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Jasionlight, A Leading Concert LED Screens Manufacturer

Jasionlight was founded in 2003 and has steadily grown that provides outstanding Concert LED Screens and serves the customers very well.

Investment in top-notch machinery and innovation has seen Jasionlight emerge as a global leader in LED-screens production and delivery.

Our Concert LED screens will provide you with unrivaled visual effects and are highly embraced worldwide.

Jasionlight Impeccable Production Standards & Stringent Product Testing


Jasionlight’s LED products are subject to scrutiny before they pack and distribute. Concert LED screens are strict to standards.

Jasionlight’s technicians carefully examine the functional prowess of concert LED screens to ensure they will last longer and give a smooth experience.

Jasionlight State of the Art Production Machinery

Our production department is equipped with the least technology to create the best concert LED screens and premium quality.

Our concert LED Screens offers an affordable price that provides custom sizes and designs, Jasionlight can guarantee it with you.


Why Jasionlight’s Exemplary Concert LED Screens Are The Perfect Fit For Your Concert.

In, addition we are highly regarded by our peers, and it's some reasons to acquire your Jasionlight concert LED screens.

Ease of Operation

To operate our concert LED screens, you only need to carefully read the accompanying user manual. Operation of our concert LED screens does not necessitate an expert's input hence you can easily set up your concert stage.

High Light Intensity

Concert LED screens are guaranteed with high brightness levels to support functionality even in outdoor and indoor use. Customized to adequately suit closed environments. Concert LED screens have a light sensor and automatically adjusts brightness relative to the surrounding

Unquestionable Quality

Our Concert LED screens are of superior quality. We do not outsource any production resources to third parties thereby guaranteeing the quality of our LED screens for concerts. The quality of our concert LED screens remains uncompromised at all times.


Concert LED screens if properly maintained and taken care of can serve you for years without faltering in performance. Jasionlight utilizes high-quality resources to produce concert LED screens that are extremely durable and effective. Consequently, our concert LED screens are highly rated by seasoned event organizers.

Moderate Price Tags

Premium concert LED screens are available to local and international customer bases at competitive market prices. The cost of maintaining concert LED screens is similarly low hence you are guaranteed quick returns on your investment. Furthermore, concert LED screens are economical to operate since they do not require professional services.

Custom Designs

Concert LED screens are available in different sizes, with different features to suit the distinct needs of a diverse client base. There are custom concert LED screens with high brightness levels to optimally function in outdoor concerts. Similarly, ultra-slim concert LED screens are customized to provide the ultimate visual experience in closed spaces.

Jasionlight’s Scope of LED Screen Products.

To elevate engagement with your audience.

As the demand for LED screen solutions drastically rises, Jasionlight ups its game. We are adequately endowed with the equipment, technology, and know-how to manufacture high-quality LED screen solutions for diverse industries.

Transparent LED Display

Jasionlight’s transparent LED displays are highly transparent and lightweight, which makes them perfect for your concerts where see-through is necessary. Creatively deploy transparent LED displays in outdoor and indoor Concerts to give your audience a clear view of the other end.

Mobile LED Display

Flexibly use your Mobile LED display in concerts or company events with an open trailer or closed trailer. Mobile LED displays are equipped with a resistive touchscreen for smooth operation in temporary events either for hire or rent.

LED Stage Floor

Supplement the lighting of your stage with a versatile and unique LED stage floor. Installation of a LED stage floor will make your stage lively and eye-catching thereby treating your audience to an incredible visual experience.

Background LED Screen

Modernize and light up your stage with exclusive background LED screens. Equipped with high resolution and light intensity, background LED screens will fill your event with enthusiasm. You can also display branding information on background LED screens.

Stage LED Screen

Elevate the quality of your stage performances with sharp and quality images from stage LED screens. Additionally, give your audience the ultimate concert or show experience by widening their viewing angles and airing live proceedings.

Church LED Screen

Reap the rewards of church LED screens in your church concerts by enhancing the participation of congregants with sermon and Lyrics displays. Church LED screens will make your concerts or other church events more engaging and memorable, especially for visitors.

Why Should You Consider Investing in LED Screen Solutions From Jasionlight?

Jasionlight owes its prominence and success in the LED screen manufacturing industry to exemplary products and outstanding customer services.

Jasionlight is well placed to meet minimal and bulk orders for LED screens at friendly prices due to our sophisticated equipment.

Our advanced machinery and seasoned professionals enable us to maintain high standards on our LED screen products.

We have devised several communication avenues to pave the way for effective communication with our LED screens customers.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Concert LED Screens


For concert attendees, they want to experience seeing their favorite artist do his/her craft live on stage.

Concert LED screens enhance the experience by offering to the audience front-row seats and incredible visual effects.

For concert organizers, innovative utilization of concert LED screens elevates the quality of your performances and guarantees audience satisfaction. 

Let us delve into the ins and outs of LED screens for concerts.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Concert LED Screens?

Concert LED screens are contemporary screens utilizing light-emitting diodes to display sharp and high-definition images and videos in concerts.

LED screens for concerts are made of numerous LED modules that equip them with tremendous brightness intensities.

This coupled with custom resolution enables their application in both outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor spaces.

Mobile LED displays can be of great value when using Concert LED screens. They can be placed on the sides where the event is happening away from the main Concert LEd screen to give a closer view for a large audience.

Figure 1 - Concert LED Screen

2. What Is The Price Of Concert LED Screens?

Mainly, concert LED screen cost is determined by numerous factors related to screening dimension, screen type, and LED display specifications.

Concert big screens are comparatively higher priced. There are numerous LED screen types including flat, and curved screens with significant price differences based on that.

For instance, a Transparent LED display will be more expensive compared to flat LED displays which are not very complex.

3. What Should I Take Into Account When Selecting Concert LED Screens?

The Production of LED screens for concerts is driven by the unique needs of a heterogeneous customer base.

You need to adequately grasp the different forms of LED concert screens and how they sync into your distinct application.

First and foremost, you need to scrutinize the following:

  • Viewing Distance

The viewing distance of a concert LED screen is technically the distance between your spectators and the stage LED screen.

If your concert attendees will be positioned further from the concert video wall, a greater viewing distance is paramount.

You can determine the viewing distance of your Concert LED screens by looking at the distance between adjacent pixels.

For an audience positioned 10 or 20 meters away from your stage LED screen, a P10 LED concert screen would be ideal.

Figure 2 - Concert LED Screen Viewing Distance
  • Pixel Pitch

With an expert’s advice, you can select the ideal pixel pitch for your indoor, outdoor or semi-outdoor LED concert screen.

Concert videos with a higher pixel pitch support larger viewing distances and vice-versa.

LED concert screen pixel pitch is often calibrated in millimeters.

Pixel pitch majorly defines your LED display’s resolution since it revolves around the density of pixels in your LED display.

Most indoor LED concert screens have a pixel pitch of around 4 millimeters.

Technically, pixel pitch covers the space between the centers of two neighboring pixels.

Figure 3 - Guide to a pixel pitch
  • Environmental conditions

Concerts are held in different venues for different reasons. 

For a gilt-edged optical ordeal, concert LED screens have different specifications for different environments.

Church LED screens whose installation is in a closed setting do not require great light intensities, unlike outdoor LED screens.

Outdoor concert LED screens on the flip side, require higher light intensities to overwhelm direct sunlight for sharp images.

  • Refresh rate

For your concert, the last thing you need is a poor-quality concert video wall in the middle of a high-grade performance.

Higher refresh rates ensure that there is no screen flickering when taking pictures and recording videos. This greatly improves the quality of your photos and videos thereby sustaining audience allurement and experience.

  • Permanency Of Use

The answer to how long you need the LED concert screen will aid you in picking a cost-effective payment plan.

The concert LED screen rental would be the ideal option if you only intend to hold your concert once or twice.

On the contrary, a permanent purchase would be ideal for continued use.

4. What Are The Advantages of Using LED Screens For Concert?

Concert LED screens have revolutionized how concerts are held as well as elevated the audience’s visual experience. 

Subsequently, most event organizers are continually coming up with innovative ways of deploying stage LED screens for optimal benefits.

Here are some of the prominent pros associated with the use of concert LED screens:

  • LED concert screens are ideal for both outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor applications.
  • Concert LED screens are available in different sizes.
  • They have sufficient light intensities.
  • They are easy to mount, operate and unmount.
  • Concert video walls have excellent visual capabilities.
  • They offer your audience an unforgettable pictorial experience. 

5. What Are The Different Types Of Concert LED Screens?

LED screens for concerts are distinct in many aspects hence they are categorized into the following classes: 

  • Indoor LED Screens For Concert

Concert LED screens tailored for closed environments have a lesser brightness threshold since the majority of the viewers are close.

Due to certain modifications, indoor LED screens for concerts cannot exhibit optimal performances in outdoor or semi-outdoor settings.

Indoor Concert Led screen
Figure 4- Indoor Concert LED screen
  • Outdoor LED Screens For Concert

High brightness Levels: Unlike indoor concert LED screens, outdoor concert LED screens are enriched with high brightness levels to comfortably support distant viewing.

This high light intensity makes it possible to effectively deploy concert LED screens in outdoor settings even on awfully sunny days.

Waterproof: Outdoor Led Screen for Concert is also made with waterproof features to withstand exposure to the outside rainy conditions. 

  • Semi-outdoor Concert LED Screens

These concert LED screens are specifically modified with moderate brightness levels and temperature endurance to support application in semi-outdoor settings.

  • Multi-color LED Screens For Concert

Most contemporary concerts LED screens are multi-colored meaning they display excellent images, videos, and texts in different shades of color. 

Consequently, multi-colored concert LED screens when subdivided in terms of designs results in:

  • Transparent LED display.
  • Curved LED concert screens.
  • Flat LED concert screens.
multicolor Led concert screen
Figure 5 - multicolor LED concert screen

6. What Is The Aspect Ratio Of Concert LED Screens?

The aspect ratio of your concert LED screen refers to the correlation between the height and width of your LED display.

In simple terms, similar height and width size is categorized by a ratio of 1:1.

Likewise, a disproportionate height and width are represented by a ratio of 2:1. 

Aspect ratios often impact the shape of your LED screen for instance:

  • Square LED concert screens to have a ratio of 1:1.
  • Portrait concert LED screens are characterized by a bigger height in comparison to the width, that is a 2:3 ratio.
  • Landscape LED concert screens are characterized by a 3:2 ratio which implies the width is bigger than the height.

Concert video walls typically have a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is perfect for clear images and preventing stretched displays.

7. What Are The Major Applications Of Concert LED Screens?

Manufacturers tailor LED screens for concerts to optimally suit different small and large-scale applications. 

Innovation has proven that there are no limits to the mannerisms in which Concert LED screens can be exploited.

  • Background LED Screens

The application of background LED screens in a concert lightens up the mood of the concert.

Similarly, background LED screens can be utilized to display the sponsor’s information or branding information related to the performing artist.

  • Displaying Live Action

Concerts hosting thousands of revelers use concert video walls to display live proceedings of the event.

By doing so, all attendees view the unfolding of the event without missing a crucial moment because of their seat number.

Additionally, they can provide excellent zoomed images of an artist on stage or object of interest.

  • LED Stage Floor

The application of LED screens as LED stage floors plays an integral part in lighting a concert stage, especially dance floors.

The lighting emitted by LED stage floors supplements your stage lighting resulting in a gorgeous and extremely appealing stage setting.

Led stage floor
Figure 6 - LED stage floor

8. Can Concert LED Screens Be Deployed As Mobile LED Display?

Mobile LED display is a reference of improvisations made to make your LED screen movable for flexible use.

To make your LED screen for a concert a mobile LED display, you only need to install it on a mobile trailer.

Mobile LED displays in concerts to allow the performers to group their audience and cater to their specific needs without discrimination.

Figure 7 - Mobile LED Display

9. Can I Hire A LED Concert Screen?

Yes, there are LED concert screen providers across the world solely committed to providing rental concert LED screens.

Concert LED screen rental is perfect for event organizers working temporarily.

It is, however, costly to continually hire concert LED screens thus regular event holders are advised to make permanent purchases.

The cost of concert LED screen rental is principally reliant on the size, design, and functional capabilities of the device.

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