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Jasionligh is a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer in China. We have been working in the LED industry for more than 18 years, and manufacturing LED display screens for 10 years.

Jasionlight transparent LED screens can be fixed on any surface without changing the building structure. Our transparent LED display screen comes in standard module size and elegant in design. We also provide a high transparency rate for both sides and are 50% more efficient than other transparent LED screens in the market.

Jasionlight has delivered transparent screens in more than 100 countries in the world. We are famous for our unique and innovative see-through LED screen, global presence, and world-class customer support team.

Buying a transparent LED screen is a good amount of investment, and your investment is important to us. Ask us anything, and our technical and marketing experts will answer as fast as they can.

High Tech Transparent LED Screen Factory

Jasionlight is a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer in China, and the strength of our products comes from our factory. We have 10,000 square meters of fabrication sites with expert workers and cutting-edge technologies such as SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other innovative technologies.

Jasionlight always maintains an excellent flow of raw materials, and for this, we can manufacture many products in the shortest possible time. Moreover, we have ten approved quality control (QC) systems to provide the best product in your hand.

Jasionight Transparent LED Screens With Unmatched Technology

Our transparent LED screens feature excellent heat dissipation, high transparency, and high brightness. Every LED transparent screen of Jasionlight is straightforward to install and doesn’t need much maintenance.

You can use our transparent LED display screen behind any shape of a glass and maintain the interior natural light and view just as it was. Innovation, durability, and flexibility make our LED display screen the best choice for your see-through LED screen advertising.

Next Level Advertising With Jasionlight Transparent LED Display Scree


Jasionlight transparent LED display screen provides all the facilities you can achieve from a typical outdoor high-definition LED screen.

Our transparent LED screens are not only thin, bright, and easy to install, but also come with a small pixel pitch. We provide an LED transparent screen with 3.75mm pixel pitch 87% transparency, 5500 nits high brightness, and a wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees.

That’s why our LED transparent screen has higher demand in the market.

Why Jasionlight Transparent LED Screen Is Superior?

Jasionlight has a strong R&D team, which has been continuously innovating for more than 10 years, always keeping our products in a leading position in technology.

High Transparency

Jasionlight LED transparent screen comes with up to 90% transparency. Our transparent LED screen also maintains the internal viewing and lighting. Moreover, the SMD is virtually invisible from a specific distance.

High Brightness

Our transparent screens feature 7000 nits high brightness, which ensures optimum visual performance. Our transparent screens will work fine on a hot sunny day without any colling system.

Stable and Reliable

For a transparent LED screen, stability is very crucial. Our Transparent screens deliver more stability compared to other products in the market.


Our Transparent screens are extraordinarily lightweight and effortless to install and do not have a negative impact on your building.

Easy Installation

Our fast lock system confirms quick and easy installation. It saves lots of labor costs.

Easy Maintenance

You can repair a single SMD, no need to open the entire panel.

The Full Range Product Line of Transparent LED Screens

To support your business and projects

Jasionlight provides different types of LED screens to fill up the needs of every client. As a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer, we manufacture from a small transparent LED screen to a vast transparent screen. You can use our transparent screen for retail applications like stage programs and events or high-end brand value. 

Jasionlight small transparent LED screen is very famous for window advertising in a retail store. Architects and designers also use our transparent LED screens for their creative possibilities.

Transparent Glass LED screen
Transparent Glass LED Screen

Jasionlight transparent glass LED screen is widely used in building glass shop windows. You can customize the strap length according to your glass wall structure so that the glass LED screen matches your building glass perfectly. You will get more than 80% high transparency, and some glass screen even reaches 90%.

Transparent LED Screen Rental
Transparent LED Screen Rental

Jasinolight’s latest LED see-through screen is 2 in 1 rental LED transparent screen. This innovative LED transparent screen comes with optimum transparency, high protection level. These transparent screens are lightweight, easy installation, and require minimum maintenance. You can use our transparent rental screens both indoor and outdoor with unique quick assemble and disable features.

Creative Transparent LED screen
Creative Transparent LED screen

Jasionlight provide high-quality customized nonstandard transparent LED screens. Our creative transparent LED screens come in different shapes, custom designs. These transparent screens have high transparency, high brightness. We make our creative transparent LED screens with a lightweight structure design, and you can hang those by steel ropes in many installation environments.

Transparent LED Curtain
Transparent LED Curtain

We deliver 2-types of transparent LED curtains for different types of applications. The structure of our transparent LED curtain is neat and straightforward. These transparent screens consume low power; you don't have to pay much on the operating cost. Moreover, they provide good heat dissipation and lightweight.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen
Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Jasionlight LED grille is very much famous in LED light media advertising, multistory building wall, glass curtain wall, etc. Our outdoor transparent LED grille is widely used for its low power consumption and LED display intelligence. They are ultra-thin, do no effect on the wall, and have a solid resistance to wind pressure.

Clean Display Advertising
Clean Display Advertising

Jasionligh transparent LED screen is an excellent device for clean display advertising. High transparency, high color saturation, and lightweight features of our transparent LED screen make your clean display advertising even more attractive and engaging.

See Through LED Screen

Jasionlight see through LED screen has more than 80% high transparency, and some glass screens even reach 90%. Our see through LED screen does not block the view so everything is visible from inside and outside.

Small Transparent LED Screen
Small Transparent LED Screen

Our small transparent LED screen is very popular for shopping mall advertising. Jasionlight’s small transparent LED screens guarantee that you will be noticed and give you the advantage over your competitors.

Curved Transparent Display
Curved Transparent Display

Jasionlight curved transparent displays are custom curved to fit your display needs and space. The appealing, high-impact effect, day or night. Perfect to play creative content for every business and venue.

Why Should You Trust Jasionlight Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier?

Jasionlight is a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer in China with clients in over 100 countries globally. 


Our company is located in Shenzhen city, the original production house in China. We have more than 18 years of experience in the LED industry, with 10 years of experience manufacturing LED display screens. 

We have  10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory. Our factory is equipped with 20 highly skilled engineers and ten after-sale technicians. We use the latest LED technology for manufacturing a translucent led screen, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

Also, Jasionlight offers more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year. 

Ten approved QC ensures the highest standard product. 


Jasionlight produces documentation and video training on product installation and debugging.  Our customer support division is working 24/7 to assist you with any issue. 

We offer a 3-year warranty and package service with our extensive product lines. 


Jasionlight manages over 1,500 LED projects each year. Some of those activities are in Harmony Times Square, Mexico City Arena, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Taipei Arena, and many more.

We are Certified by CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE, etc.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Transparent LED Screen


Today we will discuss transparent LED screens and answer those questions that our clients ask us frequently. We hope the guide will be helpful for you. If you don’t find the question, you are willing to ask or want to know more about any answer, just send us a message. 

Table of Contents

1. What Is A Transparent LED Screen?

You can guess what it is by seeing the name “Transparent LED screen.” A transparent LED screen is a LED screen like a crystal clear glass that comes with the functionality of a LED display screen.

Figure 1 - Transparent LED screen
Figure 1 - Transparent LED screen

Viewers will be able to see your video or image on the screen and at the same time everything happening behind the background of the glass. As viewers can see what’s happening behind the transparent screen, it is also called a see-through display screen.

Transparent LED screens come with a permeation ratio between 50% to 90% and 10mm thickness. That’s why transparent screens are becoming popular day by day. The excellent building materials, quick and easy installation method and sturdy structure helped transparent LED screens gain superiority over other LED screens.

2. What Is The Difference Between The Traditional LED Display Screen And The Transparent LED Display Screen?

Many people will answer it differently. The most common perception is the visual effect. Transparent LED displays produce simulated 3D effects. But that is a minor and abstract difference. There are many other important differences between a traditional LED display screen and a transparent LED display screen.   

Transparent Screens are lightweight
Figure 2 - Transparent Screens are lightweight

A transparent LED display comes with the latest super transparent LED display technology. LED transparent screen has a 70 percent to  90 percent transparent rate and just 10mm panel thickness. Transparent screens and traditional LED display screens are different in many ways. Here are some of those differences are: 

Different structure

The see-through LED screen adopts the SMD chip packaging technique so that it can stick the lamp in the groove of the PCB.  Typical LED is also built with a light-emitting diode but they need solid glass in front and a cage to protect the whole system. 

Installation Process

You can install a see-through display screen anywhere you want. It is highly compatible and solid. The installation process covers base installation, fixed installation, and placement. Moreover, there is a waterproof transparent LED display screen for outdoor use.

Transparent LED screens are easy to install
Figure 3 - Transparent LED screens are easy to install

For a typical LED display screen, you have to reserve a place in advance. Most of the time, you have to design the building keeping an LED display screen in mind. You can not install an LED display screen randomly on any structure, but you can install an LED transparent screen anywhere. 


Transparent screens are very much lightweight, with only 1-4mm PCB thickness and 10kg/ screen weight. 


The see-through display screen is easy to maintain. It saves excessive use of human resources, financial and material resources. A Typical LED screen, on the other hand, is costly to maintain. It is very tough to keep the LED screen without not harming the structure.

3. How To Choose The Right Transparent LED Screen?

The advanced technology used in transparent screens guarantees energy saving with high standard product quality, providing environmental protection. 

Look carefully before purchasing Transparent Screen
Figure 4- Look carefully before purchasing Transparent Screen

But, many things make a potential LED transparent screen buyer confused. Here are our tips on determining a good quality LED transparent screen. 

Noise reduction technology: A LED transparent screen has screen driver chips and implies high-performance chip systems to deliver a powerful contrast on the screens. To manufacture complete color LED, engineers have introduced a constant current noise reduction technology. The purpose of this technology is to safeguard the screen from various sources of noise. As a result, the screen won’t face any disturbance or hindrance to producing images. 

 Brightness adjustment technology: After the noise reduction technology, this is the second crucial factor for a see-through display screen. As a see-through LED screen should work perfectly under multiple climates situations, manufacturers developed 256-level adjustments to generate the best display. Moreover, this technology ensures uninterrupted production in all kinds of problems.   

Heat removal system: The amount of heat a LED display screen generates is vast. That’s why every LED display screen must contain a heat reduction system to ensure that other parts don’t get affected by overheating. As a buyer, you must look for an ideal heat dissipation system. Another tip, look for aluminum as that also reduces the heat. 

Protection technology: This is another vital factor you should look for before purchasing a transparent LED screen. The screen module must be equipped with dustproof elements.

4. How Did Transparent LED Displays Evolve?

Regular LED screens were doing a  decent job in outdoor advertising. Glass LED screens can deliver bright images even under sunny daylight. But they also come with an extensive panel to absorb the light from the sun. This thick panel impacts the city’s aesthetics.

Figure 5- Transparent LED screens work in a more advanced way

Moreover, for glass LED screens, advertisers have to build a particular structure which is also quite expensive. So, city planners and advertisers were searching for a solution that prompted manufacturers to develop a new type of LED display screen- a See-through LED screen. 

Transparent LED screens are installed behind bars and don’t have any effect on the surroundings. Natural light passes through them, and they constantly deliver bright and noticeable content. Besides, a LED see-through screen added a new dimension in semi-outdoor advertising. 

LED transparent glass curtains to fit well with the modern-day city design. They are ultrathin and consume less energy – the two most essential parts of modern architectural design. Moreover, reduce the expenses of the business advertisement. For these reasons, they are becoming popular day by day and steadily becoming the global standard of advertising.

5. What Problems Do Transparent LED Displays Solve?

A translucent led screen solves many problems like enhancing the city aesthetics, reducing the cost of indoor and outdoor advertising, etc.

Figure 6 - Transparent LED solves many problems

Here is the list of which problems a transparent LED screen solves: 

  • Reduces the additional space requirement problem 
  • It omits the requirement of artificial lighting from behind and helps70%-90% of natural daylight pass through. 
  • No need to make a traditional standard size panel for the LED display screen. LED transparent screens are highly customizable and fit in any architectural space. 
  • Highly versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 
  • Easily maintainable and reliable after-sales services. 
  • It fits with any type of glass structure with harmony, and you won’t get a no-fit bulky feel. 
  • It doesn’t block the outside view and reduces the space problem. 
  • Low maintaining and labor cost than traditional signs. 
  • Transparent screens save up to 40 percent more energy than traditional ones.

6. How To Maintain A Transparent LED Screen Display?

Every electronics item requires proper maintenance. Here are our tips on maintaining an LED transparent screen. 

  • Always ensure a stable power supply with well-protected grounding. 
  • Avoid using in an area with extreme weather conditions like excessive thunderstorms-prone areas. 
  • Don’t install a see-through LED screen in a heavily dusty location, as excessive dust can damage the circuits. 
  • Don’t let highly conductive metals touch your transparent LED screen (i.e., Water, iron powder)
  • Always use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dust from the in-between gaps. You can also use a compressed gun for cleaning purposes. 
  • DO NOT clean the screen surface with a cloth or rag. 
  • You should rest your LED transparent screen for at least 2-hours a day. If you are not using it for a long time, turn it on at least once a month. 
  • Don’t use a single color for a long time. Single colors like red, green, yellow consume extra current and can cause overheating. 
  • Ask professional support if you find any problem with your LED transparent screen.
  • Lastly, call for professional help to give you proper guidance on maintaining your transparent LED display.

7. How Much is Transparent LED Screen Price?

Transparent screens are highly customizable. So, it is challenging to determine a transparent LED screen price.   

First, you have to determine the specifications of your LED transparent screen, such as Brightness, Resolution, Size, Viewing distances, shape, etc. After identifying the specifications, you can ask for a quote from a transparent LED screen manufacturer. 

Bear in mind that transparent screens are more expensive than traditional LED screens. 

Even though they are more expensive, it is a worthy investment for you. Because of the technical advancement of transparent LED screens, you will be benefited in many ways. 

Moreover, a transparent LED screen adds up the extra charm to your structure. 

Additionally, it has already established a good reputation in the advertising industry. Rest assured that investing in a transparent LED screen display for your business or personal LED project is the right decision.

LED screen transparent display’s price is not fixed for various reasons, but you should not go for a below standard price. Too low price will bring you a low-standard translucent LED screen.

8. Do Transparent LED Screens Come In Different Shapes And Forms?

Absolutely. Transparent screens come in various attractive forms. You will get flat, curved, cylindrical, curved in many forms. 

With the design flexibility that a LED see-through screen brings, you have limitless opportunities to show your advertisement. 

9. What Is The Transparent LED Display Market Application Potential?

LED screen transparent display screens created many new scopes for new market applications. Architects integrate millions of square meter glasses in their design these days. With those glasses advertising using transparent LED screens has become much more manageable. 

Transparent screens can be used in municipal buildings, hotels, airports, markets, and many other public places. With LED transparent screens, the opportunities are limitless, and the potential is enormous. 

10. Is It Worthwhile To Invest In A Transparent Screen?

However, LED screen transparent displays are the most pricy LED display screens in the market. These screens are worth the money. For commercial and marketing purposes, a LED see-through screen is the best method. 

Moreover, a transparent LED display screen suits much personal use. We have accumulated the reasons why you should invest in a transparent LED display screen.  

Do not affect the structure:  You can install an indoor and outdoor LED transparent screen or behind the curtain wall. A Translucent LED screen does not affect the appearance or design of your building. Transparent screens are not directly installed on the glass curtain. They keep the structural integrity of your building. 

Do not block the view from the inside: With cutting-edge technology, transparent screens offer high transparency and no light leaking. A typical LED screen will block the view, and nobody can see anything behind the screen. But LED transparent screens create no disturbance for the inside view. Everything will go as it is with an advertising display screen on the wall. 

Reduced Light Pollution: Typical LED displays are famous for high brightness. 

Conventional outdoor LED displays are known for their high brightness, i.e., 6000 cd, which is the primary reason behind a lot of accidents and other mishaps. Not only does this brightness level pollute the surroundings, but it also affects the nightscape design. But with transparent LED displays, users can adjust brightness as per their requirements, i.e., they can highlight everything during day time while making the lights softer at night.

Transparent LED demands less energy
Figure 7 - Transparent LED demands less energy

Energy-saving: LED screen transparent displays come with transparent display effects. As a result, translucent led screens demand less energy. A LED transparent screen needs 30-40% less energy to produce a high-standard image on the screen. 

Convenience: Maintaining a LED transparent screen is easy. Typically a regular LED display screens high maintenance and infrastructural investments. But with a transparent LED screen, you don’t have to put extra money on maintenance, labor cost, and infrastructure.

11. What Are The Specifications Of A Transparent LED Screen?

Below the specification for transparent screens. You can use the specs as a guide for purchasing a transparent LED display screen.


  1. Available Sizes: Available for customizing sizes, 500mm*500 or 500mm*1000mm or 1000mm*1000mm

  2. Cabinet Material: Acrylic Aluminum Steel

Feel free to contact us for more detailed specifications of a LED transparent screen.

12. What Is The Definition, Resolution, And Pixel Pitch Of A Transparent LED Display Screen?

Like the standard LED display screen, the See-through LED screen also follows the exact rule definition. You will get a higher definition from a higher pixel pitch. You can go for a higher pixel when buying a small transparent LED screen, but this will be an expansive way for a large screen. 

Moreover, the small pixel transparent screens deliver wider viewing angles. So, before purchasing the transparent LED display screen, you should find the best cost-effective one. 

If the purpose is outdoor advertising, then the high pixel is not the ideal choice for you. Viewers won’t come so close to appreciate the high-definition picture resolution you are offering them. You would probably pick one with a very wide viewing angle so that many people can see the content. 

But for indoor advertising, you should go for a high pixel pitch as viewers will see the content from a relatively closer distance.

13. Where Can I Use Transparent LED Screens?

LED technology is a widespread technology because of its flexibility. You can use a See-through LED screen seemingly anywhere you want. From advertising to public purpose to official use, LED screens support any kind of campaign.  

  • Large to small shopping centers, retail stores are the most common places where you can use a transparent LED screen. These places are crucial to create brand awareness. 
  • Shop’s curtain wall is another great place to use a translucent LED screen. A see-through LED display screen can create an illusion of a suspended image which attracts the viewers resulting in increasing brand awareness and more selling. 
  • LED transparent screens can perform as digital signage. That way, you will see many restaurants, cafes, hotels, salons, bars, casinos, and many other shops that use transparent LED screens for signage purposes. 
  • LED transparent screens are replacing conventional sports LED screens. You will see Transparent LED screens in many stadiums showing live events and scores of the match. 
  • You will find a transparent LED screen in a concert. Big events and concerts use LED transparent screens for attractive, eye-catching displays of the show. 
  • You will find transparent glass LED screens in many corporate offices and outside the building for brand awareness and product advertising. 
  • LED transparent screens are used in museums and amusement parks. They bring extra attention to the displayed items.
Transparent LED screens are best for shops
Figure 8 - Transparent LED screens are best for shops

With a See-through LED screen, there are no limitations. You can set the screen anywhere; you can manufacture the screen as you want to show your creativity to the world.

14. Can A Transparent LED Display Screen Be Implemented In The Tourist Attraction?

Most big tourist places are crowded during any national, international events and holidays. In an attractive location, people love to watch something on a LED display screen. A transparent LED display screen enhances the beauty of the spot and creates opportunities to show advertising or awareness content. 

A See-through LED screen does not hamper the external beauty of your building, rather improves it. The ticket office is the place where people gather in a tourist attraction center. 

You can install a transparent LED screen in the tourist point to get the most attraction of tourists. You can show the time of various events, event-related information and of course the advertising in-between. Most ticket offices install glass in front of it, and that is an excellent location to install LED transparent screens. 

15. What Is The Future Of A Transparent LED Screen?

A transparent LED display screen displays your content indoor and outdoor and reduces terrible effects on modern city’s beauty. The transparent glass LED screen has minimal impact on the surroundings. Moreover, it added new dimensions to advertising products and enhancing brand awareness.

Transparent LED will rule the future
Figure 9 - Transparent LED will rule the future

As urbanization is gradually increasing day by day, the opportunities for LED transparent screens are opening more and more. The LED transparent display screen is ultra-thin, and there is no steel frame in the structure. Those are easy to install and almost zero effort to maintain. Besides, it adds extra beauty to modern-day urbanizations. 

The market demand for transparent LED display screens is increasing day by day, and it will replace all other LED display screens shortly. Both a small transparent LED screen and a large have excellent market opportunities. 

16. How Long Does A Transparent LED screen Last?

Typically a LED transparent screen lasts between 80,000 to 100,000 hours. If you convert those hours into years, that will be 9-11 years.

But, you can extend the lifespan of a transparent LED screen with proper use and good maintenance. How many years a transparent LED screen will last depends on many factors. 

The most important factors of all are the quality of the LEDs the transparent LED screen manufacturer used. The lifespan of your LED transparent screen largely depends on the quality of the LEDs. If the LEDs quality is below standard or got defective in the manufacturing process, your LED transparent display screen won’t last for so long.

Transparent screens last long
Figure 10 - Transparent screens last long

There are some other factors that affect the lifespan of your transparent LED screen, such as UV rays, high temperature, the humidity of the surroundings, heavy rain, and other adversity from the weather. 

Therefore, purchase your LED transparent screen from a reputed and experienced brand. Besides, install the screen in good weather conditions and maintain the screen properly.

17. What Is The IP Rating In A Transparent LED Display Screen?

IP rating stands for Ingress Protection and is defined in international standard, EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). Those numbers are used for expressing the levels of electrical enclosures and sealing effectiveness. 

You will find two numbers that represent the IP ratings of the transparent LED display screen. The first number means how much protection the enclosed equipment has. The second number tells about the amount of protection the LED transparent display screen provides against moisture. 

Suppose a transparent LED screen is showing the IP ratings of IP65. It means it has protection against dust and protection against moisture as well. A small transparent LED screen or a large one both come with an IP rating.

18. Where Can I Find A Transparent LED Screen Solution Provider In China?

Transparent LED screens are becoming more and more popular day by day. For its growing popularity finding a transparent LED screen manufacturer is not a very challenging task, especially in China. But finding the best one is tough. 

Jasionligh is a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer in China. We have 18 years of experience in the LED industry and more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing LED displays screen. 

You can fix our transparent LED screen on any surface without changing the building structure. All of our transparent screens come in elegant design and standard size. Jasionligh provides a high transparency rate, and our screens are 50% more efficient than other LED transparent screens in the market. 

Jasionligh has  10,000 square meters of fabrication sites equipped with highly skilled and experienced workers. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver the finest transparent LED display screens in the market. Our technology includes SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other innovative technologies. Moreover, we ensure more than 80% transparency in all of our LED transparent display screens. Some of them even reach 90% transparency.

Ten approved quality control ensures the production of LED transparent display screens maintains the highest standard. 

As a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer, we supply our products in more than 100 countries globally. 

For any query regarding the transparent LED display screen, please contact us.


The transparent LED screen technology is relatively new. But its emerging need in the market prompted many manufacturers to produce transparent screens. But as the technology is new, you should rely on those with vast experience in the LED transparent screen industry.

 Jasionlight is a leading manufacturer in China and manufacturing transparent LED screens since its inception. Whether you are looking for a small transparent LED screen or a large one, ask for a quote from us telling your requirement, and our team will advise you to find the best transparent LED screen at the lowest possible price.

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