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Jasionlight, a renowned neon signs manufacturer in China, was founded in 2003. Skilled workers with exquisite workmanship, technicians, and designers help to manufacture high-efficient neon signs.

You will get durable and eco-friendly neon signs for its advanced LED chips, eco-friendly silicone, certified transformers. The quality of Jasionlight’s neon signs is beyond belief and supports all kinds of neon signs business.

Trusted Neon Signs manufacturer with 100% Quality


Advanced technologies and high-quality raw materials ensure quality. Research and development team of 8 members innovates and tracks the latest technologies to give a better experience of its products.

Jasionlight supports you to get unique competitiveness in your lighting projects or wholesale businesses. Expert electronic engineers, QC department, skilled workers in the extrusion process work together to produce the best neon signs at affordable prices.

Durable Products and Stable Brightness with Jasionlight’s Technologies

Jasionlight has more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing neon signs. From the date of inception, it is manufacturing and exporting high-quality neon signs in the USA, EU countries, and other countries.

You can minimize maintenance costs and gain the fame of your business with its high-quality durable products. The brightness of every neon sign is even and stable because Jasionlight uses luminous efficacy grade 2835SMD and 5050SMD led chips.

One-stop Neon Sign Manufacturing Process

Let’s know why project planners and resellers choose Jaisonlight as their first priority. Jasionlight doesn’t compromise with the questions of products’ quality. In every process of production, the QC department inspects the quality with automatic machines and skilled workers. Let’s see how Jasionlight ensures the quality of neon signs in their production process.

PCB Design

Expert engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams with advanced computer programs. They set the right-sized PCB for manufacturing particular neon signs.

Testing PCB

As LED neon light PCB boards are crucial things for neon signs, the QC department ensures the quality before sending the next process.

SMT Technique

 Jasionlight uses the most advanced SMT machine, which is a high speed, high efficiency, high precision. To ensure the high quality of the LED chips patch.

Silicone Extrusion Process

This critical extrusion process depends on skilled workers and quality silicone extruder. With the help of silicone extruders, Jaisonlight ensures the best quality of neon signs. 

Visualization In Advance

Before fitting on the backboard, our design team visualizes with advanced 3D design technology. So, they can meet the customers’ designs, styles, colors accurately and remove any kind of accuracy.

Grooving the Backboard

To set the neon flex strips on the backboard, skilled workers groove the acrylic backplate with an engraving machine. The waste of the neon flex strip is minimized by grooving the backboard.

Handmade Neon Sign

Skilled workers with exquisite workmanship measure the design of neon signs and cut flex strips according to the designs. Then, they fit the neon flex stipe with suitable accessories.

Aging Test of Neon Signs

Before packing the final products, we ensure the stability of brightness and durability by burning every neon sign for 8 hours. To keep production error zero, they observe a number of quality parameters in this step.

Neon Sign Packages

In the exporting process, neon signs packages are loaded and unloaded a number of times. So, Jasionlight gives extra focus to the packaging process, to keep the damage rate zero.

Limitless Design, Styles, and Colors of Neon Signs

To support your business and projects

Our expert designers will facilitate to fix the best design, color, and style. Let’s see some popular neon signs design of Jasionlight. Our all neon signs feature consistent brightness, the longest durability ever in neon signs. Jasionlight’s neon signs bring a whole new class of performance to the neon signs. 

Bedroom Neon Signs

Create a romantic and sleepy environment by setting colorful neon signs. You can set your name, favorite quotes, or signs in your bedroom. Get an accurate color and high-efficient bedroom neon sign from Jasionlight.

Wall Neon Signs

Create a vibrant and vivid atmosphere with our LED neon signs on your wall. Our designers avail thousands of designs, styles, colors to you to facilitate your decision. 

Neon Signs for Home

Say goodbye to your dull walls and rooms with colorful neon signs. Some favorite neon signs for home are “Bolt light neon signs”, “Love neon signs”, “Blue cloud neon signs”, “Star-shaped neon signs” and many more.

Wedding Neon Signs

Our LED neon signs are perfect for any kind of wedding party. We offer customization options for your wedding parties. Add a dreaming atmosphere with our colorful wedding neon signs.

Light up Party Neon Signs

Add an extra enthusiasm to your party with party neon signs. You can mount them in the party rooms or hang them wherever you arrange parties such as pool parties, roof parties, etc.

Halloween Neon Sign

You can decorate your Halloween parties with yellow pumpkin neon signs. Our Halloween neon signs can be operated with both USB and batteries. So, set this neon sign anywhere you want.

Neon Restaurant

Restaurants require different kinds of indoor and outdoor neon signs. Notify your customers with special offers, favorite food signs, cocktail signs, burger signs, and Open & Closed Signs.

Coffee Neon Sign

Decorate your shops, hotels, and liquor shops with Coffee neon signs. Pure white design and even neon lighting create a vivid and vibrant look. Make your shops standout and more eye-catching from others.

Bar & Beer Neon Signs

Our neon beer & bar signs are made by senior master benders with the help of professional teams. It is a great choice for indoor and outdoor home decoration, outdoor decoration of restaurants and bars.

Indoor Neon Sign

There are unlimited neon signs with a great range of customization to decorate your indoor with personalized neon signs. Order your name, favorite words, favorite symbol, etc.

Purple/Pink/Blue Neon Sign

With the RGB feature of our LED chips, you can create any colored neon signs. If you follow an HTML color code for maintaining your brand color, our expert teams will design neon signs with that specific color.

Funny Neon Signs

Get high-quality neon signs at a wholesale rate from us. Create unique designs for your pub, restaurants with funny neon signs. Make happy of your loving ones or kids with funny neon signs.

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Why Jasionlight Your Favourite Neon Signs Manufacturer

If quality is your first priority for your business or projects, Jasionlight will be your first choice. There are many suppliers of neon signs in China who work as mediators to exports. As they source the products from manufacturers, they charge high prices on products. Jasionlight is a manufacturer as well as a supplier of neon signs. So, you will get the best innovative products at competitive prices to survive in your business. 

There has no worry about products because Jasionlight provides a 1-year free replacement warranty and later on 2-years free spare parts maintenance. Its R&D team always innovates and tracks the latest technologies to give the best lighting experience.

Jasionlight is certified with UL, CE, Rohs, IP & IK grade test reports that ensure the quality of all raw materials and finished neon signs. Our design team has more than ten years of experience in the advertising and decoration industry. The designer assesses the feasibility of the project according to the customer’s requirements and optimizes and sublimates it according to experience. 

We have custom design capability, production capacity, availability of a wide range of installation accessories, and materials. So, you will get whatever you want to support your business and projects.

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Neon Sign Manufacturer - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching neon sign manufacturers for your project?

If yes, then this article is for you. You know China is the leading manufacturer of neon signs. You can purchase high-quality neon signs for advertising agencies, wedding parties, and shops. 

Table of Contents

1. Why Should You Purchase Neon Signs From China?

China is the leading industry in manufacturing high-quality neon signs. Project planners and advertising agencies are importing neon signs from China because of high efficiency and low price. But, it would be best if you do not focus on only the low cost of the product. Most of the high-quality neon signs are expensive. 

Project planners purchase neon signs from China due to the following reasons:

Reasonable Price

The manufacturers of the neon signs enjoy economies of scale because of mass production. Their organized production line and sufficient human resources have eased the production process. China has the following competitive advantages in manufacturing neon signs. 

  • Sufficient productive human resource. 
  • The capacity of mass production that results in a lower price. 
  • The best e-commerce technology in the world. 
  • The superior infrastructure that results in efficient export lights.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

The advanced manufacturing processes have increased the efficiency in production and lessened the total time of production. You can get your neon signs for your projects within 7-10 days after paying a deposit. 

2. How To Choose A Suitable Neon Sign Manufacturer In China?

China is one of the most popular and renowned places for manufacturing neon signs. But all the manufacturers don’t manufacture high-quality neon signs. To choose a suitable neon sign manufacturer, you should consider the following factors of the manufacturers.

Proficiency In the Neon Sign Industry

People become experts in any work by practicing again and again. Like a person, the lighting industry also gains high-level expertise by doing the same thing repeatedly. So, you should check the expertise of neon sign manufacturers. Choose a suitable neon sign manufacturer that has at least 10 years of experience in the neon sign industry. Jasionlight was founded in 2003 and has been manufacturing neon lights for more than 17 years.

Specialization In lighting Industry

Some manufacturers produce lights as they “By-Products.” If the lighting industry is not specialized in manufacturing neon signs, they will fail to meet standards. A suitable neon signs manufacturer has an R & D department to produce high-quality neon signs for any project. 

Customization Service

You need different customized neon lights for your advertisement industry, wedding projects, and store projects. So, choose a neon signs manufacturer that provides you with the customization service. 

24/7 Customer Service

You may face different kinds of problems at the time of running neon signs. So, neon signs manufacturers should have 24/7 customer service to solve the issues of their buyers. 


Durability of Lights

Regardless of the other factors discussed above, you should check the durability of the manufacturers’ neon signs. The average lifespan of neon signs is between 8 to 15 years. The longer the lifespan, the better. If you choose a neon sign manufacturer that ensures more extended durability, you can lessen the hassles of importing, installing and replacing cost. 

3. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of LED Neon Sign?

To get high-end products, the manufacturing process should be errorless. Let’s see the manufacturing process of high-end LED neon signs. 

4. How To Import Neon Signs From Chinese Manufacturers?

Importing neon signs from the Chinese market was not accessible before. The process of importing has become easy now. But, if you don’t know the right process to import from a neon sign manufacturer, you will have to face many troubles. Here is a short step-by-step guide to easily import neon signs from China. 

Step 01: Doing Primary Research

Do some basic research on the company before purchasing neon signs. Is the company specialized in neon signs? What is the durability of the neon signs? Check the brightness of the neon signs. 

After primary research of at least 20 neon signs manufacturers, make a priority list. Check both the cost of neon signs and the delivery policy of the company. Some lighting industries offer low prices, but they have a slow and expensive supply system.

Step 02: Contact The customer Service Providers.

You will not get all the information about the company after searching online. Every industry now maintains an online presence and develops a website. You will get contact information from the website. Contact through email to know more details about your purchase. After learning all about it, purchase according to your demand.

Step 03: Pay for Products

LC is the oldest and the safest method of payment in the import-export business. You can also pay through credit card, VISA, MasterCard, and Paypal.

Step 04: Shipment of Your Products

After manufacturing your products, you should contact the authorities of the shipment company. DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS are renowned shipment options. You can choose one of them based on price and urgency. You must pay the customs duty of the products at the time of importing. 

Jasionlight provides the lighting solution and ensures an easy delivery system to the project planners. You can ask for some sample products from them before purchasing for your projects.

5. Are Neon Signs Safe?

The LED Neon Signs are safe and made from LED beads, silicone tubes, and LED power supplies. It is made of LED chips as light source, silicone tubing, and LED power supply. 

The light source part is 12V input, low voltage safe and low heat, the silicone tubing is insulated and has good heat dissipation. 

The LED power supply is installed separately and is EMC/LVD certified. So even if you install it within easy reach, you can touch the light source part with your hands.

Are neon signs safe?
Are neon signs safe?

6. Is Neon Sign Expensive?

LED Neon Signs are only 20-30% of the price of traditional tube neon signs, it will be more cost-effective especially if you buy them from the original factory. What’s more, it saves up to 90% on electricity usage and electricity costs.

7. Can I Have a Warranty From Chinese Neon Signs?

Jasionlight thinks “yes it is”, and good quality products are manufactured every day. Every supplier can manufacture good or bad quality worldwide. If the vendor is small and has a poor manufacturing system, they may not offer a warranty, or if you buy at an abnormally low price, they may not offer a warranty. 

JASIONLIGHT has its own manufacturing and quality control system and provides online pre-shipment inspection to ensure that the product you receive is 100% good. The following are the terms of our warranty.

2 years free warranty, 1 year free parts replacement. Because of our confidence in the quality of our products. Outside the warranty period, we provide the required spare parts at a discount and only charge the cost of spare parts for maintenance. Lifetime maintenance.

24 hours online customer service, after receiving your request about after-sales service by mail or phone, fax, 2 hours response, and processing!

8. Is It Expensive to Ship The LED Neon Sign From China?

This depends on your overall cost of sourcing from China. Normally, if the unit cost of sourcing products from China is low, even if the shipping cost is slightly higher, then the overall cost of sourcing will be lower than buying locally. 

This is because the raw materials for locally produced products are also purchased from China, plus shipping costs and their processing costs are high. 

The shipping methods from China are generally express, air and sea. Express shipping such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, for small parcels or urgent needs, will choose to use express shipping, the limitation is 3-7 days, of course, is the highest freight; 

Air freight is second, the limitation is 10-12 days; sea freight is the cheapest, suitable for large parcels or orders with low aging requirements, the limitation is 25-30 days. Now China to Europe has increased rail transportation, and the shipping cost is cheaper than sea freight.

9. What is The Rate of Import Duty?

HS code of led neon signs in US: 9405604000
Import duty: 6.0% cost
Additional duty: 10.0% cost
HMF if by sea : 0.125% cost
MPF: 1.05usd if 800usd<cost<2500usd
MPF: 0.346% cost if cost>2500usd
Tax threshold: no tax if <200usd; see above if >200usd
But since February 24, 2016, the import tax exemption was increased from 200usd to 800usd.
HS code of led neon signs in the UK: 9405602010
Import duty: 0
VAT: 20.0% CIFD Pounds
VAT threshold: no tax if the value of the importing goods <15 pounds; see above if >15 pounds

The above is for reference, you can go to your country’s customs website or inquire.

10. Can I Make My Own LED Neon Sign?

Yes, you can, even if you only have one idea, Jasionlight LED Neon sign’s custom design is much cheaper than the traditional glass neon sign.

With over 5 years of experience in the advertising and decoration industry, JASIONLIGHT can turn your ideas into drawings, confirm them with you, and modify them until you are satisfied.

led neon sign design

11. Is Neon Sign Suitable For Advertising?

Neon signs are suitable for advertising due to their luminous presentation and colorful styling. JASIONLIGHT LED neon signs use high brightness led chips and high light-transparency silicon material, whatever white or colors has strong penetration at night; Changing dynamic effects create the first time to be captivated and impressed.

At the same time, the Neon signs, as a distinctly nostalgic presentation, are simple, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of shapes and colours to suit any occasion and to create a strong sense of atmosphere.

led neon sign design

12. Can LED Neon Signs be Used Outdoors?

Traditional tube neon signs cannot be used outdoors without external cover/housing. However, the light source part of the JASIONLIGHT LED neon signs is made of silicone, which has good sealing performance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, dust and dirt resistance, not easy to turn yellow or black, and can resist long-term UV radiation.

The wiring and plug part is made of the same waterproof adhesive with good sealing performance, no problem with wind, sun, and rain.

13. Can You Deliver Neon Signs On Time?

Jasionlight’s entire production process, from LED chips SMT technique, to silicone extrusion, to acrylic engraving and cutting, to professional handmade production, to LED neon signs lighting and aging, to pre-shipment packaging, is done in-house.

This greatly improves production efficiency and allows orders to arrive on time without any delays due to disjointed production processes.

14. How Can You Get a Good Price Your Neon Signs?

For the product, different quality has a different cost; For the buyer, the first thing to consider is the total cost of purchase, the product price, installation cost, maintenance and repair cost, the benefit the product brings to the store, and the added value the product brings to the brand.

JASIONLIGHT offers design, manufacturing, and after-sales services to help you minimize your total cost.

15. How Do You Wrap a Neon Sign For Shipping?

Jasionlight’s product packaging has passed the following drop damage tests.

Drop method: one corner, three sides, and six sides free drop

Falling height.

Test Results.

  1. The product and its accessories in the package shall not be damaged or loosened.
  2. The outer packaging shall not be damaged or seriously distorted, but slight distortion is permitted.

The specific packaging is as follows.

Plastic stretch protection film to protect the clean surface of acrylic panels and neon silicone.

Pearl wool, mainly used to fill the gaps of neon signs or illuminated letters to increase the squeeze or gravity of the sign during transportation.

Thicker and harder cardboard boxes for maximum protection of acrylic panels, cushioning, and pressure resistance

Full-edge full-angle reinforcement strips can strengthen the edge support and protect the overall packaging strength, is a green packaging material, can replace the wood 100% recycling, can enhance the stacking strength of the carton, play a buffering role when subjected to external impact, but also can be stacked together without squeezing the items inside the carton.

16. Top 20 Neon Sign Manufacturers You Must Know In China?

As China is the world’s most efficient market in neon signs, project planners sometimes become hesitant to choose the right manufacturers in China. So, I have collected data about the top 20 neon sign manufacturers in China to facilitate your buying decision. Let’s know about them. 

#1: JASIONLIGHT Industry Co., Ltd.

Jasionlight (LITASIGN brand) is a renowned neon sign manufacturer in China. They have been manufacturing neon signs for more than 17 years. The expert team members of Jasionlight ensure the quality of every light. You will get the world’s most durable neon signs for their continuous research on the lighting industry. You will also get product customization service from Jasionlight Industry.


The delivery system of this industry is the fastest and the most convenient. You will get your products within 10 days or earlier. 

#2: NOBEL LED Lighting Industry Co. Ltd

Nobel LED lighting industry is also a renowned manufacturer of LED lights. This industry produces all kinds of LED lights. They have recently added a neon sign in the production line. As they focus on the low price of the LED lights, some buyers complain against their product-quality. 

#3: AJK Lighting

AJK lighting is a renowned lighting company in China. AJK lighting produces all kinds of home-based lights. Though they are suitable for home-based lighting solutions, they are not perfect for industrial lighting solutions. The neon light is the new product line of AKJ lighting manufacturing house.

#4: YANKON LED lighting Co., Ltd

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Leman Group. It is also a neon sign manufacturer in China. It was founded in 2010 and is manufacturing neon signs. The product quality of Yankon LED lighting Co., Ltd very high. They are also trying to deliver in the shortest period. The main products of this lighting company are LED ceiling light, LED wall light, LED strip light.

#5 AZBECH Power System Ltd

Azbech Power System Ltd was incorporated in Guangming district on December 30, 2011. This company exports neon signs in both the local and global markets. They have captured the UK, USA, and Canadian lighting market. It is providing only domestic neon signs to the hotel and restaurant. The neon signs of this manufacturer are not perfect for big projects due to low durability.

#6 WONDROUS Lighting Co., Ltd

Wondrous lighting is one of the leading high-end lighting industries in China. It has three lighting manufacturing sectors in China. They use high-quality raw materials in producing lights. It is a well-known neon sign manufacturer in China. They are exporting their neon sign in both Europe and America. 

# 7: MEITAO Lighting Co., Ltd

Meitao Lighting was established in Jiaxing on February 24, 2012. From the date of establishment, it is producing electric light source devices, lighting appliances, and lighting accessories. Poland, France, and the UK are the main importers of this company. It is currently leading the home-based lighting solution in the UK and USA markets. 


Jengled was established in 2013, aiming to provide a high-quality lighting solution for both industry and homeowners. It has gained specialization in the LED bulb and LED strip lights. One problem with this lighting industry is that it doesn’t have a customization service.

#9: LEDAMSON Lighting

You can get almost all kinds of light from this lighting industry. They manufacture both customer and industry-based lights. The main export products of Ledamson are LED Bulb Lamp, custom LED signs, and LED ceiling lights. They also have 24/7 customer service to provide a lighting solution.

#10 ZHANZOU Co., Ltd

This lighting industry’s focus is LED lamps, electronic energy-saving light, smart light, neon signs, and other photoelectric lighting products. Though they are producing diverse types of lighting, they focus only on indoor lighting solutions. Their neon signs are suitable for small advertising and wedding parties. They have recently established an R & D department to improve the quality of neon signs. You can contact them for neon signs for small projects. 

#11: YIANEN Energetic Lighting

It was founded on December 23, 2011, to provide the best neon sign solution. As they can’t produce bulk lights, they are struggling with the price. Their quality is good, but they can’t offer a low price to the project planners due to the high fixed production cost. 

#12: Zoncon Lighting Co., Ltd

Zoncon lighting is a famous lighting industry in China. It has been manufacturing traditional neon signs for more than 20 years. It has transformed its business from conventional neon signs to LED neon signs. The new sales department of Zoncon Lighting is trying to capture a new market in both the USA and the UK market. 

#13: Soshan Lighting Co., Ltd

It has gained a remarkable market share in Europe. The popularity of this lighting industry has increased because of its value-based pricing strategy. You can purchase neon signs at the least price from them for your projects. But some project planners claim the low durability of their neons signs. 

#14: MSL Electric and Lighting Co., Ltd

MSL lighting is one of the oldest lighting industries in China. The main export products of this lighting industry are LED bulbs and LED tubes. They have already captured a remarkable lighting market in the United States. The new marketing manager is trying to capture the lighting market in Europe. 

#15: YANSTAR Lighting Co., Ltd

After establishing in 1999, it is operating its business all over the world. From the beginning of this company, it is manufacturing different kinds of lights. This lighting industry was famous for traditional neon signs but losing popularity after the evolution of LED neon signs. The company owners are trying to develop the LED neon signs and capture both the USA and UK markets. 

#16: TOPLED Energy lighting Industry

TOPLED Energy lighting Industry is a foreign-capital enterprise founded in 2009. The headquarter of this lighting company is situated in Xiamen, Fujian Province. It has the following lighting products in its production line: 

  • LED wall light
  • Neon signs
  • Led Strip Light. 

#17: SHINELED Co., Ltd

The manufacturer department of this lighting industry produces top-class high-end LED lights. You can purchase energy-saving lighting products, lighting accessories, and lighting appliances. Their product quality is good, but you will have to wait for a long time for its slow delivery system. USA, UK, and Canada are the major export markets of this lighting industry.

#18: Zhejiang Safeled Lighting Co., Ltd

It is a state-owned lighting industry founded on August 01, 2013. It is operating its business in both the local and international markets. A few portions of their neon signs are exported in both the USA and UK markets. The main export products of Zhejiang Safeled have LED bulbs and neon signs. 

#19: Welight Energy Co., LTD

It provides lights for both local and international markets at the least price. As they are focusing on the low cost, they have to sacrifice the quality. Some new project planners purchase neon signs from this company. Most of them have to exchange their products because of damages. The neon signs of this company damages after using them for some years. Many buyers claim about the brightness of the neon signs. 

#20: Lolaled Lighting Industry

It produces high-standard neon signs and sells all over China. As they don’t have enough manufacturing light, they can’t offer a competitive price to international buyers. Recently, they are planning to reach the global market by redesigning its company.

Final Thought

As a project planner, you must focus on both competitive price and quality. It is a misconception that “the higher the price, the better.” The lighting industry is offering competitive prices due to the economy of scale. Jasionlight has a significant manufacturing space and efficient human resources, and so they can show both quality and competitive price. 

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