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Jasionlight is an international supplier of Outdoor LED Display and has been exporting since 2003. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display is made with expertise to ensure that they achieve the maximum lifespan possible. 

Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display is manufactured by a team of experts with many years of experience. Our research and development team also ensures that we adapt to the new technologies in our manufacturing process.

Jasionlight Quality And Waterproof LED Display


Jasionlight LED solutions including the Outdoor LED Display meet the International Electro-technical Commission’s rating standard also known as IP Rating. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display has been tested and approved to be fully waterproof.

This means you can buy Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display and place it anywhere without worrying about the shade or intensity of the rain. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display is properly protected from entry of any foreign elements like water that may cause short-circuiting.

Jasionlight Affordable And Easy to Maintain LED Display

Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display is affordable in terms of cost compared to the high prices in the market. This is because of the high efficient manufacturing machine that brings down the cost of production for high-quality Outdoor LED Displays.

Because of this, we can supply the most affordable and Quality Outdoor LED Display. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display is also made with ease of maintenance to ensure it is easy to maintain.


Why Should You Consider Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display?

Jasionlight outdoor LED display is made to make your advertising easier and cost-friendly. Outdoor LED Display comes with many benefits compared to traditional billboards. Below are some of the advantages that come with the use of Jasionlight outdoor LED Display.

Good Weather Resistance

Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display comes with extreme weather resistance due to its environment. Outdoor LED Display is made with durable components that are waterproof and heat resistant. This is to ensure no rain water penetrates inside and that optimum internal temperatures are maintained.

Deliver Seamless Images

The Outdoor LED Display displays a continuous flow of text, images and videos. This ensures that you don’t get distracted by the spaces separating each Outdoor LED Cabinets. They are properly stacked in a uniform pattern making the large pack of LED cabinets appear like a large single TV screen.

Customize Any Size Or Shape

Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display comes in many unique designs and shapes. The shapes can be customized to fit its use. The size of the Outdoor LED Display also varies depending on the use and client’s preferences. Roadside Outdoor LED Display billboards will come in large sizes to offer a better and clear view.


Outdoor LED Display emits light which allows viewers to watch them from a distance. Their lighting also allows one to view the contents even in strong sunlight. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Display comes with an automatic light sensor. This makes the Outdoor LED Display dim at night and light more on a sunny day.

High Impact

Outdoor LED Display makes a strong impression on the audience using their high visual display technology. The lighting and clarity of the Outdoor LED Display attract the attention of any passers-by thus maximizing the investment. The unique display of Outdoor LED Display is what makes it stand out from all other ads.

Audience Segmentation

The best thing about Outdoor LED Display is the ability to advertise different content to different audiences. Based on the profile of the traffic e.g. gender, age, profession etc. you can customize different messages for each group. Outdoor LED Display allows for scheduling messages based on different audiences at different times.

Jasionlight Range Of Quality And Affordable Outdoor LED Display

To serve different markets across the world with quality Outdoor LED Display

Jasionlight has consistently been involved in the production of different and unique solutions for different markets worldwide. Our customers have appreciated the value they get from our products and we strive to produce even more at a lower cost. 

Some of the Outdoor LED Display solutions have been exported to North America, Europe, and other continents. Some of our highly demanded outdoor LED Display products are listed below.

Outdoor LED Advertising Board

Maximize your profit margins using high quality and affordable Outdoor Advertising boards. It comes with a wide viewing angle and high brightness to attract more audience. The viewing distance also allows viewers to see from far and wide easily.

Football Stadium Screens

Jasionlight football stadium screens can be used anywhere whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny. Football stadium screens are easy to assemble and disassemble once the match is over for use in a different stadium. Football stadium screens can also be rented out when not in use.

Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen

Jasionlight outdoor waterproof LED Screen is the best for use when you are considering investing in outdoor events. Jasionlight outdoor waterproof LED Screen comes with full protection from any water pilferage no matter the amount of rain.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor Rental LED Display is one of the best silent ways of making extra income or saving money. If you are looking to invest, buying an Outdoor Rental LED Display can help you make money by simply hiring out for use. This works well for single-use projects for companies such as product launches.

Mobile LED Display

Jasionlight Mobile LED Display is mainly made for mobile trucks that move from one high traffic area to another. They are very effective ways of marketing since the advertisements are tailored to the expected audience. Mobile LED displays can greatly increase the company’s sales.

Roadside LED Display

Roadside LED Display is mainly placed in areas where there is huge traffic of vehicles or road users. Roadside LED Display comes with automatic light adjustment sensors. This is very important for the safety of drivers who may otherwise be blinded by extreme light from the Roadside LED Display.

Giant Outdoor LED Screens

Jasionlight Giant Outdoor LED Screens display a very spectacular view at night. Giant Outdoor LED Screens can easily become a landmark due to their stunning look and display when correctly installed. They can display large-format videos and images to the public thus guaranteeing advertisers improved product sales.

Taxi Roof LED Display

Taxi roof LED Display is also a great way of utilizing mobile marketing. Taxis are always on the move and they can take information to a wide area in a single day. Taxi roof LED Display is easy to install and normally small size depending on the size of the vehicle serving as a taxi.

Outdoor LED Poster

Get the affordable and waterproof Outdoor LED Poster to display your products, services, webpage, and even social media platforms. Jasionlight Outdoor LED Poster comes with excellent lighting that attracts viewers from a distance. Its perfect wide viewing angle makes it even better for all to see the advertisements from any angle.

Why Should You Buy an Outdoor LED Display From Jasionlight?

Jasionlight is an award-winning company that has specialized in manufacturing LED Solutions including outdoor LED Displays. Our commitment to meeting the high demand for long-lasting and waterproof outdoor LED displays has made us invest more in our workforce. 

Jasionlight research and development team is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the latest technology is used in the production of the latest Outdoor LED display solutions. Our reliable customer service works for 24 hours throughout the week to answer customer queries and provide support.

Contact us today and we will be ready to discuss with you the best approach towards implementing your project. Email us or send us a request through our request form.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Outdoor LED Display


Outdoor marketing and public address have grown to become the modern way of advertising away from the traditional billboards. Because of this, the outdoor LED display has come to offer some of the most economical and interactive ways of displaying content to the public.

Outdoor LED display comes in different models which offer different benefits. There are many questions that continue rising regarding the outdoor LED display and we seek to answer some of them below.

Table of Contents

1. What Is An Outdoor LED Display?

Figure 1. Outdoor LED Display

An outdoor LED Display is a solution that is designed to serve for longer periods of time and in very challenging environmental conditions. outdoor LED Display is made to deliver quality visual displays with lower costs of operation. 

The outdoor LED Display combines high luminescence and a wide angle of viewing. This way the outdoor LED Display is able to deliver tantalizing, high-quality LED Displays that are inviting to the target audience. 

Outdoor LED Display is built with components that are high quality to deliver an exceptional lifespan. The outdoor LED Display is made with different pixels pitches to optimize outdoor full colour led display installations.  

The outdoor LED Display has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness levels. This guarantees the best readability in any weather. This also minimizes the outdoor LED Display power wastage.

2. Where Can An Outdoor LED Display Be Installed?

The ability of outdoor LED displays to withstand harsh climatic conditions makes them useful in any environment. Some of the areas where the outdoor LED display can be installed include:

  • Wall mounting on buildings 
  • Outdoor LED display Pole installation
  • Installation on roofs
  • Hanging outdoor LED display
  • Truck outdoor LED display
  • Rental/Mobile outdoor LED display

3. How Is Outdoor LED Display Controlled?

It may be hard to understand how the control of the Hanging outdoor LED display will be done once it has been set. With the improved technology, controlling an outdoor LED display is super easy. An Outdoor LED display can be controlled using various sources.

This means, no matter where you are, you can access the back end and control the out LED display without the help of an expert. 

Some of the available methods of control include:

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous controlling
  • Using a connected computer
  • Operating it using 4G or Wi-Fi connected devices
  • Cloud controlling

Using one system of control, you can comfortably control your out LED display from anywhere.

4. Who Is The Best Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer?

Outdoor Led Display Manufacturer
Figure 2. Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of outdoor LED Display products and they are increasing day by day. As a buyer, the main distinguishing factor is the quality and durability of the outdoor LED Display you intend to buy. 

Not all outdoor LED Display manufacturers will give you what you want and you need to be careful when looking for one. A good outdoor LED Display manufacturer must offer you better warranty terms in case the products fail to work. 

Over the years, Jasionlight has consistently manufactured and distributed outdoor LED Display products across the world. The outdoor LED Displays are certified by all the relevant bodies including IEC/EN 60529 for water-resistant. 

Jasionlight outdoor LED Display is affordable and high quality compared to other outdoor LED Displays in the market. All the products will come with a better warranty term to guarantee you smooth functionality and durability.

5. What Does “P” Mean With Reference To Outdoor LED Display?

“P” is used to represent the Pixel pitch of your outdoor LED Display whenever LED Display is being referred to. For example, you can hear of P1, P4, P5, P6, etc. to help buyers know what they will get. The values that come after the “P” normally stand for the distance of the two pixels commonly known as the dot pitch. 

The challenge for most buyers however is choosing the pixel pitch or value that can guarantee them a clear and smooth display. To be assured of the best clarity for your outdoor LED Display, you should go for a small spacing value and high pixel point.

6. How Can I Determine The P4 Outdoor LED Display Price?

Figure 3. p4 Outdoor LED Display

It can be quite hard to come up with a single price for any P4 outdoor LED display. This is because of the different factors available in determining the overall cost. Among the factors that determine the P4 outdoor LED display price include pixel pitch, shape, display size and other customized features. 

The P4 outdoor LED display prices available in the market can show quite a huge discrepancy. This will mainly be brought about by quality differences. Quality P4 outdoor LED display can be expensive and balancing between price and quality is something you need to pay attention to.

7. How Can I Become An Outdoor LED Display Supplier?

To become an outdoor LED display supplier, you will need to consider a few things. This includes:

  • Your available capital
  • Your market
  • Modes of outdoor LED display
  • Your outdoor LED display manufacturer
  • Shipping costs and customs

Before everything else, you should find out how much you intend to invest in your outdoor LED display supply business. The capital will help you understand how the models of outdoor LED display to buy and the means of shipping the outdoor LED display.

Secondly, understand your outdoor LED display market and its dynamics. Is there a market for outdoor LED displays? If yes, do preliminary research on how many may be interested in your new outdoor LED display. The best clients would be the event organisers and outdoor marketing companies. 

Thirdly, there are different models of outdoor LED display. Each of them has its benefits and disadvantages based on their use. This will help you place your prospective clients on a proper list of outdoor LED display they may buy. 

The fourth and most important part is finding a reliable outdoor LED display manufacturer. They should be cost-friendly with a short lead time to meet your demand. A good outdoor LED display can make your business grow without challenges and the opposite is also true. 

Lastly, understand the process of shipping the outdoor LED display from the manufacturer to your shop. You should calculate everything on a higher side to plan better. This will involve the amount paid to your outdoor LED display shipping agent and the government taxes among other costs.

8. What Is The Difference Between The P6 Outdoor LED Display, P8 Outdoor LED Display And P10 Outdoor LED Display?

P6, P8 And P10 Differences
Figure 4. P6, P8 And P10 Differences

 Many people get confused about whether to have a full-color P6, P8, or P10 outdoor LED display. Some of the differentiating technical parameters of the P6, P8, or P10 outdoor LED display are:

  • Point spacing is used in differentiating the different models of the outdoor LED display. The dot spacing of the Full-colour outdoor LED display reduces by 2mm. P6 outdoor LED display to P8 has reduced by 2mm while the pixels per square meter increase 12,000 on average. 
  • The driving mode of an outdoor LED display is used to determine how bright the LED Screen will be.  P10 outdoor LED display for example has the least pixel per unit area. This means that its brightness is high compared to that of the P8 and P6 outdoor LED displays. 
  • The power consumption is determined by the number of pixels. P6 outdoor LED display, therefore, has higher power consumption due to the high number of pixels it has. 
  • The viewing distance of an outdoor LED display also differs with every LED display model. P6 outdoor LED display for example will require a minimum viewing distance of 6 meters. The P10 and P8 outdoor LED displays will require a viewing distance of 10 and 8 meters respectively. 

Generally, the P6 Full-colour outdoor LED display will appear clearer on a small screen. If you require a larger outdoor LED display, you should then work with a P10 outdoor LED display.

9. What Are The Benefits Of A P4 Outdoor LED Display?

Figure 5. Benefits Of A P4 Outdoor LED Display

P4 outdoor LED Display comes with many benefits some of which are:

  • They have a perfect image quality with a wide viewing angle
  • The cabinet design is IP65 waterproof
  • P4 outdoor LED Display  is Easy to install with minimal cost of installation
  • High reliability
  • It is easy to access the front and the back of a P4 outdoor LED Display

10. What Are The Features And Uses Of A P10 Outdoor LED Display?

Some of the features that a P10 LED Display has to include:

  • Pixel matrix of 10000 per SQM
  • DIP346 Pixel configurations
  • Up to 6000nits of brightness allowing it to be viewed in the sun and long distances of 100M
  • Great IP65 waterproof capabilities 
  • P10 outdoor LED Display has a Longer lifespan
  • Wide viewing angle and perfect uniformity
  • Easy and Quick maintenance that save on cost and time
  • Lower weight and power consumption
  • P10 outdoor LED Display is slim and easy to carry
  • P10 outdoor LED Display can be used for rental LED Display, advertising, mobile LED billboard, or fixed installation among others.

11. Does An Outdoor LED Display Come With Automatic Brightness System?

Automatic Brightness System
Figure 6. Automatic Brightness System

Yes, a good outdoor LED display should come with an intelligent system for detecting automatic brightness. This offers some benefits such as:

  • Increased lifespan of the LED’s for up to 30%
  • High savings on the cost of electricity
  • Perfect image display at any weather conditions
  • It increases the safety of road users by not blinding them
  • There is no manual control of the brightness 

12. What Are The Advantages Of A P16 Outdoor LED Display?

A P16 outdoor LED Display screen is made with virtual and physical pixel technology. This offers a clear and vivid image that has no flickers and blind dots. A P16 outdoor LED Display comes with a perfect waterproof and dustproof design. 

Some of the advantages of A P16 outdoor LED Display include:

  • High brightness and quality images
  • Wide colour space and long lifespan
  • They have high reliability and Anti-static LED chips
  • A P16 outdoor LED Display has easier maintainability and very reliable
  • They are properly sealed with high-quality silicone that has passed water trials.

13. How Do I Maintain An Outdoor LED Display?

Figure 7. Maintaining An Outdoor LED Display

The outdoor LED Display is normally used in very harsh and complex conditions. There are many things that should be done to ensure that the outdoor LED Display serves you for the longest time possible. Some of the maintenance procedures for an outdoor LED Display include:

Keep your Outdoor LED Display safe from electrocution

Your outdoor LED Display should not come into contact with iron powder or any conductive objects. You should place large-format LED display screens in places with low dust to avoid damage to the circuit. 

If by any accident your outdoor LED Display comes into contact with a conductive object, you should power it off immediately. You can then contact your maintenance personnel to fix before use to avoid more damage on the Outdoor LED Display.

Wipe the Outdoor LED Display gently

You should wipe the outdoor LED Display carefully not to press the LEDs. You should apply a little force enough to wipe off easily. When cleaning outdoor LED Display, you should avoid using ammonia-based detergents.

Stable power supply

The supply of power to the outdoor LED Display should be very stable. It should also have good grounding protection. You should not use the outdoor LED Display in bad weather, especially lightning.

Observe the switch sequence

You should follow the process of turning on the outdoor LED Display. Start by turning on the control computer to enable the operations before turning on the outdoor LED Display. When you are done, turn off the outdoor LED Display and then the control computer.

Resting the Outdoor LED Display

The outdoor LED Display should be left to rest for at least 2 hours daily. During the rainy season, you can rest the outdoor LED Display at least once a week. If the outdoor LED Display is not in use, you should turn it in for at least 2 hours every month.

Regular check-ups

You should check the outdoor LED Display regularly if it is functioning properly, replacements, damaged circuits etc. This is important in maintaining the normal functionality of the outdoor LED Display.

Deal with Outdoor LED Display professionals

If you realize any problem with the outdoor LED Display like internal wiring, you should contact LED Display Experts. Dealing with non-professionals can cause more problems due to their limited knowledge of outdoor LED Display.

14. How Long Can An Outdoor LED Display Last?

Outdoor LED Display
Figure 8. Outdoor LED Display

An outdoor LED Display is meant to serve you for a long period of time. At the same time, it only requires minimal maintenance that is cost-friendly. This is a good way of ensuring that the outdoor LED Display serves you for a much longer time to realize its benefits. 

In estimate, the outdoor LED Display can serve for more than 100,000 hours as long as there is proper maintenance. It is built to withstand some of the factors that may destroy indoor LED displays.

15. What Is An Outdoor LED Display Modular System?

An outdoor LED Display modular system is a system that helps you mount together several modules to come up with a big LED billboard. This helps in customizing the big size LED screens that you may require for your business. 

The outdoor LED Display modules are joined together using a dual lock to guarantee viewers a seamless view without lines. The outdoor LED Display modular system allows for easy transportation. It also makes it easier to mount and offers easier maintenance procedures. 

The outdoor LED Display modular system ensures that there is no limit on the resolution, size and shape that can be achieved. 

16. What Ip Rating In Outdoor LED Display?

An IP rating is the International Protection Marking used in rating the ability of products to withstand the intrusion of liquid and dust.  The outdoor LED Display IP rating is defined by IEC/EN 60529 to be used globally.

Outdoor LED Display IP rating is a two-digit system that was designed to limit the misrepresentation of the product’s protection ability. 

The standard water-resistant testing is done by spraying the outdoor LED Display with water from 3 meters. This is done using a 12.5mm nozzle for at least 3 minutes. Only outdoor LED Display that passes this testing is certified for outdoor use.

17. How Can I Protect The Outdoor LED Display From Bright Sunlight And Rain?

Figure 9. Protecting Outdoor LED Display from bright sunlight and rain

Whenever you install an outdoor LED Display, you should make sure that there is no water seeping into the electronics. Working with professional engineers will help you in deciding how this can be achieved to keep the outdoor LED Display safe. 

Bright sunlight increases the heat inside the outdoor LED Display. You should have maintenance procedures in place on how to regulate the heat inside the outdoor LED Display. Alternatively, you can find a better way to reduce the energy absorption of your outdoor LED Display. Balancing between the cooling and heating of your outdoor LED Display is very important.

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