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Expert Custom Neon Wall Signs Supplier in China

Jasionlight, the pioneer of high-end neon signs manufacturer and supplier, was founded in 2003. It is one of the most renowned neon signs manufacturers in China. It has gained many national and international awards for its high-quality neon signs and customer support.

Skilled workers with exquisite workmanship, experienced designers, members of the research department, and technicians work together to manufacture high-end products.

The QC department ensures an extra layer of quality of our neon signs from collecting raw materials to packaging.

Versatile Neon Wall Signs with Our Design Team

Custom Neon Wall Signs require a wide range of customization services to make them personalized with your choices. Businesses, food shops, bars, and other restaurants require unique designs of their logo, tag line, slogans.

The design team of 5 people, experienced in the advertising and decoration industries, access the feasibility of the projects. Then they optimize and sublimate the best custom neon wall signs according to your requirements.

Versatile Neon Walls Signs with High Quality

Jasionlight offers a great number of customization services so that you can get what you want. You can choose the font color, font size, background designs, graphics, the size of the cable, the size of the light, and the size of the background.

Meet our design team if you hesitate to choose the right custom neon wall signs. They will offer a great number of choices with 3D visualization to facilitate your decision.

One-stop Manufacturing Process for Flawless Products

Jasionlight inspects all incoming raw materials with 3 layered quality control systems. The 15 members of the QC department ensure quality strictly in every step of the production process. Let’s see how Jasionlight manufacturers high-end custom neon wall signs.

PCB Design

According to the customers’ designs and requirements, electronic engineers design the right size LED neon flex circuit diagrams. 

PCB Testing

The QC department checks the flaw of all incoming LED neon lights PCB boards with the test fixture. The only qualified boards are forwarded to the next production process. 


With its advanced surface mounted technology, Jasionlight manufactures completely transformed neon signs. Our most advanced technologies make our neon signs 3x efficient and 2x durable compared to our competitors. 

Silicone Extrusion Process

Our certified skilled workers operate the silicone extruder machine to accomplish the silicone extrusion process. So, the accuracy rate of extrusion is 100 percent accurate and you get high-efficient neon wall signs. 

Make Renderings

Before fitting the LED neon strip on the backboard, our expert designers will make an effect drawing with 3D machines. They check the accuracy of the design of custom neon wall signs. 

Grooving The Backboard

According to the design of custom neon wall signs, skilled workers groove the acrylic backboard with a laser engraving machine. Grooving the backboard facilitates the assembly of LED neon strips. 

Handmade LED Neon Sign

Certified technicians with exquisite workmanship cut the neon flex strip according to the design and set them on the backboards. Then, the technicians connect all neon flex strips with fitting accessories. 

LED Neon Sign Aging Test

To ensure the accuracy of production and assembling of neon signs, Jsionlight checks the lighting and aging. We will continue burning neon wall signs for 8 hours to ensure the stable operation of the LED neon sign and brightness.

Neon Signs Package

Jasionlight’s packaging expert team takes extra care of neon signs’ sensitivity and fragility features. We use thicker carton packaging for small signs and wooden boxes for large ones.

All Styles of Custom Neon Wall Signs

to Support Your Project and Business

Decorate your wall with different kinds of custom neon signs. Custom neon wall signs create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere in your home, businesses, shops, restaurants. Jasionlight supports your projects and businesses with unique designs at affordable prices. 

Indoor Wall Sign

Create a vibrant atmosphere in the indoor of your home and businesses with different indoor wall signs. Choose your design, color, sizes, and other customization services according to your requirements. 

Pink Neon Wall Sign

Pink neon is perfect for wall art and home decor to create a fun and lovely ambiance. Add something special to any event to make your life colorful and enjoyable. 

Rainbow Neon Wall Light

Who doesn’t love rainbow neon wall lights? Our rainbow neon wall light will provide accurate stable colors. Attach these neon lights on the wall with a hanging hook. Create a fun and lively ambiance in your living room, kid’s room, and bedroom. 

Palm Tree Neon Wall Sign

You can run palm tree neon wall signs by USB, power bank, batteries. It is suitable for any walls of homes, stores, pubs, the bar at home, and restaurants to create a natural environment. 

Neon Sign Above Bed

Set your favorite neon signs above your bed to create a recreational environment. Choose a number of colors, styles, and sizes that fit on the wall of your bedroom. 

Neon Heart Wall Light

Surprise your loving ones with colorful neon heart wall signs. You can also add your name or favorite words with neon heart wall light. It is suitable for bedroom, at-home bar, and recreational space. 

Yoga Neon Sign

Inspire yourself by watching Yoga neon signs every day. Set in your bedroom’s wall so that you can see the inspiring colors of Yoga neon signs.

Neon Cocktail Wall Sign

Make a vivid and vibrant atmosphere by turning cocktail neon signs with a combination of bright blue lights and yellow lights. The large accurate shape of Neon cocktail wall signs provides a stylish and dynamic atmosphere. 

Neon Flamingo Wall Light

Our low voltage and energy saving neon signs support all kinds of projects and businesses. Decorate your wall at birthday parties, valentine’s Day with Neon Flamingo wall lights. You can also give it as a gift to your family members, lovers, and kids.

Why Jasionlight for Custom Neon Wall Signs

Jasionlight exports its neon signs in more than 50 countries for 17 years. Our neon wall signs are high-efficient and durable. Project planners and retailers become relaxed after confirming the designs of their neon signs. Our expert team members take every order seriously and deliver high-efficient neon wall signs on time. 

All raw materials of neon signs are high-efficient and eco-friendly. Jasionlight is certified with UL, CE, Rohs, IP & IK grade test reports that ensure the quality of all raw materials and finished neon signs. 

Our expert design team members have come from the advertising and decoration industries. The designers assess the feasibility of the project according to the customer’s requirements and optimize and sublimate it according to experience. They will provide the best products combining the wall space, wall size, color, and purpose of using wall signs. 

The advanced SMT production lines, reflow lines, silicone extrusion lines, laser engraving machines make every product efficient and durable. Jasionlight offers various selection options such as colors of silicone, silicone size, LED light colors, and substrates to meet your requirements. 

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Custom Neon Wall Signs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching for something by which you can decorate your parties in unique ways?

If yes, then custom neon wall signs are the best option. They are very popular for their aesthetic designs and high brightness. The wholesalers and retailers can sell their products most of the months of the year due to excessive demand.

This article will help you to find a reliable manufacturer whether you are a reseller or a consumer.  

Table of Contents

1. Where Can You Set Custom Neon Wall Signs? / What Are the Applications of Custom Neon Wall Signs?

Who doesn’t want to decorate his places with his designs and styles? Custom neon wall signs allow you to decorate your wall with your own words, colors, styles, and sizes. Besides home decoration, custom neon wall signs are used for the following decoration purposes.

  • Valentines’ Day
  • Decoration for Christmas
  • Christmas gifts to families, lovers, girlfriends, girls, and kids. 
  • Celebration of New Year. 
  • Birthday parties for kids. 
  • Performance, Wedding, and Special Occasions. 
  • Bachelorette party
  • Bridal banquet. 
  • Outdoor building decoration. 

Actually, you can mount or set custom neon LED wall signs on any wall.


2. Why Are Custom Neon Wall Signs Very Popular? ( The benefits of Custom Neon signs)

Custom neon wall signs are very popular for their unique features. You can create a customized lighting environment in your home decoration. Let’s see why custom neon signs are very popular. 

Personalized Lighting Environment

How will you feel if you get custom neon wall signs of your own name? That’s a great idea. You can change anyone’s mode by giving a gift of custom neon wall signs. You can order with your signs, words, styles.

Safe for Us

There are many lighting available in the market by which you can decorate your home or any parties. But are all of them safe? No. Most of them create heat and hinder sleep well. Using custom neon LED wall signs, you can not only decorate your bedroom but also create a sleepy environment. They don’t release harmful rays from the lighting source. 

Easy Installation

Traditional custom neon wall signs are made of glass and neon gas. So, you would require a special technician to mount on the wall. Traditional neon wall signs are very fragile and break even a soft stroke at the time of cleaning. 

Custom neon wall signs are made of a special type of silicon and LED chips. Manufacturers of this light produce them efficiently. To get lights from these signs, you just need to plug-in and turn the switch on. You can also remove them if you want to resurface your wall or want to change the location of the custom neon wall signs. 


Custom neon wall signs have versatile usage. You can decorate your home or business to create an amazing environment. The restaurant and bar owners decorate their interior and exterior with their own designs. People give custom neon wall signs to their loved one to stay remembered in the mind. Kids love to have their rooms decorated with custom neon wall signs at their birthday parties.

Huge Demand

Custom neon wall signs have huge demand. Most of the restaurant and bar owners want to decorate their businesses with unique designs and lights. They sometimes set special offerings on the outside walls to attract customers and notify them about special offers. So, the wholesalers and retailers of custom neon LED wall signs can make huge profits all year.

3. What Colors Are Suitable for Home Decorations? / What Colors Are Available at The Time of Choosing Custom Neon Wall Signs?

With RGB features, the manufacturers can create any color in the custom neon wall signs. There has no universal color for custom neon wall signs. The right color depends on the users’ choice, design, and color of the wall. First of all, you need to fix the color of the wall and then choose the right color for custom neon wall signs.


Pink, aqua, white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, and warm white are some of the most popular colors. If you are hesitant to choose the right color for your custom neon signs for the wall, ask for recommendations from your manufacturers. Their experts will suggest you based on your design, and color of the wall. 

4. Which Customization Services Are Available In Custom Neon Wall Signs?

You obviously love to have your own name or special signs on the wall(known as custom neon name signs). So, some neon signs manufacturers like Jasionlight offers a number of customization services to its customers. You can customize the following features before ordering custom neon led signs for your wall. 

  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Background designs
  • Light size
  • Size of the backboard
  • Graphic
  • The size of the cable
  • The color of the cable
  • The size of the light

There are some popular custom wall neon signs in the market. You can choose one of them or you can order your own design. For your convenience, here are some popular custom neon wall signs examples. 

  • Treat Yourself
  • “Oh Baby”
  • Marry Me
  • Coffee
  • Behave Yourself
  • Love Yourself
  • Stay Wild
  • Be Happy
  • Play hard, Work Hard
  • Shine Bright
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Let’s Stay at Home
  • Hit Your Comfort Zone To Win

5. How To Find the Best Manufacturers of Custom Wall Neon Signs in China?

China has become the world’s most attractive source of any products. China has the most advanced technologies and efficient human resources. So, they can produce high-quality products in cost-efficient ways. 

Wholesalers and retailers of custom neon wall signs from all over the world import custom neon wall signs from China. But finding a reliable neon signs manufacturer is very hard but not impossible. You can find a suitable manufacturer by observing the following factors.

Experience In Lighting Industry

The first and foremost thing that you must consider about the neon wall sign  manufacturer is experience. Only experienced lighting manufacturers can produce high-quality neon wall signs. You can check the foundation date and core products of the manufacturer to know about the experience. 

The foundation date of the Jasionlight is 2003. And their core lighting products are custom neon signs, custom outdoor neon signs, custom neon wall signs. Jasionlight provides intelligent lighting solutions for any lighting project. You will get almost all kinds of LED lights from them. 

Sourcing of Raw Materials

Like other products, raw materials are the most important factors to produce high-quality neon wall signs. You should ask about the quality of the silicone and the type of LED chips used in producing custom neon wall signs. 

There are different types of LED chips used in neon signs. Surface-mounted device ( SMD) LED chips are the most popular and durable chips. They consume about 75 percent less energy than other traditional DIP LED chips. They can create up to 16 million colors. Custom neon wall signs with surface mounted LED chips to last about 50,000 hours.

Silicon is another major raw material that you should check before choosing a reliable neon sign manufacturer. High-quality silicone has the following features. 

  • You will not get any smell from high-quality silicone. 
  • The high-quality silicone is more transparent than PVC. 
  • They have Rosh environmental reports. 
  • You can easily bend them and will not break or create dents on the light. 
  • They will be more durable.

Quality Commitment

All neon signs manufacturers provide a quality commitment to its customers. The R&D department and competent engineers can ensure quality. Jasionlight has an advanced R&D department with numerous engineers. They have invented advanced LED chips for their LED lights. Their Quality Control department ensures the quality of every final product.

The availability of the Customization Services

In the case of custom neon wall signs, you require a number of customization services. The wholesalers and retailers sometimes can’t sell their products for the lack of customization. Customers want custom neon wall signs that match the color of the walls. A renowned manufacturer can offer the following customization services. 

  • The language of the signs
  • Font styles 
  • Font Size of the wall neon signs. 
  • Size of the lights
  • Graphic
  • The shape of the backboard. 
  • The color of the backboard. 
  • The size of the cable. 
  • Cutting size
  • The color of the cable.

Customer Support System

You may need support at any time of your buying journey. After-sale-service is one of the most important signs of reliable manufacturers. You may face lots of trouble at the time of purchasing, installing, and maintenance of the custom neon wall signs. So, check the availability of the customer support system of the manufacturers.

Community Feedback

You can find the reliable custom neon wall signs manufacturer by checking the community feedback. You can check the Google My Business page of your manufacturers. The customers’ reactions can be found on the social pages and local business listing pages.

6. What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Custom Neon Wall Signs?

Custom neon wall signs are different from other types of neon signs. They require a brunch of customizations at the time of manufacturing. Most of the wholesalers and retailers primarily focus on the price. But, you should not only focus on price to get the high-quality custom neon wall signs. Whether you are the end-users or resellers, you must focus on the following factors at the time of choosing custom wall LED neon signs.

Quality of the Wall Neon Signs

No project planners sacrifice the quality of custom wall signs. But, it is not easy to find quality products without researching the market and products. Never depend on the industry influencers to take decisions. You should focus on the raw materials and manufacturing process to find the best custom neon wall signs.


Brightness is the core indicator of the high-quality custom neon wall signs. The right brightness will create an amusing environment in the indoor and outdoor wall decoration. The advanced light decay feature of LED chips ensures the consistent brightness of the neon signs. The surface-mounted device ( SMD) chips are the most advanced chips that produce consistent high brightness.


Some custom neon wall signs have only electric plug-in systems and so they can’t illuminate the decoration areas in the absence of electricity. Having a battery system in the neon wall signs allow you to illuminate 24/7. 

Having the hole in the custom neon wall signs is another important factor that you should consider at the time of choosing the best neon wall signs. You can hang them anywhere you want if they have this feature.


You also should focus on the durability at the time of choosing custom neon wall signs. The durable neon wall signs lessen the hassles of replacing the damaged neon wall signs. The project planners and advertising companies can reduce the operating cost by installing durable custom neon wall signs. 

The average lifespan of the custom neon wall signs is about 40,000-50,000 hours. Jasionlight uses the most advanced LED chips and high-quality silicone to produce custom LED wall signs. You can use them for more than 12 years even if you run them 12 hours per day. 


A warranty makes you confident to use a product without being worried. Most of the renowned manufacturers provide certain years of warranty for their products and services. Warranty provides the security of your investment and lessens the loss of your business. The wholesalers and retailers can easily replace their warranted products. 

Jasionlight is the pioneer in the neon lighting industry in China. Their internal R&D department ensures the use of the most advanced technologies and raw materials. This company provides 2 years replacement warranty and 1 year free spare parts maintenance services to its customers.

7. How To Set Custom Wall Neon Signs on the Wall?

You can set small custom wall neon signs on the wall easily. But, you must be careful at the time of setting large custom neon wall signs. Some custom neon wall signs come with holes on the lights. If you don’t find a hole on the signs, you need to mount the custom neon wall signs carefully. Let’s see the step by step process of installing custom neon wall signs on the wall. 

  1. First of all, select the place on the wall where you want to set the neon wall signs. 
  2. Mark on the wall using a pencil through the holes of the neon wall signs. 
  3. Using a drill machine, drill all the holes and put in rawl plugs. 
  4. Unscrew the top part & thread using the fixings provided. 
  5. Now, screw in the small screw tightly using any screwdriver. 
  6. After setting all the fixings, sandwich the sign between the 2 parts of the fixing. 
  7. Now screw all of them tightly in such a way so that your neon wall signs become away from the wall.

8. What is the expected life-span of Custom Wall Neon Signs?

The expected life-span of custom neon wall signs depends on the LED chips and manufacturing process. Custom neon LED wall signs are very durable and last for more than 50,000 hours.

9. Will You Get Mounting Hardware With Custom Neon Wall Signs?

Mounting hardware will allow you to mount the custom neon wall signs easily on the wall. But, all manufacturers don’t provide mounting hardware with custom neon wall signs. Then, you need to purchase mounting hardware separately. There has no universal size of mounting hardware and so it is sometimes difficult to find compatible mounting hardware. 

Some manufacturers exclude mounting hardware from custom neon LED wall signs to reduce the cost. Experts recommend purchasing custom neon wall signs with mounting hardware to keep your signs safe and long-lasting. 

You will be happy to know that Jasionlight values your business and cares about your business profit. They allow you to order even one custom neon wall sign. It is good for end-users to have the facility of getting a single product. But, If you are a wholesaler or retailer, you should not order a few products. You can save importing and packaging costs by ordering bulk products at a time.

10. Can You Move These Neon Signs in Different Parts of the Home?

Manufacturers of custom neon wall signs produce different kinds of products. Some custom neon wall signs have hanging options and others require permanent mounting on the wall. If you have hanging options in the custom neon wall signs, you can easily move them wherever you want. 

Sometimes we want to decorate our home with wall neon signs in different places. Having hanging options will allow you to move custom neon wall signs to decorate our birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, and other decoration purposes.

11. Can You Run Custom Neon Wall Signs With Batteries?

Most of the custom neon wall signs have a direct electric plug-in system. A few high-end custom neon signs manufacturers keep both battery systems and electrical systems on the neon signs. Jasionlight produces custom neon wall signs with the feature of a battery-powered system. So, you can illuminate your decoration even if electricity becomes unavailable.

12. Do Custom Neon Wall Signs Have the Risk of Getting Hot?

Custom neon LED wall signs are better than traditional neon wall signs. LED-wall signs are very efficient and so produce less heat. The high-quality surface mounted device (SMD) chips produce a minimum amount of heat. But, you will not feel the heat of the light because the high-quality silicone is used to manufacture custom neon wall signs. 

Why Jasionlight

Jasionlight is the most renowned neon signs company in China. It has been producing neon signs for more than 17 years and exporting in almost all countries. For their high-end durable products, they have gained some national and international awards. So, you can purchase custom neon wall signs from them without any hesitation.

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