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Best Original Custom Neon Sign Maker in China

As an original lighting factory, Jasionlight always produces the best quality neon signs at the lowest cost. Jasionlight can design and bespoke any graphic, text, or slogan for your requirements.

One-stop neo sign manufacturing, From LED chips SMT technique, silicone extrusion, acrylic engraving and cutting board, professional handmade, LED neon signage lighting and aging, to pre-shipment packaging, the entire production process, and quality inspection is done by ourselves.

Experienced Bespoke Neon Design Team

Jasionlight has 5 years of advertising and decoration experience design team. Can quickly create a proposal based on the client’s ideas, pictures, and designs until the client is satisfied, ensure that the custom graphics are unique, and not for resale.

Jasionlight personalized neon signs are widely used in landscaping, outdoor events, advertising signage, interior decorating, and web celebrity backgrounds. If you want to order a custom neon sign, Jasionlight will be your best choice.

One-stop Neon Sign Manufacturing Process

Why choose Jasionlight as your custom neon signs supplier and maker in China? Simply because Jasionlight provides one-stop manufacturing for bespoke neon signs. From confirming the order and design to final custom neon completed, export to customers. All steps finished in Jasionlight factory. So we can strictly monitor the production process and control product quality.

PCB Design

Electronic engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams according to product requirements

PCB Testing

QC Department test all incoming LED neon light PCB boards, only qualified boards will be SMT patch.


Jasionlight uses a high temperature, lead-free solder paste, make sure the LEDs stable, and environmentally friendly.

Silicone Extrusion Process

Silicone extruder is one of the most important steps for neon lights. Jasionlight has its own machines and skilled workers.

Make Renderings

Before starting to make LED neon signs, our designers will make an effect drawing and confirm with you the font, size, color, backboard, etc.

Engraved The Backboard

According to the design style, the worker grooves the acrylic backplate by engraving machine, to facilitate the assembly of the led neon strip.

Handmade LED Neon Sign

The well-trained workers measure the length according to the backplate, and cuts the neon flex strip into an appropriate length, and then assemble them.

LED Neon Sign Aging

After the assembly is completed, lighting tests and aging tests are required. We will continue to burn for 8 hours to ensure the stable operation of the LED neon sign.

Neon Sign Package

LED Neon Signs are fragile products, and packaging is particularly important. We use thicker carton packaging for small signs and wooden boxes for large ones.

All Styles of Custom Neon Signs

to Support Your Project and Business

As a custom neon sign maker, Jasionlight can customize all styes of neon signs for different applications. Always support you with high quality and reasonable price neon products, for indoor or outdoor use.

Neon Beer Signs

Many types of neon beer signs for wholesale, and support to custom neon beer signs for your business.

neon open signs
Neon Open Sign

Jasionlight uses High brightness LEDs, to make your neon open sign to be the most eye-catching sign. Seize the customer.

Bud Light Neon Sign

Custom all size of bud light neon signs for your business, bring out the fullest led neon lighting effects.

Girls Girls Girls Neon Sign

Girl wall decor neon light sign for bedroom, hotel, office, give you a cool & art neon sign.

Cool Neon Signs

Custom unique LED neon signs for your personal space, specially designed create cool neon art.

Flamingo Neon Light

Pink custom neon light, best lamp for decorating home and hotel, with the business logo.

Miller Lite Neon Sign

Bespoke fashion miller lite neon signs for Bar, Pub, Store, Club, etc. High quality and the best deal.

Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

Jasionlight unique and custom LED neon signs, wall decoration for your kid's bedroom, party, beer bar, wedding.

Rainbow Neon Light

Personalized cute rainbow neon lights, give a wonderful environment for girls' room. Versatile designs for your option.

Why Jasionlight Custom Neon Signs

It is not an easy thing to find a reliable custom neon signs supplier at a reasonable price. Jasionlight is the right one for you.

Custom neon signs widely used in different applications. Such as home decoration, business logo, bar, cafe, wedding, game room, shop. They can light up your business logo, name, favorite motto.

If you are a neon sign wholesaler or distributor, you can custom the particular design neon signs for your customers, make your neon sign style unique, and blow up your business. If you are a project builder, you can bespoke different neon signs according to the requirements of your customers.

You may ask why you should choose Jasionlight? Jasionlight is a 17+ years LED lighting company in Shenzhen and Dongguan. We have very rich experience in the LED lighting industry and a stable material supply system. This is a prerequisite to ensure stable product quality.

All custom LED neon signs process finished in Jasionlight manufacturer, one-stop manufacturing from design, SMD, handmade, packaging. Jasionlight can strictly control the whole process. This is why we can always give our customers high-quality products and at a great price.

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Custom Neon Signs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you seeking the attention of customers from your business area? Installing custom neon signs is a smart way to draw attention to your businesses. These signs give your business extra personality in both indoor and outdoor places.

Custom neon signs are lightweight, affordable, durable, and energy-efficient lighting options. They are very popular for their aesthetic value.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Neon signs?

Neon signs that can be customized according to the customers’ need are known as custom neon signs or custom LED signs. The advanced technologies in the lighting industry have lessened the cost and increased the performance of the neon signs.

Before the advent of LED lights, neon signs have always used neon tubes (which is a special type of cold cathode gas-discharge lights) as the light source, but with the popularity of LED lights, LED light bars replace neon tubes as the light source of neon signs. But because of habit, people still call it Neon signs are actually LED signs. You can order your personalized neon signs in any size, colour, design, and shape.


There are different colors in custom LED signs. So, you can order custom LED neon lights of any colours for your projects. 

2. What Are The Benefits of Custom Neon Signs? / Why Are Neon Signs So Popular?

Spectral properties, eye-appealing, and nostalgic look of the neon signs are the key benefits. You can choose any colors and designs for your advertising, wedding parties, store, and bedrooms. Advertising companies use these custom LED neon lights to attract customers’ attention.

Business owners use them to be noticed by consumers around the business area. The custom LED signs are the advanced and latest version of the custom neon signs. Personalized LED signs are safe, cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and recyclable. Let’s see some advantages that can be gained in case of using custom LED neon signs.

Energy Efficiency

The LED neon signs are very cost-efficient because they only need 12 volts to run. So, you don’t need to worry about the annual electric bill.

Flexibility In Lighting

You can limit your energy consumption by installing custom LED neon signs in your advertising, weddings, parties, store, bedrooms. On the other hand, you can choose unlimited colors, shapes and designs of these neon signs. Business organizations can design their logos, billboards, indoors, and outdoors with these personalized LED neon signs.


Custom neon signs are versatile lighting options. You can choose designs, colors, sizes, and shapes according to your needs. Every project planners, advertising companies, and wedding planners need customized designs to satisfy their lighting demands. Project planners can choose more than 100 colors, numerous designs, and shapes for any project.

You also need to comply with the rules of municipal building codes and regulations of the state. So, customized neon signs are compulsory in some areas for advertising, wedding projects, and other business purposes.


You should not worry about the durability of customized neon signs. If you purchase from a reliable supplier and install them correctly, it will last more than 50,000 hours.

Easy Installation

Installing personalized LED neon signs is very easy. You can install yourself in small projects. But you should hire professionals in case of prominent advertising, weddings, and parties to avoid dangers.


Custom LED signs are eco-friendly, both directly and indirectly. As the damaged LED neon signs can be used for further manufacturing, they are eco-friendly. On the other hand, they are protecting the environment because they consume less energy. The less power consumption, the lower generation of lower carbon footprint.

Create Special Impression

There is a huge demand for customized neon signs in the parks, restaurants, and shopping malls. These lights create a very satisfying impression on the visitors to these places. 

The visual appeal of neon signs has made them popular in advertising and signage industries. You can create a unique environment by setting neon signs in bars, clubs, restaurants, and other nocturnal venues.

Keep Aircraft Safe

You generally think of neon signs for advertising and other wedding projects. But they are also used in airports to keep aircraft safe. The authorities of the airport set them to signal the pilots about the direction of landing. The bright lights of custom neon signs can be seen from the thousands of feet up in the air in excessive fog. So, if you are the airport’s project planner, you must install the custom neon signs to avoid danger.

3. What Are The Uses/ Applications of Custom Neon Lights?

Custom neon lights have many uses. You can use them for advertising, wedding, bedroom design, and indoor & outdoor designing purposes. You can make dramatic, multicolored glowing signage for advertising.

People generally use these custom made neon signs for home, party, logo, shop, store, wall of specific places, and other business advertising.

4. What Are The Differences Between Neon and LED?

Every business and advertising experts separate the budget for signage. Both neon signs and LED signs are prevalent for signage of the company and different projects. Project planners and business owners always have to make a decision keeping the budget in mind. So, let’s see the differences between Neon and LED signs.

Initial Cost of Purchasing

The price of LED signs is 10-20% less compared to traditional neon signs. The initial cost of these two types of signs is not significant. But, you will see a sizable difference in total costs such as purchase, maintenance, and operation of them.


LED neon signs are brighter than traditional neon signs. You can clearly see and read the designs and shapes of the personalized LED signs from far away. You will be able to see the LED signs in direct sunlight. On the other hand, you will look blurry lights in case of installing neon signs for your projects.



High voltage and real glass tubing in traditional neon signs break the safety. There is the possibility of the breakage due to the excessive heat coming from neon signs. So, you will require special treatment for disposal in case of custom made neon signs.

LED neon signs are shock-proof and emit very little heat. So, you can use them for any projects without being worried about safety. Besides, they don’t contain any dangerous materials such as phosphor or mercury.


Customized LED signs require low maintenance, and so you need lower maintenance costs. LED neon bar lights never run out because there are no gases, glass tubes, argon, or mercury problems in LED lights.

On the flip side, custom neon signs require more maintenance. You need to hire a trained professional to fix maintenance issues. So, the maintenance cost of this type of signage is very high. As the gases inside the neon lights run out after a few years, you need to replace the gases or buy new neon signs.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a significant decision factor at the time of choosing lighting solutions for project planners. The higher the energy consumption, the higher the electricity bill. So, let’s see the energy consumption of the traditional neon signs and LED signs.

So, the advertising companies can save a significant amount of money by installing custom neon bar signs. It is 15 times energy efficient compared to traditional neon signs.


Personalized neon bar signs have an average lifespan of about 30,000 to 35,000 hours. So, you need to replace them every 3 or 4 years.

However, you can use LED neon signs for more than a decade. Most of the LED neon signs of Jasionlight last up to 15 years. So, you can save the purchasing cost, shipment cost, replacing cost, and maintenance cost by installing custom neon signs.


Both neon sings and LED sings come with different shapes and colors. You can operate them for about 24 hours. But newer technology of the LED neon bar signs can be controlled by a remote controller. They also have a wireless modem, and so you can access them anytime from far away.

5. What Materials Are Used To Produce Custom Neon Signs?

Custom neon signs consist of brightly glowing, electrified glass tubes. These lights contain rarefied neon or other gases.

Inside the tube, manufacturers use different kinds of gas. Neon, a noble gas, is used to produce popular orange light. Besides, manufacturers of custom made neon lights use hydrogen for red, helium for yellow, carbon dioxide for white, and mercury for blue lighting.

On the other hand, light emitting diodes or semiconductors are used to produce LED neon signs. You will find these lights in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths.

6. How To Make Custom Neon Signs?

If you have all materials needed for making custom neon signs, you can make them at your home. Here is a short video that will give you an idea about making it.

7. Can You Make Your Own Neon Sign For Your Project?

A project needs a large number of neon signs. To make or manufacture quality products, you need to have experience. So, it is challenging for the advertising companies, wedding planners, and other project planners to make neon signs by themselves. You should choose a reliable manufacturer for getting custom neon signs.

8. How Much Time Does It Take To Get Neon Signs After Ordering?

After the confirmation of the payment, you will get your shipment to your door within 2-3 weeks. You can also get your custom neon signs in less time by contacting your manufacturers. Jasionlight values your urgency of delivery of project planners. If you tell them about your urgency of getting neon signs, they will keep your order in the express plan.

9. What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing Custom Neon Signs?

Purchasing custom neon signs is a critical decision for a project planers. You should consider the following factors at the time of purchasing custom LED signs.


You should purchase LED neon bar signs made of high-quality materials. If you only focus on a low price, you will face lots of lighting problems at the time of use. LED neon signs of Jasionlight are made of high-quality materials, so you can use them for a long time.

Warranty Time

When manufacturers are confident with their products, they provide good warranty time. The higher the warranty time, the better. So, check the warranty time at the time of purchasing custom neon signs.


Some low-quality neon signs can give a high brightness at the beginning of the installation. But, they become blurry after some years. So, you should purchase custom LED signs that provide consistent illumination all time.

10. Where To Purchase Custom Neon Signs / Where Can You Find Custom-made Neon Signs In China?

China is the most popular place in manufacturing custom neon signs. Shenzhen is the most recognized industrial zone in China for manufacturing custom neon signs. You can purchase neon signs from the manufacturers of this industrial area for your projects.


Jasionlight was founded in 2003 to solve the lighting problems. It produces almost all kinds of lighting. They are specialized in Led ceiling light, linear light, downlight, panel light, and neon signs. You can get any sort of customized lighting solution from them. As they have 17 years of experience in the lighting industry, you will get the more precision customized neon signs.

11. How Do You Choose The Reliable Custom Neon Signs Suppliers For Your Project?

Finding reliable custom neon signs suppliers is not a herculean task. You just need to consider some factors of the suppliers. Find the following capabilities of your supplier at the time of purchasing custom neon signs.

  • Are your suppliers specialized in the lighting industry?
  • Do they use high-quality materials?
  • What is the warranty time of neon signs of your supplier?
  • Do the suppliers provide after-sale service?
  • Can the supplier provide customization in size, shape, designs, and colors?
  • Are neon signs of suppliers waterproof and dustproof?

If you find the answers to the above questions “Yes” in the maximum times of a supplier, you should choose that supplier.

12. How Long Does A Neon Sign Last?

The electrical surges, heat, transformers, and consistency of electric supply affect the custom-made neon lights’ lifespan. Personal neon signs are cost-efficient because they last for a long time. The average lifespan of these personalized neon signs last from 5 to 7 years. But, some high efficient neon lights of Jasionlight last about 15 years.

13. Are All Neon Signs Handmade?

Both custom neon signs and LED neon bar signs are 100% handmade. When installing neon signs or LED signs, they require a great deal of precision, eye-hand condition, and experience to make them perfect. The glass of the neon signs can break or crack if you don’t care about them properly. Despite being different in colors, shapes, and designs, you need to install them with experts’ hands to get precision.

14. Is Neon Brighter Than LED?

No, neon signs are not brighter than LED neon signs. You will be able to see the crystal clear colors, designs, and shapes of LED signs. The lighting of the neon signs is blurry, and you can’t see the perfect designs, colors, and shapes from far away. 

15. Why Do Neon Lights Stop Working?

There are 4 main reasons why neon lights stop working.

  • If the joints of the neon signs become loose.
  • In the case of broken or shorted wires.
  • In case of a leaky tube.
  • In the case of damaged transformers.

16. Are Neon Signs Radioactive?

Neon-20, neon-21, and neon-22 are three isotopes of the neon. When small particles are fired at atoms, radioactive isotopes are produced. There is no commercial application of radioactive isotopes in both neon signs and LED neon signs. So, personalized neon signs are not radioactive.

17. What Is The Function Of A Neon Sign Transformer In Custom Neon Signs?

Neon sign transformers ensure the right power supply in the neon signs. Let’s see the functions of a neon sign transformer.

  • The transformer controls output voltage into the neon tubes.
  • It converts line voltages (120-374 V) to high voltage.
  • The transformer of neon signs supplies from 18 milliamperes to 60 milliamperes.
  • It controls the illumination and intensity of custom neon lights.
  • It can adjust with the amount of power in the neon signs.
  • The neon-sign transformer saves lights from the fluctuation of energy.

As it transfers the high voltage power, you should handle it carefully.

18. How Do You Troubleshoot Neon Lights?

Custom neon lights last for a long time, but you need to fix the problems. Traditional neon lights have different gases inside the lights. The illumination of neon lights becomes blurry or dark when gases run out. There are other problems in personalized neon signs. Let’s see the troubleshooting process of neon bar lights.

Step 01

First of all, you need to check the voltage supply to the neon signs. Then, check whether the lights have loose connections or not. You will see flickering or blinking in case of a low power supply in the lights. To check the voltage on all electrical spots, use a multimeter. You should use a step-up-transformer in case of having a low voltage supply.

Step 02

Low voltage supply in neon signs results in less illumination. If you see no illumination in the custom neon signs, look for broken wires, defective tube sections, and a shorted wire. Find and replace broken wires and shorted wires to make the neon signs active again.

Step 03

If you don’t find any problems in the above 2 steps, you should check leaks along the glass tube. Gases come out in case of having leaks along the tube. Fixing leaky tubes is very difficult and very expensive. So, it is better to throw away a leaky tube and replace it with neon custom LED neon lights.

Step 04

Checking the transformer is the last but not least step. Check whether it is working or not correctly. Fixing transformers is very difficult, and so you should replace the lousy transformer with a new one. Check the compatibility of the transformer at the time of purchasing the new one.

19. Are Neon Lights Eco Friendly?

The advanced technology of the neon signs has made these lights eco-friendly. Custom LED neon lights are fully recyclable, and so they produce less disposal. The neon gas is non-toxic and chemically inert. As the gas doesn’t form any compounds and is chemically unreactive, they are eco-friendly signage solutions. Besides, LED neon signs don’t have any gas inside the tube. So, there are no risks of using these lights anywhere.

20. Can Custom Neon Signs Get Wet?

Custom neon signs can get wet if they are not water-resistant. Getting wet in the neon signs can damage the lights. To get rid of getting wet problems, ensure that the neon signs are sealed with a range of glues & silicone fillers. You should also close the holes where wires connect the letters and designs.

21. Are Custom Neon Signs Waterproof?

Custom neon signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. So, most of them are waterproof. Low quality neon signs can’t withstand the blowing rain, dew, and snow. Jasionlight’s custom neon signs are made from high-quality raw materials and can withstand any harsh weather.

22. Are Custom Neon Signs Dustproof?

Most of the LED neon signs have the feature of dustproof. If neon signs are not dust proof features, you should not buy those neon signs. Cleaning dust from the neon signs is very difficult.

23. Is It Better To Leave Neon Signs On?

Research shows that leaving neon signs On is more cost-effective than turning them off & on. Transformers of the lights become damaged in case of turning off and on the neon signs.

24. Can You Set Custom Neon Signs on Weddings?

You can order custom neon signs for any projects. The demand for custom neon signs at the wedding is very high. Most of the wedding planners want to give mesmerizing lighting on the wedding day. You can set custom neon signs at weddings to make the wedding party more personalized and excellent look.

25. What Factors/ Functions Can You Customize In Custom Neon Signs?

Custom LED neon signs are fully customizable. You can customize the following factors.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Colors

26. Can You Control Custom Neon Sign With A Remote Controller?

Yes, you can control the luminosity of neon signs with a remote controller. You can also control the brightness and colors with that remote controller.

27. How Much Do Custom Neon Signs Cost?

The cost of custom neon signs depends on the complexity and size of the design. You generally need $200 to $1,000 or more for a custom design neon sign.

28. How To Install Custom Neon Signs?

Installing traditional custom neon signs is a little bit difficult. So, you need a professional to install it correctly. But, you can easily install LED neon signs as they are less complicated. Watch the following videos to understand the process of installing custom neon signs.

29. How To Take Maintenance of Custom Neon Signs?

You don’t need to take the maintenance of custom neon signs every day. Here are some pro tips to take maintenance of custom neon signs that increase the durability.


Dust and grime can accumulate on the tube and start to look dingy and unclear. So, you should keep the fact of cleaning at the time of designing personalized neon signs.

  • Unplug the wire before cleaning your neon signs. Although the LED neon bar signs don’t become hot, you should unplug to avoid dangers from transformers.
  • Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a paintbrush to clean out dust located in hard-to-reach crannies and nooks.
  • With the help of a nylon brush or a soft cloth, wipe down the tubes.
  • To clean the grime and grease of neon signs of restaurants, spray an ammonia-based cleanser.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the place of neon signs. Don’t apply too much pressure at the time of cleaning traditional neon signs made of glasses.

Getting rid of Bugs

Personalized LED neon signs are prone to attract different kinds of bugs. You have to face more bug-problems at the time of installing neon signs outdoors than indoors. A large number of bugs can block the view of signs.

You can fix the bug problems by installing mosquito traps or electronic bug zappers on your property.

Keep turning On

Turning off the custom neon signs regularly creates more problems than keeping turning on. If you keep neon signs turning on all the time, they will last more time and will cause less damage to transformers. According to the Los Angeles Times, a neon lamp has been discovered as lighted after 77 years.

30. How Do Custom Neon Signs work?

Neon and other gases are used inside the custom neon signs to illuminate the designs. But many people want to know how it works. This short video will help you understand the working process of Custom neon signs. 

31. What are all the fonts of led neon signs that you offer?

JASIONLIGHT has 35 types of font options, 7 of which are the most popular. Such as Ambit, Helvetica Now, Avenir Next Pro, Plantin, Futura PT, Untitled Sans, FF Meta, TT Norms Pro, Visuelt, Sentinel, Sweet Sans, Univers, Brandon Grotesque, Peignot, Mantra, Minion, Supria Sans, Formula Condensed, Matrice, Panama, more please check them as below picture. 


32. Is it possible to provide the names of the most common fonts so that I can add them to the custom LED builder?

Nicolette Script otf, Payland Regular, Ouvality otf, Safarnama Signature Regul, BuckleUp Buttercup Regul, Uniform Rounded Extra Con

33. What are all the colours of led neon signs that you offer?

JASIONLIGHT has 23 kinds of color options, 11 of them are the most popular.

A total of 23 kinds of neon sign colors are listed in the table below. 

There are 11 colors which are popular in the market. 

Warm white, Neutral white, Lemon yellow, Golden yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Ice blue, Green, Deep green.


34. What are the dimensions of the LED neon signs?

You could send us the sign picture or letters and fonts you want to customize, then Jasionlight would advise you on the minimum dimension. Or you could do it by the below way. 

  • If the letter is made of “single line”, then put the picture or letters in the software such as CorelDraw, limit the height of the smallest letter/part into 6cm. Then adjust the size you want with the same scale enlargement.
  • If the letter is made of “double lines”, then put the picture or letters in the software such as CorelDraw, limit the height of the smallest letter/part to 12cm. Then adjust the size you want with the same scale enlargement.

35. Can we have different dimensions of LED neon signs?

JASIONLIGHT can do any dimension that our customers need, you can have different dimensions, but the height of the letters has some limits as the above question shown.

36. What would be the quote for a given LED neon sign? You can give us a few quotes and provide some details.

The quotes will be related to the dimension, letter lines, letter size, acrylic board thickness, waterproof or not, and functions. For example,

Words: “Oh Baby”

Dimension: Width 23.62 (60cm) * Height 11.81”(30cm)

Letter: Single line

Color: Single color white

Application: Indoor use non-waterproof 

Cutting way: Cut to Shape

Board: Transparent Acrylic 

Install: Wall-mounted

EXW Price: US$44.85/pc


37. How long does it take for an LED sign to be manufactured and delivered (to a country Europe for example)?

If we produce 1-3 led neon signs, our production time is 2-3 days; delivery time is 3-5 days (if it is shipped to Europe),during the Covid pandemic, it will be a little longer.

European countries, we have UK and EU plug options, all power supplies have CE certification which is recognized by the local market, so you do not need to worry about product quality.

38. Is this pink neon sign you can manufacture? What would be the minimum width for such a sign?

Yes, we can make that pink light “Better together” with a pink jacket, the minimum size will be W44.49inches*H5.9inchs. 

The specification of this sign will be below:

* 5mm thickness transparent Acrylic board

* Indoor use and nonwaterproof 

* CE certified power supply

* EU plug

* Strengthen package for worldwide shipping with extra corrugated board

* Wall-mounted accessories

39. Could you send me some examples of pink light led neon signs with pink jackets for reference? “Better Together” would be great.

Here kindly find our examples made for other clients as below pictures: 

1) Letter. “Better Together” 


2) Pink light with Pink jacket.


3) Please check the pink light color when light-on and pink jacket color when light-off as below. 


40. Do you have registration in AliExpress or Alibaba so a payment can be performed?

Regarding the payment methods, kindly find below. 

Bank account

Paypal account

West union account

Alibaba payment link

41. How can I place orders? Do I send an email with the photo of the sign to you?

Please email us the sign’s photo and the whole sign’s size(width and height) clients want to make. Then we will confirm with you the below information:

1) Choose the style of the backboard: cut to shape, cut to the board, or cut to letter

2) Waterproof or not 

3) Any function? brightness dimmable or magic colors. 

4) Any request about the plug cable length, will be related to the client’s application 

5) If no extra request, we will use the transparent acrylic board as a defaulted base plate. 

6) Installation way, Wall-mounted or Suspended? 

7) What is the plug version for the led driver? UK, EU, US, JP, or AU? 

42. How can we do if the client doesn’t know the width of led neon signs they need?

Regarding the size, you could send the below picture to clients for a reference, which could help them to know what width they prefer.

Based on the 92” SOFA as a reference, they are the dimension of 20” , 36” , 48” , 60” , 72” , 84” , 96” , 108” .


43. Do you offer remote control for all signs or is this extra? If it's extra how much does it cost?

Yes, we have a remote control version for the signs. There are dimmable brightness and magic color functions. It is an extra cost. For the pink sign, it will be a small power brightness dimmable remote controller needed, there will be US$3.00/pc added.

44. Do you offer exterior led neon signs or is this extra?

45. What is the difference between wall mounted and suspended?

Yes, we also have waterproof version signs optional, which will be used outside. The IP grade of the sign is IP65 and the IP grade of neon rope lights is IP67. 

Wall-mounted means the sign was installed on the wall surface by screws. Suspended means the sign was hanged on the roof by the rope. Usually, we will provide 1m crystal transparent rope as accessories. If you have specified accessories, it will be available.


46. How to know the led neon sign is cut to shape, cut to board or cut to letter?

What are these mean?

  1. Cut to shape – The acrylic backboard is cut according to the shape of all the characters or patterns. It’s more casual and more unique in design.
  2. Cut to board – You can also call cut to a square, the acrylic backboard is cut according to a square shape, subject to the maximum size of fonts and patterns. It’s good-looking, generous, and beautiful.
  3. Cut to letter – The acrylic backboard is cut according to the shape of each letter or each pattern. So the acrylic backboard is invisible.

Please check the pictures below:


47. Why are the minimum dimensions of the same word different from different providers?

The minimum dimensions will be different from different fonts, different alignment and different design. Sometimes if we make them smaller, it seems all letters are jammed together, which doesn’t look so beautiful. Therefore we will advise to make it a little bigger, the height of the whole led neon sign with more than 15cm will be better. 

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