Moreover, we have 10 quality control systems to test all of our products before entering the market. 

20 skilled engineers, 10 after-sales technicians are working with their highest potentiality with the help of the latest technologies, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and others. 


We always care for our customers. With every product, we deliver clear documentation and video training content to make the installation process more manageable. Our customer care receives your query, suggestion, or any product-related issues 24/7 and resolves those at the earliest possible time.  

We also offer a 3-year warranty and package service with our extensive product lines. 


We proudly manage over 1,500 LED projects each year. Some of those activities are in Harmony Times Square, Mexico City Arena, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Taipei Arena, and many more.

We are Certified by CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE, etc.

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Indoor LED Screen – A Complete FAQ Guide


Purchasing the right indoor LED screen can be a confusing job for many. We hear many questions every day from our clients on indoor LED screens. That’s why we prepared this FAQ guide to help you select the best LED screen that suits your business needs.

Table of Contents

1. What Is An Indoor LED Screen?

An indoor LED screen is a unique LED display device that is used inside a building. These devices typically are not as large as their outdoor counterparts. As you can see, indoor LED screens from a closer distance must produce a high-resolution image that stays the same even from a more relative distance.

LED screen manufacturers achieve that functionality with the help of smaller pixel pitches. But don’t think that you can not get a large indoor LED screen. You can make indoor LED screens in many sizes, even larger ones. Over the last few years, the use of indoor LED screens has increased significantly. 

From product advertisement to hall room presentation, indoor LED screens are everywhere. They are even replacing conventional TVs.


You will find indoor LED screens in many places like shopping malls and shops, in a pharmacy, pubs, behind windows and glass façades, restaurants, discos, theaters, etc.  

Outdoor LED screens are used outside and are vulnerable to various national catastrophes. That’s why they need special protection, from the manufacturer and from the use also. But indoor LED screens are used inside. They don’t need any special treatment, and they are durable.

2. What Pixel Pitch Should I Prefer For An Indoor LED Screen?

The distance between each pixel in the LED screen is called “LED Pixel Pitch.” Some displays come with vertical and horizontal pixel pitch. The closer the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. Also, the higher pixel pitch will cost you more. 

There is another kind of pixel pitch called “virtual pixel pitch.” Manufacturers put another green, blue, red, or even white LED into the segment. That loses the contrast because of less black space between the LEDs. 

We do not recommend you purchase this kind of pixel pitch LEDs. Moreover, LEDs with virtual pixel pitch can not produce images with high brightness, which results in poor video or image quality.

Figure 2 - Pixel-Pitch
Figure 2 - Pixel-Pitch

It would be best if you considered the following things before selecting the pixel pitch for your Indoor LED display screen: 

Location: Where you will put your indoor LED display screen. Though indoor LED screens are used indoors, you should purchase a screen with good protection. 

Height: Height is critical because it will determine which kind of pixel pitch you will need. 

Viewing Distance: Viewing distance will determine which kind of pixel pitch you will need. If the viewer comes too close, the pixel pitch should be higher. 

The pixel pitch of your LED screen indoor display will be determined from these parameters. There is a thumb rule, though. The pixel pitch should not be under 30,000 pixels.

3. What Are The Advantages Of The Indoor Rental LED Display Screen?

Indoor LED screens come with high resolution, rich colors, and a high saturation level. They increase the image quality and deliver high-quality dynamic images. With an LED screen indoor display, you are guaranteed to have crisp and sharp images. 

LED screen indoor display technology is built on closely connected light-emitting diodes that make the extraordinary screen bright. Here are the benefits you can achieve from an indoor LED display screen: 

  • Superior to overused posters and LEDs, and your customers will certainly notice that. 
  • Eye-catching high brightness can stand the market noise. 
  • A unique way to engage customers
  • Demands low maintenance and ensures high durability
  • You can show custom and target messages to your customers. 
  • You can change the notice and graphics in seconds and display a new one. 
  • Inspires impulse buyers and walkthrough traffic. 
  • New touchpoints for customer engagement.
  • You can operate the LED screen indoor display remotely over the internet.  
  • You can replace the traditional signage with an indoor LED screen.

4. Where Can I Use An Indoor Rental LED Screen?

Indoor LED screens have more uses than any other LED display screens. From market to corporate office you can use it for any purpose.

Figure 3 - You can use an indoor LED screen to display the product

If you are an advertising agency, you can offer for indoor led screen hire. We have listed some spots that are ideal for an indoor LED screen: 

  • Churchs
  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Stage/Event
  • Shopping Mall/Department Store/Retail Business
  • Concerts
  • Conference; Meeting Room
  • TV Studio
  • Exhibition Center
  • Airport
  • Corporate/Firms

5. How Much Does An Indoor Rental LED Screen Cost?

Indoor LED screen price depends on many factors. The most important thing for indoor LED screen price is the size. The higher the size, the higher the price. 

Like price, the shape of your LED display screen will also affect the price. If you need a specific size LED screen, you have to pay for that size also. Customized indoor LED screens are famous these days. You can easily beat your business rivals in a supermarket with a beautifully designed customized LED display screen in a supermarket.

You can create a round shape LED screen or any other shape you want. An excellent indoor LED screen manufacturer can design any shape you want for your LED screen indoor display. This increases the indoor LED screen price, but that device is worth the price, and you will get the return soon. 

The type of indoor LED screen is also vital for the price. The indoor LED screen rental will cost you more. 

After the size and the shape, the pixel pitch also affects indoor LED screen display price. A higher pixel pitch will need additional money. Don’t just go for the high cost. You should know the purpose of your LED screen indoor display. 

If you are purchasing it for events or for use on the stage, you should not go for higher pixels. You will need more distant viewing. But if you want to use it for product advertising or indoor meetings, you should go for higher pixels. The concept is will the viewer be able to appreciate the resolution? 

Brightness level, color, thickness are other parameters that affect indoor LED screen price. So, before purchasing one, you should ask for a quote from the indoor LED screen manufacturer.

6. How Should I Choose An Indoor Rental LED Display Screen?

Indoor LED screen rental is a versatile, easy to carry, lightweight, and fast installation LED display. You can assemble and disassemble an indoor LED screen rental effortlessly. They are very popular because you can use them for any purpose. 

If you are in an indoor LED screen hire business, these screens are best for you. Indoor LED screen rental can also be used in large hall rooms, concerts, and events. Both large conventional hall owners to indoor LED screen hire business owners can be benefited from this. Here are our expert tips on how you should choose indoor LED screen rental. 

  • Purchase between P3 to P5 pixel pitch 
  • It should contain more than 1500 nits of brightness. 
  • Calculate the viewing angle you will need. Don’t go beyond 32m if you don’t need it. 
  • Pick an indoor LED screen with a minimum 120-degree viewing angle as the viewing angle can change the viewers’ perspectives on your content.

7. Can I Purchase A Customized Indoor LED Display Screen?

Sure you can. Customized or creative indoor LED screens are becoming more and more popular these days. From the market to airports, you will see customized indoor LED screens everywhere. 

Customized LED screens can have different shapes, and they attract viewers faster than regular shaped indoor LED display screens. Ordering a customized indoor  LED screen is not that tough. Contact a good indoor LED screen manufacturer and ask for a quote for a customized indoor LED screen.

Figure 4 - Custom LED screens

The LED screen manufacturer will then contact you. Tell them what you need, and they will create the customized indoor LED screen for you.

8. What Is The P5 Mean For An Indoor LED Screen?

P stands for pixel. Manufacturers use the number so that customers can easily understand the pixel pitch of an indoor LED display screen. Pixel pitch is the distance between two LEDs on the board. Lower pixel pitch means higher pixels, and higher pixels ensure high resolution. P5 indicates the pixel pitch distance is 5mm. P5 is ideal for indoor LED screens. 

9. How To Maintain An Indoor Rental LED Screen?

Maintaining an indoor rental LED screen is easy. You don’t have to give extra effort in maintaining an indoor LED display screen. Here are some tips on maintaining an indoor rental LED screen. 

  • Make sure the indoor rental LED screen is getting a stable power supply with well-protected grounding. 
  • Don’t install in an area with extreme weather conditions, incredibly very hot and humid conditions.
  • Don’t install an indoor LED rental screen in a heavily dusty spot.
  • Don’t let water on any other conductive material touch the LED screen rental. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outside.
  • You should rest the indoor LED screen for a minimum of 2-hours a day. If you are not using an indoor LED screen rental of yours, you should run it at least once a month. 
  • Ask for professional help if you face any problem with your rental LED screen.
Indoor LED screens are easy to maintain
Figure 5 - Indoor LED screens are easy to maintain

10. What Is The Lifespan Of A Rental LED Screen?

The lifespan of an indoor rental LED screen is 80,000 hours to 120,000 hours. If you convert those hours into years, that will be 10-12 years. You can also extend the lifespan of indoor LED screen rental with proper maintenance.

11. What If I Use An Indoor Rental LED Screen Outside?

You can use mobile indoor rental LED screens outside. But you can not use a regular LED indoor screen outside because those do not come with the same protection that outdoor LED display screens have.

12. Where Can I Find The Best Indoor LED Screen Manufacturer?

Indoor LED screens are in high demand in the market these days. So, you will find many indoor LED screen manufacturers, but you should pick the manufacturer carefully. 

Jasionlight is a leading indoor LED screen manufacturer from China. The company has 10,000 square meters of fabrication sites powered by highly skilled and experienced workers.

We use the most updated technology, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and others, to manufacture indoor LED display screens with the highest standard.

We have 10 approved quality control systems that make sure our products optimum quality before entering the market. With thousands of clients in more than 100 countries, Jasionlight is leading the industry in China. 

For any kind of query, feel free to ask. Our technical and marketing team will respond to you quickly.


We answer these questions thousands of times to our clients. We hope this article will help you determine how you can choose an indoor LED display screen and indoor LED screen price. If you don’t find the answer in the article, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your question. 

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