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Jasionlight, a renowned LED strip light factory, was founded in 2003. Our skilled workers with exquisite workmanship, technicians, and one-stop manufacturing processes produce the best quality strip lights. You can install them for any lighting purpose. Jasionlight offers a wide range of customization services to meet the project’s requirements.


Best Quality with Jasionlight LED Strip Lights

Skilled workers with exquisite workmanship produce our LED strip lights. 10 members of the R&D department ceaselessly work hard to improve our products and make our product high-efficient. All our LED strip lights meet the international standard IEC 62471 for eye security, EN 60529 for protection class, EN62031 for safety requirements, EN 55015 for EMC test with CE and ROHS certificates. Our strict quality control systems inspect from collecting raw materials up to exporting them to the customers. You can customize our LED strip lights according to your project requirements.

Benefits of Jasionlight’s LED Strip Light

Our LED strip lights come with a strict quality control process. Let’s see some benefits of our LED strip light.

Highly Flexible

The overall thickness of FPC is properly controlled and the flexibility of FPC is high, which makes it resistant to bending. JASIONLIGHT‘s FPC boards use rolled copper, which is integrated into the plate to withstand as many bends as possible. For normal led strip light, the bend direction Rmin=3cm. And, for Silicon led neon light, the bend direction Rmin=6cm.  So, you can set them in any place regardless of the designs.


Wide Range of Customization Services

Different customers have different requirements for their projects. Jasionlight offers a wide range of customization services to resellers to support your business. You can customize the colors, brightness, light kit options, dimming, IP ratings,  SDCM, and CRI. 



LED strip light is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent, CFL, and halogen lights. The preferences for colors, hue, and length, the ability to dim affect the cost. According to the department of energy of the USA, you have to pay $4.80 annually if you use 60W incandescent light. On the other hand, 12W strip lights provide the same amount of light and cost only $1.00. Jasionlight’s LED strip lights with lower power give higher brightness compared to other public model LED strip lights.  

Longer Lifespan

The quality of LED chips, heat dissipation of FPC, and housing affect the life of LED strip lights. All of our LED lights are made of high-quality raw materials and under strict quality control systems. These lights also have waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant features. So, you can use them for a long time. While an incandescent light bulb lasts 1000 hours, the strip lights last more than 50,000 hours. 


Cut To Length

You can cut our LED strip lights every 0.39 inch, 0.98 inches, 1.96 inches, and 3.93 inches. So, you can freely design your project without wasting strip lights. Cut only on the given cut line between the copper dots. You can install them in any space and any corner. 


Fully Dimmable

Our LED Strip lights are fully dimmable and suitable for most automation and DMX systems. You can easily adjust the brightness by controlling the dimming feature.


Unlimited Color Options

You can design your LED strip lights with a single color or multiple colors. You will also get the color-changing strip lights.



Our LED strip lights use high-end silicone and glue to pass the ROSH and Reach test. So, they are safe for any kind of environment. Our QC department inspects all raw materials with quality checking machines and manually. 


High CRI LED Strip Lights

The color rendering index of our strip lights is CRI>80, CRI>90, and CRI>95. You can use our full spectrum LED stip lights in any lighting project.


High Brightness LED Strip Lights

You will get up to 150lm/w from our high-efficient LED strip lights. Jasionlight’s LED strip lights provide consistent brightness for a longer period of time.

All Types of LED Strip Light

to Support Your Projects and Wholesale

You will get hundreds of indoor and outdoor LED strip lights from us. Different projects require a particular type of LED strip lights to match the projects’ requirements. 

Dim to Warm LED Strip

The protection ratings of our dim to warm LED strip are IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68. So, these lights are protected from water, dust, and other external factors. You can cut every inch and reconnect with our connection accessories. The dimmer is compatible with DC0-10V dimmer, Resistor dimmer, 10v PWM signal, other Clipsal, HDL, ABB lighting control system.

Outdoor LED Strip Light

You can use our LED strip lights for different engineering projects, building decorations, pub & restaurant decoration. Jasionlight uses the advanced SMD2835 and SMD5050 tri-chip LED chips. Our FPCB protected circuit boards are eco-friendly, and UV-resistant. Our outdoor strip lights made with full silicon materials illuminate more than 50,000 hours and protect from external factors.

5 in 1 LED Strip

Our high-performed 5 in 1 LED strip lights are suitable for home, commercial and business decorations. You will get the combination of the single color and multi-color in 5 in 1 LED strip. You can use it for the decoration of bar & restaurants, hotel & hospitality, stage decoration, or any outdoor accents. The IP protection rating of our 5 in 1 LED strips are IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68.

4 in 1 RGBW LED Strip

Jasionlight’s professional RGBW 4 in 1 LED strip lights ensure high brightness. You will get the combination of the single color and multi-color in 4 in 1 RGBW strip lights. So, you can create any colors of your decoration or projects with our 4 in 1 LED strip lights.


Jasionlight’s RGB LED lights have their own LED chip and so you can trigger them individually for strobing, chasing, and color changing. RGB LED strip lights are capable of displaying red, green, and blue lights.

Flexible LED Neon

You can adjust the color temperature with our flexible LED strip lights. As flexible LED strip lights are with the combination of lower color temperature and higher color temperature, they can produce any specific color temperature. You can get warm diffused light for ambient lighting and bright led strips for task & accent lighting.

Smart LED Strip

You can use our smart LED strip in any smart lighting solution. With our LED smart lights app, you can adjust the color and brightness of LED strip lights through your smartphone.


You can power the LED strip lights with the USB cable. So, you don’t need to worry about power options.

Battery LED Strip Lights

If you want to carry LED strip lights in different places, battery strip lights are suitable for you. You can power them anywhere you want. All of our LED strip lights have a 120° beam angle, directed particularly to the mounting surface.

Why Jasionlight for LED Strip Light Supplier?

To be succeeded in the business, you must find a reliable china LED strip light manufacturer and supplier. But, finding a reliable led light factory in China is not an easy task. You should check the experience, manufacturing process, and product management system of the supplier. 

Jasionlight has 18 years of experience in the lighting industry in Shenzhen.  It is exporting to more than 50 countries and supplying to more than 2500 wholesalers and projects. We have very rich experience in the LED lighting industry and a stable material supply system. We also deliver products with the fastest and reliable delivery system. 

We provide a wide range of customization services for meeting the customers’ demand and projects’ requirements. You can customize the size, length, color, dimmable, and other features based on the lighting’s requirements. Our expert engineers, technicians, QC members, and skilled workers with exquisite workmanship work together to manufacture the best-LED strip lights. 

You can install our flexible strip lights in any lighting decoration. You can cut these strips from any place and reconnect with accessories. We provide 24/7 online support to our customers from collecting information to installing successfully.

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LED Strip Light Supplier - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching for a lighting solution for your projects that is more energy-efficient and lasts for a longer time. If yes, then our LED strip lights will be perfect for you. LED strip lights not only will save your energy but also look more beautiful than incandescent, CFL and halogen lights. You can use LED strip lights for any business, commercial, and residential lighting projects.

Table of Contents

#1. What is LED Strip Light?

The LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated by SMD( surface mounted device) emitting diodes and other components. They are also known as ribbon light and LED tape. 

LED strip lights of Jaisonlight

#2. How Does LED Strip Light work?

Like all LEDs, LED strip light is a semiconductor light source that emits light at the time of flowing currents through it. Releasing energy in the form of photons, electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes. The energy required for electrons determines the color of the lights. Multiple semiconductors or a layer of light-emitting phosphor on the semiconductor device acquire white light. 

#3. What are the applications of LED Strip Lights?

Generally, LED strip lights are extremely used in DIY, commercial, and residential projects. You can install LED strip lights in both indoor and outdoor projects. As the strip is very flexible and can be cut in the point between LEDs, you can use them in several installations. You can carry them anywhere you want because they can be run by both USB devices or battery packs. Here are some popular applications of LED strip lights. 

  • Bathroom accents. 
  • Outdoor accents
  • Cove lighting in Kitchen
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Storefront Displays
  • Handrails & Walkways
  • Cabinet & Shelving
  • Costume lights, 
  • Display ambient lighting
  • Retail Product Display
  • Stage of Any programs
  • Lighting in Art Display
  • Building Outlines & Signage
  • Workspace lighting
  • Caravans Lighting
  • Cruise Ships lighting. 

Some people use LED strip lights to wrap up the Christmas tree in the living room or outline the room of the house. 

Different projects require different kinds of LED strip lights. If you fail to choose the right type of LED strip, you can contact our design team. All of our design team members have experience in decoration and advertisement. They will help you to facilitate your decision of choosing the right LED strip lights.

#4. What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing LED Strip Light?

All LED strip lights look the same with bare eyes but they have huge differences. To get high-quality LED strip lights, you should check the following factors. 

Purpose of LED strip lights

There are many variations in LED strip lights based on the purpose of installing. Some of the variations are dim to warm LED strip, high CRI LED strip, high brightness LED strip light, outdoor LED strip, 4 in 1 LED Strip, and smart IC control LED strip, RGB LED strip, and more. If you want to enlighten the outdoor environment, outdoor LED strip light is perfect for you. contact the team of the manufacturer to choose the right variation of LED strip lights to meet the project’s requirement. 

Particular Brightness

Different locations require different colors and brightness. Some project planners want color changing LED strip lights, some want higher CRI LED strip lights to light and show the real color of the objects. Some projects want small Color Consistency Light (<3 or 5 steps) to reduce the color differences. 

Besides, some want higher brightness for their lighting projects. The project planners of some bars, restaurants, and hospitals want lower brightness for their lighting projects. So, first fix the extent of brightness you need for your projects, then choose the right LED strip lights. 

Different brightness with LED strip lights
Different brightness with LED strip lights

Installation Process

The installation process is another important factor that you should consider at the time of purchasing LED strip lights. Sometimes, you need to install them in a tough architectural position. So, you should purchase LED strip lights that can be mounted easily in the desired place. 


The price of LED strip lights is a very crucial factor at the time of doing LED strip lights wholesale business or managing big projects. The quality, availability of extra bulbs, remotes, and mounting equipment largely affect the price of products. 

Don’t fall into the pricing trap of some manufacturers. They can offer a low price for low-quality products. If you purchase low-quality products, you will not get high brightness. Besides, they will damage soon, and need rapid fixings. So, you may save initial cost by purchasing low-quality LED strip lights but you have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. 

Jasionlight uses high-quality products and runs a one-stop manufacturing process by skilled workers. Besides, our technicians and R&D departments follow the latest technology to manufacture LED strip lights effectively and efficiently. So, you will get the best products at the most competitive price. 

Customization Services

Some bars and restaurants want to create a vivid atmosphere and some want to create a low atmosphere. To decorate different places such as bars & hotels, hotel & hospitality, storefront displays, you need a particular amount of brightness. 

Jasionlight offers a wide range of customization services such as brightness, dimming, color rendering index, or CRI for its LED strip lights. So, they fit for any lighting projects. 


Some projects like stage design require portable LED strip lights to easily carry them from one place to another. If you run a decoration business for different party decorations or stage design, you should purchase portable LED strip lights. Portable strip lights require batteries and you can easily assemble and disassemble them. 


You should check the durability of the manufacturer’s LED strip lights. The average lifespan of LED strip lights is about 50,000 hours. If you install them properly and take proper maintenance, they can last more. 

#5. How to Find a Reliable LED Stirp Lights Supplier?

Finding a reliable LED strip light supplier is very tough. There are many LED strip lights suppliers in China. Some of them copy the other’s technologies and manufacture with rookie workers. So, they produce low-quality LED strip lights and offer the customers at low prices. If you purchase these low-quality products and sell them, the customers will experience bad lighting experience and provide negative reviews about your business. Let’s see the factors that you must check before choosing LED strip lights. 

Experience in the Lighting industry

Only skilled workers with exquisite workmanship can produce high-quality LED strip lights. Mismanagement of raw materials and unskilled workers make lighting products worse. You can’t see the flaw of the product with bare eyes but they will not last for a long time. Jasionlight has 18 years of experience in the lighting industry. Its special R & D department innovates and tracks the latest technologies of lighting industries and applies them in our products. So, you will get the best products at affordable prices. 

Appropriate Process

You should check the appropriate process of making LED strip lights. Manufacturing processes with skilled workers are necessary for producing high-quality LED strip lights. LED Reel Production, solder paste printing, component placement, reflow soldering, welding, aging & waterproofing, and tape pasting & packaging are the main steps of manufacturing LED strip lights. Check the manufacturer’s quality testing process at every step. 

Support Systems

Check the support system of manufacturers. You may need information about products, delivery system, at the time of installing lights, and after-sale services. Having 24/7 online support is a plus point at the time of choosing a reliable manufacturer. Our team members will support you in your buying journey. We offer a wide range of supports including: 

  • Product selection
  • Product design
  • Custom Light kit design. 
  • Project customization
  • Specification support
  • OEM support. 
  • Assistance for installation 
  • Product maintenance

Contact us for any kinds of information related to your lighting projects to get professional suggestions. 


Having a warranty is a good indicator of a product. If a product has a warranty for a certain time, you can use the products without being worried for that time. A good manufacturer provides both product warranty and shipping damage warranty for their products. Manufacturers who use high-quality materials and control manufacturing processes with strict quality control systems provide a warranty for a long time. 

Jasionlight provides a 12-months free replacement warranty and later on 24-months free spare parts maintenance. Besides we use wooden crates and carton boxes to ensure the highest safety of shipping. We are exporting our products in more than 50 countries and the product damage rate 0.3%.

#6. How to install LED Strip Lights?

Installing LED strip lights is not a herculean task. You can easily install them by following a few steps. If you have a phobia about electricity, we will suggest you hire an electrician. If you are a DIY enthusiast, follow the following steps to install LED strip lights in your home and businesses.

Step 01

First of all, check the LED strip light carefully whether it has any dead light or not. You can check the input voltage of LED strip lights on the package then connect and light them.  If you find any damage or dead parts, contact the suppliers to replace them. 

Step 02

Measure the places where you want to install LED strip lights. Measuring accurately is important to install perfectly and increase the aesthetic beauty of projects. 

Step 03

Cut the LED strips according to the measurement and design. You should cut only on the given cut line between the copper dots.

Cutting Strips Between the Copper Dots
Cutting Strips Between the Copper Dots

Step 04

To connect the strips, use optional connectors or solder wires from the power unit to strip. 

Step 05

Cutting the strip can damage your strip and so you should test every strip before installation. Check the cutting parts of LED strip lights separately to ensure a flawless connection. 

Step 06

You should check the surface completely. Clean the surface with soft cloths and cleansers. After cleaning, attach the strips using 3M adhesive backing or metal/plastic clips and fix them. 

Step 07

You should connect the fixed LED strip lights with the power supply after switching off the electricity. Connecting the fixed LED strip lights, switch on the electricity again. Hide the power supply in a safe place/corner regardless of the indoor or outdoor applications. 

Step 08

If you want, you can attach an optional dimmer. LED strip lights of Jasionlight are dimmable and compatible with almost all home automation and MDX systems, remote dimmers, and wall dimmers. So, you can adjust the brightness according to your desire. 

Step 09

Now, installing LED strip lights have been finished. Turn on the light for checking the success of the installation process.

#7. What Features Of LED Strip Lights Can You Customize?

Different projects require different kinds of LED strip Lights. So, the project planners want to know whether the LED strip light will meet their demand or not. Jasionlight offers a wide range of customization services based on your project’s requirements. Let’s see some customization services offered by Jasionlight.

LED light Kits Options

Having the right kits will help you install LED strip lights easily and ensure the success of your projects. Jasionlight LED strip lights have connecting accessories, power supplies, and remote controllers to successfully decorate your lighting project and other requirements.

Color Rendering Index ( CRI)

LED strip color rendering index determines the color harmony, hue, and vividness of strips. The color rendering index is marked from 0 to 100. The higher the CRI, the better for accurate brightness. Jasionlight manufacturer LED strip lights with higher CRI ratings such as CRI>80, CRI>90, and CRI>95. You can use our full spectrum LED strip lights for any applications. So, you can easily use them for any industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

High brightness with Our LED strip lights
High brightness with Our LED strip lights

Dimming Options

Having a dimming option allows you to control your strip lights.  The available dimming options are RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW. These dimming options make beautiful scenes and allow you to enjoy the vivid, vibrant, and DIY atmosphere. If your LED strip lights have dimming options, you can use them for mode lighting and task lights.

The IP rating of LED Strip Lights

An IP rating ensures the extent of the protection of LED strip lights. This protection will help your strips from water, dust, and other factors. LED strip lights of Jasionlight have IP20, IP65IP67, and IP68 ratings. So, you will get maximum protection from your strip lights. 


Brightness is the most crucial factor to make your lighting project successful. Right luminous intensity will create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere in your residential or commercial areas. Jasionlight offers different brightness for different projects. You can get warm diffused light for ambient lighting and bright led strips for task & accent lighting. 

Size and shape

Based on the applications, you need different sized LED strip lights. Jasionlight can adjust the LED density to create a brighter and wider LED density. Contact the design team of Jasionlight to choose the right size, length, and width of your strips.

Regardless of the complexity of your projects, our LED strip lights will give better performance for a longer time.

#8. How to cut LED strip lights?

You can easily cut and reconnect LED strip lights with accessories. The cutting lengths are 0.39 inch, 0.98 inches, 1.96 inches, and 3.93 inches. Be careful and cut only on the given cut line between the copper dots. If you don’t cut properly, there has the possibility of electrical conductivity in the strips. Let’s watch how you can easily cut LED strip lights. 

#9. Can You Control Led Strip Lights with Remote?

Some renowned manufacturers offer remotes to control the LED strip lights. Some advanced technologies of LED lights have facilitated the controlling system of LED strip lights through IR remote, RF remote, and mobile apps. So, you can check and control LED strip lights from any remote place. 

Final Thought

Being considered as one of the leading LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers, we offer high-efficient strips to our clients. Jasionlight fabricates and designs all of our strip lights under the strict quality control systems and dexterous team of professionals. We comply with all industry standards and norms. Our LED strip lights have superior brightness, extended functional life, and emit low levels of heat. 


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