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Jasionlight - Best Custom Neon Wedding Sign Manufacturer

A custom neon sign for a wedding is an innovative way to cap off a wedding and become a popular trend. Nothing can be better than a custom neon sign to make the special event more gorgeous. 

Jasionlight brings top-rated custom neon wedding signs to make your wedding event memorable. With 18 years of unbeaten experience, we successfully serve this industry. 

We have secured a position in the top-leading custom neon wedding sign manufacturers in China. We do not limit our service only to China but also we have served international clients. 

Modern Technology Custom Neon Wedding Sign


All of our custom neon wedding signs are strong, powerful, durable, and reliable. Also, they are safe to use. Their lightweight design makes them easier to carry.

Jasionlight has introduced high-quality neon signs with user-friendly features and affordable price ranges. We bring advanced technology to ensure high-quality. 

We highly recommend our high-end custom neon wedding sign can be the best choice to decorate your wedding. We introduce the latest neon wedding sign, advanced technology, and unique features to modernize your special event with a colorful glow.

The elegant design, lightweight body, easy customization, and amazing color effect can easily grab everyone’s concentration. Besides, our neon signs are fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. So, they can save more energy than other lights.

A Broad Range Custom Neon Wedding Sign Product Line

Durability, energy saving, easy installation, and portability make our custom neon wedding sign one of the top neon signs in China.

We have introduced a broad range of custom neon wedding signs to fulfill all the customer’s demands and preferences. Our company has produced different types of neon wedding signs for weddings, receptions, parties, or other events.

All of our custom neon wedding signs come with a wide range of color and font options. Jasionlight brings very affordable neon wedding signs so that you can easily purchase from us. 


Why Is The Jasionlight Custom Neon Wedding Sign Superior?

Jasionlight's main strength comes from our high-end factory and high-quality products. We never compromise quality over quantity. With 18 years of reliable serving experience, Jasionlight earns a strong position in this industry.

High-Quality Custom Neon Wedding Sign

All of the neon wedding signs are high-quality and custom-designed by our team. Also, they can be changed to your requirements. We can customize any neon sign according to your preference, in any font and color.

Strong and Powerful

The lightweight neon signs come with an attractive, and eye-catching color. We bring updated energy-efficient technology to ensure a powerful light that will last for years.


We produce environmentally-friendly custom neon wedding signs. They will provide high brightness without consuming high energy. So, they will save energy as well as your money.

Safe to Use

All of our neon signs are risk-free and safe to use. You can easily use them. As the neon signs are more energy-efficient, they will not overheat.

Easy to Install and Carry

Jasionlight’s custom neon wedding signs are pretty easy to install and carry. Also, the backboards have pre-drilled holes. So they are ready for wall mounting.

Extended Durability

We bring high-quality neon wedding signs with extended durability and easy to use features. Jasionlight always works hard to deliver high-quality custom neon wedding signs to our clients.

Modern Technology Custom Neon Wedding Sign Factory

With highly skilled engineers, workers, QC systems, and sales technicians, we work to ensure product quality. Our customer service team is 24×7 active to sort out customer’s problems.

We have 10,000 square meters of the manufacturing site in Shenzhen City, China. Our factory has all the advanced technology including SMT, automated gluing, and the latest machinery. All of our products have three years of warranty.

Custom Neon Wedding Sign

Our high-quality custom neon wedding sign is the perfect option to modernize the wedding or reception venue. You can customize the neon wedding sign according to your preference.

Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Sign

With our easy to install personalized Mr. And Mrs. sign, you can add a special touch to your wedding theme. You can also add any wedding sign to create something unique to decorate your big day.

Neon Last Name Sign Wedding

You can easily customize your last name and give a unique touch with the warm glow of the neon sign wedding. Its bright eye-catchy color will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Neon Sign Wedding Backdrop

Our modern neon sign wedding backdrop with tropical plants can be a good option to do your wedding photo session. So, it will make your big day more colorful.

Rent Neon Sign For Wedding
Rent Neon Sign For Wedding

We also have the option to rent neon signs for wedding, reception, or any event to add a wow effect. The renting process is pretty simple, so you do not need to suffer any hassle.

Lighted Love Sign For Wedding

You can show your love with the lighted love sign for the wedding. Our lighted love sign for wedding can be an awesome piece of decor and it can be tailored according to your preference.

Why Should You Choose Jasionlight Custom Neon Wedding Sign Manufacturer & Supplier?

Jasionlight has become one of the top-leading custom neon wedding sign manufacturers in China. Not only in China but Jasionlight also has clients from 100 different countries.


Our high-end factory, modern technology, and highly experienced team are our main strengths. Our entire team works harder to ensure product quality. 

With 18 years of robust experience, we successfully deliver approximately 50,000 square meters of all types of neon wedding signs. We always stock our raw materials to deliver our product to our customers on time. 

Supportive Technical Team 

We include detailed documentation and instruction videos to make the installation pretty easy for you. Besides, our supportive technical team is always there to fix customer’s issues.


Jasionlight has successfully managed around 1,500 LED projects yearly. Some of our main activities are Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Harmony Times Square, Taipei Arena, and Mexico City Arena.

We have certificates from CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE, etc.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Custom Neon Wedding Sign


Nowadays using a custom neon sign for weddings has become a very popular trend. It has become a new way to decorate your big day. If you do not want to buy then you can go for the neon sign rental wedding.

Nothing can beat the custom neon sign to make your special day more beautiful and gorgeous. So, if you have any inquiries regarding the custom neon wedding sign, then this FAQ guide will help you to answer all of your questions.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Neon Signs?

Neon signs are illuminated signs. They can display any writings or symbols in different fonts and colors. With the advancement of technology, the LED neon sign is becoming more and more popular. It is safe to use, friendly to the environment, easy to transport, beautiful, and low energy consumption. It makes people love it as soon as they see it.

Custom neon signs
Figure - 1 Custom neon signs

2. What Are The Main Types Of Neon Signs?

Neon signs are two types and this classification is based on how they are produced. The two types of neon signs –

3. How Can You Decor Your Wedding With The Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

You can easily use the custom neon wedding sign to decor your special event. Here we provide some personalized neon wedding sign ideas and tips to brighten up your wedding with the custom neon sign.

  • Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Sign

You can easily install the personalized Mr. And Mrs. sign to add a special touch to your wedding theme. 

Personalized Mr. And Mrs. sign
Figure: 2 - Personalized Mr. And Mrs. sign

You can also add any wedding sign to decorate your big day.

  • Neon Last Name Sign Wedding

In this option, you can easily customize your neon name sign for wedding and give a unique touch with the warm glow of the neon sign for the wedding last name. Its attractive eye-catchy color will definitely grab everyone’s attention.

  • Neon Sign Wedding Backdrop

The modern neon sign wedding backdrop design with tropical flowers and plants can be a great choice to complete your wedding photo session.

Neon Sign Wedding Backdrop
Figure: 3 - Neon Sign Wedding Backdrop

So, it will make your special day more interesting and colorful.

Besides, these three types of design, you can also use – 

  • Happily Ever After Neon Sign
  • Love You XO LED Neon Sign
  • It Was All a Dream Neon Sign
  • Crazy In Love Wedding Sign
  • All You Need is Love Neon Sign
  • Better Together Wedding Sign
  • All you Need is Love Neon Light
  • Just Married Lights Sign
  • All Because Two People Fell in LOVE and so on.

Some Tips For You –

  • Keep it minimal
  • Express yourselves
  • Share your hashtag

4. What Are The Differences Between Traditional Neon Signs And LED Neon Light Signs?

There are many noticeable differences between the traditional neon signs and LED neon light signs. Here, we have highlighted the differences below –

  • Affordability

Traditional Neon Signs – The price range is quite high. It is also very costly to repair and maintain. 

LED Neon Light Signs – The price range is quite cheaper than the traditional neon signs and easier to replace.

  • Durability

Traditional Neon Signs – They are not durable like the LED neon light signs. Because they have been crafted from fragile glass and this breakable glass can easily shatter. 

LED Neon Light Signs – They are much more durable compared to traditional neon signs. They are made of better quality, flexible, and flame retardant PVCs.

  • Energy Efficiency

Traditional Neon Signs – They consume more energy and create higher energy costs. Besides, they have greater safety concerns.

LED Neon Light Signs – They consume less energy. So, the energy consumption will be less and greater safety.

  • Safety

Traditional Neon Signs – Due to safety risks from the accidental breakage of mercury and neon gas, they are not safe.

LED Neon Light Signs – As the LED neon light signs need lower voltage and they do not get hot. There is no glass to break.

  • Easy to Install

Traditional Neon Signs – Because of the fragility, weight, and power supply requirements of traditional neon signs make the installation process difficult. So, usually, you will need a specialist installation.

LED Neon Light Signs – They are pretty easy to install. You do not require any special installation team. You just need to hang them just like any other piece of wall art.

  • Easy to Maintain

Traditional Neon Signs – They will require maintenance and it must be carried out by a trained professional.

LED Neon Light Signs – They are easy to maintain and practically maintenance-free.

  • Portability

Traditional Neon Signs – The glass tubes of traditional neon signs are quite heavy. Also, it makes the traditional neon signs more suitable for outdoor applications such as on buildings, storefronts, etc.

LED Neon Light Signs – Because they are light in weight compared to the traditional neon signs. So, you can easily use them anywhere to decorate such as the bedroom, any events, wedding, reception, and much more.

  • Quiet

Traditional Neon Signs – They create much noise.

LED Neon Light Signs – They do not create any noise.

  • Brightness

Traditional Neon Signs – They are not as bright as the LED neon light signs.

LED Neon Light Signs – They are quite brighter compared to traditional neon signs.

  • Lifespan

Traditional Neon Signs – Approximately 10,000 hours of use.

LED Neon Light Signs – Approximately 50,000 hours of use.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Custom Neon Sign?

The cost of a neon wedding sign custom depends on the size, font, and complexity of the design. The cost range of a custom neon sign may range from $200 to $1000. 

You can also rent neon signs for wedding. Many companies provide wedding neon sign rental. If you do not want to purchase then go for a neon wedding sign rental.

6. Can I Use The Custom Neon Wedding Sign Outdoors?

Yes, you can use the custom neon wedding sign in both indoor and outdoor. The custom neon wedding signs are fully protected from adverse environments including heavy rain, ice, snow, or dew. So, these neon signs are designed to withstand bad weather.

7. How To Install The Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

The lightweight neon signs come in beautiful and eye-catching colors. Besides, advanced energy-efficient technology has been used to ensure a powerful light that will last for years.

Custom Neon Wedding Sign
Figure - 4 Custom Neon Wedding Sign

It is pretty easy to install the custom neon wedding sign compared to the traditional neon signs. Let’s follow the steps below –

Step – 1: You need a pencil or marker to mark the wall through holes for drilling. 

Step – 2: Now drill the holes. Then put the rawl plugs in.

Step – 3: Then unscrew the top part and thread the screw through. You can use a Phillips screwdriver to screw tightly and repeat this process.

Step – 4: Now sandwich the sign between the two parts and screw in tightly. Remember, your neon signs need to be away from the wall. After that, you are ready to light up!

8. How Much Power Does A Neon Sign Use?

A neon sign has a lower power usage with an input voltage of 12V. It can be 10x more fuel-efficient compared to the traditional neon signs. So, it does not have higher electricity costs. 

9. How Long Will A Neon Sign Last?

Most of the neon signs are expected to last for 8 to 15 years. Although many of the signs can continue to function for much longer than expected time. 

Leave a neon sign powered on for a longer period, it may shorten the lifespan. 

10. How To Choose The Neon Wedding Sign?

If you make up your mind to decorate your wedding with a neon wedding sign but are confused to choose the neon sign for your big day. Then keep the mentioned factors in your mind while selecting the neon wedding sign.

  • Size 

Size is a very essential factor to choose the neon sign. The size of the neon sign depends on the area or space where you will place or hang the neon sign.  

  • Design and Style

The design may vary for – color, font, and shape. Design and style may vary the price. A curvy font design may cost you more than a black font design.

  • Background of the Sign

It is another crucial factor that you should consider. There are several types of backings available such as colorful PVC, acrylic backing, silver or gold backing, and so on.

  • Price

Size and design play an important factor in calculating the neon sign price. The larger the sign, the higher the price.

11. What Is The Custom Neon Wedding Sign Made From?

The materials used in the custom neon wedding sign are PVC and acrylic. But it does not contain any breakable and fragile glass that can easily break.

12. Is The Custom Neon Wedding Sign Safe To Use?

The custom neon wedding sign is safer to use because 

  • Human safety voltage 12V
  • Good heat dissipation, low temperature
  • Use of fireproof materials

13. How Can I Wall Mount The Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

Most of the neon name sign custom wedding comes with a lighter weight. So, neon sign custom wedding is easier and safer to carry. You can easily wall-mount the custom wedding neon sign. 

Custom Neon Sign
Figure - 5 Custom Neon Sign

It is surprisingly easy to hang the neon sign. 

  • At first, to light up signs wedding, you need to collect wall-mounting kits to hang your neon sign. You can collect it from any hardware store.
  • It is better to use heavy-duty removable hooks if the weight is around 6-11lb.
  • You can also use the fishing wire and rope for secured knotting.

14. What Are The Neon Mounting Types or Options Available?

There are many neon mounting types and options available nowadays such as –

  • Freestanding Acrylic Boxed Neon – Here, the neon sign has been placed in between an acrylic transparent sheet with a heavy base. And it hides the power supply. 
  • Wooden Panel – In this method, it needs to mount directly to the front side of the wooden panel.
  • Dead Frame – It has been made up of clear glass tubing to replicate the existing unit. And it is attached to silicone and clear support bar.

You can also attach it to the ceiling, wall, or top side of the window frame.

  • Neon Frame – It is a part of the original design.
  • Acrylic Backing – In this option, the neon sign unit needs to be mounted to a  polished acrylic sheet. Then it can be mounted from a wall.
  • Directly on the wall – It is directly mounted to the wall. You just need to drill into the wall and wire in.
Figure - 6 Wall-mounted Neon Sign
  • Outdoor Mounting – In this method, it has been mounted to a metal house.
Figure - 7 Outdoor Mounting Neon Sign
  • Mirror Backing – It is similar to colored acrylic and creates an additional glow to give an aesthetic value.

15. What Are The Advantages Of Using Neon Signs?

Neon signs are very durable. It can strongly withstand adverse weather. Not only at the wedding party, but you can also use them at any event such as a home party, BBQ party, etc. to give an aesthetic touch.

Here, we will discuss some major advantages of using neon signs.

  1. More Energy Efficient – The neon sign uses much less energy, so it is more energy-efficient.
  2. Last Longer – It can also save you in repair costs. Because it can last 25 times longer than the traditional lighting. 
  3. Best Suited for Outside Applications – The neon sign is waterproof. So, it can be a great choice for both indoor and outdoor signage. 
  4. More Visible in Sunlight – Usually, the neon sign is more visible in sunlight. So, it is a good choice for outdoor applications.

16. Who Are The Top 10 Custom Neon Sign Manufacturers?

Many manufacturers have now produced top-quality wedding LED signs. But here we create a list of 10 top-leading custom neon sign manufacturers. 

  1. Jasionlight 
  2. Wedding Bell
  3. Magic World
  4. Light Room
  5. Happy Wedding
  6. Neon Signs
  7. Neonlist
  8. Dave Lite
  9. Carousel Mfg.
  10. Brite Creation

Final Words

After reading the entire FAQ guide on custom neon signs for wedding, we think you will get all of your answers. 

So, decor your wedding or reception with the custom neon wedding sign and make the event more beautiful.


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