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Let Your Business Shine with JASIONLIGHT Custom LED Signs

JASIONLIGHT, a professional sign company in China, specializes in making custom LED signs of all types. Our custom LED signs are reliable and durable as they are made from the best quality materials and backed by a warranty.

When it comes to sizes and shapes, there are no limitations to custom LED signs we can help you handle. We can also build the LED signs that you can use as either interior signs or exterior signs.

Eye-Catching, Long-Lasting, and Versatile Custom LED Signs


Our custom LED signs can make your business stand out on a busy street or event. You can also use them to run promotions, specials, sales, or display any piece of information.

These custom LED signs offer great visibility in the dark, making them very effective for marketing. Their brightly-lit colors make them the perfect way to make your business stand out.

Custom LED Sign Solutions for Businesses in China

With over 15 years of experience in the custom LED industry, JASIONLIGHT has a team of licensed professionals who have experience with manufacturing and supplying custom LED signs of all sizes, types, and shapes across China.

At JASIONLIGHT, we understand that not all businesses have the same budget, audience, or goal. As a result, we’re committed to helping you choose the right custom LED signs for your specific requirements. We always strive to exceed your expectations and ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Are you ready to start attracting new customers and business partners with bright and attractive custom LED signs? Then reach out to JASIONLIGHT to get started. You will get the perfect LED signs for your business.

Give us a call or send us an email today to learn more about our professional custom LED signs in China and sign up for your free no-obligation estimate!

Enter The World of Custom LED Signs and Enhance Your Brand Image

Custom LED signs are the perfect outreach that your business needs. You will receive a massive return from your investment in LED signs. Here are some major functions of custom LED signs:

Increased turnover

In the world of marketing, clear call-to-actions (CTAs) is a great way you can increase your turnover. Showing up your CTAs and countdown discounts on scrolling LED signs will do more wonders.

Brand awareness

LED signs are great for brand awareness. The content you formed with your custom LED sign can be geared towards building a business brand and encouraging customers to have a better experience and opinion with your brand.


Aside from using custom LED signs to advertise your product/service/brand, you can also sell or rent part of your custom LED sign to third parties to advertise their products in return for a price for additional income.

food neon sign
Engage and entertain visitors

You can use LED signs to engage or entertain your visitors or customers while they wait in the reception. Providing your waiting customers with entertaining and engaging content will not only make them feel better but will also make the wait feel shorter.

Internal communication

Using indoor LED signs in your office, organization, or business environment can help improve performance and communications when you use it to host quotes and content that boosts morale and improve productivity.

Public announcements

Finally, you can use custom LED signs for public announcements as seen in airports, railway stations, and so on. LED signs are a great way to broadcast time-sensitive information in ways that cannot be ignored by the public.

We’re Your Expert Custom LED Signs Maker

Always here to support you.

JASIONLIGHT offers a wide range of custom LED sign options. Here are some of the custom LED sign options available at JASIONLIGHT for your business needs:


LED Neon Signs

Nowadays, LED neon signs have replaced the traditional neon signs because they offer similar fluorescent and colorful light characteristics but are more durable, consume less power, and require less maintenance.

LED neon signs can be seen at bars, restaurants, grocery stores, events, wall, and companies.

  • $80

Halo lit Signs

These are also known as back-lit channel letter signs and are one of the most popular lighted sign designs today. They are bold and prominent letter signs illuminated from the back or with added internal lighting. 

Halo-lit channel letter signs are individual letters put together to spell out a word or sentence. These letters are usually made of metal, which can also be molded into specific shapes or forms to create your logo or an image.

Sometimes, this type of LED sign can be programmed to change the colors or effects of the sign.

  • $100

Neon Lightbox

This type of LED sign is made of a translucent panel, usually acrylic, made in the form of a box. LEDs are arranged in the box that transmits light through a translucent panel. 

The acrylic panel can be customized with your company name, brand logo, telephone number, address, or any other vital information. Lightbox signs come in different sizes and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. They are popular for gas stations, bars, schools, retail storefronts, and church signs.

  • $150

LED Pylon Sign

LED pylon signs are very similar to the lightbox signs just that while lightboxes are fixed on the wall, pylon signs are mounted on poles. Hence, they are also called pole signs. Pylon signs can either be one-sided or two-sided freestanding structures supported by one or two poles. 

Most times, pylon signs are large enough to contain panels of multiple businesses.

  • $150

Miller Lite Neon Sign

Miller Lite neon signs are suitable for bars, pubs and clubs. Having a Miller Lite LED neon sign is energy-efficient yet vibrant enough to create the right atmosphere for your venue.

  • $50

Advertising LED Neon signs

You can get custom LED neon sign designs outside your store to advertise your business. JASIONLIGHT outdoor advertising LED neon signs are high quality and durable.

  • $40

LED Business Signs

LED signs such as LED lightbox and LED neon signs are very popular among businesses. They can be used for interior decoration and to design the outside of the shop.

  • $50

In addition to LED signs, you can add JASIONLIGHT’s LED strip lights to improve the design of your shop locations and complement your custom LED signs.

  • $20

Neon Background

You can customize a large scale background design with LED neon lights to truly show off your brand and capture the attention of your customers. JASIONLIGHT can help you bring your ideas to life.

  • $100

Why Choose Jasionlight as Your Partner in China?

If you are looking for custom LED signs or wholesale neon sign in China, we will be happy to become your local custom signs partner. We can handle all types of custom LED signs, such as outdoor signs, indoor signs, vehicle graphics, event signs, trade show signs, and so on.

Our expert engineers can easily form or shape custom LED signs to almost any message or sign you want – maybe a bold text headline or a static image form.

To ensure you receive the best quality custom LED sign you deserve, we always provide:

  • Product Variety: You can get everything from custom LED signs to custom LED neon signs and classic neon signs with the glass tubing. We provide several types of custom LED signs at affordable rates to suit your business.
  • Efficient Service: Our professional engineers are well-experienced and can easily handle all necessary components for LED sign installation, restoration, and repair with excellent services.
  • Warranty Coverage: All our custom LED signs in China come with a one-year warranty and optional ongoing maintenance.
  • Professional Staff: We make use of only OSHA-certified, LEED-accredited, licensed, and insured custom LED sign designers, installers, and repair technicians.
  • Turnkey/Complete Solutions: We offer complete LED sign solutions. With us, you don’t have to find different electricians for LED signs, neon signs, or other electrical work.

If any of the custom LED sign options mentioned above sounds like the right choice for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your option. If you want to add a professional touch to your business exterior or attract more customers, start today with the custom LED signs from JASIONLIGHT.

The experts at JASIONLIGHT can handle all steps of your custom LED sign, from project design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance and you will get various customized options for indoor and outdoor LED signs.

Do you want to explore our custom LED signs, receive a no-obligation quote, or schedule a free consultation with our professionals? Call us now or fill out our online form.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Custom LED Signs


Custom LED signs can be an excellent way to add a professional touch to your business exterior or attract more customers to your business. Hence, a custom LED sign is one of the smartest investments any business can make.

However, before you finally decide on purchasing a custom LED sign, there are some facts you need to know to make an informed decision. This ultimate FAQ guide lists out all the common questions you may want to ask to get facts as well as frequently asked questions related to custom LED signs.

Table of Contents

Figure 1: A Custom LED Sign

1. What Does LED Stand For?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Compared to the conventional light bulb, a LED is brighter, more efficient, and has a longer lifespan. It also consumes far less energy and generates less heat.

SMD5050 led chips
Figure 2: SM5050 LED Chips

2. What Are LED Signs?

In the signage industry, LED signs are electric signs lit by numerous colored or white LEDs. LED signs consist of many small individual LEDs packed closely together to form a digital poster.

LED signs operate based on the RGB combination. Each LED emits three colors – red, green, and blue – which are lit up together as needed to form a range of colors. The formed colors combine to create a letter or an image, which you can animate or customize based on your requirement.

Figure 3: LED Sign

3. What Does RGB Mean?

RGB means Red, Green, and Blue. These are the three basic colors that the human eye can identify. With the combinations of these three colors, many other colors can be produced according to your needs.

Figure 4 5050 rgb chip
Figure 4: 5050 RGB Chip

4. What Are LED Signs Made Of?

Most LED signs are made of high-quality acrylic sheets, which are more durable and lighter than glass. The latest laser technology is used to engrave onto the sheet or cut the sheet into the desired letterings.

5. Are There Battery-Operated Custom LED Signs?

You will find that custom LED signs don’t consume lots of electricity. They consume at most 12V of electricity. Most custom LED signs work either with a 12V transformer or a 12V DC adaptor. 

Hence, they can also be operated by a 12V battery although the manufacturer must have modified the electronic panel to work directly with a battery source. This is common with car-mounted custom LED signs. Nevertheless, it is not recommended that you modify the electronic parts of a LED sign. 

6. What Is The Difference Between LED Signs And LED TVs?

There is a big difference between LED signs and LED TVs. LED TVs are just ordinary LCD TVs that are backlit with LEDs rather than with fluorescent tubes. Hence, a more appropriate name for the “LED TVs” should be LED-backlit TVs. 

LED signs, on the other hand, are made up of several individual LEDs that light up in sequence to form a sign or an image.

Figure 5: LCD vs LED

7. Can You Replace The LEDs In Your Custom LED Sign?

You can replace the LEDs in your custom LED sign if they stop working. However, you should contact a professional to install the replacement LEDs in your custom LED sign.

8. What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Custom LED Sign?

The first thing to consider before purchasing a LED sign is the quality of the product. The quality of a LED sign can be determined through the pixel, pitch, matrix, LED viewing angle, and LED brightness.

Aside from the quality of the product, you also need to consider the quality of services provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the LED sign. The manufacturer’s reputation and the warranty period are other important considerations.

A good neon sign manufacturer will also deliver their products on time and ensure that the products you receive are tested and have undergone quality control.

9. How Long Can A Custom LED Sign Last?

How long a custom LED sign can last depends on its quality. On average, a high-quality LED sign should be able to last for about 10 years. The average lifespan of a custom LED sign is determined by its brightness. 

When the brightness of the LED sign reduces by 50%, then its usability ends. You would have to start considering LED replacement.

10. Are LED Signs Expensive To Run?

One of the biggest advantages of custom LED signs is their low investment cost and low operating cost. You will find that custom LED signs are not expensive to run compared to the traditional neon signs. 

While the old neon signs are expensive and inefficient to run, a high-quality LED sign will consume only a fraction. A recent study showed that running a LED sign 24 hours every day for a year costs only about $20 to $30 per month – although this amount may vary based on the size of the LED sign.

11. What Do You Need To Tell Your Custom LED Sign Manufacturer?

Let your custom LED sign manufacturer know if you have any specific wattage rating. Otherwise, your manufacturer will likely choose the best wattage to meet your needs. You will also need to let them know any custom lumen output specifications which are linked to your wattage needs.

If you intend to have motion sensors or dimming features installed in your custom LED signs, you will need to inform your manufacturer. Finally, any custom LED signs that you intend to use for emergency purposes have different specifications from typical custom LED signs made for commercial use. You must let your manufacturer know the purpose of the signs so that they can apply the appropriate specifications.

logo neon sign
Figure 6: LED Sign

12. How Are Custom LED Neon Signs Made?

Custom LED signs are usually made with LED neon flex lights, a backboard, and power supply and cables that will light up your custom LED neon sign.

Typically you will need to make sure that your manufacturer uses LED neon flex lights that are durable, waterproof, have high energy efficiency and bright and even lighting throughout the neon strip. Your manufacturer will usually use RGB or RGBW neon flex lights to use for your custom LED neon sign.

You will then need to mount your LED neon flex lights onto a backboard that is usually made out of PVC or acrylic. A manufacturer will either carve your design into the backboard for you and mount your LED neon flex lights, or sketch them on the surface.

Lastly, holes will be drilled so you can put in your electrical wiring to light up your LED neon lights on your custom LED neon sign. Your manufacturer will carefully place your LED neon flex lights according to the shape you want and attach wiring to connect them to the power source.

Figure 7 Custom Made LED Neon Sign

13. What Is SMD Used In Custom LED Signs?

SMD is a Surface Mounted Diode that is soldered flat against a circuit board. Standard LED lights are usually held in place using wire leads.

SMDs are smaller and can produce a better beam angle. It also does not require as much wiring and diffusers compared to the typical LED lights.

The SMD contains all three RGB colors within a single bulb. This is unlike other LED lights that use three different bulbs to make up a single pixel on the custom LED sign. 

14. How Do You Determine The Brightness Of Your Custom LED Sign?

There are higher quality LEDs and lower quality LEDs. Lower quality LEDs will have less brightness and may be hard to notice on bright days. The brightness of a LED sign is measured in “nits.” 

The higher the nits of a LED sign, the higher the brightness of the LED sign. Hence, you can determine the brightness of your custom LED sign by checking the number of nits it has.

15. What Is The Required Brightness Level For A Custom LED Sign?

This depends on whether your custom LED sign is for indoor use or outdoor use. LED signs for outdoor use require more brightness levels than LED signs for indoor use. The level of brightness is measured in nits. 

The sun has a brightness level of about 6500 nits. For your custom LED sign to perform well outdoor and be visible even in the brightest of natural daylights, it must have a brightness level of at least twice that of the sun.

Figure 8: LED Sign Brightness Level

16. Do LED Signs Contain Toxic Chemicals?

Unlike neon signs, LED signs do not contain any toxic chemicals and are not harmful.

17. Why Should You Choose LED Signs Over Neon Signs?

There are many benefits that LED signs have over Neon signs. Here are a few of them:

  • Reduction in energy bill
  • Less heat
  • Safe and not hazardous
  • Environmental friendly and highly recyclable
  • Durable

18. Are LED Signs Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, LED signs are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional neon signs. They use a low voltage of about 12V with low emission, are safe to touch as they produce minimal heat.

19. Are LED Signs High Voltage?

No, LED signs are not high voltage. Most LED signs use 12V electrical power. And are fitted with either a 12V step-down transformer or a 12V adapter so there is no risk of electrocution. 

However, if you intend to mount the LED sign in a public area, it is recommended to have a clear cover in front of it.

20. Will Your Custom LED Sign Get Hot?

Your custom LED sign will not get hot. Though it may get slightly warm, it won’t get so hot that it would burn you. If you notice that your custom LED sign is getting unnecessarily hot, it is possible there is an error in the connection.

21. Do Custom LED Signs Emit A 360° Light?

No, custom LED signs do not emit a 360° light. Depending on the type of LED sign design you opt-in for, the LED light may be attached to a metal lettering, image, or form in a PVC tube, or attached to an acrylic backboard. 

Whichever form you choose, LED signs are only lit at the front, sometimes at the back depending on the style, and rarely at the sides.

Figure 9: No 360° Light

22. How Many Colors Are Available To Choose From For Custom LED Signs?

There is a wide range of colors to choose from, which include red, yellow, purple, pink, orange blue, green, neutral white, cool white, warm white, and so on. 

All the colors that can be achieved from a custom LED sign are based on the RGB combination.

23. Can You Use LED Signs During The Day?

Yes, you can use LED signs during the day though this depends on the brightness of the LED sign and the type of LED sign you are using. 

If the brightness of the LED sign is so high that your audience would easily and clearly see the glow during the day, then there is no problem using the LED signs during the day.

The brightness won’t be as vivid as it would be during the night. The beauty is when your LED sign still gets marketing visibility during the day. LED neon signs are most effective when used at night.

24. Can You Use LEDs With Your Custom Neon Sign?

Yes, you can use LEDs with your custom neon sign. You can use both the tube neon and LED light or backlit the neon signs panels with LEDs. Better still, you can use the custom LED neon sign.

25. Why Choose A Custom LED Sign Over Another Form Of Signage?

LED signs are more colorful and catchy than most other forms of signage. As a result, people are more likely to read a LED sign than other forms of signage. 

LED signs also have a vibrant color that helps them to stand out compared to other signs, even in the daytime. They are most commonly used as business signs and store signs as a form of advertising and marketing.

Figure 10: LED Signs Are Colorful

26. What Is The Difference Between An Indoor And An Outdoor LED Sign?

Indoor LED signs are usually not weather-resistant and not resistant to vandalism. They only need to have low or medium brightness. Outdoor LED signs, on the other hand, have to be at least 6 times brighter than an indoor LED sign to be seen vividly in sunlight. 

Outdoor signs are also typically much larger compared to an indoor LED sign. An indoor LED sign is typically used for decoration.

Outdoor LED signs must also be environmentally tough to withstand the elemental forces and harsh weather conditions. Generally, outdoor LED signs are also more expensive than indoor LED signs.

Figure 11: Outdoor LED Sign
Figure 12: Indoor LED sign

27. What Is Cabinet Type?

The cabinet type is the frame of the custom LED sign. It is usually aluminum for indoor custom LED signs and sturdy steel for outdoor signs.

28. Can You Service Your Custom LED Sign?

Yes, you can service your custom LED sign. Servicing involves regular cleaning and maintenance. Indoor LED signs only require servicing every three years as long as they are in a safe place. Outdoor LED signs should be serviced every year to ensure maximum longevity.

Note that the servicing is a simple process but should be conducted by a competent professional. If you purchase your custom LED signs from the manufacturer, you may enjoy free maintenance and a warranty of up to 5 years.

29. How Do You Know What Type Of LED Sign You Need?

If you don’t know the type of LED sign that suits your business, you can consult a professional to help you find the right LED sign that meets your business requirements. Some of the things that you need to consider while choosing a LED sign for your business are:

  • Whether the LED sign would be used for indoor or outdoor purpose
  • Your target audience
  • The size/aspect ratio of the LED sign
  • The viewing distance and pitch size
  • The pixel type – DIP or SMD
  • LED component grade
  • Service and maintenance access
  • Engineering/council requirements and regulations

30. What LED Sign Is Best For Your Business?

This answer to this question is subjective as there is no one-size-fits-all LED sign. To determine what kind of LED sign will best suit your business, there are a few questions you’ll need to answer:

  • What is the goal of your LED sign?
  • Where will you place the LED sign?
  • For how long will your audience have to view your LED sign?
  • What message would your LED sign display – static, scrolling, and so on?
  • What type of content will your LED sign display – text, shape, or image?

Figuring out the exact goal you want to achieve with your LED sign and who your target audience is will largely answer what LED sign is best for your business. You can also consult a LED sign professional, who will ask you all the right questions and recommend to you the best LED sign for your business.

31. How Will A LED Sign Help Your Business?

A LED sign can help your business in many ways. According to the Small Business Administration, advertising your business with a LED sign can result in between a 15% to 150% increase in sales. Basically, your LED sign will:

  • Attract new customers to your business
  • Set your business apart from its competitors
  • Drive conversions and sales

32. How Much Does A LED Sign Cost?

There is no standard price for LED signs. The cost of your custom LED sign will depend on a number of factors, but the main factors that influence the cost of a LED sign are the size of the LED sign and the number of pixels it has (pixel density).

Another important factor that determines the cost of a LED sign is sign coloration i.e. the number of colors the LED sign has. For instance, a LED sign with full or more colors will cost more than a LED sign with a single color. 

A LED sign with a pixel cluster comprising red, blue, and green LEDs is more expensive than a monochrome LED sign with a one-color LED per pixel. Finally, the type of controllers used for a sign can subtly affect the cost of a LED sign.

Figure 13: Party Neon Sign

33. How Much Energy Does A Custom LED Sign Consume?

This depends on the size of the sign and the pitch size. The type of content you display on your LED sign will also affect energy consumption.

If you have a large design, it will consume much more energy compared to a smaller design. However, LED signs are often more energy-efficient than traditional store signs.

34. Where Can LED Signs Be Used?

LED signs can be used indoor and outdoor for advertisements, events, or notices. They can be used in corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing warehouses, healthcare facilities, retail, campuses, and so on. 

LED signs can be used for branding, wayfinding, décor, education, compliance, and so on. In a nutshell, LED signs can be used wherever you want to reach your audience.

35. How Is A LED Light Box Sign Made?

You can find out how to make a LED lightbox sign here.

You will need to use wood to create the box for your lightbox sign, reinforce it and apply the finish. To add the LED lights to your LED lightbox sign, stick some LED strips to the sides and ensure that the light spreads more evenly throughout the box.

Do this by sticking the LED strip further away from the acrylic. Putting it too close to the acrylic will make the bright strip more obvious.

Finally, you can add designs to the front of your LED lightbox sign to advertise your business. 

If you still can’t find an answer to your question above, simply contact us and tell us your question or what you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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