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Your LED Neon Signs Specialist in China

JASIONLIGHT is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality custom LED neon signs for all industries at a great price. You can materialize the designs of your dreams leveraging our innovative, high-grade LED neon signs that make use of the most advanced LED technology.

Our team of expert professionals always strives to meet and exceed customers’ requirements by creating a gorgeous, custom-made modern LED neon of any shape and form.

JASIONLIGHT: Your Leading LED Neon Sign Manufacturer and Seller

JASIONLIGHT is a leading manufacturer of custom LED neon signs for businesses, bars, rooms, cafés, weddings, and logos. You can order complete packages of identification products, custom structures, real estate signs, custom electric signs, custom awnings, and more. Our electrical engineers, extrusion specialists, and QC department. can deliver our expertise in custom-design neon LED signs.

Your custom LED signs installation will be safe and effective, while you can bring your designs to life leveraging the experience of JASIONLIGHT. You’ll be fully satisfied from start to finish with the installation.

Light Up Your Business with Amazing Custom LED Neon Designs

JASIONLIGHT has over 17 years of experience in LED lighting manufacturing. You can be assured that the professionals at JASIONLIGHT will provide you with products of the highest quality.

Your logo, brand name, brand images, slogans, hashtags, taglines, open signs, and so on would be transformed into LED neon signs that you can proudly display with minimal maintenance.

JASIONLIGHT has experience producing custom LED neon signs for global clients including the US and Europe. If you have a design idea, our team will transform it into gorgeous custom-made modern LED neon signs at amazing prices and on time.

Enjoy More Exclusive Customization Support

JASIONLIGHT offers LED neon sign customization support that is efficient and covers all phases of the LED sign design process. Here are some of the benefits you would enjoy from the exclusive customization support:


Customized Molding

Not all LED neon sign manufacturers are willing to make customized molds for your specific LED neon sign requirements. JASIONLIGHT works to fulfill the needs of your specific project and produce custom molds.

Different LED neon signs, applications, and structures employ neon lighting of different sizes and require supporting components. All you have to do is simply share your idea or custom needs with us, and the professionals at JASIONLIGHT will assemble everything to make your bespoke LED neon signs and accessories.


Customized Dimensions

The exclusive customization service also gives you the option to choose the thickness, length, and width of your LED neon sign design. JASIONLIGHT believes that every facet of the LED neon sign design is important, that’s why you are offered a wide range of dimension options to accommodate the needs of any LED neon sign applications.

Customized LED Neon Chip Support

JASIONLIGHT does not only offer customized dimensions but also high-quality customized LED neon chips. You will enjoy customized LED neon chip support, which will give you the opportunity to choose some essential features for your LED neon signs. 

For instance, aside from choosing the color and brightness of your LED neon signs, you can also customize the color warmth, temperature, and so on. JASIONLIGHT offers LED neon strips with 1 LED chip per cut, 3 LED chips per cut, and 6 LED chips per cut. The support also enables you to choose your desired brand and type of the LED chips.

Design Your Custom Neon Sign with Unique Options

to Support Your Projects and Wholesale

Custom neon signs can be used in different business settings. Here is an overview of the various unique neon sign options offered by JASIONLIGHT for your business:

Logo Neon Sign

Instead of using the conventional one-dimensional illustration of your company’s logo, turn your company logo into a bold and bright neon sign, which will enhance and promote your brand awareness.

  • $50
Name Neon Sign

In case you don’t have a distinct company logo yet, you can choose to highlight your company’s name with a custom LED neon sign using a specific style or font. This is yet a good strategy to get your business noticed.

  • $70
Quotes Neon Sign

You can add short and simple quotes to your board room, meeting room, or staff lunchroom using neon signs. The quotes, coupled with the amazing design, will be a good source of inspiration for your employees.
Aside from quotes, you may also choose to use a collection of individual words that represent your company’s values.

  • $150
Event Neon Signs

Whether you’re planning a corporate training event, a new product launch, or a conference to network with new business partners or clients, including a custom LED neon sign is a good way to boost morale, interest, and impress clients or buyers.

  • $60
Party Neon Signs

Aside from corporate events, you can also use custom LED neon signs as a fun addition to your company’s party. Adding the neon sign will make the event chic and inviting.

Neon Sign Images

You may not necessarily display your company’s logo, name, or quotes. You can decide to display a specific image, product, or mascot that represents your business and add a personal touch to your office décor.

  • $80
LED Neon Wall Signs

If you want to remind yourself with a motto, an LED neon wall sign is a good choice, it is eye-catching and can decorate your space. Or you can also write the company's values, culture, and other slogans on the wall.

  • $100
Halloween Neon Sign

Customize different trendy Halloween neon signs, to make your holiday more exciting. It glows menacingly with the skull, perfect for lighting up your door. Any unique ideas you have, we can help you realize it.

  • $150
Christmas Neon Signs

You may not necessarily display your company’s logo, name, or quotes. You can decide to display a specific image, product, or mascot that represents your business and add a personal touch to your office décor.

  • $80

Why Choose Jasionlight?

Custom LED neon signs from JASIONLIGHT are the perfect and modern eye-catching way to grab the attention of your audience or customers. JASIONLIGHT offers a wide range of custom LED neon designs, which include bar signs, home signs, office signs, and so on.

Our custom LED neon signs usually come with a clear acrylic backboard, which can be easily and directly mounted onto any surface. Unlike old glass neon designs with fragile glass neon tubes, these custom LED neon signs use a mixture of Acrylic, PVC, or silicone depending on the personalized LED neon sign you want.

Super High-Quality: The professionals at JASIONLIGHT have created over 100,000 custom LED neon signs. We know exactly what goes into creating the perfect custom-design neon LED sign of the highest quality for you.

Fast Delivery: We never delay your delivery without good reason. The professionals at JASIONLIGHT can support your urgent needs and deliver on time. With our one-stop manufacturing process, your orders can be finished within 2-3 days.

Durability: JASIONLIGHT manufactures only highly durable custom LED neon signs. These neon signs have an average lifespan of about 50,000 hours which is about 13 years if you turn on your LED neon sign for 10 hours daily. 

You will also enjoy outdoor waterproof options for added protection against harsh weather conditions.

Expert Consultants: All the experts at JASIONLIGHT have over 5-8 years of experience in custom LED neon sign designing and manufacturing. They also offer great advice to customers on the entire LED neon sign project.

JASIONLIGHT is your professional and leading LED manufacturer and supplier in China. For over a decade, the company has been manufacturing and selling innovative and bespoke neon sign products that can be used for any structure and application. 

Aside from manufacturing and selling LED neon signs, JASIONLIGHT also offers exclusive customization support to customers. If you want custom LED neon signs for your projects, consult the professionals at JASIONLIGHT today.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Custom LED Neon Signs


Nowadays, LED neon signs are not used only by diners or storefronts. They are now a memorable showpiece to any business space. You can use custom LED neon signs as a fun and trendy way to attract an audience and customers or add color to an otherwise plain office wall.

If you’re considering using custom LED neon signs, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide lists out all the common and frequently asked questions related to custom LED neon signs. 

Table of Contents

#1. What Are Custom LED Neon Signs?

Custom LED neon signs are the latest technology in the signage industry. While neon signs are long glass tubes filled with neon gas that glows when electrical current passes through the tubes, custom LED neon signs use small individual light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are closely arranged on a thick acrylic backboard or tube.

Acrylic is a shatter-resistant and lightweight thermoplastic that is very effective at transmitting light. The acrylic backing can be cut into any size and fashioned into any shape that you want.

Your custom LED neon signs are smaller and lighter than the traditional glass neon signs. They consume less power and deliver significantly greater lighting.

Figure 1: A Custom LED Neon Sign

#2. How Are Custom LED Neon Signs Made?

Experienced JASIONLIGHT engineers design LED neon flex circuit diagrams and set the PCB of the right size to create your custom LED neon sign. The QC department will test the LED neon light PCB boards. The company also uses advanced SMT machines with high efficiency, precision, and speeds to maintain the quality of the LED chip patch.

Next, the silicone tubing will be extruded. Before fitting the silicone tubing on the backboard, a design team will visualize your design with advanced 3D design technology to bring your design to life.

Workers will then use an engraving machine to groove the acrylic backplate before setting the LED neon flex strips to reduce waste. They then measure and cut your flex strips by hand and fit them in.

Your custom LED neon signs will be burned for 8 hours to ensure their durability and brightness. Finally, your signs will be packed properly to reduce damage during the delivery process.

Figure 2 - Making Custom LED Neon Sign

#3. Where Can You Get Handmade Custom LED Neon Signs In Bulk?

Though you can get handmade custom LED neon signs in bulk from retail stores, marketplaces, and online retail platforms, it is recommended that you get handmade custom LED neon signs in bulk directly from the manufacturer. 

Aside from the fact that this is more cost-effective, you will enjoy originality and warranty on all the products you purchase. You will enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase handmade custom LED neon signs in bulk from JASIONLIGHT.

Figure 3 - Different Handmade Custom LED Neon Signs

#4. How Are Custom LED Neon Signs Tested For Life?

Custom LED neon signs can be tested for life by using a multimeter to check the voltage on all electrical parts.
You can test the LED neon sign for shorted or broken wires which will lose connection. You should also test your adapter and transformer to ensure they deliver the right voltage.

Figure 4 - Testing Custom LED Neon Signs

#5. Can You Get Your Favorite Color On Custom Bedroom Neon Signs?

Yes, you get your favorite color on custom bedroom neon signs. There are about 23 colors to choose from, which include red, yellow, purple, pink, orange blue, green, neutral white, cool white, warm white, and so on.
Some of these colors are white when the neon sign is turned off but colored when turned on. Others have color jackets over them and show the color, though not as bright when the sign is turned off.

Figure 5 - Different Colors For Custom LED Neon Signs

#6. Is It Possible To Get Your Own Designs On To Custom Wall Neon Signs?

Yes, you can get your custom design of wall neon sign. Unlike glass neon, the custom wall neon signs are flexible and easy to cut, bend, and shape into any design.
With experienced manufacturers like JASIONLIGHT, you can get virtually any shape or style of wall neon signs you might need – stars, circles, rectangles, curves, and even letterings. If you need custom wall neon signs, kindly let us know.

Figure 6 - Different Wall Shapes For Custom LED Neon Signs

#7. Can You Get Colorful Neon Signs For Home?

You can get lots of colorful neon signs for your home from manufacturers such as JASIONLIGHT. Normally, all neon sign colors are white when it’s turned off. However, if you want your neon sign to retain its color even when it's turned off, then you need a jacket for the color.
A good manufacturer can add a “jacket” for these colors:
Lake blue

You can get colorful neon signs for your home when you order from suppliers like JASIONLIGHT.

Custom LED Neon Sign For Home
Figure 7 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Home

#8. Can You Get Customized Wedding Neon Signs?

Yes, you can get customized wedding neon signs from manufacturers like JASIONLIGHT. No matter what you want the neon sign to say, a skilled and experienced manufacturer will create your very own LED neon sign for your wedding. Your custom LED neon signs will be lightweight and portable, making them perfect to form wedding neon signs.

Figure 8 - Marry Me Custom LED Neon Sign
Figure 9 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Wedding

#9. Where Can You Get Custom Party Neon Signs To Hang At Party Venues?

You can get custom party neon signs to hang at party venues from suppliers such as JASIONLIGHT. Suppliers like JASIONLIGHT specialize in custom LED neon signs for party venues. Custom LED neon signs can light up parties and events around the world whether you’re planning a modern- or vintage-styled party!

Figure 10 - Let’s Party Custom Neon Sign

#10. Can You Get Yellow Pumpkin Halloween Neon Signs?

Yes, you can get yellow pumpkin Halloween neon signs. The custom LED neon flex signs can be turned or formed into any shape, including the pumpkin Halloween shape. Just ensure you specify your requirements in your order for the yellow-colored neon sign.

Figure 11 - Yellow Pumpkin Halloween Neon Signs

#11. Where Can You Get Indoor And Outdoor Neon Signs For Restaurants?

You can get both indoor and outdoor neon signs for restaurants from manufacturers such as JASIONLIGHT. Make sure you choose a manufacturer who makes neon signs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They need to have waterproof and UV-resistant options for added protection against harsh weather conditions.

Figure 12 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Restaurant

#12. Are There Eye-Catching Custom Coffee Neon Signs Available?

You can get a wide range of bright, eye-catching, and colorful custom coffee neon signs. These versatile and eye-catching neon signs ensure your coffee business gets the necessary attention.

Figure 13 Eye-Catching Custom Coffee Neon Signs

#13. Do You Get Bar And Beer Neon Signs In Special Shapes?

You can get your bar and beer neon signs in special shapes if you order from a manufacturer who is skilled in custom LED neon signs. You can ask your manufacturer if they can create the designs you want.

Figure 14 - Eye-Catching Custom Bar and Beer Neon Signs
Eye-Catching Custom Bar and Beer Neon Signs
Figure 15 - Eye-Catching Custom Bar and Beer Neon Signs

#14. Can You Print Your Favorite Words On Indoor Neon Signs?

You can print your favorite words on indoor neon signs. 

You will need to find a supplier who specializes in creating neon word signs, personalized name signs, and neon light quotes. Tell them the words and choose the font, color, shape, and size.

Any Word Custom Neon Signs
Figure 16 - Any Word Custom Neon Signs
Figure 17 - Quotes Neon Signs

#15. Is It Possible To Get RGB Colors On Colored Neon Signs?

Yes, you can get RGB colors on colored neon signs. Most manufacturers can handle RGB color-changing neon signs of any shape and style. However, RGB custom neon signs require extra time to be completed.

Figure 18 - RGB LED Neon Sign Spaceman

#16. Where Can You Get Funny Neon Signs?

You can get funny neon signs from a large supplier. If you can’t find the one you want, your supplier can create custom-made neon signs that can be altered to any form and shape.
You can let them know your requirements for funny neon signs, in any fonts and a wide selection of colors.

Funny Custom Neon Signs
Figure 19 - Funny Custom Neon Signs

#17. How Much Do Custom LED Neon Signs Cost?

The cost of custom LED neon signs will depend on your design and specifications. You will need to show your design to your manufacturer who will then quote you a price. JASIONLIGHT provides high-quality custom LED neon signs at a competitive cost.

#18. Where Can You Get Cheap Neon Signs?

You can get cheap neon signs from suppliers such as JASIONLIGHT with custom LED neon signs that are very affordable.
Large suppliers that leverage innovative technology to boost efficiency and quality can provide a low price that not many other suppliers can beat. Large economies of scale also enable them to provide you with a cheap price.

#19. Where Can You Get Custom Neon Signs At Wholesale Prices?

You can only get custom neon signs at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer. To make their profits, retailers would add up some amounts which can increase the price. 

JASIONLIGHT is an example of a led neon sign wholesaler who can provide quantity discounts and wholesale prices.

#20. Can You Get Custom LED Signs For Business?

Yes, you can get custom LED signs for your business. To get your custom LED signs for, contact a supplier with your company name, logo, tagline, or artwork. The supplier will send you a price quote and neon sign mockup for the approval of work to ensure that the neon light design is exactly what you’re looking for.

Figure 20 - Any Word Company Custom Neon Signs

#21. Are There Custom LED Signs For Cars?

Yes, there are custom LED signs for cars so you can advertise your brand on the go in an innovative way. The custom LED signs for cars include programmable car signs, scrolling auto signs and LED message boards.

#22. Can You Get Custom LED Sign Gifts?

Yes, you can get custom LED sign gifts. Simply let your manufacturer know your requirements for your custom-designed LED signs. They can make it lightweight and portable, which makes them perfect for wedding gifts and highly individual gift ideas.

Gift Custom Neon Signs
Figure 21 - Gift Custom Neon Signs

#23. How Can You Use Images And Pictures In Custom LED Signs?

You can provide your images and pictures to your manufacturer. Typically, custom LED signs come with an acrylic backing, which may come clear, in metallic, or a solid color. However, the backboard can also be UV printed with an image or picture.
Your manufacturer can also cut the backboard in any desired shape to fit the UV-printed image or picture.

Figure 22 - UV Printed LED Neon Signs

#24. Are Custom LED Neon Signs Dangerous?

Unlike the traditional glass neon signs that use argon or mercury gas, custom LED neon signs are not dangerous but are environmentally friendly. You will find that they use a low voltage of about 12V with low emission, and are safe to touch as they produce minimal heat.
There is no breakable glass and the acrylic backboards are hard to break.

#25. Is It Safe To Leave Custom LED Neon Signs On?

Yes, leaving your custom LED neon sign on is safe and poses no risk. It doesn’t get hot after long use unlike the traditional glass neon signs. The silicon tube that covers the LEDs can’t shatter and won’t smash open. Custom LED neon signs are safe in any country and where kids are present.
You also have no fear of running an expensive power bill as custom LED neon signs have very low power consumption.

#26. Are Custom LED Neon Signs Shiny Or Dull?

Though custom LED neon signs are shiny, they don’t use as much lumen per watt as the traditional neon signs. As a result, you will find that they are not as bright as the traditional neon signs. Custom LED neon signs will not cut through the fog as well as traditional neon signs.
Custom LED neon signs from JASIONLIGHT also come with dimmer control, which can be used to dim the neon brightness.

#27. How Do You Hang A Custom LED Neon Sign On A Wall?

A custom LED neon sign is lightweight, which makes it possible to hang in the air. The sturdy acrylic backing makes it possible to hang the custom LED neon sign on a wall.
To easily hang your LED neon sign on a wall, you can get a sign hanging kit or wall mounting kit.


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