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Jasionlight Expertise in Best Custom Neon Bar Signs

Jasionlight has grown for over 17 years in the LED industry to become the best provider of LED solutions that meet various global requirements. Jasionlight custom neon bar signs are manufactured using the best processes and meet the regulatory lighting standards in place.

Through continuous investment in the best technological equipment, Jasionlight can manufacture custom neon bar signs of high-quality and cost-effectiveness. Jasionlight custom neon bar signs is do not contain gas and it safe to use and have a long life span.

Jasionlight Exclusive Custom Neon Bar Signs


Jasionlight will produce for you custom neon bar signs featuring the most advanced LED technology to ensure that they are very efficient. Jasionlight custom neon bar signs will also be available in any shape, size, and RGB option available to ensure that you select one which suits your needs.

Custom neon bar signs from Jasionlight are highly durable and completely flexible giving you unlimited possibilities for usage. We assure you of years of service when you use Jasionlight custom neon bar signs as we dedicate so much effort to the best quality manufacturing processes.

Jasionlight Top-Notch Customer Support on Custom Neon Bar Signs

At Jasionlight, we have a professional team that offers the best customer support services that you may require concerning custom neon bar signs and other custom LED neon sign solutions. Installation and operation guidelines for Jasionlight custom neon bar signs will be given to you by our esteemed technical team.

Any issues regarding the operation of Jasionlight custom neon bar signs will be promptly attended to 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure efficiency. In some cases where you require assistance with installation issues of custom neon bar signs, Jasionlight may offer help.


Why Settle for Jasionlight Custom Neon Bar Signs?

Jasionlight Custom neon bar signs are trusted by clients all over the world in lighting up their spaces. This is brought by the myriad of benefits offered by the bar signs. Some of the benefits include:


Jasionlight ensures that the custom neon bar signs are made to suit the exact details that you need including the specifications, logo, and brand. Jasionlight will ensure that your custom neon bar sign can meet the purpose you want effectively.


Pub light signs have a lower voltage which ensures that they remain cool to the touch and there is no possibility of breakage of glass. Traditional glass neon signs on the other hand pose a safety risk for breakages.


Jasionlight custom neon bar signs can save about eighty percent of the power compared to other traditional neon types. In this way, custom neon bar signs conserve the environment by reducing to a great extent the emission of carbon dioxide per year.


All Jasionlight custom neon signs have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and that is almost 6 years of service. In this way, they will ensure returns on investments as you will use them for a very long time. You can also use them both outdoors and indoors.

High visibility

Jasionlight custom neon bar signs will give you the ability to stand out and make a statement in the bar. Custom neon bar signs from Jasionlight will provide for you 360 degrees illumination because you can view from a distance that is quite sizable.

More design freedom

When you use custom neon bar signs from Jasionlight you will have the freedom to customize them in any way that you desire. Jasionlight can mould your custom neon bar signs in several ways to fit the image and aesthetic value that you desire for your bar.

Jasionlight Wide Range of High-Quality LED Solutions in The International Market

Jasionlight makes sure it implements consistency in the production of the best custom neon bar signs and other LED solutions in the market. Jasionlight has been able to stand out ahead of the competition. Some LED solutions Jasionlight makes are listed below.

Light-up pub signs

Use light-up pub signs from Jasionlight to cast a warm glow that will always remain loved by the customers at your pub. This glow produced by Jasionlight light-up pub signs will remain vivid and will be an attraction point thus more sales.

Bar with neon lights

Use a bar with neon lights from Jasionlight as a marketing tool to make potential customers aware of your bar. Alternatively, you may use a bar with neon lights to advertise other brands to get increased revenue. This will make your business get more profit.

Battery neon bar sign

The battery neon bar sign from Jasionlight will enhance the visibility of customers at your bar by enabling it to stand out and make a clear statement. The battery neon bar sign from Jasionlight is more convenient to use since it is operated by battery. It also ensure a powerful light that will make it standout.

Neon bar open sign

Use the Neon bar open sign to display the opening and closing hours of your bar as this will make customers aware of your working hours. With a neon bar open sign from Jasionlight, you will have the freedom to personalize it with the preferred details.

Tito’s lighted bar sign

Tito's lighted bar sign from Jasionlight is energy efficient and will ensure you use almost a half less energy than other lights. In this way, the efficiency of Jasionlight Tito's lighted bar sign will help you reduce energy costs over time.

Gin bar light-up sign
Gin bar light-up sign

Use a gin bar light-up sign from Jasionlight to make a statement of the location of gin shot bottles or cocktails in your bar. This will be essential to your customers as they will easily identify the location of a specific drink in your bar thus reducing confusion.

Tiki bar light-up sign

Customize your Tiki bar light-up sign from Jasionlight with the features that you desire because it is high-quality and very attractive to customers. Tiki bar light-up sign is visible to customers and is durable whether located indoors or outdoors.

Jack Daniels light-up bar sign

Jack Daniels light-up sign from Jasionlight will make your customers aware of the availability of the given drink in your bar and where to locate it. Jasionlight Jack Daniels light-up bar sign will also help you market the brand in your bar at a cost.

Cocktail bar light sign

Use a cocktail bar light-up sign from Jasionlight to enable your customers to know where to find cocktails in your bar to ensure efficiency. The cocktail bar light-up sign will increase your revenue when customers are aware that you offer cocktails in your bar

Why You Should Liaise with Jasionlight for The Provision of Custom Neon Bar Signs?

Custom neon bar signs from Jasionlight are incredibly efficient because they ten do have a relatively long lifespan. Jasionlight custom neon bar signs last an average of five to fifteen years, and all their components can be replaced or repaired easily.

Jasionlight professional designers believe in the perfection of the design and customization features of your custom bar neon signs. Contact us today with the specifications that you desire for your custom neon bar signs from Jasionlight, and we will not disappoint you.

Jasionlight will ensure that your custom neon bar signs are made with materials that are of high-quality and durable for use in all environments. Just send us an email or contact our customer support team and we will begin the production process.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Custom Neon Bar Signs


The growth in the use of Neon signs has led to the diversification of the products. This has led to the invention of Custom Neon Bar signs that are designed to decorate bars and nightclubs. 

You can transform your entertainment joint from a dull environment to a more trendy and stylish area for clients to enjoy their drinks. Below is a comprehensive guide that can help you understand the value of Custom Neon Bar Signs.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Neon Bar Signs?

Custom neon bar signs are mainly composed of neon flex, acrylic plate, power supply, and other accessories for installation. They are a type of LED sign which are energy-efficient lighting options, durable, affordable, and has a very great aesthetic value. 

They can be customized to suit your needs and are available in a wide range of colors which you can choose from.

Figure 1 - Custom Neon Bar Sign

2. How Much Do Neon Bar Lights Cost?

The cost of neon bar lights tends to vary depending on several factors and thus it is difficult to give an estimate for pricing. Your final price will depend on the following factors:

  • The actual size of the light-up pub signs. The larger the light-up pub signs you want, the more it will cost and vice versa.
  • The number of words or letters that you require on the neon bar signs is personalized.
  • The complexity of any pictures or logos which you want on your neon pub lights.

3. How Do Custom Light up Bar Signs Work?

If you examine the custom light-up bar sign, you will find out that it is composed of an acrylic plate that is shaped in each design. At the end of the plate, there will be an electrode whereby one is negative and one positive.

Inside the acrylic plate of personalized illuminated bar signs, there is a small amount of neon that undergoes a chemical reaction under high energy. For example, when it gets in contact with electricity, it will simply drift through the plate without doing anything.

When alternating current is applied to the electrodes, the electricity will create sufficient energy for the neon atoms in the acrylic plate to separate. Some shed electrons to become ions that are charged positively and fly towards the negative electrode.

The free electrons in the custom neon bar signs have a negative charge and are drawn towards the positive electrode at its end. As the neon atoms, electrodes and ions bounce in the tube, they will collide with each other thus increasing energy.

When the ionized atoms recapture their electrons to become neutral again, they return the original energy. They will then release a particle of the light known as a photon which will result in a colored glow in the custom neon bar signs.

When the electricity supply to the neon light-up bar sign is cut off, the neon atoms will return to their normal inert.

4. Can Neon Bar Signs Perform Different Lighting Functions?

Yes, neon bar signs can perform different lighting functions from different LED lights inside when combined with electricity. You may also combine these LED lights inside to give you different colors.

Some other ways of achieving different lighting functions in neon bar signs include:

  • You can coat the plates in phosphor or a fluorescent powder and this will make the pub light signs glow in a certain color when energized.
  • Using fluorescent lights that are colored inside the acrylic plate of the light-up sign for the bar.
  • Using an acrylic plate that is tinted.
Figure 2 - Different Lighting Functions of Neon Bar Signs

5. What Are How Neon Light Bar Signs Can Change Color?

Neon light bar signs can change color in the following ways:


The most common way of changing the color of the bar with neon lights is to use an RGB (red, green, and blue) LED chip. It contains three small diodes within it, each possessing one color.

Connecting an RGB controller makes it possible for you to change the intensity of each red, green, or blue diode to get a wide color range.

Digital LED

It makes use of red, green, and blue diodes which are inside an LED chip. The chip however also possesses a driver chip affixed which makes it possible to control each LED independently.

Because the controllers are very advanced, they will create patterns that are very complicated in bar lights and signs.

6. Is It Possible to Dim Battery Operated Neon Bar Signs?

Yes, it is possible to dim battery-operated bar signs using either a low-voltage rotary or digital dimmer for a dimmable power supply unit (PSU).

Low voltage rotary can be used to dim neon bar signs battery operated and they are wired to the low voltage side. This will make it possible for them to reduce the voltage coming from the power supply unit (PSU) to the pub neon lights.

In a dimmable power supply unit (PSU), it is attached to a leading-edge or a rotary dimmer to reduce the voltage within the PSU. This in turn will lower the output voltage and dim the battery-operated bar signs. 

It is a good option if you would like to run custom neon bar signs through lighting systems in the bar. Dimmable power supply unit is available in different types which you can select based on the circumstances but essentially, they function in the same way.

Both above dimming options make it possible for you to dim the battery-operated bar signs to 0%. In addition, they keep the light consistent and ensure it does not flicker.

Figure 3 - Dimmed Battery-Operated Bar Signs

7. What makes neon bar signs Personalized so vibrant?

The vibrant neon bar signs personalized colors are emitted by neon flex and different coatings in the signs. Even though the term “neon” is used to describe neon bar lights type of lighting, it is used to produce only about one-third of the colors including orange, red and intense shades of pink.

Figure 4- Vibrant Neon Bar Signs

8. Do Neon Light-up Bar Sign Burn Out?

Unfortunately, burnout is an issue that might be encountered in neon light-up bar signs. Either the whole sign or part of the sign might stop glowing or some of the reasons causing this may include:

Wires burning out

Most burnouts in pub neon lights involve high voltage wiring which connects the neon bar lights to the LED flex neon tube. In case they overheat, they will burn out and cause the neon light bar signs to stop glowing.

Transformers failing

In case something goes wrong with the transformer which allows bar lights and signs to illuminate, they will stop functioning.

Acrylic plates failing

If the electrodes that are on the other side of the acrylic plate do not work well, a section of the tube may appear dim or not light up completely.

9. Is It Possible for Neon Bar Signs to Get Hot?

Because of how the neon bar signs work, the energy generated from atoms, ions, and electrons colliding with each other in the tubes may not only be light but be hot too. However, whatever the heat is emitted by neon bar signs personalized, those signs which have acrylic plates that are quite narrow should not be so hot and unsafe to touch.

Therefore, you should not be worried about bar lights and signs possibly causing burns or becoming too dangerous. Many manufacturers of neon bar lights tend to cover the electrodes at either end of the plates using rubber caps.

The caps tend to protect bare wires thus protecting them from getting wet and eliminating the possibility of burns when you touch them.

10.Are Neon Pub Lights Dangerous?

No, pub lights are very safe to use if they are manufactured correctly, and you keep them in the right condition. Bar sign neon lights have been in existence for a very long time, and they are manufactured with regards to the safety considerations of the users.

Pub lights also meet the strict quality standards which are set by regulatory bodies thus you should not be worried about their safety.

Figure 5 - Neon Pub Lights

11. Now, Much Electricity Does Custom Neon Bar Signs Use?

Custom neon bar signs are quite energy efficient as they consume a very little amount of power despite the bright glow they produce. Light-up bar signs personalized tend to come equipped with a 230V transformer or 110V LED power adapter and use about the same amount of energy as a domestic light bulb, this is between 60W-100W.

Light up signs for bars will consume only 15% to 20% compared to that traditional neon uses on the same job.

12. How Long do Personalized Light-up Bar Signs Last?

The lifespan of light up personalized bar signs will depend on the frequency of usage and the maintenance procedures you use. Most neon bar lights tend to last between 8 to 15 years although they may even continue to serve you longer than this period.

It is important to note that when you leave personalized light up bar signs on for prolonged periods, it may reduce its lifespan. This may also subject it to risks of sustaining damage from electrical surges or overheating.

13. Do Custom Neon Bar Signs Have to Comply with Certain Regulations?

Yes, there are certain regulations that custom neon bar signs should comply with. All light-up signs from the bar must conform to BS EN50107, which dictates how luminous discharge tube installations should be manufactured.

Personalized illuminated bar signs must also meet the regulations of IET wiring regulations (BS 7671). This states the specifications of how the electrical installations for pub neon lights should be wired.

Before purchasing a bar with neon lights, it is essential to always check to ascertain that it is marked and stickered to indicate that it complies with necessary standards. As a business, you have the legal duty to conduct fire safety risk assessments regularly and implement measures that limit any risks as much as possible.

14. What Are Some of The Pros of Custom Neon Bar Signs?

Some of the pros of custom light up bar signs include:

  • They have a very warm glow.
  • Light-up personalized bar signs have a longer expected lifespan.
  • Maintenance of neon bar light signs is simple and cost-effective.
  • The neon light-up bar sign has no chance of being damaged by power surges.
  • They are energy efficient as they use less power.
  • Pub light signs do not give off heat.
  • You will incur lower costs for large bar signs neon lights.
  • Bar lights and signs produce light that is brighter and more consistent.
  • They can be dimmed, changed color, or flashed.
  • It is simple to fit them and wire them together.
  • Makes it possible to replicate the exact logos of your brand.
Figure 6 - Custom Neon Bar Sign with A Warm Glow

15. What is the difference between neon light bar signs and traditional glass neon?

The main differences between neon light bar signs and traditional glass neon include:


Neon light bar signs are relatively affordable and easier to replace glass tubes. Traditional glass neon, on the other hand, is pricier to purchase and its repair is also very costly.


Light-up bar signs personalized are made from high-quality and flame-retardant materials which are inflexible. Traditional glass neon signs are made from glass that is breakable and fragile which can easily shatter.


Pub light signs have a lower voltage which ensures that they remain cool to the touch and there is no possibility of breakage of glass. Traditional glass neon signs on the other hand pose a safety risk for breakages.


Pub neon lights do not need installation by a specialist team as they are very easy to install unless they are very large, or you require a special installation manner. The nature of fragility, weight, and power requirements of traditional glass neon makes it very hard to install them and thus need a trained professional.

Lightweight and portable

Bar light and signs are light in weight as compared to traditional glass neon thus making them easy to use in any way that you desire.


Bar with neon lights does not produce any sound as they are very quiet. Traditional glass neon on the other hand is very famous for the buzzing sound that produces a lot of noise. 


Light up pub signs are brighter than traditional glass neon and thus enabling them to produce warmer light.

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