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Established in 2003, Jasionlight is the world’s leading LED screen brand. We are renowned for our high-class LED products, global presence, and satisfying customer support.

Jasionlight has successfully installed more than 60 thousand LED products in more than a hundred countries worldwide. We understand our customers’ needs and are always committed to delivering the best product.

Buying a LED screen is a significant investment. Many customers can’t determine which LED screen will be best for their businesses. From our experience, we understand your confusion is very much practical. That’s why we have our dedicated team to assist you after hearing your requirements.

Leading The LED Screen Technology


Jasionlight has a strong team of 20 engineers and 100 skilled workers with excellent ability in designing & manufacturing. We have some of the finest IP65-68, matrix 500 rental panels, and flexible small pixel pitch LED screens. 

We also have devoted experts for product development, solution, manufacture, packaging, and marketing.

From outdoor branding to indoor product display, our high-quality and durable LED screens relentlessly display your images or videos using the most advanced LED technology.

Full Range Product Lines To Support Your Projects And Wholesale

Jasionlight manufactures full-range product lines of various categories covering nearly all applications that need visual experience and display business.

We manufacture outdoor & indoor LED displays. Rental LED displays, flexible LED screen, creative LED screen, transparent LED display, etc.

You can use Jasionlight’s LED screens in DOOH markets, concerts, exhibitions, TV stations, nightclubs, stage, events, and in any other public gatherings.

Every LED screen features a large viewing angle and high precision that will change your viewers’ perception. Needless to say, you will get the best output from your product advertisement campaigns using our LED screen.


Why Jasionlight LED Screen Is Superior?

Jasionlight has always been committed to LED technological innovation, strictly controlling product quality, and never making low-quality products. Our goal is to be a display solution provider who knows the customers best and the market needs best. Hope Jasionlight and customers get better together.


Jasionlight’s precise die-casting aluminum cabinet and internal lockers keep the screen bezel-free and gapless. The signal cables and power cables of our screen are fixed inside of the cabinets. This no external cable design makes our LED screen more stable.


We strictly maintain a high-quality control procedure for every LED screen to ensure durability. Our IP65-68 LED screens are weather-resistant and last a long time.


Jasionlight’s LED screens are cost-effective from raw materials and production procedures. We have a continuous supply of reliable raw materials that confirms the best performance and reduce the overall production cost.

Easy setup and maintenance

Jasionlight delivers lightweight and compact LED screens that are easy to install. Moreover, our LED screens require zero maintenance.

Large viewing angle

Jasionlight’s LED screen has 120-160 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

High refresh rate

Jasionlight’s LED screen comes with a high refresh rate ranging between 2880Hz-3840Hz. There will be no flickering on the camera and no tailing or ghosting.

Reliable High-Tech LED Screen Factory

To support your business and projects

Our company’s strength comes from 10,000 square meters of fabrication site with proficient workers and modern technologies, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other forefront technologies. 

Jasionlight maintains an intense procedure before recruiting its engineers and technicians. Our skilled and experienced teams manufacture high-quality LED screens for your business. 

We are never short of raw materials and can deliver any LED screen amount at your given time frame. Moreover, we have 10 approved quality control (QC) systems to provide the best product in your hand.  

Rental LED Screen

Rental LED Screen

Jasionlight’s rental LED screens come with exceptional compatibility and have the ability to switch under various environments. The slim cabinet architecture and fast installation design help you quickly assemble and disassemble our rental LED screen. 

Automatic signal mapping makes the installation process more simple and delivers a unique user-friendly environment. 

Commercial LED Screen

Jasionlight manufactures IP65-68, durable for all conditions outdoor and  4k high resolutions indoor commercial LED screens. The high definition, high brightness in daylight, and wide viewing angle of our commercial LED screen offer the best viewer experience.   

Our commercial LED screens bring stability, extended durability, and excellent usability. 

Commercial LED Screen
Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

Jasionlight transparent LED screen is an innovative visual solution that makes any window or building into a display screen. Our transparent LED screens have up to  87% transparency, 5500 nits high brightness, and a wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees. 

Our crystal clear transparent screen comes in various sizes.

Fine Pitch LED Display

Jasionlight’s Fine Pitch LED screen is quick, straightforward, and safe to install for different LED visual applications. Our Fine Pitch LED screen can be used for various purposes. We produce  4K LED displays and a P.09 fine pitch LED displays. 

You can use our fine pitch LED screen for permanent installation and rental purposes. 

Creative LED Screen

Creative LED Screen

Jasionlight manufactures flexible LED screens, logos, spheres, and triangle LED screens with eye-catching designs to attract your customers in supermarkets or other public places. Our experts understand your concept and desire and deliver the same customized LED screen from your dream. 

With our creative LED screen, the sky is your limit. 

Why Should You Trust Jasionlight LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier?

Jasionlight is a worldwide LED screen supplier and has clients in over more than 60 countries. Your trust is our strength. 


Located in Shenzhen city, the original production house in China and over 17 years of experience, Jasionlight is a leading LED screen manufacturer and supplier in China. 

Jasionlight has more than 10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory powered by proficient workers and up-to-date technologies, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

Moreover, we are proud to tell you that we offer more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year. 

Twenty experienced engineers and ten aftersales technicians work day and night for the best product and after-sales service. Besides, our 100 skilled workers are committed to delivering the best LED screen in your hand. 

Ten approved QC ensures the highest standard product. 


Jasionlight produces documentation and video training on product installation and debugging.  Our customer support division is working 24/7 to assist you with any issue. 

We offer a 3-year warranty and package service with our extensive product lines. 


Jasionlight manages over 1,500 LED projects each year. Some of those activities are in Harmony Times Square, Mexico City Arena, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Taipei Arena, and many more.

We are Certified by CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE, etc.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For LED Screen


Modern technologies are delivering miracles after miracles, and the invention of the LED screen is undoubtedly one of those miracles. 

You can use LED screens for various purposes, from billboard advertising to corporate presentations. But as it is a relatively new technology, many of you may not know the in-depth of this technology. Therefore, we came up with the ultimate LED FAQ guide. 

Table of Contents

1. How Many Types Of LED Screens Are There?

There are different classification methods to classify LED display screens. The methods are:

  • According to the installation environment. 
  • According to the application. 
  • According to the screen design.  

According To The Installation Environment.

There are 3-types of LED screens according to the installation environment. They are:

  1. Indoor LED display screens
  2. Outdoor LED display screens
  3. Semi Outdoor LED display screens. 
1. Indoor LED Screens

Indoor LED screens are used inside buildings. You see indoor LED screens inside supermarkets, large conference rooms, and many other large spaces where people gather for various purposes.

Indoor LED screen
Figure 1- Indoor LED screen

Indoor LED screens are ideal for those stores and businesses that want big display windows, superlative storefronts to promote their business. You can also use Indoor LED screens in a large convention center or corporate office for promotion, meeting, or other purposes. 

As indoor LED display screens are used inside a building, the resolution is vital here. We suggest you use a small Pixel Pitch LED screen for your indoor use. Here is the standard specification for an indoor LED screen.  

Technical Specification for Indoor LED screen

In Jasionlight, we produce a high-quality indoor LED screen with the latest technology and supply worldwide. 

2. Outdoor LED Screen

Yes, you guessed correctly. The outdoor LED screens are used outside of a building. You can use outdoor LED screens for a billboard. You can also use an outdoor LED display screen on the wall and display your product and services and create a profound impact on the mind of people who pass by and on the street. 

The typical static advertising method is no more effective in this digital era. You have to be innovative to draw peoples’ attention. A large LED display is an excellent way to attract even the busiest person in the crowd. 

Outdoor LED screen
Figure 2 - Outdoor LED screen

Marketing experts say that advertising on outdoor screens has more impact on the viewers’ psychology than a static ad. It makes outdoor LED screens cost-effective as you will get your Return of investment in a quick time. Jasionlight produces durable, high-quality Outdoor LED screens. The quality of our outdoor LED screens made us a leading LED screen supplier in China. 

Technical Specification for Outdoor LED screen

3. Semi Outdoor LED Screen

We have discussed indoor and outdoor LED screens, but what if you need a screen for both purposes? In that case, you will need a semi-outdoor LED screen.

Semi-outdoor LED screen
Figure 3 - Semi-Outdoor LED screen

These screens are best for corporate events, concerts, or any other mass gatherings. You can broadcast an event and show your product in between the show. 

Semi outdoor LED screens come with lots of additional features like adjusting the resolution, brightness, etc. Moreover, they are equipped with protective materials to protect the screen from rain, dust, or other natural phenomena. 

According to Applications

So, you now know the types of the LED screen according to the place you will use them. Now let’s find out the types of LED screens according to the application they can perform. 

1. Rental LED Screen

Rental LED screens can reproduce high-quality video and image with superior luminosity than other screens such as large monitors, projectors, etc. 

Rental LED screen
Figure 4 - Rental LED screen

Rental LED produces images and videos with high resolution, high luminosity, and zero reflection. For large conferences and similar situations, rental LED screens can deliver the best image and videos with unbeatable brightness that no other device can. 

Rental screens are ideal for businesses or individuals taking part in congresses or exhibitions that want straightforward to assemble, easily portable, and lightweight screens. 

Rental LED screens the best you can have to stand out in any event. These screens come with many additional features.  You can configure and modify the screen size as the event or environment demands.

These screens come with high-tech electronics and a modular assembling system. With this technology, you can adjust the display size effortlessly.  

The most significant part of a rental LED screen is its image quality and resolution. Thanks to the advanced technology that these screens come with to deliver crystal clear images, the videos with the highest possible resolutions. 

In Jasionlight, we produce rental LED screens of the highest standard, including all the necessary features you are looking for.  

2. Outdoor fixed LED screens

Permanent LED screens are used in billboards, airports, or other larger spaces to demonstrate important information or advertising purposes. 

All permanent LEDs should come with those professional features to work 24 hours a day without shutting down.

Outdoor Fixed LED screen
Figure 5 - Outdoor Fixed LED screen

Moreover, these screens should have all those protective measures to protect the screen from adverse weather conditions without stopping and compromising the image quality.

Jasionligh manufactures permanent LED screens with all critical features so that our screens can work without any interruptions 24/7. 

Technical Specification for Permanent  LED screen

3. Sports LED Screen

These days no large sports event can happen without a LED screen. From indoor to outdoor, every sporting event needs a LED screen. Sports LED screens are used for various purposes. Days of the static scoreboard are over now. Every stadium displays a live score of the match on giant LED screens. In big events, stadiums are equipped with a giant screen to show the game’s score and live events. 

Sports LED screen
Figure 6 - Sports LED Screen

Sports LED screens are different species as they need some unique functionalities other than rental or permanent LED screens. 

From color saturation to resolutions, sports LED has to deliver the optimum video. Moreover, sports LED screens must have special software to display live events and scorecards simultaneously. 

Jasionlight produces the finest sports LED screens in China and covers many large and mega-events worldwide. 

According to LED screen design.  

There are 3 types of LED according to the screen sizes. They are 

  1. Single color LED Display
  2. Dual-color LED Display
  3. Multicolor LED Display

As the technology progressed, the use of single and dual-color LED displays has reduced drastically. Now mostly multicolor LED displays are used worldwide. You can also find several types of multicolor LED displays in terms of design. There are: 

  • Flat LED screen 
  • Curved LED screen 
  • Transparent LED screen 
  • Curtain LED screen
  • Round LED screen
  • Custom LED screen

Jasionligh is the market leader in customizable LED screens. Our dedicated engineers and skilled workers are committed to delivering LED screens of any size and shape. With these screens, Our customers can display their innovation in supermarkets or any other spaces. 

2. How to Pick a LED Screen Supplier?

LED screens are expensive products and a significant investment for any business. Moreover, these products need to be handled delicately. So, before buying the LED screen for your business, you need to consider certain things. 

Is The Brand Reliable?

This is the first question you should ask. The company should have a wide range of product lines with lots of experience. As a LED screen is a huge purchase, you should consider a brand that is a renowned LED screen supplier and a well-equipped LED screen factory. 

How Many Years Of Experience Do They Have?

Years of experience are another vital factor for selecting a LED screen supplier. You should not buy products from a LED screen supplier who just entered the market and doesn’t have sufficient experience in the LED industry. 

What do their customers say about them?

You should not just go to a showroom seeing the advertisement, and purchase products from a randomly selected LED screen supplier. 

You should visit their websites, social media pages and look for their previous customers. You can look for their existing customers and find whether most of them are satisfied or not after purchasing products from the supplier. 

Moreover, you will be able to find their best products this way. 

What is their warranty policy?

Electronic products like LED display screens are vulnerable to various factors. Even the best supplier in the industry can not tell their products will sustain a specific time. 

In case of any issue, it is complicated and expensive to repair the LED screen. Therefore, every good LED screen company comes up with an extended warranty offer. 

Look for the warranty period the supplier offers and the terms and conditions to avail of the warranty. That will give you a brief idea about how much the supplier is confident about his products. 

3.How To Choose The Right Pixel Pitch For A LED Screen?

Choosing a LED screen is not a straightforward matter as a wrong selection can produce some severe consequences. It will fail your outdoor/indoor advertising and create a harmful impact on your branding. So, you should know how to choose the right pixel pitch that suits your needs. 

Figure 2 - Viewing distance can change the price of a LED screen

You should not just go for the highest resolution or the size. It depends on the purpose of your LED screen. You should consider the following variables:  

  • Location of the LED screen – Will it be an outdoor or indoor LED screen? If it is an outdoor LED screen, you must consider the protection you need to have with the LED screen to protect it from rain, dust, and other natural causes. 
  • Height of the LED screen 
  • Minimum viewing distance

If you have answers to these three variables, you can select the ideal LED for your business. 

Let’s demonstrate the matter with an example. If the LED screen’s viewing distance is more than 25m, you should not go for a high resolution because the viewers won’t come close to the LED screen to appreciate the high resolution. But if the viewing distance is less than 10m, then the resolution is the most crucial factor.  

Now, the second important thing is the size of the LED screen. Some customers only focus on the viewing distance but forget the size of the LED screen.

If the screen size is small, then there is always a chance that the viewers will come closer to see the advertising or the information on the screen. With the viewing distance, you should also consider the size before selecting the pixel pitch for your LED screen.

Some companies don’t tell you this trick. They only talk about the pixel pitch but don’t talk about the size. It is a TRAP, don’t fall for it.  

The thumb rule is to select a LED screen that can produce 30,000 pixels on screen. Anything less than that will not be able to create a good quality image.

4. What Are The Technical Specifications For LED Screens?

You may have noticed many technical terms when you are browsing a LED screen. If you are not a technical person, you miss the meaning of some terms. Let’s find out the standard technical specification terms for LED screens and find out what they mean.

Pixel Pitch

Putting it simply,  pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two LED clusters or pixels measured in millimeters. Generally, the distance ranges from .9mm up to 10mm. Jasonlight indoor LED displays feature pixel pitches ranging from .9mm – 10mm to deliver the best solution for you. 

Pixel pitch is crucial because it directly impacts your LED screen’s display resolution and the highest viewing distance. If the pixel pitch is smaller, higher pixels will be required to form the image. 

This way an LED screen with a smaller pixel pitch will deliver videos with higher resolutions. On the other hand, a large pixel pitch will give you lesser resolution but a high viewing distance.

To make things easier for the customers, LED screen manufacturers write the pixel pitch this way, P3, P4, P10, etc. LED screens with low numbers are best for indoor and with high numbers are ideal for outdoor use. 

Refresh Rate

This value tells you how many times a second your LED display screen shows data to you. Sometimes we confuse the refresh rate with the frame rate, but they are not the same. We value the refresh rate with Hertz (Hz) and frame rate with FPS. Suppose the frame rate of a video is 24 fps with a refresh rate of 48 Hz. It means every frame will be shown twice.

If you are not getting this, here is a simple tip. A standard LED screen must come with a refresh rate of at least 1000H to provide a flicker-free image on the screen. You can find LED screens with a refresh rate of up to 9000 Hz.

LED Viewing Angle

The viewing angles of a LED screen have a greater impact on viewers’ perception of the content. Typically, the LED display should have 120-160 degrees horizontal and vertical  viewing angles

LED viewing angle
Figure 8 - LED viewing angle

The viewing angle largely depends on the type of LEDs used in a screen. The SMD and vandal-resistant LEDs offer better viewing angles than other types. 

IP Rating

Outdoor LED screens are vulnerable to many natural causes. Rain, dust, sunlight can damage your LED screen. To protect the LED screen from those, you have to learn the LED screen’s IP rating. The IP code tells the level of protection your LED screen will have from the environment. Jasonlight provides IP65 protection on outdoor LED screens for the best protection. 

5. What Are The Display Interfaces For LED Screens?

The different types of Display Interfaces for LED screens are:

DVI Interface: DVI  or Digital Video Interface transmits digital signals without going through the process of digital-to-analog conversion. This way, the DVI interface produces high-quality videos.  DVI is an internationally accepted interface that is being used in various technologies. 

HDMI: HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface, and it transmits all media signals just like the DVI interface. HDMI produces high-quality audio-video outputs and is widely used these days in all sorts of devices. 

Figure 9 - HDMI
Figure 9 - HDMI

VGA: VGA refers to Video Graphic Array. This is a dedicated interface for VGA standard videos. Typically it comes with 15 pins in three separate rows. You will find this interface in the graphics cards. 

USB Interface: USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is a well-known interface that can store audio, video files and connect with an LED screen to display those. There are two types of USB: USB1.0 and USB2.0.

6. Top 20 LED Screen Manufacturers You Must Know In China

#1. JASIONLIGHT Industry Co., Ltd.

Jasionligh is a state-of-the-art enterprise awarded by the Chinese government. The company is located in Shenzhen city, the original production house in China.

The company has more than 18 years of experience in the LED industry and 10 years of manufacturing LED screens.

Jasionlight has more than 10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory with proficient workers and up-to-date technologies including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other cutting-edge technologies. Also, we offer more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year. 

Jasionligh LED screen factory is armed with a highly skilled technical team with 20 engineers and 10 aftersales technicians. They are relentlessly working on running projects and searching for innovation. Besides, the company has more than 100 proficient workers for delivering the best-LED screen for your business. 

The company can manufacture any quantity at any time as they are never short of raw materials needed to create LED screens. They also have 10 approved Quality Control (QC) systems to ensure that the product from the LED screen factory maintains the highest standard.

Jasionligh also provides proper documentation and video training so that you can install their LED screens effortlessly. Moreover, they have 24/7 customer support to help you out with any issues you can face with their LED display screens. 

#2.Qinghan LED Screens Co., Ltd.

Qinghan LED Screens Co., Ltd. is an area-based LED screen manufacturer. They have been working on manufacturing LED screens for the last two years. They are trying to produce LED screens at a low cost. 

#3. Vision LED Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision LED Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of the LED screens for the last five years. They formerly used to manufacture LCD screens. But the constantly increasing speed of LED screens has brought them to work in this field.

#4. Feng Shui LED Screens Co., Ltd.

Feng Shui LED Screens Co., Ltd. is a new industry in the manufacturing list of LED screens. They have made a beautiful production house inside of a secured area at the end of the city. 

They have done quite a good job decorating their production house. 

#5. Dragon LED Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Dragon LED Screens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private They have started manufacturing the LED screens in the year 2016. They have massive planning of production to be one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Dragon LED has a good reputation in the market. 

#6. Shengxiao Electronics Co., LTD.

Shengxiao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of electronics products since 2011. They are quite a reputed manufacturer in the field of electrical things. They have name and fame for the other products. 

#7. Red Panda Electronics Co., LTD.

Red Panda LED Screens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is new in the industry of LED screens manufacturer. They are one of the best institutes. They are trying to maintain the quality of their products in this industry with sincerity. 

Along with LED screens, they are the manufacturer of some other electrical products too. 

#8. Imperial Palace LED Screen Manufacturing Co. LTD.

Another name in the manufacturer list of LED screens is Imperial Palace LED Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. They have improved a lot in manufacturing the LED screens. 

Though the company is not a global supplier of LED display screens they are doing good business in China. 

#9. The Li LED Screens Co., LTD.

The Li LED Screens is a known name among the local LED screen buyers. They have been in this market since 2018. They produce only some fixed designs and lengths of LED screens. 

#10.Victoria Harbor Electronics Co., LTD

Victoria Harbor Electronics LTD. is in the manufacturing of the electronics field since 2014. Since the beginning, they were mainly the manufacturers of LED lights only. But they have started to manufacture the LED screens to add a new dimension to their productions.

#11.Hangzhou Pengshen LED Screens Co., LTD.

Hangzhou Pengshen LED Screens Co., LTD. is in the field of production LED Screens since 2019. They have a massive stock of their products in their storehouse. 

#12 Chrysanthemum LED Screen Manufacturing Co., LTD

Chrysanthemum LED Screen Manufacturing Co., LTD. is a leading institute of producing LED screens. 

They have a good reputation for their products but they are a bit expensive. 

#13. Great Dream LED Screens Co., LTD

Great Dream LED Screens is in the manufacturing of the LED screens for the last three years. They started with a massive possibility of holding a place in the market to sell LED screens. 

#14. Beijing Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Beijing Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. is another new manufacturer in the industry of LED screens. Their production is quality.  The company works with various types of electronic products. 

#15. Hanren LED Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hanren LED Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is not too old in the productions of LED screens. They have been in the marketplace with their productions for the last six years. 

#16. Yunnan Mengyan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Mengyuan Electronics is the manufacturer of different types of electrical things besides LED screens. This institute has been in production since 2017. They have a wide variety of products. 

#17. Xiamen Yuanda LED Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Yuanda LED Screens Co., Ltd. is a LED screen manufacturer. They have been in manufacturing since 2012. They have almost maintained the standard of the quality of their LED Screens.

#18. Sanya Haile LED Screens Co., Ltd.

Sanya Haile LED Screens started the production of LED screens in 2015. They are trying to reach the standard of manufacturing the LED screens. 

#19. Camellia Industry Co., Ltd.

Camellia Industry Co., Ltd. has been in the industry of manufacturing LED screens. They have been able to reach their products near to the customers.

#20. Sichuan Lecheng LED Screens Ltd.

Sichuan Lecheng LED screens Ltd. has started manufacturing LED screens as the youngest member of the business in 2020. The company is committed to deliver high-quality LED screens and become a global supplier.

Final Words

Jasionlight always thinks the best for its client. That’s why our technical team is always ready to advise you to purchase the best LED screen to fulfill your needs.

You can contact us for anything you want to know about which type of LED screen you need for your business.


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