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For a commercial LED display to be considered great quality, it must have consistency, stable and reliable LED image performance. That’s not all! The display must be electronically and powerfully driven. The mechanical design must also be top-notch.

So, if you need a manufacturer that produces its commercial LED display with all these quality features, then you are on the right page. Without any doubt, Jasionlight is one of the top producers in China.

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For over 18 years, Jasionlight has exported hundreds of thousands of LED devices for numerous projects worldwide. Unlike other suppliers, Jasionlight manufactures, designs, and packages your commercial LED display according to your requirement precisely. As a matter of fact, you get these products at the lowest cost.

Jasionlight also supplies commercial LED screens with superior advertisement quality. We use extreme testing certified with CE/EMC, CE/EMI, IP& IK, ROHS, and ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE test reports to verify the quality of all commercial LED displays of your order.

Jasionlight Give You Better Viewing Experience, And Boost Your Business

Jasionlight designs its commercial LED display devices to provide long-lasting solutions for advertisement campaigns and brand promotions.

All LED display products from Jasionlight can promote different advertisement contents. It displays contents such as camera signal, TV signal, video, image, and text. As a matter of fact, you can display several contents on different parts of the commercial LED display board.


Jasionlight LED Display Manufacturing Process

Many wholesalers or distributors have chosen Jasionlight because of its total control and monitoring of the production process. The company ensures all supplied products are of superior quality. Before delivery, it confirms the quality of each of the products. Here is a step-by-step guide on Jasionlight commercial LED display manufacturing processes.

Technical Study

The empirical study is Jasionlight’s first manufacturing process. Jasionlight features a solid technical department with professional experience in commercial LED display screen production. This entire department looks into your clients’ needs and studies them perfectly well. Then, come with the best technology and cost for the LED screen manufacturing system.

Structural Design

After the technical study comes the structural design. In this process, the Jasionlight engineering department comes up with the full extract on the LED screen design scheme according to its users’ features and patterns.


BOM Table

This is where the company makes the complete list of the materials for the LED screen production. As a matter of fact, Jasionlight makes sure there are more than enough materials to avoid stories that touch the heart. Moreover, the need for extra materials in case of emergency can delay the whole manufacturing process. 

Module Production Process - SMT

The Module production process combines seven different manufacturing procedures. One of the activities is the Electronic component SMT process. Jasionlight, as a notable brand, has its electronic machines that best produce the user’s orders on the go. These machines include tins-pasting machines, reflow soldering machines as well as SMT machines.

Likewise, Jasionlight LED displays always undergo the LED chips SMT process. Meanwhile, any mistake from this angle will affect the manufacturing of the products. The skilled operators of the brand focus more on the anti-static and distinguish LED connection polarity. This is to make sure all the components of the LED display are in the proper position. 


Module Production Process - Reflow soldering

The next is reflow soldering. In this process, Jasionlight guaranteed the high performance of the LED chips. 

Another process after the reflow soldering is the testing and module assembly. Jasionlight test, assemble, and ensure that all components for the LED screen production are working perfectly. These units include the electronic parts, LED chips and signal, and many more.

Finished Modules Aging Test

Jasionlight LED screens also go through this manufacturing process. The brand ensures that the modules and components are adequately adjusted and joined together without any left out.

Cabinet Assembling And Aging Test

All Jasionlight LED display components undergo cabinet assembling and aging tests. These accessories include the power supply, signal cables, control system, modules and others.

Signal Test And Aging

The whole manufacturing process is incomplete with testing the signal connection. Jasionlight tests the output result to prove that the LED display is smoothly and efficiently working. Aside from this, the product goes through image management to ensure the screen produces quality images without any adjustment.

Signal Test And Aging

Jasionlight Commercial LED Display Solutions

To support your business and projects

Jasionlight, as an exceptional brand on the shelves today, produces different types of commercial LED screens. These products are indoor and outdoor LED displays for advertising content, projects, and many more. Nevertheless, to know more about these products from Jasionlight, check out this review:


Rental LED Display

One of the unique products from Jasionlight is the Rental LED display. Irrespective of your business purpose, Jasionlight got you covered. The company produces outstanding outdoor and indoor commercial LED screens for your rental business.  

Also, the Jasionlight Rental LED Display features a sleek design that makes it captivating for all users. Aside from the fact that it is effortless to use, it is also quite affordable.

Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED display is another top-notch and reliable LED screen from Jasionlight. The product comes with a stylish design that completes the look of your shop. Jasionlight builds this product with long-lasting and standard glass materials.

Jasionlight Transparent LED Display is built for both indoor and outdoor activities. The product features a custom sign you can use to advertise your business. If you are hoping to purchase a  LED display that can produce an image vividly at night, this product from Jasionlight is the best for you. Also, users can safely use and set up this product.

Transparent LED Display
Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED Display

Another Jasionlight product is this Advertising display screen. If you are a customer hoping to use your commercial LED display for advertising content and projects, you will have this product on your book. Like the previous LED screen, purchasing this Advertising LED display does not require you to break your bank. It is also known for its durability. 

What’s more? Jasionlight Advertising LED display is easy to mount and perfect for all indoor and outdoor events. It features a bright array of images that can capture the attention of your audience. Aside from the fact that this product comes with fantastic content opportunities, it can also be operated remotely without stress.

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Are you worried about conveying a message to a large group of people? This DOOH LED screen is the best you are opt-in for. Jasionlight designs this reliable LED display for all outdoor events. Whether you are in a park or a shopping center, you can easily communicate with others without any difficulty.

Mobile LED Display

Mobile LED Display

Jasionlight designed this Mobile LED display with the budget of users in mind. The incredible thing about this product is that it comes with a space-saving and lightweight design. With this design, it can fit anywhere in your home. Also, the Jasionlight Mobile LED screen is made with high-quality materials that can withstand any weather condition.

No matter where you are, you can easily navigate the world on the go with the Jasionlight Mobile LED display. Besides, it features a remote controller that allows for smooth and fast operation. 

Full Range of Commercial LED Display to Support You

To match all this, there are other Jasionlight Commercial LED screens available on the shelves today. These products from Jasionlight include Banner LED display, Media Facade LED display, Perimeter LED display, 4k LED display, etc. At the same time, all these products are ideal for different applications. To know more about this Jasionlight LED display, visit the website and enjoy the fantastic features.

Why Jasionlight Commercial LED Display?

Many of this commercial LED display devices are to satisfy the new digital age’s needs. Besides LED display companies, commercial advertising agencies also use these devices to help individuals, corporate bodies, or governments promote their services or products.

As for installation, you can always trust Jasionlight. All the company’s LED display products are effortless to set up. Also, the brand provides video and written documents for easy installation. Besides, Jasionlight offers detailed information about debugging the LED display.

What’s more? The brand features 100 well-trained professional teams to produce, package and supply these lights to different destinations. Additionally,  if you have issues, you can easily confer to the assist channels of Jasionlight. The company offers 24/7 technical support, contact them and get a response immediately. That’s not all! As a notable brand, Jasionlight has engaged in up to 1500 LED screen projects since its existence. The company has managed popular events such as Harmony Times Square, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Mexico City Arena, and many more. 

 Without any debate, Jasionlight is one of the leading suppliers of commercial LED displays in China and worldwide. This company has 18 years of LED experience. All their LED screens come with a three-year warranty, so be sure the brand covers you. To this end, if you are looking to kick-start your LED display wholesale business using a renowned supplier, look no further than this company.

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Commercial LED Display: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


This FAQ guide contains vital information about the commercial LED display screen. Besides getting facts about this product, this guide also explains how a commercial LED screen works. So, to know more about the quality, basic designs and benefits of the products, check out this guide.

Table of Contents

1. How does the commercial LED display work?

Figure 1 LED display operation

LED displays are electronic display devices that contain light-emitting diodes to display videos or images on the screen. It is made with high-quality materials for durability. This screen features full brightness perfect for all outdoor events. Over the years, commercial display screens have been widely used to convey messages on public transport vehicles. 

That’s not all! A commercial LED screen is also a variable message sign on the street and for other decorative purposes. LED screen devices come in different designs and types but work by emitting three different LED Light colors for sizeable visual display. This color includes red, blue, and green put in a fixed design. 

Meanwhile, modifying the diodes brings about multiple arrays of colors. By this, the commercial outdoor LED screen offers maximum illumination across the video walls from a long distance.

2. How to install a commercial LED screen?

Figure 2 Installing a LED display

Installing a commercial display screen is like a walk in the park as long as you follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions. So, before getting started with the setup, make sure you have a proper reading of the product guide. Start by carefully unpacking the package to avoid any damages, especially the corners.

Further, position the component of the device beside each other for a proper installation process. This is as a result of different upper and literal parts that make up the commercial display screen. Each component provides a wide range of connections within the devices. 

Also, ensure that the wiring process starting from the left side follows a Zigzag order. With the system software, users can easily verify the perfect connection of the commercial outdoor LED screen.

Users should also pay attention to the brightness settings. Meanwhile, the mounting technique of the commercial LED screen is incomplete without a power supply. For a LED display to work perfectly, check for adequate power distribution across the devices’ components.

3. How to select a commercial LED display screen?

Figure 3 How do you select a LED display

Investing in the best commercial  LED display screen has not been more accessible. This is because there are over hundreds of thousands of commercial LED screens under the sun. Unfortunately, this guide here will help you make a healthy decision.

  1. Simply begin by identifying the advertising purposes. Is it a device for indoor use or outdoor events? Answering this question will help in making the right decision about the products.
  2. Checking for the level of brightness of the commercial display screen by the product is essential as well. We are sure many users crave a device with high contrast and illumination.
  3. Always consider a commercial outdoor LED screen with wide image viewing to make it easy to use in any event.
  4. Purchasing a commercial LED screen that is perfect for playing videos, displaying animations and graphics is also important. Select a device perfect for online programming.
  5. Also, it is advisable to opt-in for products ideal for an all-weather condition to crown it all.

4. What are the various commercial LED display screen application areas?

With different types of commercial LED screens available on the shelves today, there are different purpose and application areas of these devices. Anywhere you are, users can use the LED screen to convey essential information to the large crowd. For instance, some commercial display screens are ideal for churches, bars, nightclubs, concerts, and sports. 

What’s more? There are some commercial outdoor LED screens designed for TV studios, corporate/firms, airport and traffic command centers, shopping malls, department stores, retail businesses, exhibition centers, stage/events, and many more. 

Nevertheless, irrespective of the commercial LED screen application areas you choose,  they are of high performance and low power consumption. With this, be sure to enjoy a variety of fun-filled experiences.

5. Are commercial LED displays easy to maintain?

Yes! Maintaining an LED display is as easy as using it. In fact, keeping the devices is as crucial as cleaning them. Even though the device is designed with durable materials, it also requires good maintenance. LED displays can efficiently heat off with poor maintenance. That is why you need to remove dirt and put them in perfect condition. The tips on maintaining the LED display includes: 

  1. To start with, carefully clean the commercial outdoor LED screen to avoid causing damage to the display. Users can dust the front of the video wall with compressed air. Furthermore, removing dust increases the devices’ performance. Meanwhile, while cleaning it, ensure you keep it away from any unpleasant material or tool.
  2. A stable power supply is another tip for maintaining an LED display. 
  3. Also, make sure your screen is water-resistant. 
  4. In addition, you should always check your commercial LED display screen thoroughly. This helps to know when there is a need to service or repair the LED display.

6. What are the parameters for a commercial LED screen?

Figure 4 Parameters of LED screen

Commercial LED screens parameters include Pixel, Module resolution, Pitch, Viewing angle, brightness, Visual distance, color temperature, frame rate, grayscale,  cabinet materials, cabinet weight, consistency, virtual pixel technology, color differences, LED type, and many more.

7. How much does a commercial display screen cost?

Purchasing a commercial LED screen does not require you to break up your bank. This is because the producers design these devices with the budget of users in mind. Most LED screens are much more budget-friendly and cost-saving. Nevertheless, if you want a high-quality model with a high degree of performance, you should be ready to pay more for it. Even at that, a commercial display screen is worth spending on.

8. Does the LED display last long?

Yes! Commercial outdoor LED screens last longer than expected. They are well designed with premium semiconductor materials. The less you can expect is for it not to work well., this has made it known worldwide for increased durability and efficiency. A LED’s lifespan is around 120,000 hours. As a matter of fact, they are resistant to environmental impact. So far you can maintain the LED screen, you can have it for an extended period.

9. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED screens?

Figure 5 Indoor LED display
Figure 6 Outdoor LED display

Generally, there are two types of commercial LED display screens. These LED screens are the indoor LED display and the commercial outdoor LED screen. However, both use two categories of LED signs but operate in different application areas. However, the main difference between the two include:


One of the main differences between the indoor and outdoor commercial display screen is the outlook and appearance. The outdoor LED display is large and perfect for all outdoor activities and places such as public festivals, arenas, highway banners, and many more.

On the flip side, the indoor LED screen is ideal for indoor spaces such as offices, restaurants, malls, worship places, conference halls, etc.


There are huge differences between the outdoor LED screen and the indoor LED display in terms of brightness. Unlike the indoor LED screen, the commercial outdoor LED screen panel features maximum brightness for full image and video display. This brightness makes the LED display accessible for all.

Weather resistance

Without any debate, weather condition resistance is another factor that distinguishes the indoor and outdoor LED display. Most outdoor LED screens are designed with premium materials to withstand any form of weather. Be it during summer or winter, users can conveniently use the outdoor display without any damages.

Pixel Pitch and Resolution

On this, the outdoor LED screen has more pixel pitch than the indoor LED screen.  Whether you are on the first or the last row, you can easily view the image or videos on the outdoor screen display.

An indoor LED screen has a high display resolution for a short viewing distance in terms of resolution. Nevertheless, it improves the visibility of the display screen.  

10. Are LED screens waterproof?

Figure 7 Waterproof LED screen

Yes, but not all! If you need a water-resistant commercial display screen, then the outdoor LED screen is the best for you. Manufacturers build commercial outdoor LED screens with long-lasting materials that can withstand any moisture and water.

In this aspect, the outdoor LED display stays ahead of the indoor LED display. This is because indoor LED screens are not waterproof and weather condition resistant.

11. How big is the commercial display screen?

Commercial LED displays come in different sizes and shapes. The LED screen has separate components and panels. The LED display element is to give a perfect look to the LED screen. For instance, the parts of a Rental LED display are 500×500 mm.

Nevertheless, the LED screen you opt-in for depends on the users’ needs. Needless to say, most commercial LED display screens with bigger sizes are perfect for all outdoor applications. On the other side, the smaller one is ideal for indoor use.

12. Is it possible to visualize a video on an LED screen?

Yes! Users can easily play videos on the commercial LED display screen. That’s not all! LED screens content software made it possible also to show images on display. Although, the commercial display screen resolution varies depending on the type of LED screen in use.

13. How to calculate LED screen power consumption?

Calculating the commercial outdoor LED screen power consumption is easy once you know the steps to take. Before calculating the maximal power usage of the LED display, ensure you know the power voltage and input current on the LED display. The power voltage allows you to quickly calculate the capacity of the LED screens available for you.

Meanwhile, note that the input of any LED screen cannot exceed 20mA while the voltage is 5V. With this, it is effortless to calculate the power consumption. All you need is to multiply the power voltage and the input current which is 20mA × 5v= 0.1W. 

Additionally, in order to get an accurate answer about the LEDs in each display, pay attention to the resolution and pixel arrangement. For instance, a LED screen with a pixel pitch of P16mm comes with a pixel array of 2R1G1B.

Also, there are two categories of driving methods for calculating the maximal power consumption of the LED screen. These driving methods are the constant or static driving method as well as the scan driving method.

To calculate the commercial display screen power consumption using the constant driving method, the pixel pitch of the LED display is 1.56Kw per square meter. On the other side, the scan driving method has 1/4/, 1/2, or 1/8 driving. Nevertheless, make sure you use the suitable driving method for the commercial LED screen to get accurate power consumption.

14. What is the color difference of commercial LED display screens?

The commercial LED display screen features three colors, including red, blue, and green. These colors make up the clear and crispy display on the commercial display screen board. Meanwhile, these colors are made with different materials. Also, the spectral distribution of the commercial LED screen color varies.

For instance, the colors change depending on the viewing distance of the commercial LED screen. Whether the LED display screen shows an image or video, you can determine the variant of color produced by the LED screen.

15. What are the differences between LED screens and LCD monitors?

Figure 8 LED screen
Figure 9 LCD Monitor

The LCD refers to the “Liquid crystal display” while the LED represents “Light-emitting diodes. Unfortunately, commercial LED screens and LCD monitors are technologies you can not afford to miss because of their amazing features. As a matter of fact, the one you opt in for depends on your application. Even with that, there are differences between the two display which includes:

  1. LCD monitors are less costly and affordable than the commercial LED display screen. Although LED screen price is now becoming budget friendly.
  2. Unlike the commercial LED screens, LCD displays come in sizes as given by the producers. In fact, they are not customizable.
  3. Commercial LED display screens can not beat LCD screens in terms of resolution. This is because the LCD screen has a higher resolution. Also, it allows for a close viewing angle. 
  4. The bezels around the LED screens are not visible, unlike the LCD display.
  5. If you are looking for a display with high illumination then the Direct View LEDs are the best for you. The commercial LED screen brightness ranges from 800-8.500 nits and this supersedes that of the LCD monitors. 


 I’m sure you got all the essential information you need in this guide. Meanwhile, in case you have more questions about the commercial LED display, Feel free to contact us

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