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Jasionlight, one of the most renowned neon signs manufacturers in China, was founded in 2003. Its expert human resources and skilled workers with exquisite workmanship ensure your neon signs’ quality beyond belief.

Jasionlight uses the most advanced LED chips, eco-friendly silicone, rolled copper FPC boards, certified power supply. So, the neon signs of Jasionlight are highly efficient and you can use them for a long time.

Expert Skilled Workers and Designers Meet Your Requirement

Expert team members of Jasionlight will ceaselessly support you to deliver products in the promised time. It has gained the economy of scale for its large manufacturing plant and so can offer the most competitive price.

Jasionlight supports you to get unique competitiveness in your lighting projects or wholesale businesses. Expert electronic engineers, QC department, skilled workers in the extrusion process work together to produce the best neon signs.

Consistent Brightness with Latest LED Chips and Resistance

Jasionlight focuses on luminous efficacy, light decay, and the presence of dead lights to ensure the quality of the finished LED chips. You will get consistent high brightness for its luminous efficacy grade 2835SMD and 5050SMD.

Jasionlight tests the resistance of neon signs with an accurate multimeter before soldering. So, you will get even brightness and can minimize the maintenance cost due to a longer lifespan.

One-Stop LED Neon Producing Process

Do you know why project planners and resellers choose Jasionlight as their priority? Simply to say, Jasionlight has recruited skilled personnel in the production processes and uses the most advanced technologies. So, we have gained high-efficiency in the production process with a zero error rate.

PCB Design

The width of the PCB size varies based on the different neon signs. Our electronic engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams according to your products’ requirements. 

PCB Testing

Quality is important for Jasionlight and so the QC department tests all incoming PCB boards. Then, they send only 100% qualified PCB boards for the next production process. 


Jasionlight has two SMT production lines, with the SMT machine, the reflow equipment, and well-trained operators to manufacture high-end LED neon strip. 

Silicone Extrusion Process

Jasionlight has its own machine and skilled workers to accomplish the silicone extrusion process.

Make Renderings

Our expert designers will visualize the finished products with 3D design technology in advance. So, you can check how your neon signs will look after setting neon signs in your businesses.

Engraved The Backboard

With the help of an engraving machine, the skilled workers groove the acrylic backplate. This process facilitates the assembly of the LED neon strip. 

Handmade LED Neon Sign

Experienced technicians of Jasionlight have gained high-efficiency in the production process. So, every product comes with a low error rate. 

LED Neon Sign Aging

To ensure the stable operation of the neon signs, Jasionlight confirms the aging test by burning for 8 hours. We never want bad experiences with our products. 

Neon Sign Package

Importing neon signs from China is very critical. As neon signs are sensitive products, you must use suitable packaging. Jasionlight uses wooden boxes for large signs and thicker carton packaging systems for small ones.

Styles and Designs Are Unlimited with Jaisonlight

always here to support you any time.

Jasionlight manufactures a wide range of neon signs for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can use them for your restaurant, logo, slogan, different indoor & outdoor decoration. Order any kind of neon signs to support your business and projects. 

Chinese Character Neon Sign

You can light up your business beyond belief with Chinese character neon signs. Get handmade, well tested, eco-friendly, safe, and low voltage Dumplings for your restaurants or food businesses.

Tea Neon Sign

With tea neon signs, you can brand your presence in your locality. Stuck the passers-by with the high brightness and unique design of your tea neon signs.

Open LED Neon Sign

Use Jasionlight’s Open neon signs to see your business flourish and succeed. Open neon signs of Jasionlight are brighter, safer, and energy-efficient. Choose your own design and style that suits your business. 

Hope Neon Signs

Choose your favorite word to energize yourself. You can order any custom size, shape, and font styles to decorate your home with your favorite words.

Chinese Food Neon Sign

Differentiate your food shop out of other restaurants. Jasionlight designs logos, banners, special offer signs, and open & closed signs for your restaurants.

Happy New Year Neon Sign

Make your happy new year festivals more enjoyable with happy new year neon signs. We design neon signs for any kind of festival. Jasionlight’s happy new year neon signs are versatile, safe, light-weight, and easy to install. 

Dragon Neon Light

Jasionlight, one of the most popular neon sign manufacturers in China, designs any kind of neon signs. You can use dragon neon light for family rooms, bedrooms, garage, den, bar, bistro, outside patio, and window shop to add fun and eye-catching.  

Food Neon Sign

Make your restaurant’s outdoor environment more appealing with food neon signs. Choose the right color and design to preview your food to your potential customers before entering your shops. 

Be Happy Neon Sign

Make your customers happy with “Be happy” neon signs. The most popular uses of Be Happy neon signs are for the bars, pub stores, Party rooms, and bedroom decoration. 

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Why Jasionlight Custom Neon Signs

-- Your Trusted Neon Sign Manufacturer and Supplier In China

There are many neon signs manufacturers in China. And most of them offer low-quality neon signs at cheap prices to attract customers. Using these low-quality products may minimize the initial investment cost but will drastically increase the maintenance cost. So, selecting a reliable neon sign manufacturer is a critical task. 

Jasionlight is one of the best luminaire manufacturers in China and operating its neon signs business for more than 17 years. Expert designers help to choose the right design to support your projects and businesses. 

Jasionlight is certified with UL, CE, Rohs, IP & IK grade test reports that ensure the quality of every finished neon sign. Its R&D team always innovates and tracks the latest technologies to give the best lighting experience. So, you will get the best products from them. 

You will get more than hundreds of indoor and outdoor custom neon signs from Jasionlight. As a project planner or distributor, you will get personalized neon signs according to requirements. You can blow up your business by getting high-end, durable, and easy-operating neon signs of Jasionlight. 

You can use different kinds of neon signs for indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising banners, and lighting projects. Besides these, you can use them in company names, logos, letters, and billboards.  

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Neon Signs China - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching high-quality neon signs at an affordable price?

If yes, you might hear the neon signs of China. China is the world’s leading country to manufacture high-quality neon signs. For the advanced technologies and skilled human resources, they can offer high-quality LED neon signs.

Table of Contents

#1. What Packaging System Should You Ask To Use To The Manufacturer?

Many project planers, wholesalers, and retailers claim that they sometimes receive damaged neon signs. Neon signs are very sensitive products and can break for the lack of proper care. The shipping clearance workers move the package carelessly and so you should focus on the strong packaging system. You should ask your manufacturer to use the right package in the proper way. 

At the time of shipping neon signs from China, manufacturers use different kinds of packaging systems. Out of them, wooden crates and carton boxes are very popular. Both packaging systems have some unique advantages and disadvantages. You should choose your own packaging system based on your need. Let’s see some features of these two packaging systems.

Wooden Crates

  1. Wooden crates are more expensive compared to cartoons. 
  2. The wooden crates are heavier and so they can’t be lifted easily. 
  3. They take more space and so you need to pay more. 
  4. Though they have some disadvantages they are perfect for large-sized neon signs.

Carton Boxes

  1. The cartons are lighter and cheaper compared to wooden crates and so they are cost-efficient. 
  2. Customized logo or brand name can be put on the package and so they are suitable for wholesalers and retailers. 
  3. As they are lighter, you can easily move them from one place to another.

If you are purchasing light up neon signs from China for your wholesale or retail shops, you should use carton boxes. Use wooden crates if you purchase neon signs for your big projects such as urban rail, transport systems, airports, ports, and railways. 


#2. How To Ensure The High-Quality Neon Signs for Your Projects?

Many project planners focus on only the initial purchasing cost of the neon signs. Then, they have to face a lot of troubles to replace them within some years. Replacing and shipping costs are very high. So, you should ensure the quality of neon signs for your projects in advance. But how? Confirm the following factors before purchasing neon signs from China to ensure the quality.


LED neon signs are made of silicone and LED chips. These two raw materials are crucial to its longevity and quality. The quality of the custom LED signs depend on the quality of the silicone and type of LED chip. High-quality silicone of neon signs has the following features. 

  • Usually, they have Rosh environmental test reports. 
  • High-quality silicone has no smell. 
  • It is more transparent than PVC. 
  • You will not see smoke and black glue fallen down at the time of burning with fire. 
  • Very flexible at the time of bending in a very small angle. 

Like silicone, you also should check the LED chips. Let’s see the different types of neon signs and know what is the right chip for your neon signs.

Dual In-Line Package ( DIP) LEDs

Dual In-line Package LEDs or DIP LEDs are very old LED lights. This type of LED would use a chip inside a hard plastic bulbous head. Neon signs made of this type of chip output 3-4 lumens per LED. These types of chips are not as efficient as SMD LED chips. DIP led chips are suitable for rope light.

Surface Mounted Device (SMD) Chips

Surface-mounted devices or SMD chips are more advanced LED chips than those of DIPs. SMD chips are a smaller and flatter design. They have a longer lifespan than DIPs chips. Surface-mounted LED chips to consume up to 75 percent less energy and require low maintenance cost. With its RGB feature, it can create up to 16 million color combinations. 

Surface-mounted device (SMD) chips are very popular because they provide superior brightness and can change the colors. They are generally used in LED high bay lights, linear LED strip lighting, LED flood lights, and LED recessed downlights. You can identify their sizes by a 4-digit number. 

3528 SMD, 5050 SMD, and 5630 SMD chips are very popular surface-mounted LED chips. The average lifespan of neon signs made of these chips is about 50,000 hours. The different number of these chips indicate the size of these chips. 

The evolution of the LED neon signs chips is improving day by day. Now, manufacturers of neon signs use more advanced LED chips such as 2835 SMD LED chip, 3014 SMD LED chip, and 3020 SMD LED chip. These newer styles of LED chips are more efficient and produce brighter lights. They look smaller than predecessors but they produce extremely bright lights. They also offer greater reliability, better heat dispersion, and longer lifespan.


Like other lights, the main feature of the neon signs is brightness. But how can you become ensured about the brightness of neon signs? If you are already using neon signs of a particular brand, you know the brightness of those. But how can you check the brightness of a new manufacturer? Don’t worry because there are many ways by which you can check the brightness of neon signs. 


First of all, search project planners or wholesalers of neon signs of that particular manufacturer. Ask them about the brightness of those neon signs. Besides, you can order some sample neon signs to check the brightness. 

You can also check the brightness by checking the materials used to manufacture neon signs. The brightness of the neon signs largely depends on the light decay feature of LED chips. Ensure that the manufacturers are using the latest LED chips such as 2835 SMD LED chip, 3014 SMD LED chip, and 3020 SMD LED chip. 

Jasionlight is the most renowned lighting manufacturer who is contributing to the development of the LED chips. They are using the latest LED chip, 2835 SMD chip, for single color design. To achieve colorful effects in the neon signs, they use 5050 SMD LED chips.

Energy Consumption

The energy consumption largely depends on the LED chips used in the Neon signs. The latest LED chips work more efficiently than before and consume less energy. Chinese neon signs manufacturer uses the renowned LED chips. The total energy consumption of neon signs depends on the size, the pricing rate of electricity, and the time you keep it turning on. 

The average power consumption of LED neon signs is 150 watts. On the other hand, the average power consumption of traditional neon signs is about 400-600 watts. So, the energy consumption of the LED neon signs is three times less compared to traditional fluorescent light.

Let’s compare the  electricity cost of LED neon signs and traditional neon signs. We have assumed the following 2 situations. 

  1. Take ordinary industrial electricity consumption of 1 RMB / degree
  2. 360 days of use per year for 8 hours per day, 100 square meters

LED neon signs save about US$11605.972 per year in electricity costs compared to traditional neon signs. So, using LED neon signs have been popular lighting solutions to the project panners. 


The durability of the neon signs is another major indicator of high-quality neon signs. Under ideal conditions, the average lifespan of LED neon signs is 50000 hours. Chinese neon signs last for a long time. 

Jasionlight uses high-quality raw materials and advanced technologies to manufacture LED neon signs. Even if you left on neon signs of Jasionlight 24/7, they will last more than 60,000+ hours. 


Manufacturers of low quality neon signs are not confident with their products and so they can’t provide a longer warranty. You can use a product without being worried if it has a warranty for a certain time. In a project, you have to calculate the initial investment as well as the maintenance cost. You can lessen the maintenance cost by purchasing neon signs which have a longer warranty time. The first two years are crucial for the neon signs. If the neon signs last at this time, it will last for a longer time. 

Jasionlight is dedicated to the customers and provides the best services. It provides 24 months free replacement warranty and 12 months free spare parts maintenance service. Jasionlight also provides Shipping Damage Warranty to its customers. As the quality of Jasionlight’s neon signs are very high and use the safest packaging, you will not face the hassles of replacement. In the 17 years of lighting experience, the warranty failure rate of Jasionlight is 0.3 percent.


Project planners and advertising companies need customized neon signs. Most of the neon signs companies of China provide the limited customization options such as size, and color. Jaisonlight offers the most versatile neon signs and so you can customize the following features. 

  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Font color
  • Graphic
  • The color of the light
  • The mode of the light
  • The size of the light
  • Cutting size
  • The shape of the backboard
  • The color of the backboard
  • The length of the cable

You must check the above factors before purchasing neon signs from China. Don’t fall in the marketing hype of the neon signs manufacturers.

#3. What Factor Should I Check To Ensure the Brightness of Neon Signs Before Purchasing?

Brightness is very crucial for any lighting project. So, you should check this feature before purchasing neon signs from China. The brightness of neon signs depends on the light decay feature of LED chips. So, you should check the type of LED chip to ensure consistent brightness from the neon signs. 2835 SMD LED chip, 3014 SMD LED chip, and 3020 SMD LED chips are the most advanced LED chips. You can ask the manufacturers to use one of them to get the extreme brightness from neon signs.

#4. What is The Suitable Delivery System To Import Neon Signs From China?

China has become a production superpower and a successful tactic of global sourcing for many businesses. But many wholesalers, retailers, and even project planers don’t know the fastest, safest, and cheapest delivery system. 

Importing neon signs from China is very cost-efficient when you know the right importing system. There are 3 popular ways for importing from China such as courier, sea freight, and air freight. 

The choice among courier, air, and sea normally depend on the shipment’s weight, size, contents, and the speed you need your goods.

Courier Services

Courier is the fastest way to import neon signs from China but costs a very high amount. This importing system is very popular when you want to import a very small amount of products. DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS are the popular courier services used to import products from China to the USA and the EU market.

Air Freight

Importing neon signs from China through air freight is cost-effective than courier compared to courier. You can get your products within 10-12 days. As the turnover time is very important in wholesale and retail neon sign businesses, you should follow this importing system. 

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the cheapest way to import products from China. But it takes more time than the above two importing systems. If you are project planners of urban rail, transport systems, airports, ports, and railways, you should choose this importing system. As the price is very important in any big project and planning is done in advance, sea freight is the best.


#5. What After-Sales Service Can You Get When You Purchase Neon Signs from China?

Having instant after-sale service of the neon signs manufacturer is very important. Most of the neon signs manufacturers of China use email for solving problems of the customers. Communication through email is a formal way but time-consuming way to solve problems.


Jasionlight is one of the most renowned manufacturers of China and gained many national and international awards for its superior products and customer support. It provides 24 hours online customer service, after receiving your request for after-sales service by mail or phone, fax, 2 hours response and processing. Jasionlight also supports its customers in the following terms and conditions:

Warranty Period

The warranty period is 2 years free warranty, 1 year free parts replacement, calculated from the customer’s receipt of the goods. So, if you face any problems related to products, you should contact us as soon as possible. 

Service measures during the warranty period

During the 2-year free warranty period, if there are quality problems (non-man-made, non-natural disasters), we will replace the new products as soon as possible with free shipping, labor, and material costs. In the case of  1-year free parts replacement time, if there are quality problems (non-man-made, non-natural disasters), we will replace the new parts as soon as possible with free material costs.

The service measures outside The warranty period :

Outside the warranty period, Jasionlight preferentially provides the required spare parts, maintenance only charges the cost of spare parts. It will be a matter of happiness for you that Jasionlisht provides lifelong maintenance for its customers. 

#6. Should You Physically Visit China to Purchase Neon signs?

You need to consider a lot of factors at the time of purchasing neon signs from China. Most of the neon signs manufacturers offer a great number of features of the neon signs. All of them make a project planner confused to choose the right manufacturer. If you find the verification ways that the manufacturers offer, you can trust them. 

If you are a first-time buyer and don’t get enough verifiable information, you should visit China before purchasing neon signs. 

We usually advise the large project planner buyers to visit China manufacturers because the large projects need large investment and a certain level of creditable warranty support. Long-term resellers also should visit China manufacturers for building long-term business relationships. You know the strong supply chain will help the business to be successful by more than 60 percent.

#7. How to Identify The Strength of The Manufacturer When You Purchase Neon Signs from China?

To get the high-quality neon signs for your projects, you should purchase from a trusted lighting manufacturer. But many customers don’t know how to identify the strengths of the manufacturers. You can identify the strengths of the manufacturer by finding the answers to the following questions. 

  • Are your manufacturers specialized in neon signs? 
  • Do they have an R & D department to improve the quality of the neon signs? 
  • How many years is your neon signs manufacturer operating their business? The longer, the better. 
  • Do they have  QC systems in every step of the production line? 
  • What is the production capacity of the manufacturer? 
  • Do they provide after-sales service? 
  • Do they use either wooden crates or cartons at the time of exporting neon signs?

Final Thought

Purchasing neon signs from China is very beneficial for project planners, wholesalers, as well as retailers. But, you should find the right manufacturer who has the name and fame in the lighting industry and provide high-quality neon signs. Jaisonlight has more than 17 years of experience in the neon signs industry and provides as they promise.

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