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Finding the perfect LED display screen supplier is a hectic job. Jasonlight understands clients always remain confused before getting an LED display screen for a business or any other reason. You may be worried about :

What size LED display screen do I need?

What if I can not set that up?

Are those outdoor LED display screens waterproof?

What if they stopped working suddenly?

Do they offer any warranty?

LED or LCD, which should I prefer?

With over 18 years of experience in the LED industry, Jasionlight understands that your confusion is very much viable. Our dedicated experts in LED display technology are always ready to help you. We provide 24/7 customer support and 3 years of warranty on our LED display screen.

Your LED Display Screen Expert


Jasionlight is a leading LED display screen manufacturer and supplier in China. We have dedicated and skilled experts for product development, solution, manufacture, packaging, and marketing.

From billboard advertisement to an indoor meeting, our high-quality products consistently deliver the best you can display using cutting-edge LED technology.

With 18 years of experience in the LED industry and dedicated to LED display screen technology for 10 years, Jasionlight is your trusted LED display screen supplier in China.

One-stop LED Display Screen Factory

Jasionlight is a state-of-the-art enterprise awarded by the Chinese government. We are a leading LED display screen manufacturer and supplier from Shenzhen city, the original production center in China.

Jasionligh has more than 10,000 square meters of fabrication site with proficient workers and up-to-date technologies, including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other forefront technologies.

We have a highly-skilled technical team with 20 engineers and 10 aftersales technicians supported by 100 proficient workers dedicated to producing the highest standard LED display screens.

With a continuous flow of raw materials and 10 approved Quality Control (QC) systems, Jasionlight is always committed to delivering the product from your dream.


Why Jasionlight LED Screen Is Superior?

Jasonlight is the leading wholesale LED screen supplier in China. We try to bring the LED screen price as low as it can be. But we never compromise with the quality of our products. Low cost and high quality made us the leading LED screen supplier in China. Our LED screen is superior because:

High Brightness

10,000nits brightness confirms high definition and high brightness quality in broad daylight.

High Definition

Higher pixels, higher definitions offer closer distance view without pixelation.


IP65-68 waterproof enclosures that make our LED screens durable for all weather conditions.

Flexible Aspects Ratio

Our LED display screens feature 16:9 and 4:3 aspects ratio. Our golden aspect ratio cabinet size promises to deliver the best and comfortable visual display effect.

Various screens

We produce 720P, 2K, 4K multiple types of LED display screens to meet all clients' demand.

High Refresh Rate

Our LED display screens come with high refresh rates, between 1920Hz-3840Hz that allows no flickering on the camera, no tailing, and ghosting.

High Contrast Ratio

We use up to 5000:1 color contrast ratio between the luminance of white color and black color to enhance sharpness, brightness, and color. High color contrast ratio. Besides, with the HDR and color enhancement technology, we get a 100% sRGB white balance of the screen that delivers stunning visual performance.

Wide Viewing Angle

Our high-precision die-casting cabinet makes the screen maximum flat, allowing 120-160 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing. These wide viewing angles will influence the perception of the viewers of your content.

Simple And Reliable

We know our clients are not LED experts. That's why we make the installation process straightforward for our clients. You can finish the installation process effortlessly. We provide detailed documentation and video training to make the installation process more manageable. We offer a 3-years warranty on all of your LED display screens which ensures our products' reliability.

Show The World The Power Of Visualization

To support your business and projects

Jasionlight has an extensive product line of various categories covering nearly all applications that need visual experience and display business.

We manufacture outdoor&indoor LED displays, including rental LED displays, flexible LED screen, creative LED screen, Sports LED screen, transparent LED display, and so on. All of our LED display screens are easy to install and maintain.

Jasionlight LED screens feature a large viewing angle and high precision. Whether you are using our LED screen for product advertisement or indoor presentations, viewers will always get the best experience.

Moreover, Jasionlight can customize LED display screens just as your business needs. You can pick any curved, concave, or convex design to show the world your creativity.


Rental LED Display Screen

Jasionlight is the leading LED screen manufacturer in China that manufactures the most cost-effective rental LED screens. Our rental LED screen offers high-quality LED displays that are easy to assemble and disassemble. Our rental LED display screens are well designed to render your popular product images, videos, and commercials as well as in wedding stages and hotel training.

With our high-tech LED display screen, you will be able to bring the WOW factor to all of your rental projects. 

Commercial LED Screen

Jasionlight produces a wide range of commercial advertising billboards. Your Advertising agency can fulfill various projects from high-end to budget. Jasionlight commercial LED screens deliver stability, extended durability, and excellent usability. Agencies can perform their activities at the lowest possible cost with our high-quality commercial LED screen. 

Your investment in commercial LED screens is precious to us, and that’s why we are committed to delivering high-quality products with a dedicated customer support team. 

Sport LED Screen

Stadium LED Screen

Nearly every sporting event features a LED screen to display video scoreboards. Moreover, sports LED display screens can broadcast live events and advertisements. With Jasionlight sports LED display screens, any sports event becomes more exciting. Spectators can engage more in the sports event by seeing the live actions and scoreboard. 

Jasionlight sports LED screens are highly durable and offer high brightness and a high refresh rate for every sporting event. 

Fine Pitch LED Display

We understand the importance of high-resolution LED display screens. Jasionlight manufactures reliable and versatile small pixel pitch LED displays that render ultra-resolutions and super sharp image quality. You can use our fine pixel LED display screen in your meeting rooms, TV stations, surveillance rooms, and broadcasting areas. 

Jasionlight is the leading LED screen supplier in China, and fine pitch LED display screens are one of our top-selling products.  

creative led display

Creative LED Display

To stay ahead in this competing market, Jasionlight brings multiple types of customized LED display screens. Perfectly designed and sharp images of your creative LED display screens will open the gates of opportunities and possibilities for our customers. 

We produce flexible LED screens, logos, spheres, and triangle LED screens to promote your brand in supermarkets or public places.  

Our dedicated R&D team is always in quest of producing eye-catching creative LED display screens with more outstanding performance and durability.

Why Should You Trust Jasionlight LED Display Screen Manufacturer & Supplier?

Jasionlight manufactures LED display screens, including indoor and Outdoor commercials LEDs, creative LEDs, small pixel pitch LEDs, Sports, and rental LED screens. We are one of the best-LED display screen manufacturers in China because:


We are a leading LED display screen manufacturer and supplier with over 17 years of experience in the LED industry and dedicated to LED display screen technology for 6 years. 

Our LED display screen factory is located in Shenzhen city, the original production house in China.

Jasionlight has more than 10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory with proficient workers and up-to-date technologies including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other cutting-edge technologies. Also, we offer more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year. 

Jasionligh LED display screen factory is equipped with a highly skilled technical team with 20 engineers and 10 aftersales technicians. In addition, we have more than 100 proficient workers to assist our technical team.

We always have sufficient stock for raw materials and can manufacture as per an order at any time. 10 approved Quality Control (QC) system helps manufacture high quality and durable display LED screens for your use.


Jasionlight believes customer support is the backbone of any manufacturing company. That’s why we provide One-stop Solution, including production, installation, troubleshooting, training, and support.

Our documentation and video tutorials on product installation and debugging will assist you with our product anytime.

We offer package service with extensive product lines of various categories covering nearly all applications that need visual experience and display business.

Last but not least, we offer a 3-year warranty on all of our LED display screens.


We are a state-of-the-art enterprise awarded by the Chinese government. We offer  More than 50,000 square meters of a wide range of LED displays each year. 

Jasionlight manages more than 1,500 LED projects each year, including many favorite activities in Harmony Times Square, Mexico City Arena, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Taipei Arena, and many more.

We are Certified by CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE, etc.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For LED Display Screen


LED display boosts your existence in the market and helps customers gather essential information about your business.

You also can provide vital information about any product or service so that your customers don’t have to contact you or your customer care now and then.

Welcome to our FAQ guide on the LED display screen.

We will try to answer some basic questions for your better understanding of the LED display screen.

Table of Contents

1. What is an LED Display Screen?

An LED or light-emitting diode screen is a video display technology that uses a LED panel as the light source to display videos.

LED panel is a small display and component of a larger screen.

LED Display Screen for Display Ads
Figure 01 LED Display Screen for Display Ads

The bright lights of the LED display screen allow us to see them in broad daylight.

We also can watch images or videos from a LED display screen from a long distance from the screen.

LED display screens are used in outdoor billboards, indoor and outdoor advertising, signing, and in many other public gatherings. 

2. How Much Does A LED Screen Cost?

An LED  screen price ranges from the US $500 to $30,000 depending on various factors. Let’s look into the factors:


It is evident that the size of the LED display screen will significantly influence the LED screen price.

 If you are not particular about the size, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Calculating the size of your indoor area, venue, space, we will suggest the exact size you will need to fill up your purpose.

If you plan to use a LED screen of 5ft by 8ft, the price will be anywhere near$15,000.

But price does not entirely depend on the size of the LED display screen.

The dimensions you are willing to purchase are also a significant influencer to change the LED display screen price.

If you plan to display videos on your LED display screen, the screen’s ratio should be 16:9.

But if you are planning to create a display that does not fit in the 16:9 ratio, then we have to custom format the ratio, and that can change the price as well, but not in plenty of courses. 

Design Preference And Application

The LED  screen price also depends on the design, the project’s goal, and the customer’s need.

Another critical point for the cost of your LED display screen is the installation requirements. LED screen cost will change according to the requirement of fixed installation or rental use.

Sight Distance

Have you ever noticed that when you change the distance, image, or video quality from the LED display screen changes drastically? Well, it happens most of the time.

Viewing distance can change the price of a LED screen
Figure 2 - Viewing distance can change the price of a LED screen

And the price of the LED display screen largely depends on the viewing distance.

The standard pixel size for most Wall LED screens is  3.9 mm.

You can watch this screen from 10-15 feet away.

But when you come closer and want to have a closer look, the image quality will decrease.

3.9 mm is the standard pixel in the market for large billboards or advertising.

If you want to change the pixel, the LED screen price will vary.

Jasionlight offers wholesale LED screens and our LED screens cost less than other companies in China. 

3. How Does An LED Screen Work?

An LED display is a combination of carefully spaced LEDs. The diodes jointly form an image by verifying the brightness of each LED and displays on the screen. 

Red, green and blue LEDs create an LED display screen and these 3 different colors create a pixel. We can form billions of colors by adjusting the intensity of the diodes. The array of coloured pixels forms the image and you can see the image from a distance when you watch that LED display screen.  

4. How Much Does An Outdoor LED Sign Cost

The Small LED signage cost near about the US $5000, and a large LED billboard signage cost the US $20,000 to $30,000.

Figure 3 - Large LED billboard sign

You can pick your preferable outdoor LED sign in-between US $5000 to $30,000.

The price of the display screen may vary from design to design and some other factors.

For a more detailed answer on how we calculate the LED screen display sign, please read the 2nd answer of this FAQ guide on the LED display screen.

Jasionlight is the leading LED screen manufacturer in China and we deliver high-quality LED displays for billboard signs that will certainly establish your brand.

5. What Is a P10 LED Display?

“P” stands for pixel pitch, and the value after that helps buyers to determine the pixel pitch for a better understanding of what they are buying.

A P10 LED display has a pixel pitch of 10mm.

Figure 4 - P10 LED display screen is used for outdoor advertising

The Pixel matrix per SQM is 10,000 with a refresh rate of ≥1920HZ.

P10 LED display is ideal for outdoor advertising purposes, rail stations, airports, high-rise buildings, and other public gatherings.

Moreover, you can control your P10 LED display screen with the help of a computer.

6. What Is a P5 LED Display?

The P5 LED display screen has a pixel pitch of 5mm.

The P5 LED display screen is ideal for indoor video or graphics presentation.

7. How Do I Program My LED Display Board?

Programming your LED display board is an easy process.

You can do it with a computer and control it from a distance with ease.

Please follow the steps to program your LED display board.

The Programming Process Of A Led Display Board

To program your LED display board, you will require a piece of software called “Digital Signage Software.”

Your LED display screen manufacturer should provide you with the software to program your LED display board.

Find the software CD or download it from your manufacturer’s given link and install it on your PC.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you should follow the following steps:

  •  Enter the number of LEDs on your LED display. You should provide the width and height to provide the number of LEDs you are using.
  •  Now select which module of LED you are using. Your LED manufacturer will tell you the module type of your LED.
  • Turn off the default setting for the LED display board
  • Set luminance
  •  Select refresh rate
  • Click on finish, and half the process is done.
  •  Now it time to connect your PC to the controller
  • Click the program button
  • Now select text from the menu
  •  Type your text that you want to display on your LED display board.
  •    Send

  Save on controller

More tips:

  • The review icon will show you how the text will appear on the display screen.
  • U disk icon will save the program on the USB device.
  • Time icon will show the calendar on the LED display screen
  • The clock icon will show the time on the display screen
  • Temp icon will show the current temperature on the display screen
  •  Count icon will show the reverse countdown of day, week, month, year on the display screen.
  • Send icon will send the data to the controller to display the text.
  • Moreover, you can display various colors and animations on your LED display screen according to your screen’s spec.

8. Is a Lower Pixel Pitch Better?

It depends on the requirement of the consumer.

The lower pixel pitch provides a high-resolution image, but a higher pixel pitch offers the optimal viewing distance.

The optimal value refers to the distance from where the image will be clear to view.

 As you come closer, the image won’t be that clear as it was from a distance.

Lower pixel is better for indoor use
Figure 5 - Lower pixel is better for indoor use

If you are purchasing the LED display screen for indoor purposes, the lower pixel rate will be better as the resolution will be high from a short distance.

But if you are planning to purchase a LED display screen for outdoor advertising, the pixel pitch should be higher for a better view from a distance.

 According to your requirement, we suggest purchasing P4/P5 for indoor purposes and P10 and P16 for outdoor pursuits.

9. What Is A Good Pixel Pitch?

There is no good or bad pixel pitch. It depends on the purpose of the LED display screen.

Low pixel pitch offers more excellent resolution in a short distance, but a high pixel rate offers low resolution but greater viewing distance.

For example, a 16mm (P16) LED display screen offers a viewing distance of 20-53 meters means you can see the display screen from a 50-meter distance.

But with a lower pixel pitch, the distance will be less.

For business and advertising purposes, the high pixel rate is good as greater maximum viewing distance.

10. What Is Pixel Pitch Called?

Pixel pitch is also referred to as pitch or dot pitch.

The pixel pitch means the distance between 2 pixels measuring in millimeters.

11. Which Led Wall Is Better P3 Or P4?

P3 will deliver higher resolution than P4, but that high resolution won’t be necessary for typical use.

The production cost of P3 will be much higher than P4.

Figure 6 - P4 LED display screen

Therefore, P4 is better than P5 for indoor use as it is cost-effective and comes with a good resolution for indoor viewing. 

Moreover, the P4 has a viewing distance of 13 m which is higher than P3.

12. Which Is Used For A Bright Advertisement Display?

LED display screens are used for bright advertisement displays. 

You see those display boards or advertisements everywhere.

From the shopping mall to advertising billboards, from indoor advertising to transport signs, LED display screens are everywhere to display bright advertisements. 

13. How Do You Display Ads?

Large LED display screens are used to display ads in the market, on roads, or in any other public place.

Moreover, you can use a LED display screen to display ads in indoor spaces.

You can purchase any LED display screen according to your requirement to display ads.

14. What Is A Digital Display System?

A digital display system is a flat display screen to show graphics or video content to people.

The system depends on various techniques to display multimedia content.

LCD and LED screen both are widely used display technologies 

LED display screens can show graphics or video content in broad daylight, under the sun, and comes with greater viewing distances.

15. Why Is Pixel Pitch Important?

A pixel pitch determines the resolution and the longest viewing distance of a LED display screen.

Less pixel pitch will provide high-resolution images but less viewing distance and high pixel pitch will provide low resolution with long-distance viewing.

16. What Is The Right Pixel Pitch For My Needs?

The correct pixel pitch depends on the purpose of your LED display screen.

If you are going to use your LED display screen indoor, then low pixel pitch (P4/P5) is right for you.

On the other hand, if you will use it outside, a high pixel pitch is better as it will provide you with a long-distance view.


We hope the FAQ guide on the LED display screen helped you find some answers that you were looking for.

If you are looking for a LED display screen factory for your business, we will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect LED display screen to set up in your desired space.   

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