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Jasionlight Experts in Custom LED Signs for Room

Jasionlight has gradually grown since the year 2003 to become a giant industry of provision of LED sign solutions globally. The greatest advocacy to the achievement of this is the commitment of Jasionlight to ensure quality and durable products.

This policy has enabled Jasionlight to gain global recognition as the best provider of custom LED signs for rooms and other neon sign products. The continuous technological advancements in technology by Jasionlight are also a contributor to the best-LED sign solutions.

Jasionlight Most Affordable Custom LED Signs for Room Supplier


Jasionlight will lift the life of your space with quality custom LED signs for room at very affordable prices. Despite the prices being cost-effective, Jasionlight will ensure clarity and high-quality signs made from durable materials.

This is because the latest custom LED signs for room from Jasionlight are made from a greater range of options and improved equipment while costing significantly less. Jasionlight assures you we will offer the customization features which you require.

Jasionlight Professional Assistance for Your Custom LED Signs for Room Business

Jasionlight ensures that we assist in making art for designing custom LED signs for room accessible through our professional designers. The designers from Jasionlight will manufacture your signs in a way that you can alter the brightness as desired.

The customer support team from Jasionlight is always on the lookout to assist with any issues and questions you may have regarding your custom LED signs for room. The technical team of Jasionlight will also always assist in matters of operation.


Why Choose Jasionlight Custom Neon Bar Signs for Room

There are several reasons why you should choose Jasionlight custom LED signs for room some of which are highlighted below.

Custom designed

The professional design team at Jasionlight can offer all the custom designs that you need for your custom neon bar signs for room. If you have a personalization feature you desire, Jasionlight designers will incorporate it to achieve an aesthetic value.

Energy and cost-efficient

Custom LED signs for room from Jasionlight consume very low energy consumptions and thus cutting down on the cost of power supply. The low energy consumption makes the custom LED signs for room to have a longer lifespan of about 50,000 hours.


Custom LED signs for room from Jasionlight are made from materials and technological processes which ensure they are stronger and lighter in weight. This makes them able to withstand different environmental conditions and easy to transport.

Easy to install

Jasionlight high-quality custom LED signs for room are easy to install as compared to other types. This is because they come with pre-installation features and a manual instead you require guidance on installation thus no need for a technician.

Low maintenance costs

It is very cheap to maintain custom LED signs for room from Jasionlight because they are made in unique designs. Jasionlight also used materials that will serve the life of the product thus reducing chances of requiring maintenance.

Unique display of content

With Jasionlight custom LED signs for room, you have the chance to include any information that you desire in a way that is unique and suits your needs. In this way, you will be able to improve the aesthetic value of your space.

Jasionlight Quality Custom LED Signs for Room for The International Market

Jasionlight dedicates time to advancement in technology to stand ahead of the competition and meet your LED requirements efficiently. Some of the LED sign solutions which Jasionlight can offer are elaborated below.

Man cave LED sign

Use the man cave sign from Jasionlight to achieve an eye-catching décor because of its vivid slim design and colorful text that creates an aesthetic value. You may also customize it with animation options to achieve an attention-grabbing pattern.

Neon name signs for bedroom

Use neon name signs for bedrooms from Jasionlight to give a dazzling and enhanced appearance to your bedroom space. They are energy-saving and thus will not increase your power consumption rate as they use very low voltage.

Home decor neon signs

Home décor neon signs from Jasionlight are very easy to set up and use as they are well made yet light in weight. Use these Jasionlight to enhance the entrance of your home so that it is appealing to visitors when they come in.

Anime neon wall sign

Anime neon wall signs from Jasionlight will light up your space and make it look awesome in all lighting conditions thus adding a spark. The quality of materials used in the manufacturing process will enable you to use them in different environmental conditions.

Light up signs for kitchen

Use light-up signs for the kitchen from Jasionlight to attract customers to your hotel because the logo will be displayed in a colorful and eye-catching way. It can be able to bring more vivid feelings to customers in appearance thus improving your business.

Room decor neon signs for bedroom

Jasionlight room décor neon signs from the bedroom will give your bedroom a warm feel and make it look attractive. These qualities of lighting with colors that are vivid and suit your specifications will improve the overall appearance of your bedroom.

Lips neon sign

Use lip neon sign from Jasionlight to enhance the appearance of your bedroom, kids' room, living room, and even the Christmas party in your home. It can serve the purpose of accompanying the children to go to sleep when the night is dark.

Better together light up sign

Use a better-together light-up sign from Jasionlight as a wall décor during events like an engagement party, photo prop, and even night lights for a backdrop. This will create an aesthetic value and set the perfect mood for the event.

Heart neon sign

Jasionlight heart neon sign can be used to achieve cool light for your wall art, bedroom decorations, home accessories, party, or even holiday décor. It will transform the space around it thus adding a personality and aesthetic value.

Why Should You Invest Your Custom LED Signs for Room With Jasionlight

Custom LED signs for room from Jasionlight are the best as they are safer, more energy-efficient, and made from affordable materials. They will give you a high-quality experience with a greater range of options to choose from at very affordable prices.

If you would like personalized custom LED neon signs for room or something unique from Jasionlight, just contact us and we will make it for you. This is because we have designed a wide range of neon signs for room.

If you face any issues or challenges, just contact us our customer service team will be ready with the answers to all questions you may have. Call us today and we will be glad to assist you to find the perfect custom LED signs for room.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Custom LED Signs for Room


Custom LED signs for room have become the perfect way to elevate any wall space that is blank as they enhance its appearance and aesthetic value. They offer such an array of uses and you have the option to choose the type that will display the features that you desire.

The purpose of this guide is to give you an overview of the different features, functions, and capabilities of custom LED signs for room.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom LED Signs for Room?

Custom LED signs for room are filled with various colors to achieve different colors that are very beautiful. They are made from acrylic, which is a thermoplastic, and depending on the design, they are either painted or finished using vinyl.

Custom LED signs pass through extensive processes of controlling the quality to ensure that the final product is of very high-quality.

Figure-1 - Custom LED Signs for Room

2. How Do Custom Neon Signs for Room Work?

Custom neon signs for room work through a reaction that occurs when the electrons pass through a semiconductor to generate light. The custom neon signs for room need to be positioned close to each other to ensure that they produce a steady source of light.

3. What Are the Benefits of Custom Neon Light Signs for Room?

Some of the benefits of using custom neon light signs for room include:

  • Custom neon light signs can change color thus emitting a very attractive glow.
  • They are safer and more friendly to the environment
  • LED signs for rooms are light in weight and shatter-resistant thus is safe from potential causes of damage.
  • They are made from materials that are optically thus providing a beautiful glass effect.
  • Neon signs for rooms are significantly less expensive to run as they do not use large amounts of energy.
  • Light-up signs for room tend to generate very little heat and thus are safe to touch as they do not overheat.
  • They are available in a very wide range of colors which you can choose from.
  • LED signs for room custom provide the light that is very bright and more consistent thus can be seen far away.

4. How Do I Find the Right Size for My Light-up Signs for Rooms?

The right size for your light-up signs for rooms depends on several components, some of which include wall dimensions, feasibility, and budget target. It is important to ascertain the function you want your light-up signs for rooms to serve to ensure you select the appropriate size.

It is easier for neon sign manufacturers to create large neon lights for rooms because they have to cut the flex neon tube. Manufacturers tend to suggest sizes that are most optimized to be able to bend the neon tube with ease.

Producers of light-up signs for rooms will always ensure that they are the dimensions and size which you select.

Figure 2 - Large Neon Lights for Room

5. What Are the Available Colors for Neon Lights for Room Custom?

Neon lights for room custom are available in a large choice of colors which you can select from. Some of the trendy colors available include blue, green, pink, warm, and cold white.

Other unique colors which you may select for your room with neon lights include peachy pink, purple, ice blue, and teal neon. However, it is important to note that the colors which you select will not have any impact on the price.

You have the freedom to enjoy any colors that you would like to create on your neon lights for room custom. There is also an option for color change by a tube known as RGB neon tube which you can also explore.

Figure 3 - Pink Neon Lights for Room

6. How Is the Backing of Customized Neon Lights For Room?

Customized neon lights for room are designed with a resistant backing of about 5 mm to ensure they are always in suitable shape. You can select the shape of the backing you desire and the color of the backing.

Most manufacturers generally tend to offer clear backing to ensure that it is almost invisible in all customized neon lights for room. However, you can also select a mirror backing, UV printed, or black backing.

Moreover, there are some customized neon lights for rooms that need a backing that is thicker depending on where you will use them.

7. How Can I Hang My LED Signs for Rooms?

Installation of LED signs for rooms tends to be very easy and accessible. You can hang your LED signs for rooms using the following process elaborated below.

First, you will need to gently unpack your LED signs for rooms. You will then install it against the wall or from the ceiling. 

You will need to use the pre-drilled backing or mounting kit which accompanies your LED signs for room custom. Once this is done, it is optional to connect a dimmer you prefer to use.

After that, you will then plug the transformer of the LED signs for rooms into your standard electrical outlet. Once this is done, enjoy the lighting of your custom neon light signs for room as it will be ready to shine.

LED signs for room installed on the wall

8. Will Custom Led Signs For Room Increase My Bill?

No, custom LED signs for rooms will not increase your electricity bill because they have a low voltage of about 12V. They consume very low electricity and therefore will help you in saving on electricity consumption.

9. Can Custom LED Signs for Room Be Out Outside?

Yes, you can put custom LED signs for rooms outside for a couple of hours for example during an event. Alternatively, you can select neon lights for rooms that are made from materials suitable for the outdoor applications as they will perfectly serve the purpose.

The tube for custom LED signs for use outdoors is also usually engraved within the backing to make it water-resistant. 

10. How Long Do Customised Neon Lights for Room Last?

Customized neon lights for rooms tend to last for about 8 to 15 years. However, it is important to note that taking care of your LED signs for room will determine how long it will last as this may prolong its lifespan.

Ensure that your neon lights for room do not remain switched on for unnecessarily long periods without supervision or serving their purpose. This will ensure that it is safe from the risks of sustaining damage due to electrical waves.

11. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Where to Place My LED Signs for Rooms?

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right space for your LED signs for rooms include:


It is important to ascertain the purpose that you would like the neon signs for rooms to serve and ensure that you situate them at an appropriate place.


It is important to consider child precautionary measures especially during the selection of the installation location. You should ensure that your LED signs for rooms are installed out of reach of children to avoid accidents and damage.


You may consider choosing a suitable room which could benefit from some additional decoration or light. In case you are placing the neon lights for room custom in your home, you may select a room that will benefit from more eye-catching and exciting decoration.

LED Signs for Rooms Installed Out of Reach of Children
Figure 5 - LED Signs for Rooms Installed Out of Reach of Children

12. What Are the Components of Neon Lights for Rooms?

The typical components of typical neon lights for rooms include:

Transformer or electronic converter

It serves the function of powering the LED neon lights to enable rooms with neon light to glow. Most of them are configured with 24V or 12V when running on a standard power supply.

Electrical plug

An electrical plug is a standard component to the LED signs for rooms and you should ensure it is safely and securely connected to the electrical wiring. This will ensure that it provides the circuit of neon lights for room with a constant supply of about 240V.

Flexible Circuit Board

This is where the LEDs and the other components are mounted to achieve the required flexibility for the custom LED signs for room. With the Flexible Circuit board, you can mount the LED signs on any surface, both even and uneven

Electrical wiring

This component is used to connect electrodes at either end of the gas discharge tubes. Electrical wiring for custom light-up signs for room should be covered by the use of end caps to secure it well.

13. How Can I Troubleshoot Neon Signs for Rooms?

Conceptually, neon signs for rooms are simple, however, certain problems may arise which may be difficult to diagnose. The main factor inhibiting diagnostics is the fact that connecting cables are usually concealed.

Some of the common testing procedures to determine causes of malfunction in neon signs for rooms include:

Testing tubes, transformers, and wiring

At the time on neon signs for rooms that are malfunctioning, one portion may normally be dark or flickering dimly. In this case, a bad neon tube does not transmit current and thus the faulty unit will not display signs of life.

If you notice part of the rooms with neon light flickering dimly, there is a high chance that the part or letters which are not flickering are defective. You should test this by use of a high piece of GTO wire to make a direct connection between the inlet and outlet wires.

One the tube which is defective has been bypassed; the other parts of the neon signs for rooms will light-up brightly without emitting flickers. Once you have turned off the power, you should eliminate the part that is defective and securely attach the jumper wire in its place by use of the tube supports.

Electrical tests

The electrical test in custom light-up signs for rooms entails checking for the proper supply voltage of about 120V. This is because low voltage is the most common problem in neon signs for rooms.

A 120V transformer of neon signs for rooms needs a minimum of about 108V across the primary input terminals. It is also important that you check the mechanical grounding connection to ascertain that it is okay.

To test the output of the transformer, you will need to shut off the power and disconnect the LED signs for rooms. To inspect the wiring of the custom neon light signs for a room, you should turn off the power and detach the transformer box from the conduit.

14. How Do Custom LED Signs for Room Compare to Traditional Glass Neon?

Some of the comparisons between custom neon signs for room and traditional glass neon signs include:


Custom neon signs for rooms are relatively cheaper as compared to traditional glass neon signs due to the tube used in holding the light.


LED signs for rooms are made of flame-resistant PVC materials which are more durable. Traditional glass neon signs on the other hand are composed of fragile glass which is highly prone to breakages and shattering.

Energy consumption

Customized neon lights for rooms are more energy efficient as they use an input voltage ranging between 24V/120V.  Traditional glass neon signs on the other hand tend to use large amounts of energy ranging between 3KV-18KV.

The lower voltage of customized neon lights for rooms reciprocates to better safety because of cost savings and reduced energy consumption.


Traditional glass neon signs tend to be difficult to install due to their fragility nature and can pose potential health risks that are not well handled.  Neon signs for rooms on the other hand are very easy to install as they are light in weight and are made from materials that are durable and safe.

With traditional glass neon signs, you will always need a technician to conduct the installation and maintenance procedures. While with neon light for rooms there is no need to engage a technician to do the installation as it is an easy process. 

Installed Custom LED Sign for Room
Figure 6 - Installed Custom LED Sign for Room

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