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Jasionlight, the pioneer of the neon signs industry in China, was founded in 2003. In more than 17 years, it has gained cost efficiency and so can offer the best neon signs at affordable prices.

We support your wholesale business by offering on-demand customized products manufactured by skilled workers. Expert engineers, designers, skilled workers, and a team of QC departments work together to ensure quality beyond belief.

No Compromise with The Quality of Neon Signs


We use high-quality raw materials such as silicone LED strips, FPC boards, LED chips, Resistors, electronic connecting wires, acrylic boards, and other substrates.

Jasionlight’s research and development team also innovates and tracks the latest technologies to produce neon signs efficiently. The QC department checks products in every production process.

Supporting Business with More Customization Services

Customers want different kinds of neon signs for advertising purposes, decoration of homes & businesses. Don’t worry because you will get almost all kinds of neon signs from Jasionlight to meet customers’ demands. It has no minimum order requirement to get neon signs products at wholesale rates.

We provide even one piece of product at a wholesale rate. It supports all payment systems and delivers products in the safest packaging systems.

Standard Manufacturing Process of Neon Signs to Ensure High-Efficiency

Jasionlight doesn’t compromise with the questions of quality. Every single product comes with multi-layer quality control processes. From designing PCB to packaging neon signs, the QC department has set both automatic and manual quality testing systems. Let’s see how Jasionlight ensures quality in every step of the production process.

PCB Designing

Expert electronic engineers with more than 20 years of experience design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams. They design the best PCB with the right size according to your lighting’s requirement. 

PCB Testing

The QC department of Jasionlight checks the LED neon light PCB boards by skilled technicians. They send only qualified boards to the next production process.


Jasionlight follows the most advanced SMT technology and machines, to ensure the stability of LED neon signs. Skilled technicians make neon signs efficient and durable with this advanced technology. 

Silicone Extrusion Process

High-end silicone extruder and skilled workers accomplish the silicone extrusion process. Jasionlight has its own silicone extruder machines for ensuring the best quality of neon signs. 

Make Renderings

You can visualize the appearance of custom your neon signs in advance with our 3D design technology. So, you can meet your customers’ demands by offering a great number of customization availabilities.

Engraved The Backboard

To ensure the accuracy of the assembly of the LED neon strip, skilled workers groove the acrylic backplate with an engraving machine. So, you will get the best quality and accurate fittings. 

Handmade LED Neon Signs

Skilled workers measure the accurate length based on the backplate and cut the neon flex stipe according to the designs. After that, skilled workers assemble neon flex strip and check every connection. 

Aging Test of Neon Signs

To keep the error rate zero, Jasionlight’s quality control members burn every neon sign for 8 hours. After confirming every quality parameters, neon signs are sealed with a quality mark.

Neon Sign Packages

Jaisonlight is the best stakeholder in your business. To keep the damage rate zero, we use wooden boxes for large signs and thicker carton packaging systems for small ones.

A Wide Range of Choices with Jasionlight

always here to support your businesses and projects

Jasionlight manufacturers almost all kinds of neon signs at affordable prices. Check some popular neon signs that you can use for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes.

Neon Car Signs Wholesale

You can design neon signs according to the design of your favorite car. Set the design in your garage and park your car near the neon car signs.

neon beer signs
Neon Beer Signs Wholesale

Neon beer signs add a little brightness and an interesting atmosphere to your home and business. Personalize your signs with your brand name, logo, and signs of the beer glass. 

wholesale neon bar signs
Light up Outdoor Neon Signs

Add a pop of color with lovely outdoor neon signs. An LED outdoor neon sign delivers the right amount of luminosity in your bar, restaurants, and any kind of business. Setting outdoor neon signs are significant to attract potential customers.

neon open signs
Wholesale Neon Open Signs

Open and Closed neon signs are the most common neon signs for any kind of restaurant and bar. Order neon open signs at a bulk amount to minimize unit per cost and increase the profit of your business.

Neon Sign Board Wholesale

Neon sign boards are perfect for shop, bar, menu, wedding decoration, promotion, and school. This board has different colors and various flashing modes to adjust the brightness and color according to your choice.

Flamingo Neon Light

You will get high-quality and unlimited designs from Jasionlight’s design team. Flamingo Neon Light is suitable for the decoration of birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other decoration purposes. You can also surprise your family members, lovers, girls, and kids.

Rap Battle Neon Sign

Say goodbye to the dull walls of your home or businesses. Enlighten your life and entertain your eyes by setting Rap Battle neon signs of Jasionlight. Rap Battle neon signs of Jasionlight are high-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

Cocktail Neon Signs

To create a dynamic and stylish atmosphere, turn on the cocktail neon signs with the combination of yellow lights and bright blue right. Set cocktail neon signs in the outdoor places of your bars and restaurants to attract potential customers.

Burger Neon Sign

By setting burger neon signs, you can add a little brightness and an interesting atmosphere to your home or business. You can attract and retain customers with colorful and attractive burger neon signs in both indoor and outdoor food shops.

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Why Jasionlight is Trusted Manufacturer & Supplier for Wholesale Neon Signs

China is the first choice for sourcing products for any big projects and consumers’ products. There are many wholesale neon sign manufacturers in China. As a project planner or reseller, you must purchase neon signs from reliable manufacturers. You may find some suppliers who offer low-priced neon signs. Check the quality of the products if you want to gain the trust of your customers and lessen the maintenance cost of projects. 

Jasionlight has gained an economy of scale for its large production plant. Skilled human resources, unique design, and innovative technologies are the competitive advantages of Jasionlight. For our competitive advantages, we can produce a large number of products in less time and cost. 

Jasionlight is the first line manufacturer of  LED neon signs in China. They have more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of neon signs. Our main areas of expertise are the SMT techniques, the silicone extrusion process, and the hand-made LED signs processes. 

We have the unique design capability, production capacity, availability of a wide range of installation accessories, and availability of a wide range of materials. So, you will get whatever you need for your projects or satisfy your customers’ demands at wholesale rate.

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Wholesale Neon Signs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching neon signs from a reliable source at a wholesale rate?

If yes, then this article will help you a lot. Here, we will discuss all problems that a project planner or retailer faces at the time of purchasing neon signs.

Table of Contents

#1. Where Can You Find The Quality Neon Signs In The Least Price?/ Where To Purchase High-Quality Wholesale Neon Signs?

Price and quality are crucial factors when you are planning to import neon signs for big projects. Many countries of the world produce neon signs. But if you want high-quality neon signs at the least price, you should choose China as your priority.

China has the world’s most efficient technologies and human resources. After China’s association with the WTO in 1994, Chinese enterprises are paying more attention to technology. The manufacturers are creating more and more high-tech products around the world. 

The slogan “Made in China” has added more technical components, and made China be the representative of the “quality-price ratio”. And so, they can offer the world’s best neon signs at least price.

You already know China is the World’s best country for purchasing lighting products. But, there are more than thousands of neon signs manufacturers in China. Both Shenzhen and Dongguan are the industrial areas specialized in lighting industries. As there are many lighting research and development institutions, you will get the best products from there.


Jasionlight is the most renowned lighting company in China. It has been operating its lighting business in both Shenzhen and Dongguan for more than 17 years. It is specialized in all kinds of lighting products such as customized LED neon signs, LED Ceiling lights, LED Tri-proof lights, and other LED lights. Jasionlight can be the best partner in China because it provides the best lighting solution and support.

#2. How Do You Choose Reliable Wholesale Neon Signs Manufacturers?

Project planners become hesitant to choose the right manufacturer. So, you should consider the following criteria of a manufacturer before purchasing neon signs.

1. Experience In The Lighting Industry

The precession of the end products depends on the experience of the manufacturer. You can check the date of the foundation of the manufacturer to know the experience. Jasionlight was founded in 2003. They have more than 17 years of experience in the lighting industry and provide 2-3 products every 2 months. They also have established a professional human resource network, highly trained 100 workers.

2. Specialization In Neon Signs

Some manufacturers produce neon signs as their by-products or have recently started to manufacture. They can offer you low-quality products at the least price. Don’t fall into the marketing trap of those manufacturers.

If you are project planners or neon signs retailers, you should never purchase from unspecialized manufacturers. Jasionlight is manufacturing LED neon signs from the date of establishment. They use 2 silicone extrusion production lines, 3 SMT machines, 2 PMMA Acrylic board cutting machines, and 5 glue dispensers to manufacture neon signs. And it has a dedicated neon sign R & D department to improve efficiency.

3. Customization Service

You sometimes need customized neon signs for your projects. So, you should check the availability of customization services of the manufacturers. A good manufacturer offers customization of size, shape, and features. Jasionlight offers the following customization services in case of purchasing neon signs at wholesale rates. 

  • Font style
  • Font Size
  • Graphic
  • The shape of the backboard
  • The color of the backboard
  • The color of the light.
  • The mode of the light.
  • Size of the light.
  • The cable color
  • The size of the color.
  • Cutting Size

4. Sourcing Of Raw materials

The quality of raw materials results in high-end durable neon signs. Silicone LED strip and Led Chips(light source) are the most important raw material for manufacturing neon signs. So, check the type of silicone manufacturer uses to produce raw materials. Quality silicon has the following features:

  • There will be a Rosh environmental test report usually;
  • There is no smell;
  • It is higher light transparency than PVC;
  • When you burn it with fire, there will be no smoke and black glue fallen down;
  • Very good flexibility by bending at a very small angle.

You can check the quality of the LED chips by observing the type of LED used in the neon signs. Confirm the following factors at the time of checking LED chips.

  • Usually the manufacturer will choose to use SMD2835 which is small in size with high brightness for single color and SMD5050 for RGB colorful lighting effect. So, check which type of surface-mounted device (SMD) LED chips are used in neon signs.
  • Higher light efficiency will be better.
  • The light decay test report will promise brightness consistency after using it over time.

You also should check the other suppliers of the neon signs manufacturers.

5. Competitive Price

Price is the crucial factor to choose a manufacturer. You should not only focus on low prices but also focus on quality. High-quality neon signs cost a somewhat high price. You should consider the features such as silicon housing quality, the lighting effect, and the hand-craft technique of the neon signs with prices. 

6. QC System

The QC system of the manufacturers is crucial to get quality products that meet customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. A good neon signs manufacturer checks the quality of the neon signs in every production step. Jasionlight has both software and human-based quality control systems to ensure the quality of the neon signs.

7. Key Production Process Management

Organizations should have excellent production process management to achieve magnificent levels of quality, excellence, and productivity. It has become crucial to achieving an efficient workflow and continuous improvement. Retailers and project planners will get high-quality neon signs at least price if they focus on this factor of the organization. Jasionlight manages key production processes in the most effective ways to ensure the best products. 

8. Warehouse Management

The company’s productivity and on-time delivery largely depend on the warehouse management system. As a project planner, you always expect to get products on time. On the other hand, retailers can’t sell all of their products if they don’t get the right products at the right time. Jasionlight has an automatic warehouse management system to track every unit. So, you will get your neon signs before the expected time.

9. Package System

You know the loose or cheap packaging systems can damage the products. Neon signs are very sensitive products and so you should give more focus on the package system. Choose neon signs manufacturers who use either wooden crates or carton boxes. These two package systems are the safest for importing neon signs in bulk.

10. After Sale Service

You may face lots of problems before and after purchasing neon signs. So, you need support from the manufacturers. Most neon signs manufacturers in China don’t have a 24/7 support system. Solving problems through the mailing system is time-consuming. So, you should choose the neon signs manufacturers who have a 24/7 customer support system.

11. Warranty

The higher the warranty time, the better for your project. You can become relaxed using a warranted product. Neon signs are very sensitive products that need advanced manufacturing processes. Yet some products become damaged. So, having a warranty of neon signs is beneficial for your projects and businesses.

Jasionlight provides a 12-months free replacement warranty and later on 24-months free spare parts maintenance. The project planners and retailers of neon signs say they found most of the problems in the first year. If the neon signs don’t damage in the first year, the lights can be used for a long time.

Though Jasionlight doesn’t get claims about shipping damage, it has a shipping damage warranty. The shipping damage rate of Jasionlight is below 0.5% as it uses wooden crates and carton boxes at the time of packaging neon signs. If you accidentally find any damage after opening neon signs, contact customer representatives of Jasionlight. They will support you to return the damaged products and get the new one.

#3. Should You Order Samples of Neon Signs Before Placing Order Of Wholesale Neons Signs?

The Internet is a great source for researching products and services. But project planners sometimes get confused due to marketing hype. And, they can’t make decisions about which products they should order.

Many project planners and online retail shoppers claim that they sometimes don’t get half of the quality. So, you should order samples of neon signs before placing the order of wholesale neon signs. Jasionlight offers a free sample for predesigned in-stock neon signs; just charge the neon sign raw materials cost of customization.

#4. What Is The Lead Time After Ordering Neon Signs?

Lead time is significant at the time of ordering from a manufacturer. You can’t complete your projects if the lead time is very long for a manufacturer. The lead time actually depends on the quantity (sets) you order and importing system you follow. The higher the quantity, the longer the lead time.

An efficient manufacturer can produce their products quickly and offer less lead time. Jasionlight is the most efficient manufacturer of neon signs. Efficient manufacturing companies offer the following lead times for the planners of the project.

Some internal and external factors affect the lead time of companies. So, you may have to wait more time offered by the manufacturers. If you order pre-designed neon signs, you can get products in less time.

#5. What Is The Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ) For Wholesale Neon Signs?

Most of the neon signs retailers and small project planners want to know the minimum order quantity. They don’t want to keep neon signs unused or unsold. The minimum order quantity ( MOQ) varies on manufactures.

You can save compulsory costs associated with importing neon signs by ordering in bulk. Some manufacturers even offer 5 sets of neon signs as minimum order quantity. It is happy to know that Jasionlight offers you to order even 1 set of neon signs for checking quality.

#6. What Are The Costs Associated With Importing Wholesale Neon Signs?

Manufacturers offer the price for products only. So, project planners can’t assess the exact cost of products. They should add the cost associated with importing from China to know the exact cost of the product. The cost varies based on country to country. Here we will show the cost associated with importing neon signs from the perspective of the USA and UK market.


You can import tax-free products whose value is less than $800 in the USA. But you must pay tax if you purchase products over $800. So, let’s see the cost associated with importing wholesale neon signs.

Import Rights

Every commercial importer needs to have an import right certificate. If you are a new importer, you must collect this certificate through the proper legal process. Getting an import license may cost $300 to $400 in the USA and EU.

Import Duties

The import duty rate for lighting products is now 6.0% of your total order in the USA market. But, you don’t need to pay any amount if you want to import neon signs in the UK.

Customs Fees

Customs fees depend on the type of products and other factors. To get a customs declaration, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice from Supplier.
  • List of packing.
  • Arrival Notice.
  • Fumigation Certificate ( In case of the wooden package)

The custom fee ranges from 3% to 10% of your total purchase.

Harbor Maintenance Fee

Harbor maintenance free is another important cost that you must pay at the time of importing. The fee is about 0.125% of your product’s value.

Merchandise Processing Fee

If you purchase products through merchandisers, you should pay a merchandise processing fee. The merchandise processing fee depends on the amount of importing products. If you want to purchase neon signs for more than $800 or less than $2500, the cost is 1.05 USD. If the product price of neon signs is more than $2,500, you have to pay 0.346% of your total product cost. You can skip this cost if you purchase directly from the manufacturers.

Value Added Tax ( European Union )

If you are importing products from a country under the EU, you need to pay VATs on your imported products. The rate of Value Added Tax depends on countries to countries. It ranges from 17% to 25% of your Custom Value ( CIF).

#7. Can You Return Your Products In The Case of Unsold/Unused?

Most of the renowned manufacturers offer a great return policy. To return neon signs in the case of unsold or unused, you need to check the return policy in advance. Go thoroughly to the terms and conditions of the return system. Jasionlight understands the value of your money, and so they offer a great return policy. You can return even a single product if you don’t need to use or can’t sell.

#8. What Payment Systems Are Safe At The Time Of Ordering Neon Signs From China?

Manufacturers of neon signs accept all kinds of payment methods, but all of them are not safe. You should only pay through the following payment methods.

  • Letter of Credit ( L/C)
  • Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)
  • Alipay
  • Paypal
  • ApplePay
  • Payoneer

The key to success as a retailer or project planner depends on paying the right amount at the right time. Payment fraud is common, and so you should be careful at the time of paying money to the manufacturer.

L/C or letter of credit is the most traditional and secured payment system. Before transferring funds, the suppliers need to fulfill certain, predetermined requirements. So, retailers want to know the following two questions.

  1. When Should You Pay?
  2. In which conditions, payment shall be released?

Manufacturers and importers set some requirements and conditions and send them to the bankers. When the manufacturers fulfill those requirements and conditions, the bank releases funds.

#9. What Importing Systems Are Convenient and Fast during Purchasing From China?

The project planners and retailers of neon signs can import products in three ways, such as courier, air freight, and sea freight. Keep in mind the fastest service charges the highest importing cost. Let’s know about the following three importing systems so that you can choose the best one.

1. Courier Service

There are different courier service providers such as Ali Express, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, USPS, Royal Express, and DPD. The lead time is about 3 to 5 business days. They are perfect for small packages and files and not convenient for commercial purchase.

2. Air Freight

Air Freight is cost-efficient than courier services and suitable for heavier goods. But, it takes a longer time than courier service, usually 6 to 8 working days.


3. Sea Freight

The cheapest choice for importing commercial products is sea freight. But it takes about 15 days to 25 business days to reach the USA or EU from China.

#10. What Factors Should I Consider Before Purchasing Neon Signs In Wholesale Rate?

You will get a great discount at the time of purchasing neon signs at the wholesale rate. Project planners and retailers of neon signs should consider the following factors before purchasing neon signs.

1. Price

Most of the retailers of neon signs purchase from China due to high efficiency and low price. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality for cost. But neon signs with high prices fail in the competitive market. So, you should check the local market price of the neon signs. Then, calculate the price of neon signs, the associated cost for importing them, and profit margin. Considering all these factors in mind, choose the right manufacturer to get neon signs at the least price.

2. Return Policy

Sometimes, it is not possible to assess the exact future demand of the market. You may sometimes have some surplus. If you can’t sell them or return them, you can’t gain profit by selling neon signs. So, check the terms and conditions of the return policy of the manufacturers.

3. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Big project planners or established retailers of neon signs don’t focus on MOQ. But the small project planners or new retailers should consider it before purchasing neon signs at wholesale rates. You can’t get a discount if you want to order less than the minimum order quantity.

4. Packaging

Packaging is another important factor that most of the project planners and retailers forget. To get damage-free neon signs for your project, you must focus on this factor. There are different kinds of packaging systems used at the time of importing from China. Loose packing material can put uneven pressure on the neon signs. Wooden crates and carton boxes are two popular packaging systems at the time of importing neon signs. Wooden crates are more expensive compared to cartons but they are safer.

5. Shipping

Many project planners and retailers claim about shipping policy of the manufacturers. After selling neon signs, some manufacturers don’t take the responsibility to ship the products. Neon signs for personal usage can be shipped with courier services. But, you need to take extra care at the time of purchasing neon signs at wholesale rates. Choose neon signs manufacturers who take the full responsibility of shipping products so that you can become relaxed.

#11. What Packaging System Is The Best For Neon Signs?

Regardless of the types and shapes of neon signs, you need a special packing container made of foam or cardboard. The packaging process of the manufacturer is crucial rather than packaging systems. You should pack in such a way that will absorb all kinds of external forces. Avoids loose packing material and the application of uneven pressure.

If you are importing mounting neon signs enclosed in wood, glass, or metal frame, you can use newspapers to pack them. Crumble the newspaper together and pack them tightly around the neon signs. Jasionlight uses double boxes with bubble wrap or crumpled newspapers to ensure safety. The package system of the Jasionlight consists of full foam and hardened K=K carton with reinforced paper stripes. The packaging department ensures that your light is safe at every edge and every angle. So, they can be moved easily.

Let’s see the package picture of Jasionlight.


Final Thought

Purchasing neon signs from China is a crucial process. You should be careful in every step of purchasing. Contact here, if you have any questions regarding wholesale neon signs.

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