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LED Billboard - Effective Advertising For A Fast Paced Society

Go on freeways and busy roads and you’ll probably come across many LED billboards. These billboards catch our attention with imaginative ads and promotional campaigns. Businesses advertise and grow by promoting their products and services on these highly appealing boards.

If you calculate the cost of installing an LED billboard in an area that has more than the average number of viewers found in other locations, you might find that you can expect a return of investment that exceeds a 10% annual growth rate. Rental LED billboard signs generate lucrative income year after year.

The LED billboard has taken over from the traditional billboard. And now acts as a bulletin service that keeps drawing the attention of viewers with updated media content. A 15-feet X 50-feet LED billboard at a strategic location is not something people can miss.

Trust The LED Billboard To Boost Your Business


LED billboards deliver information and communicate with your targeted audience in an effective manner. Your advertising messages should resonate with your target customer and some billboards do this very effectively with humor. LED billboard signs give you more freedom of expression in your advertising to draw people to your business.

The reason why LED billboard displays are popular is that they can communicate dynamic content including images and videos in real time. This allows you to gain maximum billboard advertising benefits from busy traffic areas in your city.

Jasionlight’s LED Billboards Exceed Industry Standards

JASIONLIGHT is true to its ISO 9001 quality management system and sustains high-tech manufacturing lines to customize LED billboards that meet international market requirements.

When you work with JASIONLIGHT, you are working with a manufacturer that understands your business functions and project requirements to arrive at the perfect size for your customized LED billboard. These billboards can build your customer base at exhibitions and trade shows.

JASIONLIGHT’s professional sales team thoroughly understands the way the Chinese LED industry works. This means that you can get best practice recommendations and a highly customized solution for your billboard.

You will find that JASIONLIGHT has a good reputation of being one of the leading Chinese LED manufacturers and provides all the necessary certificates you need for the LED billboard to support your business promotions.


Can JASIONLIGHT Offer Technologically Advanced LED Billboards?

To support your business and projects

JASIONLIGHT has over 18 years of experience in the LED industry with advanced LED billboard manufacturing capabilities. Your LED billboard is customized as totems and outdoor billboards that complement your business promotions.

Advertising LED Billboard

Advertising LED billboards come in many sizes depending on your needs. JASIONLIGHT offers both outdoor and indoor LED billboards to promote your business with vibrant imagery and colors.

LED Digital Billboard

JASIONLIGHT, one of the leading LED billboard manufacturers in China, offers energy-saving and lightweight digital billboards that save installation space. They consume 50% less energy and dissipate heat well.

LED Billboard Signs

The LED billboard sign provides an excellent and reliable way to target your audience. JASIONLIGHT offers custom-built LED billboard signs designed to display imagery with low maintenance and power requirements.

Outdoor LED Billboard

LED billboards work both in the day and night. Outdoor LED screens have high brightness to increase visibility from different angles. They also broadcast messages that are clearly visible in broad daylight.

Indoor LED Billboard

Great for creating brand awareness, these custom LED billboards can build your customer base at exhibitions and trade shows or simply as a point-of-sale display at any location of your choice.

LED Display Billboard

LED billboards have a high visual impact with their large formats and fantastic luminosity. They can run for 24 hours daily and withstand adverse weather conditions without losing image quality.

LED Screen Billboard

The LED screen billboard is a flat panel display that uses LEDs to display advertising content with high clarity and luminosity after installation.

Mobile LED Billboard

There is no better way to increase reach than a mobile LED billboard you can mount on your trailer, truck or van. You can display static, animated, and video creatives.

LED Walking Billboard

LED walking billboards allow you to capture attention on busy shopping streets. Your employee can also walk around and engage prospects to persuade them to visit your store.

Why JASIONLIGHT Is Your One-Stop Destination For LED Billboards

JASIONLIGHT designs and produces digital LED billboards that target large crowds with their high brightness and luminosity. You will find that these attractive and imaginative LED billboards create lasting impressions that stay with your potential customers.

JASIONLIGHT has many useful billboard designs that you can use for outdoor advertising and promotions and are guaranteed to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Highly skilled designers, technicians, and skilled workers work together to produce eco-friendly and durable LED billboards for all kinds of businesses.

JASIONLIGHT includes designs, prints, and other essentials required to install and run these LED billboards. You can get multi-colored billboards of your choice in different shapes and sizes.

JASIONLIGHT offers you an affordable and reasonably LED billboard price for a high-quality LED digital billboard to promote your products and services.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For LED Billboard


Think of Times Square in New York and you’ll immediately think of large colorful billboards. A LED billboard is still the ultimate marketing tool that businesses spend millions on because it’s worth the advertising and branding value.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LED billboard

Table of Contents

1. What Is An LED Billboard?

Figure 1 - LED Billboard

The LED billboard is a messaging and advertising display made up of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in vivid colors. You can use LED billboards to advertise your business.

With LED billboards you can capture the consumer’s attention with high-resolution visual content.

2. What Is The Difference Between Two LED Billboards With The Same Dimensions But Different Pitch?

The concept of optimal viewing distance comes into play here. The LED billboard with higher image quality has a high-definition LED screen with more LEDs per square meter and a smaller pitch. 

You would need this type of high-definition LED billboard if your customers are viewing content from a shorter distance of around 20 to 30 meters. This is because the display quality reduces when you come closer to the screen.

On the other hand, the standard LED billboard has a smaller number of LEDs per square meter and a larger pitch. This is because the LED billboard is viewed from a distance of half a kilometer and the human eye is not able to notice resolution changes from such a distance. 

3. Can The LED Billboard Last For More Than 10 Years?

Yes, the LED billboard contains LED displays that last for 100,000 hours. This means that your LED billboard can last for 11 years.

You will need to meet certain conditions to extend the lifespan of your LED billboard.

  • The internal temperature of your LED billboard must be less than 120° C with the environmental temperature at 25° Celsius.
  • The specified power supply must be less than 20 mA.

After 10 years, the brightness levels reduce to 50% of the initial value.

4. Can You Buy A Custom-sized Giant LED Billboard?

Yes. Top manufacturers usually offer a great deal of customization. They use state-of-the-art technology and modular designs to produce LED billboards of different shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

The technical department works with you to arrive at the perfect screen size for your specific application.

5. Is It Possible To Watch Video On LED Billboards?

Figure 2 - Video LED Billboard

Yes, video visualization is possible on LED billboards. You’ll find that many LED billboards are used to stream videos of sporting events, TV shows, and concerts. This technology uses high-resolution LED screens to display video content in real time.

6. How Are LED Billboards Installed?

LED billboard manufacturers usually have their own design team that works with you from conception to completion of your project. They have special teams oversee functions like fabrication, shipping, and quality assurance.


The pre-installation stage involves identifying lucrative zones to install a digital billboard at the desired location. You will usually need permits based on licenses issued by the local authority. You may need time to complete this process so you need to place the order for your LED billboard in advance.


Here is a video showing you how a billboard is installed. 

LED billboard manufacturers will ship out the consignment to your installation site. You will have to make sure you follow local and state regulations to install your LED billboard at the location of your choice within an approved zone.

You’ll need the billboard structure, design, light fixtures and other information approved by the local authority who issues the installation permit.

Hire a professional installer who knows about these regulations, so they can create a detailed plan for your billboard installation.

They will also make sure that your billboard is aligned to attract views from a distance, and remove any obstacles in the way of the billboard. For example, your chosen location must not have a tall tree obstructing view from any direction.

You’ll need heavy construction equipment at the installation site to mount a jumbo LED billboard which the installer will provide.

The board is usually installed on a platform supported by a pole and its support structure with concrete at the base. Other types of installations on the top of buildings or against the wall are much easier to complete.

Your installers then complete plug-and-play electrical and network connections along with the hardware installations at the site. 

You can then use cable, cellular data, DSL, fiber optics, or Wi-Fi to control your billboard through a web-enabled smart device.

Usually an LED billboard supplier will help you get the right content management software (CMS) to post content to your LED billboard.

The CMS System

The CMS is usually installed on a host computer that controls content posted on the billboard using the chosen network connection.

You use this system to upload content to the LED billboard.

CMS controls how these ads appear and for how long before posting another ad. The system also controls content streamed from social media sites, weather reports, local alerts and other content.

You can also program the software to schedule content displayed at specific times.

7. How Is The LED Billboard Manufactured?

A top LED billboard company will use the latest manufacturing techniques to produce your LED billboards. Your LED billboard goes through several stages of manufacture and quality checks.

Technical Feasibility

The client’s project-specific request is confirmed.

Custom Billboard Structural Design

Your manufacturer will have expert engineers to design a comprehensive LED billboard solution for your approval.

During this process your LED billboard manufacturer will also check the raw materials needed for your LED billboard design and make sure they have it in stock. This ensures that production timelines are met and rules out the possibility of an unwanted breakdown supplies emergency during a production run. 

Module Production

Figure 3 - LED Billboard Manufacture

There are a few processes involved in module production.

SMT Process For Electronic Components: Your LED billboard manufacturers use their own SMT m/cs, reflow soldering m/cs, and tins-pasting m/cs together to complete the SMT process.

SMT Process For LED Chips: An operator will ensure the right LED polarity and establish anti-static conditions during the manufacturing stage.

Reflow Soldering: Inspected LEDs are permanently soldered using the reflow soldering technique with molten soldering paste.

Manual Soldering: Your larger components are soldered using wave soldering technology.

Assembling Modules And Testing: Electronic components, LED chips, and signals are tested for normal outputs.

Half-Products Ageing Test: The quality control team tests the reliability of the finished product.

Gluing For LED Billboard: Moderate and even quantities of glue are applied to put all the parts of your LED billboard together.

Finished Modules Ageing Test

All the glued components go through the ageing test.

Cabinet Assembly And Ageing Test

Your LED billboard supplier will assemble the control system, cabinets, power supply, signal cables, modules, and other accessories to form your completed LED billboard.

Your finished LED billboard will then be lighted up for a specified number of hours to ensure it meets standard durability requirements. 

The type of components, size, and other requirements determine the total number of ageing hours. This process rules out production errors and also establishes brightness stability. 

Your manufacturer may also use test videos to perform the signal connect test.

They may offer you training and a document/video on how to install and debug your finished LED billboard.

8. How Do You Make LED Billboards Effective?

There are several factors involved in making your LED billboard effective for a specific location. Your billboard’s design helps get the desired message across.

Make Use Of Images

Figure 4 - Image LED Billboard

“A picture is worth a thousand words” applies very much in this scenario. Images are easier on the eyes and capture attention. 

A large board in the middle of the highway attracts the attention of drivers.  They have a few seconds to browse through the content before they go past the LED billboard. 

Captivating and attractive photographs related to your brand with a few accompanying words will convey a powerful marketing message.

Short And Simple Sentences

A single sentence can offer clear information about a product, service, or business brand and makes it easy for someone to read.

Use Emotional Appeal

Copywriters use human feelings like sadness, humor, empathy, or anger to get across to a potential audience. 

An emotional photograph that conveys a specific message to your demographic and a short line using power words can be very effective advertising for you.

Set The Right Tone

The tone you use must not alarm or distract the driver. Billboards are ideal to drive home the concept of brand awareness.

9. What Are The Different Types Of LED Billboards?

Indoor LED Billboard

The indoor LED billboard has a strong visual impact on business promotions with eye-catching and captivating indoor communications.

You can educate your potential customers with useful information about your business. Promote offers in real time to your existing customers or increase brand awareness by targeting customers on the go. 

Restaurants and resorts, bank offices, beauty centers, healthcare providers, fashion stores, shopping arcades, and other such outlets benefit from running promotions with the indoor LED billboard.

You can also have indoor LED billboards that are proportional to the size of shop windows. For example, you can get LED billboards that fit the exact measurements required to display bright and large images to window shoppers.

Innovative businesses use big LED billboards to stream videos to large audiences and present corporate content at meetings and other events.

Outdoor LED Billboard

One of the things that make outdoor LED billboards a must have tool for businesses is the cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship used to create clear and vibrant billboards that display images, text, and videos in broad daylight.

Your LED billboard manufacturers use daylight sensor technology that adjusts brightness levels according to the ambient light levels at any given time. This increases the LED lifespan and decreases light pollution.

LED billboards typically can have 10,000 nits brightness levels with high-definition imagery that is created with more pixels. This allows you to see clear and sharp images from closer distances. 

High-quality heat sinks are used to increase component longevity by regulating the internal component temperatures of your LED billboard. These billboards also have components sealed within a cabinet to eliminate debris and dust.

Your LED billboard will also usually have the latest reporting technologies employed to schedule display content on a completely automated basis. A software program is installed to monitor streaming content and send performance reports back to the controlling device. You can monitor these systems on your computer monitor or a smartphone.    

You can also mask the display of your LED billboard to protect against damage from rocks and vandalism.

Use lightweight and precise die-cast aluminum billboard cabinets fitted with internal lockers that hold gapless and bezel-free screens. Power and signal cables are fitted inside this cabinet, so you don’t have external cables upsetting the billboard’s stability.

These billboards run at 2880 Hz to 3840 Hz frequencies with high refreshing rates. You won’t find the billboard camera flickering and there’s no ghosting or tailing appearing anywhere on your 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio screen. 

LED billboards are capable of withstanding all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

Mobile LED Billboard

What if you had the chance of displaying a gigantic LED billboard to a group of enthusiastic people at a location of your choice? 

You can display static, animated, and video creatives from the back of a van or a trailer with a mobile LED billboard. This is an unbeatable service that you can offer to other businesses or promote your own business with very little overheads.

Most LED billboard manufacturers have the capability to create custom designs and then fabricate your own custom mobile advertising board that fits on your taxi top, trailer, truck, bus, van or any other mode of transport you use for mobile promotions.

10. How Do You Select Your Mobile LED Billboard?

Figure 5 - Mobile LED Billboard

Choose the pixel pitch for your LED billboard screen that meets your resolution requirements. You can also work with your trusted manufacturer to arrive at the right size, design, and graphic content.

Your manufacturer will craft your LED modular panels and combine them to form your custom mobile LED billboard.

Choose how to support your mobile LED billboard. For example, you can stack your LED billboard on the top of any vehicle or fly your LED billboard by supporting it with a crane or an overhead truss system.

These mobile LED billboards display custom content at sporting events, council and civic events, festivals and concerts, exhibitions, and charity events.

You can choose to display these billboards at any permissible location.

11. What Are The Advantages Of Advertising With LED Billboards?

Oftentimes, businesses wonder whether LED billboards help them reach their promotional goals. 

Outdoor and indoor LED billboard advertising have definite advantages that help businesses grow their businesses. 

Ad Customization

The LED billboard can be customized to cater to a definite audience by choosing the right location and by customizing ads that target potential customers at this location. 

For example, a LED billboard located close to your brick-and-mortar stores is customized to direct potential clients to your store. 

Businesses also use LED billboards as a multipurpose tool. They share updates around their offices by placing the message billboard at the entrance to the office. Everyone coming in and going out can see this billboard.

Interactive ads capture more attention and you can place an interactive ad at the appropriate height and at a location where people can wait and read through a streaming message. They then take action by responding to the call-to-action on their mobile phone or other devices. 

Seminar participants will read promotional messages posted on a LED billboard at the passage to a hallway. 

One famous type of customized LED billboards is jumbo billboards positioned on the highways from a distance. These lit displays at night offer clear messages in different colors. 

You can also place a large billboard at eye height. People with normal 20/20 vision can see LED billboards from a distance of 20 to 23 feet. A pedestrian takes about 6 to 7 seconds to reach that billboard. What this means is that you have around 6 seconds to attract attention. As the billboard goes higher, it reduces the field of view. Also, you’ll need the public works department in your area to approve your billboard.

Customize your LED billboard to work with the surroundings. For example, if all the billboards in your areas are on building rooftops, then it makes sense to mount your ad on the top of your office or store terrace.

Higher Visibility

You can design the LED billboard with concave and convex shapes with custom angles of curvature to fit your needs.

A large viewing angle on a high precision billboard cabinet makes the screen appear flat even with a vertical viewing angle between 120 and 160 degrees, and a horizontal viewing angle between 120 and 160 degrees. The viewer responds positively to the perception you create with your content.

Your customers get a seamless viewing experience because LEDs are assembled into modules without frames or borders. This makes it possible to connect modules without bezel lines appearing between each module

You can vary the dimensions of the LED billboard to suit custom applications. For example, you have the flexibility to group different modules together to create larger viewing displays.

24/7 Advertising Tool

Your LED billboard works 24/7 and does not need a special environment to keep its components cool. Repetition is often the key to an effective advertising campaign. 

Since the ad board is visible to people, they’re exposed to an ad or a series of related ads over a period of time. This encourages them to take positive action, and they respond with a visit to your brick-and-mortar store.

Cannot Ignore These Digital Billboards

LED billboards come in different shapes and sizes. A large-sized digital board appears in front of all viewers. It’s those eye-catching designs and imaginative use of words that people can’t resist. You can make a deep impression on your customers with the use of a LED billboard.

Advanced Form Of Digital Advertising

You can customize LED billboards to run completely automatically so you only have to set it up once.

Another effective way of using these billboards is to include a QR code within the digital design.  When people scan this QR code using their mobile devices, you can lead them to your websites, or other advertising pages that offer more information about your product or service. 

This is especially effective to target pedestrians, as they have more time to set up their mobile phones to scan these QR codes.

Modern technology has made it possible for you to install sensors and digital cameras on your LED billboards. This helps identify and target a specific group of people for your advertising campaign.

For example, a digital camera is able to identify certain brands of cars passing by the hoarding. This makes it possible for you to design a custom message for a Ford that differs for another brand.

12. What Are The Disadvantages Of LED Billboards?

Difficult To View In Bad Weather

While the LED billboard is highly durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions, your customers may not be able to clearly see the images and videos in certain weather. People who approach these billboards are not able to see the ads when heavy rain, snow, or fog obstructs their view.

Lower Engagement Rate

These large-sized LED billboards can sometimes have low engagement rates if your ad copy or message is not targeted enough. These are ideal for brand awareness, but when it comes to engaging people with a call to action, the response rates may not fulfill your marketing objectives.

13. How Much Do LED Billboards Cost?

The LED billboard cost depends on two main factors.

  • Size of the screen or the total number of LED panels used to create the display
  • Resolution of the total number of LEDs designed per square meter

You can ask a few suppliers for a quote when you provide them your intended LED billboard design.

14. How Much Revenue Can An LED Billboard Generate?

You can generate revenue increases ranging between 40% to 50% of your investment in a LED billboard, depending on your business.

If your LED billboard is on a highway or a busy road with lots of traffic, then you can even expect a revenue increase of 60%.

15. How Much Power Will The LED Billboard Consume?

The power consumption depends on how much power you supply to the LEDs and the color you choose for the display. 

Your manufacturer will let you know the LED power consumption, which is usually between 15 and 100 milliamperes. The power supply to each LED can vary between 0.1 and 1 Watt.

16. What Are The Advantages Of Buying LED Billboards From China?

Figure 6 - Chinese LED Billboard

China is the manufacturing hub of high-quality LED billboards. Wholesalers and retailers consider China an important source of affordable and efficient displays.

Affordable Prices

There are many high-tech factories in China with organized production lines that produce LED billboards at affordable prices.

You often enjoy lower prices due to the large production capacities of LED billboards in China.

Their superior infrastructure results in efficient LED exports so that you get your LED billboards on time. For example, Chinese companies can design, produce, and ship your custom LED billboard in 7 to 10 days.

Many LED billboard suppliers also have efficient technical teams positioned at every stage of manufacture to ensure your billboard is of high quality.

17. What Should You Look For In A LED Billboard Manufacturer?

Your choice of manufacturer will determine the quality of your LED billboards. It’s important to choose a company that has an established record in the sign industry.

LED Industry Specialty

Ideally, you should choose a manufacturer who specializes in producing LED products including LED billboards of different varieties. 

Top manufacturers have over ten established approved QC systems to ensure you get top-quality LED products with 3-year warranty periods. They also often have large, qualified teams of engineers, highly-skilled workers, and aftersales technicians providing you technical support. 

A good manufacturer also employs the latest technologies like reflow-soldering, SMT, and automatic gluing and other high-tech machines.

Solid LED Manufacturer Foundation

Choose a LED billboard supplier and manufacturer with 10+ years of experience.

Professional LED billboard factories produce custom screens capable of fulfilling the diverse needs of the advertising industry.

24/7 Customer Service

A good manufacturer works with you at every stage to ensure you get an affordable and quality LED billboard delivered to the location of your choice.

18. What Are The Differences Between The Digital LED Billboard And The Traditional Billboard?

7 - LED Billboard
  1. The traditional billboard has fixed messages and images, whereas the digital LED billboard can rotate through text, images, and videos as per the sequence you have set.
  2. To change the images and words on traditional billboards requires a lot of time and effort as an installer has to be hired. LED billboards run several ads without taking a break and you can change the content anytime.
  3. Adverse weather conditions affect traditional billboards and advertising content tends to fade in color over time. The LED billboard uses LEDs treated to withstand weathering conditions and maintains its brightness.
  4. The traditional billboard is visible all the time and does not require electricity, but the LED billboard blacks out during a power cut unless you have an alternate power supply in place.

19. What Design Aspects Do You Need To Consider For A LED Billboard?

There are certain guidelines that make your display appear better, brighter, and more visible.

Establish Borders

Create a no-content border for your LED billboard display and place images, text, and video content within this border. This ensures your digital display content appears bright and clear without distortions. 


Choose a high-contrast color palette. It’s easier to read your billboard when you establish contrast between elements in the foreground and background. The viewer is able to view them as separate elements. 

You can also use the 60-30-10 rule that helps you design with three colors. For example, your dominant color takes 60% of the space, the secondary takes 30%, and your last color occupies 10% of the total space you allot to your design.


The left-aligned text helps you avoid hyphenated words. Also, the human eye reads text aligned to the left. It appears more natural and is appealing to the eye. 

These giant outdoor LED screens create an atmosphere of engagement and attract the attention of potential customers with imaginative displays of products, services, and vital information.

You can raise brand awareness with effective ad campaigns that run on several different platforms including giant LED billboards at the same time.

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