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Renowned Supplier of Custom Neon Name Signs

Jasionlight custom neon name signs support almost 250 wholesalers worldwide with their unlimited custom design. Our expert design team shares hundreds of ideas to choose the right color, font, and style for your name neon signs.

We respond to our clients with quick services and ship products based on your urgency. Our design capability and production capability can be customized and so you can get your products on time.

Wide Range of Customization Services

Jasionlight customization capabilities are available in terms of design capability, production capability, availability of a wide range of installation accessories, and materials.

First of all, designers assess the feasibility of your projects according to your requirements. The draughtsmen follow the designer’s requirements and translate the ideas into actual drawings or designs. The craftsmen complete the design process and then interface with the engineering department to implement them into concrete physical LED neon signs.

Best Solutions for Your Custom Neon Name Signs

Jasionlight custom neon name signs are certified with ISO 9001, SGS, CE, ROHS, and more. So, our quality is unquestionable.

All of our custom neon name signs have a longer warranty time. The warranty period is 2 years free warranty and 1 year free spare parts replacement, calculated from the time the customer receives the goods.

Jasionlight provides 24 hours online customer support and responds to email, telephone, or fax within 2 hours of receiving it.

Quality with One-stop Manufacturing Process

Jasionlight manufacturers custom neon name signs with high-grade machines run by skilled workers and technicians. Let’s see how our engineers, technicians, designers, skilled workers, and members of the QC department work together to manufacture high-quality neon name signs.

PCB Design

Different neon signs require particular sized Printed Circuit Boards or PCB. Our electronic engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams based on customers' requirements. 

PCB Testing

Our expert technicians test and qualify every printed circuit board and send only qualified PCB for the next production process.


Jasionlight uses the most advanced surface mounted technology ( SMT) to ensure quality and stable brightness.

Silicone Extrusion Process

Jasionlight accomplishes the silicone extrusion process with high-grade silicone extruder machines. Our expert workers with exquisite workmanship keep the process effective.  

Visualization In Advance

Before starting to make LED neon signs, our expert designers confirm the name neon signs with 3D visualization. Every small design factor is important for us to provide a better experience. 

Grooving the Backboard

With our laser engraving machine, skilled workers groove the acrylic backboard to facilitate the assembly of LED neon strips.

Handmade LED Neon Sign

In the step of assembling neon name signs, our well-trained technicians measure and cut the neon flex strip into an appropriate length. Then they assemble with high-quality accessories and glue.

Neon Sign Aging Test

We have a product return policy but the returning process is full of hassles. So, we qualify our neon and ensure the stable operation of neon name signs by burning them for 8 hours. 

Safest Packaging

LED neon signs are very sensitive and can break in the time of exporting. We use thicker carton packaging for small signs and wooden boxes for large ones.

Jasionlight Custom Neon Name Signs

help you to meet customers' requirements

Our custom neon name signs are suitable for any design because we match our design considering the existing designs of your bedroom. Just share your name with our designers and they will give thousands of customization options. Here are some custom neon name signs to visualize your signs in advance.

Neon Light Name

You can design the name of you, your business, and the name of pubs or restaurants. Choose your favorite color, font styles, and size for your neon light name.

  • $120
Custom Name Light up Sign

Custom neon light up signs is perfect for any home decor such as weddings, birthday parties, and other events. You can also use them for children’s bedrooms, living rooms. 

  • $150
Custom Neon Logo

You can design your business logo with our expert design team. The business logo is important for any business. You can notify your presence in your locality with a high-bright neon logo.

  • $50
Last Name Neon Signs

Surprise your partner by setting custom neon signs with their last name. You can create a vivid and romantic atmosphere on any special day.

  • $100
Personalised Neon Name Sign

Make your neon name signs more personalized with Jasionlight. We offer a wide range of customization services in colors, graphics, font size, neon signs, and backboard. Personalize room decoration, wedding parties with our custom name signs. 

  • $50
Neon Name Sign

Who doesn’t love the colorful neon name signs before going to sleep or getting up in the morning? Our neon name signs create a dramatic and sleepy environment in your bedroom. Jasionlight will create your neon name sign beyond your belief.

  • $80
Your Name in Neon Lights

Choose your favorite color, font styles, the font size for designing name neon signs. Just put your name with our design department and they will visualize you with 3D technology of the final appearance.

  • $50
Neon Family Name

You can put the names of all family members in custom neon name signs. Share your love with your family members by our high-efficient, eco-friendly neon signs. 

  • $80
My Name in Neon Lights

Design your name in any language and style. Our expert team members can design any language.

  • $150

Why Jasionlight For Custom Neon Name Signs

There are a number of neon sign manufacturers in China. All of them offer high-quality neon signs at different prices. So, customers and resellers face a lot of problems to find reliable neon signs manufacturers. You must analyze data to find reliable neon signs manufacturers

Jasionlight is one of the most renowned neon signs manufacturers in China and manufactures almost all kinds of LED signs. It exports high efficient products in more than 50 countries. The QC team of 15 members inspect the quality from collecting raw materials to exporting to its customers. 

Custom neon name signs are used in different applications. Decoration of home, birthday parties, marriage ceremony, wall decoration are common usage of custom neon signs. You can also surprise your friends, family members, kids with neon signs containing their names. 

Jasionlight supports the wholesalers and distributors by offering products at competitive prices. As there has no MOQ for resellers, you can support your customers with unique style for wholesale neon signs business. 

All custom neon name signs come with a strict quality control process. Advanced surface mounted technology, one-stop manufacturing process, and skilled workers make our products 3x more efficient, 2x more durable than any other competitors.

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Custom Neon Name Signs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


The popularity of personalized products is increasing day by day. People want to make or design their products with their own choice. The custom neon name sign is one of the most favorite home decoration tools. You can decorate your home or office with custom neon name signs. But, if you don’t buy the neon name signs from a reliable manufacturer, you will have to face lots of troubles while using them.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Custom Neon Name Sign?

Neon signs where people can design their own names are known as custom neon name signs. You can design your own name, your business name, or the name of the favorite one on custom neon name signs. 

Let’s see some favorite Custom Neon Name Signs to get an idea of how they look like.


Figure 01: Custom Neon name signs – Jessica


Figure 02: Custom Neon name signs – Jack


Figure 03: Custom Neon name signs – Oscar

2. Can You Get Personalized Neon Name Signs in Any Language?

Who doesn’t love to design rooms with personalized things? The personalized neon name sign is one of the most favorite things to design our room. The availability of getting personalized neon name signs in any language depends on the manufacturers. Many manufacturers design custom neon name signs only in some language. Few renowned manufacturers like Jasionlight can design custom neon name signs in almost all languages.

3. What Are The Applications of Custom Neon Name Signs?

Custom neon name signs are generally used for room decoration and Christmas gifts. You can also use them in the following situations. 

  • Birthday Parties
  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Christmas gifts to families, lovers, girlfriends, girls, kids, etc. 
  • Celebration of Valentine’s Day. 
  • Wedding party
  • As a gift to your parents. 
  • Wall decor
  • Personalised gifts
  • Business Logo
  • Company outdoor neon sign

4. What are the Maximum Letters for Custom Neon Name Signs?

The number of letters depends on the size of the neon signs and the size of the letters you want. If you want to keep the letters of your name big and bold, you can keep fewer letters on the neon signs. Most of the manufacturers offer 10 to 20 letters in the custom neon name signs. Jasionlight has gained the capability to optimize the space and can keep up to 30 letters. So, you can design your custom neon name signs with your name and your favorite ones.

5. Where Should You Purchase Custom Neon Name Signs?/ How To Choose Reliable Neon Name Signs Manufacturers In China?

If you are wholesalers or retailers of custom neon name signs and want a high-profit margin, there has no alternative to Chinese lighting manufacturers. China has achieved the most advanced technologies in any technological sector. And there are many neon signs manufacturers in China. So, finding a reliable neon name signs manufacturer is very tough but not impossible. But how? Consider the following factors at the time of choosing a reliable manufacturer.

Experience In Neon signs Industry

As the popularity of neon signs has increased in the last decade, many lighting companies are manufacturing neon signs replicating the technologies. So, their products don’t last for a long time. Check the foundation date of the manufacturers and core products of them to know the experience in the neon signs industry. You can also check the availability of the research and development department to know the experience. 

From the date of inception of Jasionlight, it has created an R&D department to develop its products. The expert team members of Jasionlight innovate and track the latest technologies and implement them in their neon signs. So, you will get the best custom made neon name signs at an affordable price. 

Flexibility in Order

Wholesalers and retailers want flexibility in their order. They don’t want to fill their shops with many products. Ensure that your manufacturers are eager to complete the order according to the demand of you. The minimum order quantity is another factor that you should consider at the time of choosing reliable manufacturers.

Communication Systems

When you want to engage in an international transaction, you must check the reliable and fast communication system of the manufacturer. Manufacturers must have mail, cell-phone numbers, and a live chat system of real persons. In the buying process of custom neon name signs, you must need a lot of information about products, delivery systems, and products’ maintenance. 

Jasionlight has a 24/7 customer support system. You can communicate with them in any way. Their skilled custom support representatives will provide any information to meet your demand. Don’t hesitate to call them directly in case of urgent communication. 

Experience in International Transactions

Manufacturers who have experience in international business can deliver products on time. Most of the resellers want to accomplish the transaction from the manufacturer. Purchasing and delivery of neon name signs from different sources can bring lots of hassles. So, choose a neon name signs manufacturer who can take responsibility to send your products to your doors or stores. 


Figure 04 International Business Experience

Competitive Price of Neon Name signs

People no longer search for low-price products or services. People search for products or services that have advanced features and last for a long time. As a reseller, you need to analyze customers’ behavior in your own location and find the best products. As Jasionlight uses the most advanced technologies and raw materials, they can offer the best products at affordable prices.

6. What Factors Should You Focus on at The Time of Choosing Reliable Neon Name Signs?

To get high-quality custom neon name signs, you should focus on a number of factors. Focus on the following factors before purchasing custom neon name signs. 

Raw materials

To get the high-quality custom neon name signs, you need to focus on the raw materials. LED chips and silicon are the main raw materials used to manufacture custom neon name signs. Let’s know what kinds of LED chips and silicone are the best for custom name neon signs. 

Choosing LED Chips

Surface-mounted device or SMD chips are very suitable neon sign chips for custom neon name signs. They require a very small space and they are flatter. Surface-mounted LED chips require 75% less energy compared to traditional chips. The average lifespan of surface-mounted SMD chips ranges from 45,000 hours to 50,000 hours. So, confirm that your custom neon name signs will be manufactured with surface mounted SMD chips. 

Choosing high-quality silicone

The high-quality silicone is a crucial factor for long-lasting custom neon name signs. So, confirm that your reliable manufacturer uses high-quality silicone which has the following features. 

  • No odors or smell
  • More transparent than PVC
  • High-quality silicone has Rosh environment test reports. 
  • High-quality silicone doesn’t create smoke and black glue at the time of burning with fire. 
  • You can easily bend them as they are very flexible.

Size of Neon Name Signs

Size is another important factor that you should focus on at the time of choosing neon name signs. Some people set them in their bedroom, and some set the theater room or drawing rooms. If you set them in a small room, you need to order small custom neon name signs. 

Customers have other decoration materials on the walls(also called custom neon wall signs). So, you need to measure the size of your wall where you will set the custom neon name signs. Then, choose the sign size so that you can easily set them without any hassle. 


High-quality neon signs last for a long time. The lifespan of the custom neon name signs depends on the LED chips and manufacturing process. The average lifespan of the custom neon name signs is about 45,000 hours. 

You should not purchase cheap personalized neon name signs to save your initial investment. Low-quality neon signs consume very high energy and so they increase the maintenance cost. You also need to replace after using some years in case of purchasing low-quality neon name signs. Jasionlight manufactures high-quality custom neon name signs that last up to 50,000 hours.


Brightness is a crucial factor regardless of purchasing any kind of neon signs. The brightness of custom neon name signs depends on the light decay features of LED chips. The surface-mounted LED chips create consistent high brightness. The 2835 SMD LED chip, 3014 SMD LED chip, and 3020 SMD LED chip are the most advanced LED chips. So, ensure that your manufacturer is using one of them. 

Jasionlight uses the most advanced technologies and raw materials such as LED chips and silicone. At present, they are using 2835 SMD chips for single color design and 5050 SMD chips for achieving colorful effects. 


Warranty is the comfort zone of the customers and resellers to use and sell the products without being worried. Wholesalers and retailers can sell the products to their customers with repair, and replacement warranty. You should purchase custom neon name signs from a manufacturer that provides a longer warranty. 

You should not only focus on the warranty time but also focus on the policy of the warranty. Check whether they offer a free replacement warranty or offer free spare parts maintenance service only. Jasionlight provides the longest warranty time in the neon signs industry. They offer a 24 months free replacement warranty and 12 months free spare parts maintenance service.

You will be happy to know that Jaisonlight also offers a free shipping damage warranty to its customers and resellers. The warranty failure rate is the least because they use high-quality raw materials and the safest packaging system. 

7. What Customization Services Are Available in custom neon name signs?

Custom neon name signs require lots of customization services to match the customer’s demand. Some manufacturers only provide the language, and color customization services. But to make your design more customized, you need more customization services. Jasionlight provides the following customization services. 

  • Language of the Name ( Any Language) 
  • Sign Size at the widest point. 
  • Letters per line
  • Letter Position ( Left, Centre, or Right) 
  • Font Style
  • Font Sizes
  • Font colors
  • Background color
  • Backing color
  • Power Plug ( USA/CAN, UK, EU, AUS/NZ) 
  • The type of cable
  • The color of the cable. 
  • The size of the cable. 
  • Dimmer
  • Acrylic Packing Color
  • UV Printing

Let’s see some custom neon name signs with different font styles and colors. 

Figure 05: Custom Neon Name Signs - Jackson
Figure 06: Custom Neon Name Signs - Najiah

8. What Sign Sizes are Available at The Widest Point?

Many people and organizations’ owners want custom neon name signs for their homes and office. The choice is different from one to another. Based on the choices, manufacturers offer different sizes of the personalized name neon signs. The following sizes are very popular in custom neon name signs. 

  • 12”/30cm
  • 20”/50cm
  • 30”/75cm
  • 40”/100cm
  • 50”/120cm
  • 60”/150cm
  • 80”/200cm

You can also order a customized size for your neon signs. 

9. How Much Does a Custom Neon Name Sign Cost?

The price of custom neon name signs depends on the sign size, letters in the signs, the complexity of designs. Besides these, the availability of the waterproof feature, the urgency of the order, and backing color affect the price. The price of custom neon name signs ranges from $50 to $600. 

10. Can You Control Custom Neon Name Signs With a Remote Controller?

Sometimes we feel so tired that we don’t want to turn off the light. If you feel like this, you can order custom neon name signs with a remote controller. You can set the timer, change the mode of the light, and set the dimming function with remote controllers. Let’s watch how remote control works in neon signs. 

11. What is the Fastest, Safest, and Reliable Delivery System for Importing Neon Signs?

Custom neon name signs are very sensitive products and so you should follow the safest and reliable delivery system. But many wholesalers, retailers, and even project planers don’t know the fastest, safest, and cheapest delivery system. 

You can follow three popular delivery systems at the time of importing neon signs from China. There are courier services, air freight, and sea freight. Let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of these three delivery systems. 

Courier Services

Though it is the fastest delivery system, it cost the most to import products from China. It is suitable for end-users with a small number of products. If you are a reseller and want to import a large scale of products, it is not suitable for you. 

Air Freight

You can get your products within 10 to 12 business days and can import a large scale of products. The price of importing products through air freight is less than courier services but more than sea freight. When you want to purchase a large scale of products with a cost-effective delivery service, air freight is the best for you. 

Sea Freight

If you want to import a very large scale of custom neon name signs and want to keep the delivery services the least, air freight is for you. Though it takes more time compared to the previous two delivery systems, it is the safest, and most cost-effective. 

12. Can You Get Name Neon Signs in Urgent? ( Do You Need to Pay More In case of Urgent Shipment? )

To decorate your home party or fulfill the customers’ demand, you may sometimes need products urgently. You can get your products urgently in two ways. You can choose a reliable manufacturer who can manufacture custom neon name signs fast. You can also follow the fastest shipment process to get the products urgently. 

Some manufacturers charge a very high amount because of customers’ urgency. It is not a fair business of the renowned manufacturer. Jasionlight understands the urgency of the customers’ demands and values their urgency. They don’t charge for urgent delivery. As they have a large manufacturing capacity, they can manufacture a large number of products in a short time. They also help to manage the fastest delivery system to send products urgently.

13. What Are Some Favorite Colors for Custom Neon Name Signs?

As the manufacturers use the digital color combination with RGB feature, they can design neon name signs in any color. The following colors are very popular for decorating homes and parties with neon name signs.  

  • Hot pink
  • Baby Pink
  • White pink
  • White baby pink
  • Cold white
  • White Ice Blue
  • White purple
  • White Blue
  • White Green
  • Warm White
  • Red 
  • White-red
  • Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • White Orange 
  • White Yellow
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Ice Green
  • Purple

If you have a choice of your HTML color code, you can design neon name signs with that specific color. Choose the color of your personalized neon name signs which match with other decoration of your room and parties. 

Why Should You Choose Jasionlight?

Jasionlight is a renowned manufacturer of custom neon name signs. They have more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing neon signs. As they have their research and development sector, they have gained efficiency in neon signs. Custom neon name signs of Jasionlight last more than any other manufacturers in China. You will get the best custom neon name signs at the best price from Jasionlight.

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