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Outdoor LED Screen - Perfect For Creative Messages And Formats

Concepts change regularly, and the outdoor LED screen is turning out to be a popular display with great visual appeal. If you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or business, then these outdoor LED screens from JASIONLIGHT are just the screens you need to promote any kind of company or business out there.

One of the main reasons people prefer outdoor LED screens is because they can create eye-catching and creative visual assets. Use any format, font, image, or video to display on your small or large LED screens.

If you noticed those real-to-life outdoor LED TV screens on the front wall of malls and at strategic locations on busy streets, you’ll realise these screens are meant to last. They are durable and allow you to display perfectly personalized messages in real time without having to physically access these screens.

Play Money-Saving Unlimited Ad Campaigns


The best part about advanced outdoor LED screens is that they do not limit you to run a fixed number of ad campaigns once you install them. Run ads and messages dedicated solely to promote your business, or use it as a rental to display hundreds of different business ads and messages.

You do not pay more to run these ads, which makes these outdoor LED screens a money-saving outdoor display that offers greater value than traditional advertising tools.

Get JASIONLIGHT’s Innovative Outdoor LED Screen Solutions At Bulk Rates

JASIONLIGHT has the expertise to design and manufacture custom LED screens that meet your specific business promotion requirements.

You can call the ISO 9001 certified factory directly or send your enquiry through its website that offers 24/7 contact service with full support.

As one of the leading outdoor LED screen manufacturers in China, JASIONLIGHT has since 2003 been providing top-quality LED solutions to its international customers.

Using the latest technologies, JASIONLIGHT strives to offer a better experience of its products to you. You will get access to a team of expert electronic engineers and skilled extrusion process workers that produce the best outdoor LED screens for sale.


What’s Special About Outdoor LED Screens Offered By JASIONLIGHT?

To support your business and projects

With its 18 years of experience manufacturing LED products, JASIONLIGHT is a trusted LED screen manufacturer that guarantees 100% quality products backed by high-quality raw materials. It innovates with its highly skilled development and research team to bring you products of the highest quality.

Outdoor Waterproof LED screen

The waterproof LED screen is a necessary lighting display for all your outdoor projects. 

JASIONLIGHT manufactures LED screens with dustproof and waterproof capabilities by wrapping these screens with a flame-retardant resin that is smooth and does not distort light output. It is environmentally friendly and achieves high brightness levels so your images and videos stand out.      

Outdoor LED TV Screen

How about a 200-inch blow-up screen to display video that comes with a stable stand? Whether it’s a block party or a local school event, this screen offers a seamless viewing area for you.

It takes just a short time for you to set up or take down this outdoor LED screen and is extremely easy to clean. Its wide base can be secured to keep the screen in position unaffected by gusty winds.

Outdoor LED TV Screen
Outdoor LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Wall

JASIONLIGHT’s superior LED technology empowers you to install large-format outdoor LED video walls to display static pictures or video content seamlessly.

The screens are functional and visible in adverse climatic conditions. You can choose a pixel pitch that allows you to view these outdoor LED video walls from a distance of 3 meters or from much greater distances.  

Corner LED Screen

These LED screens are usually mounted at the corners of buildings and offer custom angular solutions. For example, you can choose an angular LED screen with 270° viewing area. 

They offer excellent video and image display capabilities with brightness levels climbing up to 5500 nits. The angular size for a 120 m² LED screen is 11 m X 7 m + 6 m X 7 m. You can customize these angular dimensions to meet your specific promotional requirements. 

Corner LED Screen
Commercial Outdoor LED Screen

Commercial Outdoor LED Screen

For the perfect open landscape, you can use a commercial outdoor LED screen that meets all your requirements for a normal display. These screens have ultra-slim designs with 110 mm structures. 

The thinnest part can be just 12 mm thick which reduces structure load, outdoor LED screen price, and installation cost. It meets your customized broadcasting requirements with a multi-screen display, and high brightness and contrast levels.      

Outdoor LED Poster

Nearly three times lighter than an LCD display, the outdoor LED poster offers an outstanding viewing experience from an approximate distance of 20 meters. You can control what you display on these LED screens from your mobile. 

They are carefully designed for high aesthetic details and meet your operational demands in every way. Upload fresh content in just 10 seconds with realistic color renditions and a wide 160° viewing angle.

Outdoor LED Poster
Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard

One of the factors that make outdoor LED billboards a must-have tool for businesses is the cutting-edge technology used to create clear and vibrant billboards that display content in broad daylight and after sunset.

When you choose an innovative manufacturer like JASIONLIGHT, you get to use daylight sensor technology that adjusts the brightness levels according to the ambient light levels at any given time.

Why Choose Jasionlight Custom Outdoor LED Screens For Effective Advertising Campaigns

There’s a definite reason why JASIONLIGHT’s one-stop outdoor LED screen solutions are guaranteed to offer you products with stable brightness and low maintenance costs.

You’ll be able to visualize your outdoor LED screen designs using advanced 3D design technology that accurately meets your requirements for color, style, and design.

Adapt your LED screen to any type of application – from entertainment to advertising, and from information to communication.

You have one of the best international outdoor LED screen suppliers by your side that offers you hundreds of different outdoor LED screen product styles that have undergone rigorous aging tests. 

You get an affordable outdoor screen price with value-added benefits that you cannot ignore.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Outdoor LED Screen


You benefit a great deal from purchasing an outdoor LED screen, as this is now one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers. These giant outdoor LED screens generate great engagement and attract your attention with imaginative displays of products, services, and vital information.

Table of Contents

1. How Do Large Outdoor LED Screens Get Illuminated?

Illuminated Large Outdoor LED Screen
Figure 1 - Illuminated Large Outdoor LED Screen

Gone are the days when fluorescent tubes and other lights were used to light up outdoor displays. 

The large outdoor LED screens that you see use LED modules assembled into panels that combine to form the screen. 

These LEDs are energy-efficient and require less maintenance and repair from you. They also distribute light evenly to create synchronized renditions of text, images, and video displayed over the entire screen. 

2. How Do You Choose Your Outdoor LED Screens?

There are a few basic concepts you must consider while choosing your outdoor LED screen panels.

Outdoor LED Screen Brightness

If you use an LED screen for outdoor advertising, you must be aware of the brightness level you need for your application. For example, outdoor LED panels for advertising are brighter than outdoor LED TV screens.

This brightness is measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m²) or nits. If you want a highly luminous LED screen, you’ll have to choose one with higher brightness that consumes more electric power and is costlier.

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is another important factor you need to consider. Your outdoor LED screen may be placed at a lower height. 

In this case, you’ll have to reduce the viewing distance, which is the distance from where the viewer can clearly see the LED screen without noticing individual outdoor LED panels.

Determine the interval between two pixels to achieve that viewing distance

For instance, if you have a 4 x 3 m LED screen, you’d probably choose a pixel pitch of 10 mm. 

However, if you want to reduce the viewing distance, the pixel pitch also reduces to around 8 mm. Again, the smaller the pixel pitch, the costlier the LED screen.

Figure 2 - Viewing distance for LED display

Calculate the pixel pitch for your outdoor LED screen

Firstly, multiply the base and height measurements. If you choose a 2-m base with a height of 1 m, then the surface area you need is 2 square meters.

You need more than 30,000 pixels to reproduce the video on an LED screen. If that’s the case, you need to multiply this surface area by a pixel count greater than 15,000.

2 m² X 15100 = 30200 (acceptable, as the value is greater than the 30,000 pixels you need)

Calculate The Cost

Outdoor LED screen costs are reducing at a much faster rate than ever before. The cost will be calculated based on the size of the outdoor LED screen, the pixel resolution and the brightness.

3. Does The Outdoor LED Screen Size Matter?

Experts believe the bigger the size, the bigger the impact on the audience. There are no limits to determine the size of your outdoor display.

The size of your outdoor LED screen can also be determined by the restrictions put in place by your local administrative authority. 

You may need to check with your council or other administrative body to gain more clarity on display size limits enforced in your city or town.

4. Can You Extend The Size Of The Outdoor LED Screen After The Initial Purchase?

The dimensions of this LED screen can be easily extended even after you have made the initial purchase. You can ask your manufacturer to create panels that can be added to the existing screen.

5. What Do You Need To Build An Outdoor LED Screen?

Screen Support Structure

First, you need a proper structure to support your outdoor LED screen. The LED screen needs support to hold it in position at the desired location. The outdoor LED screen supplier determines the weight and size of the LED screen based on the location and the type of atmospheric conditions in the area.

LED Screen

The screen itself comes in different sizes, shapes, styles, and different aspect ratios. It can be flat, curved, or designed in 3-D shapes.

You will need to specify your desired design to your manufacturer who will advise you on the possible designs you can use.

Content Source

Depending on your content goals, get a video feed mechanism that you can operate from a computer or a video playout deck. You can also get a professional grade video server as your video content source.


This is what sends content signals including video signals to the outdoor LED screen. You can manage and edit all content from this controller or S-box that supports UHD content to create a seamless display over the screen. 

Even if your screen is made up of several small panels combining to format the larger screen, this controller empowers you with the capability to display content over the entire screen with just a few clicks. 

You can make adjustments and other settings that reflect on the giant screen in real-time.

6. How Are Outdoor LED Screens Manufactured?

There are several stages involved in the manufacture of an LED outdoor screen.

Product And Structural Design

The product and structural design is approved based on the type of content you want to be included and the work environment decided in conjunction with you. The work in progress includes your inputs, the Bill of Materials (BOM) table to reduce production emergencies, prototypes, and sample testing if required.

How LED Modules Are Manufactured

The module production process of LED lamps consists of the surface-mount technology (SMT) process, assembling, testing, and aging. SMT focuses on the use of vacuum pressure and precision nozzles to place components together.

SMT Process For Electronic Components

Several processes like the SMT machine, tins-pasting machine, and reflow-soldering processes combine to mount electronic components in one go.

SMT Process For LED Chips

During this process, the focus is on distinguishing LED polarity and establishing anti-static LED chips.

Reflow Soldering

These LED chips are permanently soldered as the solder paste reflows in the molten state.

Manual Soldering

In this process, larger components are soldered together.

Test And Assemble Modules

The electronic components, LED chips, and signals are tested and assembled at this stage.

Finished Module Glueing Process

Once the module assembly is complete, the LED module is filled with waterproof glue via the glue dispenser.

Semi Finished Product Aging Test

The half or semi-finished products must pass the aging test to ensure the reliability of the finished product.

Finished Cabinet Assembly Aging Test

Once the cabinet assembly is complete with the different modules, power supply, control system, signal cables, and other accessories, the module ageing test is conducted to assess the outdoor LED screen lifespan and ensure it lasts for a long time for your use. 

Video Signal Connect Testing

Several videos are used to complete the signal connect testing process before the outdoor LED screen is ready for you to use.

7. How Do You Install Large Outdoor LED Display Screens?

Figure 3 - Large Outdoor LED Display Screen Installation

Analysis of Installation

Firstly, your contractor will analyze the size of your outdoor LED screen and whether any specific measures must be taken to install your screen.

For example, if you will install the outdoor LED screen onto the outside wall of a building, the condition of the wall needs to be analyzed. This will ensure the wall can support the large outdoor LED screen.

Your contractor will also need to determine how to connect your large outdoor LED display screen to a power supply and ensure that all appropriate safety measures are taken.

Large outdoor LED screens are mainly installed as embedded or pillar installations.

Embedded Installation

The steel structure is first installed on the outer wall of the building. The large outdoor display screen is then embedded into the steel structure that acts as its support.

Pillar Installation

These installations are common where there are no buildings to support the display, like a highway. A high steel structure is raised on a strong pillar solidly supported at the base. The top has a steel structure that supports the large outdoor display screen.

This LED screen is operated by direct playback systems connected to your PC or other control systems, which in turn are linked to media content resources like video devices.

Luminous Radiation Range Debugging

In this step, your supplier will test the screen such that the images look balanced and bright from all angles. This is because images can look distorted or different from a different perspectives due to the different radiation ranges involved.

8. What Are The Functions And Features Of An Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen?

You may want to get high-quality outdoor waterproof LED screens that display beautiful images and videos in outdoor locations. Some of the benefits you get from these LED screens include:

  1. Even color combinations and consistent performance due to the use of high-grade LED lamps and reduction of errors in LED lamp configurations.
  2. Lively and vivid images that viewers can see even in direct sunlight. Outdoor screens are made of LED lamps designed to configure each pixel with the three RGB colors. Brightness levels are usually configured up to 8000 nits.
  3. High-intensity white LEDs increase visibility and enable viewers to see your outdoor screens even from an angle. 
  4. Sun sheets are used over individual pixel elements resulting in better outdoor image visibility.
  5. The outdoor waterproof LED screen comes with an IP 65 protection rating to prevent rain and dust from affecting visibility and damaging components.
  6. Automatic functions that you can use to control the LED screen brightness levels according to the light intensity in outdoor conditions, thereby reducing power consumption.
  7. These LED screens can be configured into larger screens by using modules equipped with signal-processing boards and power circuits. This does not need rear side installations or external boxes from you.

9. What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor LED Screen Installations?

The type of installation depends on the application and the infrastructure available at the installation site.

Pole Installation

Outdoor LED Screen Installation - Pole
Figure 4 - Outdoor LED Screen Installation - Pole

This type of installation is normally found on highways and roads where there are no buildings. The outdoor LED screen is mounted on a tall pole. The benefit of mounting it on a high pole is that it can be viewed from a distance. It is shifted to a new location when not required.

Wall Mounted

Figure 5 - Outdoor LED Screen Installation - Wall Mounted

This is a permanent installation on the outdoor walls of buildings.

P10 Outdoor LED Screen

P10 P10 Outdoor LED Screen InstallationOutdoor LED Screen Installation
Figure 6 - P10 Outdoor LED Screen Installation

These LED screens have regular cabinets with back doors. Larger screens can be fixed with most types of installations. Technicians have enough room behind the LED display to perform maintenance tasks.

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

Figure 7 - Outdoor LED Screen Installation

This type of installation is usually fixed to the front side of a building. It is an effective way to draw the attention of people passing by this screen. The installation is very sturdy and can withstand adverse weather conditions.  

Rooftop Installation

Outdoor LED Screen Installation
Figure 8 - Outdoor LED Screen Installation - Rooftop

This is the most common form of installation where the LED screen is mounted on the roof of a building.

10. How Do Outdoor LED Screens Benefit You?

Besides effectively promoting a product, these LED outdoor screens also offer you other benefits.

Personalized Messages

A funny or unique message is a great way of reaching out to your customers by arousing curiosity in a product or service displayed through an outdoor LED screen.

Personalize messages and address the preferences and needs of the brand’s potential buyers. The right message becomes a permanent advertising asset for the company. 

Such messages are hardly forgotten, especially when displayed on giant outdoor screens customized in attractive colors and visible in night and day conditions.

Ability To Use Different Formats And Fonts

LED pixels can easily reproduce any type of text or image that you design. This helps in using compelling and interesting font sizes and formats that offer better clarity and express your branding. 

You can combine different types of text with images and videos. This allows you to create eye-catching and unique content with streamed messages that attract the attention of viewers.

Ability To Use Large Screen Sizes

Imagine a large LED outdoor screen directly above, as you drive through the highway. It becomes almost impossible to ignore this display, especially if it’s a giant overhead screen with useful content that you’re interested in.

Run Unlimited Information And Advertising Content

You have the option to create a sequence of messages loaded onto these LED screens on complete auto. 

There are no restrictions as to the number of advertisements or informational content you can post.

For example, the LED screen can start displaying the company logo followed by its credo. A product or service is introduced, after which advantages and benefits may follow. 

Advertisers use imaginative ways to create short stories and compelling advertising content with effective use of text, images, and video.

Superior Quality Display

LED screens are designed to offer eye-catching content with higher resolution and brightness levels. High-definition images and videos increase clarity even when displayed on large outdoor screens in bright daylight.

Highly Durable

They are tested for outdoor use and redesigned with added features that protect these outdoor LED screens from adverse weather conditions.

Easy To Design Content

Advanced software empowers you to design content for these LED screens. You can express your creativity and create highly effective messages and promotional content related to your business, products, or services. 

A Variety of Applications

Outdoor LED screens can be used in any outdoor location. For example, you can use them on football fields, commercial centers, highways, building facades, basketball stadiums, airports, stations, and other locations.

Visually Appealing Assets

These LED screens are environmentally friendly and can be designed to be part of the architecture of a building or structure. It adds beauty and improves the facility with its colorful and bright displays.

11. Can You Describe Some Applications For Outdoor LED Display Screens?

They are increasing in number year by year. We now find them on the top of tall buildings, as they have excellent visibility and brightness.

Commercial Advertising

The primary reason you use outdoor LED displays is to promote your business through ads. Placed on top of corporate offices, warehouses, and residential buildings, they are visible and attract attention.

Informational Screen

These LED screens can extend to any length and achieve ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolutions. 

You’ll find these screens at train stations, airports, stock exchanges, and other locations where text is streamed across the screen to announce corporate image and brand promotion.

These outdoor LED screens are typically used to present company products and programs. 

12. How Are Outdoor LED Screens Controlled?

There are two main ways of controlling outdoor LED screens – synchronous and asynchronous control.

Synchronous Control

You can use input devices like computers, cameras, and VCRs to display text, images, and video on these outdoor LED screens using synchronous control methods.

In this system, these LED screens remain connected to the controlling device or video processor. If the real-time connection is lost, the LED screen fails to display content.

Commercial LED advertising screens, large format LED screens, and rental LED screens use these types of synchronous control methods to transfer content to these screens.

Asynchronous Control

These types of screens don’t need a controlling device to display content. You can control content transmission from a remote device and edit content when required.

There’s a control card fitted inside the LED screen using connection transmission methods like 4g wireless, USB disk, or a Cat5 cable.

This LED screen also has a memory card that stores received transmissions. You can cut off the connection at this stage. The control card takes over and runs the text, video, and images as per the set program.

These are ideal, user-friendly outdoor LED screens that you need not access physically.

13. How Do You Clean The Outdoor LED Screen?

Clean Outdoor LED Screen
Figure 9 - Clean Outdoor LED Screen

After running in outdoor conditions for some period of time, the outdoor LED screen begins to accumulate dust and other impurities on its surface. 

It is necessary to remove these impurities from its surface to sustain brightness levels, retain clarity, and extend working hours.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Switch off the power supply to the outdoor LED screen before you start cleaning
  • Use an air pressure gun to blow the dust off the screen 
  • Use an electric brush the remove stubborn dirt
  • Make sure you clean the screen in one direction to avoid leaving cleaning marks
  • Once the dust is removed, spray clean water over the LED screen
  • Get the special cleansing agent to clean the surface of the outdoor LED screen
  • Use a soft electric brush to clean the LED module mask moving from top to bottom and left to right
  • Take extra precautions to prevent damage to the LED modules
  • Spray clean water to remove foam and impurities
  • Use an air pressure gun to dry the surface of the outdoor LED screen. This removes stubborn dirt left behind after you’ve removed the form and impurities
  • Use an air pressure gun to dry the surface of the outdoor LED screen
  • Do it quickly to avoid impurities from sticking on to the wet screen surface
  • Leave it to dry naturally, if it’s not very dusty

14. How Is The Outdoor LED Screen Used?

Stage Performances

The rental outdoor LED display has a huge market as a display source for stage performances. 

You’ll find these portable screens at opening ceremonies, concerts, and variety shows organized across the globe. 

Your audience immerse into performances which is impacted by the color contrast and brilliant brightness of these LED screens.


Hotel Outdoor LED Screen
Figure 10 - Hotel Outdoor LED Screen

Hotels avoid fixed display devices since they need to customize their space regularly. If you work with a hotel, you may prefer rental outdoor LED screens when you organize product launches, annual meetings, and other important functions for corporate clients. 

It’s quite common to see a wedding crowd focused on a video highlighting important events in the couple‘s life on a giant screen. 

You have the liberty to choose the size and clarity of the LED screen.

Auto Shows

Auto Shows Outdoor LED Screen
Figure 11 - Auto Shows Outdoor LED Screen

There are outdoor LED screens designed for the shows that the auto market organizes to launch new car models. 

People move around the show and maybe far from a featured new car model launch. 

When you provide the description and highlights of this new model launch in real-time on a giant outdoor LED screen, everyone gets to see the event as it happens.

Outdoor Events

Figure 12 - Sporting Events Outdoor LED Screen

Sports fans seated at different corners of the stadium often find it difficult to view the event taking place at the actual playing field. 

When you have an angular outdoor LED screen, it helps in engaging a large section of the audience with wider screen coverage. 

Also, you can erect the LED screen for advertising outdoor events outside the stadium to allow people who could not get in to watch the event. 

15. What Is The Normal Lifespan Of An Outdoor LED Screen?

The standard lifespan of the outdoor LED screen exceeds 100,000 hours. Keep the screen clean and set brightness levels at 50% of the original brightness to extend the life of your LED outdoor screen.

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