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Brighten Your Sales Results with Custom Light-up Signs

Did you know that you can make a bright and colorful impression for your business and attract potential customers with custom light-up signs? No matter what kind of business you run, you can improve your sales with custom light-up signs from JASIONLIGHT.

JASIONLIGHT is a professional light-up sign manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying custom light-up signs of all types. Our products are made from the best quality materials, they are very reliable, durable, and backed by a warranty.

Custom Light-up Signs - Indoor And Outdoor


JASIONLIGHT has everything you need from light-up signs and channel letters to custom backlit signs. You’ll get the right light-up sign in any shape or form to increase your business visibility and attract more customers – day or night.

Place your message in the custom light-up sign that makes your advertisement, motivational, or informational messages readable in any lighting or setting – indoor or outdoor.

You can use our custom light-up signs in your restaurants, bars, office space, and retail stores. Custom light-up signs available to you include LED lights, reader boards, and pylon signs. Request a consultation from JASIONLIGHT to learn about all our custom light-up signs.

Custom Light-up Signs For Businesses in China By Experienced Manufacturer

JASIONLIGHT provides custom light-up signs to help your business or brand stand out from the crowd in unique, eye-catching, and sophisticated ways. We have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying custom light-up signs for over 15 years.

Our highly skilled and well-experienced sign makers will work with you closely from start to finish to ensure you have the perfect light-up sign that fits your needs. If you need the service of a professional manufacturer of custom light-up signs throughout China, then get in touch with JASIONLIGHT today.


What’s So Special About Light-up Signs from JASIONLIGHT?

Light-up signs, also called backlit signs, are made of a translucent panel, usually acrylic, made in the form of a box. Premium LED modules are arranged in the box that emits light from within the LEDs, transmits light through a translucent panel.

The acrylic panel can be customized with your company name, brand logo, telephone number, address, or any other vital information. Light-up signs come in different sizes and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are popular for gas stations, bars, schools, retail storefronts, and church signs. Custom light-up signs from JASIONLIGHT have the following parts:

The frame (box), which is mostly made from aluminum

The lighting mechanism set within the box

The acrylic or PVC sheet on which the content is displayed.

You will enjoy numerous benefits from using our custom light-up signs for your business. Some of these benefits include:


Unlike other types of signage that are difficult or impossible to change, anything goes with custom light-up signs. You can easily change it at any time or switch the image whenever you want. If you like, you can make seasonal changes to your sign.


No rusting or chipping of paint can occur with custom light-up signs. You won’t encounter a letter missing from your content or a shape from your logo. The lighting panel is within the enclosed box so light-up signs can practically withstand all types of weather.


Using a custom light-up sign for your business is a great source of attraction in pedestrianized areas. A light-up sign will increase awareness of the passing foot traffic The passers-by will not only watch your sign but also take a second look!

Great Source of Advertisement

Light-up signs, also called projecting signs, can be considered as one of the best eye-catching ways of outdoor advertising for shop fronts

We’re Your Expert Custom Light-up Signs Maker

To support your business and projects

JASIONLIGHT offers a wide range of light-up sign options to fit your needs. You can choose from freestanding, wall-mounted, or suspended light-up signs. Wall-mounted signs, also called blade signs, are those signs that stick out from the building façade.

You can also choose from different sizes and shapes, which include square, rectangle, circle, oval, and custom shapes. We can create light-up signs using letters or/and numbers you can swap out. You can also insert artwork, photographs, or posters. 

Some of the light-up signs available at JASIONLIGHT include:

LED Light Box Display

This type of sign includes attractive advertising boards and lightbox cabinet signs. This sign is an energy-efficient type of sign and can boost your custom graphic designs with bright colors. It requires little maintenance and has a long lifespan.

Backlit Box Sign

This is a branded lightbox sign that showcases eye-catching visual and promotional content. This type of sign is great for shops and restaurants. It naturally attracts attention and makes it easy for your passers-by audience to spot your brand.

Custom Light Up Signs For Bedroom

Light-up signs customized to match decor give a personalized identity to the room. It’s a great addition to a children’s room, as these custom signs make them feel special and safe.

Light Up Home Sign

A vibrant light up sign injects personality into existing home decor. It makes you feel like a celebrity. These innovative and cool neon sign designs are bound to grab people’s attention.

Personalised Light up Bar sign

These bar signs have the unique capacity to display your personality through neon signs. Get your light-up signs in any size. If required, these signs can do without a mains connector.

Light Up Name Sign

People love these name signs that light up on beautifully designed acrylic backing and almost invisible neon wiring. Make your family member’s day by showcasing their name in lights over her study table.

Light Up Wall Signs

Light up the wall with unique and imaginative LED wall signs, and watch their eyes light up with glee every time they switch them on. Create a funky wall light that illuminates your ideas and light up a room with soothing neon lights.

Outdoor Light Up Sign

Make best use of waterproofed outdoor signs that convey your messages in the best light for years. These light up signs with brilliant color combinations have excellent visibility even in the day.

Light Up Business Sign
Light Up Business Sign

Make a telling impact on potential customers with your bespoke business signs lit up at high-visibility areas. Businesses use these illuminated signs in sophisticated and eye-catching ways to stand out from the crowd.

With our many years of experience and vast knowledge, we can help you choose a light-up sign option that best suits your needs. Your goal is to attract the right audience to your unique brand and we’re here to help you achieve that goal.


Are you in need of an amazing and powerful custom light-up sign for your business in China? JASIONLIGHT is your go-to manufacturer. We don’t produce the basic, entry-level light-up signs. Instead, you can expect your custom light-up sign to be as bold and powerful as your business!

Here are some of the features that set us apart:

  • Versatility: We can handle all types of custom light-up signs, which include outdoor signs, indoor signs, vehicle graphics, event signs, trade show displays, and so on.
  • Best Quality Materials: Our team of creative individuals can advise you on the best material to use for your light-up sign. We make use of high-quality and long-lasting materials with varying degrees of translucency to give you the best visual impression of your brand. Materials we use include Perspex, opaque white acrylic, flex glass, acrylic opal, and aluminum frames.
  • Top Brightness: We make use of LED neon strip lights with the highest lumen on the market. This makes your custom light-up sign and content very visible both indoors and outdoors.

Do you want to showcase your brand or content with a custom light-up sign? Take advantage of our professional services at JASIONLIGHT. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote, or schedule a free consultation with our professionals. 

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Custom Light up Signs


Custom light up signs, also called backlit signs, are made of a translucent panel, usually acrylic, made in the form of a box. Premium LED modules are arranged within the box and transmit light through a translucent panel. 

With a customizable light up sign, you can make a bright and colorful impression for your business and attract potential customers. Here’s what you need to know about custom light up signs.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Light up Signs?

Custom light-up signs are a type of LED sign made of a translucent panel, usually acrylic, made in the form of a box. LEDs are arranged in the box that transmits light through a translucent panel. A personalised light-up sign can also have lettering or a cut logo installed to create an illuminated effect.

Figure 1 A Custom Light-up Sign

The acrylic panel can be customized with your company name, brand logo, telephone number, address, or any other vital information. Custom made light up signs come in different sizes and can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Though custom light-up signs are popular for gas stations, bars, schools, retail storefronts, hotels, and church signs, they can be used virtually by any business. They can be hanged, mounted on walls, custom sign backings. posts, pylons, monuments, and so on.

Style options for custom signs that light up are also extensive, ranging from custom-shaped signs to flat symmetrical signs. It can also be fitted with a logo or graphic, painted, printed, or embossed faces. Sometimes, customizable light-up signs can be used with push-through letters for an impressive halo-lighting effect.

2. What’s The Difference Between Custom LED Neon Signs And Custom Light up Signs?

A custom made light up sign is very different from a custom LED neon sign.

How To Make LED Neon Signs?

Custom LED neon signs are made using low-energy LED lamps cased in flex rubber/PVC tubing. The LED flex is attached to a sturdy metal formed into characters or a board made with sturdy and high-quality acrylic.

How To Make A Light Up Sign?

A custom light up sign, on the other hand, is made of a translucent panel, usually acrylic, made in the form of a box. Premium LED modules are arranged in the box that emits light from within the LEDs, transmits light through a translucent panel. 

Although both use LEDs, custom LED neon sign produces a glow and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye because it can be formed into letter or number chain or string of shapes. However, customizable light up signs give a retro look and are more durable.

Figure 2 Custom LED Neon Signs vs. Custom Light-Up Signs

As seen in the image above, custom LED neon signs are the ones above while custom light-up signs are the ones beneath.

How To Make Your Own Neon Sign?

  1. Draw the required words on a large sheet of paper.
  2. Use a pencil to trace out the design in cursive writing, as these words look elegant and natural on a neon sign.
  3. Make sure to connect all the words together.
  4. Use a piece of string to follow the length of the words you drew.
  5. You need a wire that can hold its shape but is easy to bend.
  6. Choose T90 14 SOLID or similar wire that is easy to bend around the letters.
  7. Select a color for this wire similar to the neon sign you create.
  8. Use a battery-operated electroluminescent (EL) wire. This wire is usually around 2.3 mm thick and 3 m long.
  9. Take this EL wire and glue it along the path of the solid wire with the help of a glue gun.
  10. Make necessary adjustments including looping the EL wire where required.
  11. Use double-sided tape of the desired color to stick this completed DIY neon sign where required.

3. What Materials Can You Use Custom Light up Signs With?

To get the best performance, a custom light-up sign needs light from behind to transmit through it. Hence, it requires a transparent material for its base. The best material to use is either acrylic or Lexan. Both materials enable easy transmission of light and would allow the graphics printed on them to be clearer and brighter.

4. Can You Get Custom Light up Signs In Any Shape You Want?

Yes, you can get your custom light up in any shape you want. You can choose to have your custom light-up signs in different sizes and shapes, which include square, rectangle, circle, oval, custom shapes, and complicated image or shape.

Figure 3 Custom Light-Up Signs In Different Shapes-1
Figure 4 Custom Light-Up Signs In Different Shapes-2

5. Can You Change The LED When It Burns Out?

Yes, you can change any of the LEDs when it burns out but you can’t change it yourself. If any of the LEDs burn out, you have to consult a professional to help you replace the burnt LED.

6. Can You Use A Custom Light up Sign In The House?

Figure 5 Indoor Custom Light-Up Signs

Yes, you can use a custom light-up sign in the house. Custom light-up signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Most people use indoor light-up signs as a means of decoration. You can have anything written on your custom light-up signs – names, quotes, and so on.

7. What Colors Are Available For Custom Light up Signs?

Just as you can have your custom light-up signs in different shapes and sizes, you can have your custom light-up signs in any color you desire and multi-colors. While the frame color is usually in a limited and single opaque color – usually white, silver, or black – the writings can be customized to different colors to fit your brand.

Figure 6 Custom Light-Up Signs Come in Different Colors

8. Why Choose LED Light For Your Custom Light up Sign?

Currently, LED light has become the best choice for almost all modern light up signs because of its huge advantages over other types of lighting. For example, LED lights have a longer lifespan than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. They require less maintenance and are more energy-efficient. They run on low voltage and will save more cost on power in the long run.

9. How Are Light up Signs Made?

Most light-up signs are made of translucent Plexiglas, Lexan, or acrylic. This enables them to be durable and withstand vandalism. The customizable light-up sign foundation is usually made of aluminum. The content on the acrylic panel can be printed using UV inks or vinyl letterings.

Watch this video to find out how to make your own light-up sign

10. What Is The Lifespan For Custom Light up Signs?

If made with LED lighting, expect your custom light up sign to last longer. The normal lifespan for a LED lighting system is about 100,000 hours, this is about 11 years.

11. How Much Do Custom Light up Signs Cost?

The cost of a custom light up sign depends on several factors, which include the material the personalized light up sign would be made of, the size of the sign, how complicated the shape is. For a quote for custom light up signs, be sure to get in touch with a professional like JASIONLIGHT.

Custom Light-Up Signs Are Inexpensive
Figure 7 Custom Light-Up Signs Are Inexpensive

12. Will Your Custom Light up Sign Require Planning Permission?

Whether or not your custom light up sign requires planning permission depends on several factors, which include whether the sign is for indoor or outdoor purposes, whether you’re in a conservation area or not, and so on. Most custom light up signs require that you get advertisement consent from your local authority.

13. Do Custom Light up Signs Require Any Maintenance?

Yes, most light up signs usually require some maintenance schedule. Depending on the type of light up sign you have, maintenance can range from a simple wipe to a thorough cleaning and re-lamping. You should carry out maintenance at regular intervals throughout the year. 

Note that some maintenance practices require the help of a professional else you may be exposing yourself to danger.

14. What Is The Best Type Of Custom Light up Sign For Your Business?

The best type of custom light-up sign for your business depends on your type of business and how you wish to attract people to your business. Normally, the best custom light-up sign for your business should meet your business needs and also create customer appeal.

Figure 8 Custom Light-Up Signs Design Depends on Your Business Type

15. Are Custom Light up Signs Waterproof?

Custom light up signs can either be waterproof or not depending on where you want to hang them. Not all custom light up signs come pre-waterproof, you need to specially request a custom light up sign that is waterproof from your chosen manufacturer.

16. How Do You Care for Your Light up Signs?

Caring for your light up signs is very easy. Simply carry out regular maintenance to make sure that the electrical parts are operating properly and optimally. Make sure that your light up signs are installed where there is easy access to repair or replace the LEDs.

17. Do You Need A Permit To Install Your Light up Sign?

This depends on the state you’re operating your business in. Most states require you to get a permit before installing your light up sign. Some local areas also require additional requirements or council approvals. It makes sense to consult with your local council to get more information about installing light up signs.

18. How Long Will Your New Light up Sign Last?

With proper care, your new light up sign will last for many years. However, the exact duration you can expect your light up sign to last depends on several factors, which include the type of light up sign, the materials used in making the sign, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sign. 

Figure 9 Custom Light-Up Signs Last For A Long Time

On average, customizable light up signs can last for about five years or more, even if it’s an outdoor sign. This is because all the lighting components are housed within the enclosed box.

19. What Kinds Of Designs Work For Light up Signs?

Typically, light up signs are ideal for shopping centers in high-traffic areas, retail centers, real estate, banks, restaurants, and so on. It is best to keep the design simple – possibly with just the company name or branding message only.

Figure 10 Simple Custom Light-Up Signs With Branded Message

Consider how the colors will appear once the sign is light up and also consider using 3-D lettering to give your sign a unique finish. 

20. How Are Your Light up Signs Illuminated?

Before now, light-up signs were usually lighted up internally using fluorescent tubes. But nowadays, most light-up signs use LEDs for their internal illumination. LEDs are highly energy-efficient, offer a more even distribution of light, are long-lasting, and require less maintenance and repair.

Figure 11 Custom Light-Up Signs Illuminated With LEDs

21. What Are The Different Types Of Light up Signs?

There are different types of light-up signs. There is the single-sided light-up sign that fits directly to a wall or fascia, double-sided light-up signs, under awning light-up signs (either single- or double-sided signs), and 3D light-up signs, which has “push through” letterings.

Figure 12 Custom Light-Up Signs With Embossed Lettering

22. How Would Full-Color Light up Signs Help My Brand?

Full-color light up signs have the potential of making your business consistently branded and more professional. Full-color and high-resolution custom letter lights, can raise customers’ awareness and increase their perception of the quality of your business – products or services.

23. Where Are Light up Signs Usually Used?

Light-up signs are usually used in shopping malls, retail stores, hospitals, museums, hotels, restaurants, and churches. Today, many yogurt and fast-food restaurants use attractive light up signs for their advertisement.

Figure 13 Where Custom Light-Up Signs Are Used

24. Why Should You Get A Personalised Light up Sign?

Light up signs are stylish and catchy. They can be used to attract an audience or customers. Since light up signs can be easily and clearly seen from a distance, they are a powerful marketing and brand-promoting tool. They are also not too expensive.

With the custom light up sign, you’re able to pick your desired fonts, colors, design, and images. You’re also able to choose from either the Flexi face panels or the acrylic face panels.

25. Should You Get A Custom Light up Sign Or A Readymade LED Sign?

Though this decision is mostly based on the price of both sign types, it is very important to note that custom light up signs are more expensive for a reason. A custom light up sign enables you to choose the colors, fonts, logo, images, styles, up to the complete appearance of the custom light up sign. A typical example is the custom light up picture that uses lights to enhance certain parts of the picture.

A readymade LED sign, on the other hand, displays only a few selected words, such as “Buy Here,” “Now Open,” and so on. Some small images may be included in the readymade LED signs. However, readymade LED signs are not as beautiful as the custom light up signs because the latter allows you to build your custom sign to taste.

26. What Are Light up Signs Made From?

The best material for a particular type of custom light up sign depends on the shape and size of the custom light up sign. Most times, the body of the custom light up sign is made with aluminum, which provides lots of strength, flexibility, and longevity.

Depending on the shape and size, the face of the personalized light up sign can be made from either polycarbonate or acrylic. It is best to use impact-resistant, sign-grade acrylic for smaller signs and unbreakable white polycarbonate for bigger signs. These materials are strong enough to give the face of your custom light up signs the strength it needs to withstand the harsh weather. The lighting for the signs is from LED modules.

Watch this video to learn more on how to create your own light up sign.

27. How Big Can Light up Signs Be?

Most times, the size of customizable light up signs is determined by the sign code in your locality. So, you may need to visit your local area council to determine how big your light up sign can be.

Figure 14 Large Custom Light-Up Sign

A common formula that is used to determine how big your light up sign can be is “For every one linear foot of storefront your building has, you’re only allowed to use one square foot of signage.”  For instance, if your shop is in a commercial building with 30 linear feet of frontage, you’re permitted to install only a 30sq.ft sign.

28. Where Can You Place Your Light up Signs?

Figure 15 Custom Light-Up Sign Mounted On The Building Wall

You can install your light up sign almost anywhere. Though light-up signs are usually placed outside on the wall or fascia of your building, they can also be placed indoor or anywhere you need exposure. 

Figure 16 Hanged Custom Light-Up Sign

You can also suspend your custom light up design or hang it on the wall surface – projecting light up signs. 

Figure 17 Suspended Custom Light-Up Sign

When placed anywhere else aside from on the building wall, the personalized light up sign is referred to as a pylon sign.

Figure 18 Pylon Light-Up Sign Mounted On A Pole

Pylon signs are very similar to the custom signs that light up signs just that while light up signs are fixed on the wall, pylon signs are mounted on poles. Hence, they’re also called pole signs. Just like the custom light-up signs, pylon signs can either be one-sided or two-sided freestanding structures supported by one or two poles. Most times, pylon signs are large enough to contain panels of multiple businesses.

Figure 19 Monumental Light-Up Sign

If the customizable light up sign is a very wide or tall sign box that can’t be mounted on the wall and doesn’t need a pole, the sign can be installed on a raised small platform on the ground – brick, metal, concrete. Such a light up sign is referred to as monument signs. Monument signs can either be single-faced or double-faced.

29. Will You Pay Higher Energy Bill With Custom Light up Signs?

You also have no fear of running an expensive power bill when using custom light up signs. Custom light up signs have very low power consumption and will not raise your energy bill.

30. Are Light up Signs The Same As Illuminated Boxes Or Lightboxes?

Yes, custom light up signs are also known as custom illuminated boxes, lightboxes, or light cabinets. Illuminated boxes are strong fabric boxes that are illuminated from the inside. Custom illuminated boxes can in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can also be one-sided or double-sided.

Figure 20 Illuminated Box Sign

31. Is There Any Standard Thickness For Custom Light up Signs?

Custom light up signs come in different thicknesses and sizes. However, the standard thickness for custom light up signs is 1/16in. if you want a practically seamless image.

32. What Are the Customizable Options Available For Custom Light up Signs?

Figure 21 Custom Light-up Sign Customization

There are no limitations to the customization options available for custom light up signs. Some of these customization options are cabinet depth – 3in. to 12in., height – up to 10ft., length – no limitations, lighting – fluorescent or LEDs, and many more.

33. What Material Is Used For Manufacturing Custom Light up Signs?

Custom light-up signs are made using different materials, which include acrylic, aluminum, metal frame, fabric, LEDs, and so on.

Figure 22 Material Used For Manufacturing Custom Light-up Sign

34. Which Industries Can Use Custom Light up Signs?

Lots of industries can use custom light up signs for their business purposes. Industries that can use custom light up signs include but are not limited to real estate, trade shows, chain retail stores, clothing stores, restaurants and dining, travel, office décor, art/galleries, and many more.

Figure 23 Custom Light-up Sign For Different Industry

35. What Are The Advantages Of Using Custom Light up Signs?

Custom light-up signs have many advantages over many other forms of signage. Such advantages include durability, long-lasting, clarity, endurance, easily replaceable, and so on.

36. Are Custom Light up Signs Easy To Install?

Yes, custom light up signs are very easy to set up and install. They come in easy-to-assemble, easy-to-install units. However, you can engage the service of a professional for your installation services.

37. How Long Do The LEDs Last?

LEDs are long-lasting lights. They consume only about 20% to 30% of electrical power compared to traditional bulbs. The average life-span of LEDs is about 50,000 hours.

38. Why Do You Need A Custom Light up Sign For Your Business?

Generally, people often judge a business by its signage. Custom light up signs are a very effective and yet very affordable form of advertisement and awareness for small businesses. Custom light up signs are a quick form of business identification and introduction to passersby – both existing and potential customers. 

Either your business is opened or not, custom light up signs are always doing the job for you – advertising your business 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

39. What Are The Benefits Of Light up Signs?

Custom light up signs offer similar benefits to other illuminated signs, which include increasing your brand visibility, standing out from the competition, and helping your old and potential customers to find your business easily. Light-up signs are ideal for highly specialized signs e.g. cinema-style posters.

The acrylic faces of custom light-up signs are also ideal for custom logos, graphics, and lettering. They are also a very good replacement for the traditional hanging blade signs because they can be double-faced.

The benefits of a personalised light up sign can be summarized as follow:

  • Attractive, even from afar
  • Can be visible from both sides
  • Creates a corporate presence
  • Energy-efficient  
  • Helps to mark your business space
  • Looks splendid and professional
  • Provides constant advertising

40. How Are Your Light Boxes Illuminated?

Originally, light-up signs are illuminated internally with Fluorescent tubes. But recently, LEDs are used to illuminate custom light up signs internally – thanks to the advancement in technology.

LEDs are more energy-efficient, give brighter light, give a more even spread of light, are more durable, and require less maintenance. Light-up signs illuminated with Fluorescent tubes tend to have “hot spots” and uneven lighting problems. LEDs eliminate all these issues.

41. Are Projecting Custom Light up Signs Expensive To Use?

Figure 24 Projecting Custom Light-up Sign

No, projecting light up signs are not expensive to use because they use low-wattage LED modules that are very energy efficient and yet very bright.

42. Who Owns The Copyright To Your Custom Light up Sign Design And Artwork?

This is a custom design, you own the copyright to the design and artwork. Whether you’re the one who proposed or provided the design and artwork or not, you own the drafts and finished art.

If you still can’t find an answer to your question about the custom light-up signs above, simply contact us and tell us your question or what you need. 

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