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Jasonlight, a renowned ceiling lamp manufacturer in China, was founded in 2003. It has more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying ceiling lights all over the world. Jasionlight has gained many national and international awards for our high-quality products and quality services.


No Compromise with The Quality of Ceiling Lights

We use high-quality brand LED chips and other raw materials to manufacture our durable ceiling lights. Our skilled workers with exquisite workmanship, expert technicians, and quality control members work together to produce the best Chinese ceiling lights. Besides, Jasionlight’s research and development team also innovates and tracks the latest technologies to produce ceiling lamps efficiently. The QC department checks products in every production process.

Supporting Business with More Customization Services

Different projects require different variations of ceiling lamps. Jasionlight provides a wide range of customization services to meet the project’s requirements. You can customize the logo, package, and different sensors such as PIR Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Daylight Sensor, Voice Control Sensor. Choose the best one to withstand in the indoor and outdoor environments.

Different Functions LED Ceiling Light For You to Choose

Jasionlight LED ceiling lights with different functions, such as dimmable, emergency, sensor, etc, to meet your different projects and businesses requirement.


TRIAC Dimming Control

You can control the amount of dim LED ceiling lights easily. At the time of choosing the Triac dimming lamp, ensure that your switch is Triac dimmer. Jasionlight uses the brand Triac dimmable LED driver, which passed a strict compatibility test. It is compatible with over 95% Triac dimmers on the market.


DALI Dimming Control

One of the essences of DALI dimming is an open protocol, so compatibility is very good. Other advantages include: accurate dimming, addressable, monitorable, and wide dimming range. So it’s also very popular in the market. 

DALI enables you to integrate LED gear without any hassle. Project planners can control big and complex projects with this dimming function. Besides, you can easily control the lighting solution of larger buildings, retail premises, office complexes, campuses, and similar locations. 


0/1-10V Dimming Control

0-10V dimming reduces the power being fed to the LED. So, they consume less energy and save electricity bills. If you choose this function for your ceiling lights, you can create lighting that will match your mood or activity. 

1-10V dimming function provides a very smooth dimming curve which results in color changing LEDs. This dimming technology also saves energy and helps to enhance the lifespan of the LED. 


WIFI Control

The WiFi control will help you to control the ceiling light fixtures with the connection of WiFi. Connect your  ceiling lights with Alexa or Google home to control the different lighting effects according to your will. 


Remote Control

The remote controller helps you easily control your LED ceiling light, you can set the brightness, color, color temperature. In the first use, you only need to simply pair the code, and then you can easily control it.


PIR Sensor

PIR sensors are also known as “Passive Infrared”, “Pyroelectric” or “IR motion” sensors. This sensor detects whether a human has moved in or out of the sensor’s range. You can save about 0.8W to 1.0W energy by having this function. You can install an LED ceiling light with a PIR sensor in enclosed spaces, wall-switch replacements, and spaces with high airflow.


Microwave Sensor

A microwave sensor or microwave detector is the more advanced LED light sensor compared to a PIR sensor. You can install LED ceiling lights with microwave sensors in virtually any environment. You can save initial cost for purchasing LED ceiling lights with a microwave sensor in lieu of the PIR sensor.


Daylight Sensor

It is a device that reads available daylight and sends a signal to the control system. Daylight sensors reduce energy consumption and time by turning off electric lights or dimming based on the availability of natural daylight. This sensor maintains the proper light level for space. You don’t need to adjust the brightness to get optimum lighting for commercial and residential areas. 


Emergency function

Emergency function enables the ceiling light to enlighten your area during a power cut. Its durable battery charges automatically when you switch on the ceiling lights. You should choose LED ceiling lights with this function for commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. Building codes of some areas and projects require this function. 

All Types of Indoor LED Ceiling Light​

to Support Your Project and Business

There are different variations of indoor LED ceiling lights to meet your demand. Indoor LED ceiling lights support any indoor ceiling light projects. Let’s see some variations of indoor LED ceiling lights.

Wholesale LED Ceiling Lights

You can support your business with our high-efficient products at an affordable price. Jasionlight offers the wholesalers at direct factory prices. So, you can make a good profit margin by purchasing from us. We are supplying LED ceiling lights to more than 2,500 wholesale businesses. 

Circular LED Ceiling Lights

Our circular ceiling lights are manufactured with a unique super slim design. You can use them for bedrooms, living rooms, staircases, and office projects. Circular LED ceiling lights are protected from water and dust and so they fit a dusty environment. The average lifespan of our circular LED ceiling lights is more than 40,000 hours at 40°C ambient temperature. The light efficacy of classic circular LED ceiling lights is greater than 90-100LM/W. 

Emergency Ceiling Lights

Jasionlight emergency ceiling lights have been designed with 3W, 5W, 8W, half-power, full power, or other customized wattages to meet the project’s requirements. And their emergency illuminating time ranges from 3 to 6 hours. You can use emergency ceiling lights in basements, auditoriums, shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, and schools in case of power failure. Jasionlight’s emergency ceiling lights illuminate the area in case of power failure up to 6 hours

Modern Ceiling Lights

You can set our modern Chinese ceiling lights in any big project, bedrooms, living rooms, staircase, and office projects. Modern ceiling lights emit layered light overhead like a sun. Modern ceiling lights are suitable for dining room, kitchen, farmhouse, living room, bathroom, hallway, bar, and coffee shop.

Ultra-thin LED Ceiling Lights

The thickness of our ultra-thin LED ceiling lights is 44.5mm. As the light efficacy is greater than 100LM/w, you will get the best lighting effect without any shadow. 

Oyster Ceiling Lights

If you want to illuminate your projects with low ceilings, oyster ceiling lights are perfect for you. Jasionlight’s oyster ceiling lights are high-efficient and last for a long period. You will get the best lighting effect without any shadow by installing our Oyster ceiling lights. 

Indoor LED Ceiling Lights

You can use indoor custom ceiling lights in any indoor lighting projects. Create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere with indoor LED ceiling lights. They will create the best lighting effect without any shadow.

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Kitchen ceiling lights require extra protection for a longer lifespan. High-quality raw materials give better safety and reliability in our ceiling lamp. You can clean them by wiping with soft clothes. Read the safety note before cleaning the kitchen ceiling lights. 

Bathroom Ceiling Light

Our bathroom ceiling lights are 85% more efficient and so consume less energy. These lights give the most protection from water for its IP54 rating. So, you can clean them by spraying water from any direction. 

All Types of Outdoor LED Ceiling Light

to Support Your Projects and Wholesale

Outdoor LED ceiling lights require extra protection than indoor LED ceiling lights. Our technicians, expert designers, and skilled workers with exquisite workmanship produce high-efficient and durable products. There are different variations of outdoor ceiling lights designed for particular types of projects.

Outdoor LED Ceiling Light

Jasionlight’s outdoor ceiling lights are perfect for the hallway, garden, and other outdoor lighting projects. Our IP65 rating will give the best protection from water and dust in the outdoor environment. 

Waterproof Ceiling Light

Outdoor waterproofcvccc ceiling lights give the best protection from wet environments. IP grade IP65 rating gives better protection from dust and IP grade IK10 rating protects lights from dropping from up to 400mm above the impacted surface. You can customize dimmable, emergency, control methods, and different sensors such as PIR Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Daylight Sensor, and Voice Control Sensor. 

External Ceiling Lights

The external custom ceiling lights of Jaisonlight are made with a unique design and super-slim shape. Its IP65 rating ensures protection against dust and low-pressure water jets. The beam angle of Jasionlight’s external ceiling lights is 120°.

Balcony Ceiling Light

You can create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere by using balcony ceiling lights. The main raw materials of balcony ceiling lights are a PC cover, aluminum base, and aluminum ring for better protection. 

Outdoor Overhead Lighting

TUV approved outdoor overhead lights give better brightness for a longer period. Outdoor overhead lights are suitable for bathrooms, staircases, apartments, parking lot projects, and other external lighting projects.

Patio Ceiling Lights

Our patio ceiling lights are made of a PC cover and aluminum base. You can control this ceiling light with a remote control to adjust the intensity of the brightness and mode of patio light. Use smart app technology to control your patio ceiling lights from your bedroom. 

Outside Porch Ceiling Lights

Outside porch ceiling lights of Jasionlight will create an amazing atmosphere in front of the entrance of a building. Its IP65 rating gives better protection against outdoor dust and some water.

Outdoor Ceiling Light Sensor

You will get a manual and 1 set of installation screws with our outdoor ceiling light sensor to facilitate your installation process. The light efficacy of outdoor ceiling lights is greater than 90LM/W. So, you will get better brightness with low powered ceiling light.  

External Pendant Lights

It is also known as outdoor hanging lights. You can customize our TUV approved brand-led driver with the sensor, emergency, and dimmable options. The light efficacy is greater than 80LM/W. 

IP65 Ceiling Light

Our IP65 ceiling lights are suitable for wet locations. This light features a long-lasting white UV stabilized latest acrylic lens with a white powder-coated cast aluminum frame. It can produce up to 1,850 lumens of cool white 4000K. 

Why Jasionlight Is Reliable Manufacturer & Supplier for LED Ceiling Light

The competitive advantages of Jaisonlight are skilled workers, expert designers & technicians, and innovation. So, we can produce the best ceiling lamp lights to support your business and projects. You can lessen your hassles and costs by installing durable ceiling lights. As they are high-efficient and durable, you can use them without being worried about replacement and fixing. 

Jasionlight has more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing LED lights and neon signs. We are specialized in the commercial lighting industry and a global leading professional manufacturer. The QC department members inspect from collecting raw materials to sending products to the customers. So, products are released from factories with zero defect rate. As we apply the latest technologies and brand LED chips to products, they consume less energy and give the best lighting effect. 

Jasionlight has achieved the economy of scale for its large production capacity. We have a 5000 square meters fabrication area and around 100 trained workers. The monthly production capacity is 100,000pcs. So, we can reduce the cost per unit of our ceiling lamps without sacrificing quality. 

Jasionlight supports wholesalers by providing the best products at affordable prices. Project planners like our ceiling lamps as we provide a wide range of customization services. 

We have the unique design capability, production capacity, availability of a wide range of installation accessories, and availability of a wide range of materials. Our ceiling lamps are made of high-grade aluminum extrusion, strict quality control, and perfect finishing. So, you can order ceiling lamps for any lighting project according to the customer’s demand and project’s requirements.

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Ceiling Lamp Manufacturer - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching for a reliable ceiling lamp manufacturer that can provide the best custom ceiling lamp at an affordable price? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this guide, you will get a clear and concise concept about ceiling lights. You can also easily choose the right ceiling lamp manufacturer for your projects or businesses.

Table of Contents

#1. What Are Ceiling Lamps Called?

Lights that are mounted on the ceiling are known as ceiling lamps. They are also known as recessed lights. Surface-mounted, suspended & pendant and recessed lights are very popular forms of ceiling lamps.

LED Ceiling Lamp

#2. What Are The Applications of LED Ceiling Lights?

You can use ceiling lamps on different lighting solutions. You can set them anywhere that requires detail-oriented work and uniform lighting effects. Let’s see some specific areas where you can install LED ceiling lights.

  • Walkway canopies
  • Hospitals. 
  • Food processing plants
  • Parking Garages. 
  • Gymnasiums
  • Facilities Warehouses
  • Harsh Environments
  • Wet Environments
  • School 
  • Recreation Centers. 
  • Mechanic shops
  • Retail locations
  • Restaurant
  • Artist studios
  • Paint booths
  • Bedroom
  • Bank
  • Bathroom
  • Hotel
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen Room
  • Corridor

You can also set them in public areas that need long-time lighting. 

#3. How Many Lumens Should Be in A Room? How Many Ceiling Lights Are Necessary Per Square Meter?

Many project planners want to know the right number of ceiling lights needed for projects. The number of ceiling lights required for a project depends on the purpose of lighting, the size of the area, personal preference, and the brightness of your ceiling lights. You should purchase the LED ceiling lights with dimmable features so that you can control the brightness of LED ceiling lights for your projects or decorations.

The brightness of the LED lights is measured in lumens which indicate the efficiency of light. Let’s see the number of lumens you need for your room. To determine the number of lumens for a project or room, follow the following steps.

  • First, measure the space area of your lighting area in square meters by multiplying the length, and width. 
  • Generally, a living room or bed-room requires 10-20 lumens per square foot. But some areas like the kitchen or bathroom need around 70-80 lumens per square foot. The utilization index ranges from 0.3 to 0.4.  
  • Now, you can calculate the basic lights required for space. 

Let’s calculate the required lumens for a living room with 10-foot length and 10-foot width. 

Area of the room = 10 foot * 10 foot = 100 square foot. 

The minimum basic brightness required for the room = ( 100 square foot * 10 lumens/sq ft) = 1,000 lumens. 

The maximum basic brightness required for the room = ( 100 square foot * 20 lumens/sq ft) = 2,000 lumens.

Assume that your ceiling light produces 80 lumens per watt. So, you need a ceiling light of 12.5 to 25 watts for a living room. 

You can’t create a vibrant atmosphere with basic brightness. So, consider the possible irregularities and different uses of space. To provide task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, we need to layer the lighting.

LED Ceiling Light For Living Room

Consider more power in the case of a high roof and considerably less power in the case of a low roof. Experts don’t recommend installing one kind of luminaries for the living room. Install ceiling lamps with a combination of ambient lighting and partial lighting. Use LED ceiling lights, LED spotlights, or LED downlights for the main lighting fixture.

If you don’t want to have ambient lighting and partial lighting, use 25w-50w LED ceiling lights as the main lighting. It will be enough for your desired lighting solution.

If you are a wholesaler of LED ceiling lights, you can refer to the above data and calculations; if you are engaged in commercial lighting projects, we recommend you using the professional lighting software DIALux to do a spatial simulation to get accurate results.

Parameter of LED Ceiling Light

#4. What Factors Should You Check Before Choosing Ceiling Lamp?/ How to Choose The Right Ceiling Light?

You need to consider a lot of factors at the time of choosing LED ceiling lights. The indoor ceiling lamps are not compatible with the outdoor environment. Again, your outdoor ceiling lights must be protected from water, dust, corrosion, and other external factors. Consider the height between ceiling and floor before choosing ceiling lamps.

Let’s see some important factors that every project planners and wholesalers consider before choosing LED ceiling lights.


Expert designers suggest the project planners keep more lighting sources in a room or for projects. To ensure task areas are well-lit and create an ambient atmosphere, combine different kinds of ceiling lights. In bathrooms and kitchens, you need higher brightness compared to living rooms and sitting rooms. The ground illumination(lux) is 300lux for the living room, 600lux for the dining room, 150lux for the bedroom. 

The luminous efficiency of LEDs, the light transmittance of the lens, and the efficiency of the driver affect the brightness of LED ceiling lights. The light transmittance of the lens determines the amount of brightness passed through the lens. The higher driver efficiency will consume less power and provide more brightness. 

The brightness of the lights is measured by using a lighting standard called lumens. So, first of all, measure the area where you are willing to install ceiling lights. Then choose the right lumens for your home or projects. Led ceiling lights with higher brightness will save more energy and save more electricity bills for you.

The height of the Ceiling

The standard ceiling height is nine or ten feet. In some projects, the project planners keep the height of the ceiling 8 feet. You should use lower power led ceiling lights for low-ceiling rooms. In the case of a ceiling canopy and a short stem, you should use lower power led ceiling lights. Jasionlight’s led ceiling lights provide a more uniform lighting effect and higher luminous efficacy to provide more ambient lights and help you save the electricity bill.

Installation Process

Some ceiling lights require special technicians to install on the ceiling. So, if you want to install or fix the lights later, you will have to find special technicians. Choose ceiling lights that can be installed by local technicians and the mounting hardware is pre-set. Jasionlight’s LED ceiling lamps come with all mounting hardware and so you can easily install them on any ceiling position.

Different brightness with LED strip lights


The LED chip and LED driver are the heart of the LED ceiling lights. Generally LED ceiling lights are made of housing, led chips, heat sink, led driver, mounted end-cap, electric cables, installation screws, and manual. Die-casting aluminum or LED ceiling lights help the lights to withstand all kinds of harsh environments. The plastic housing is suitable for indoor led ceiling lights. Pure aluminum is best as the heat sink to help LED chips dissipate the generated heat. 

Jasionlight only uses LED chips from the world’s most renowned brands such as Philips, Osram, Tridonic, and Lifud. So, our LED ceiling lights consume less energy and provide consistent high brightness for all time. 


Manufacturers produce ceiling lights of different variations and shapes. Round shape and square shape are very popular shaped ceiling lamps. A renowned company can produce ceiling lights according to your project’s requirements. Choose a slim, simple, and stylish design to make a vivid and vibrant atmosphere in your lighting projects. Simple and versatile design complements various home decorations.


Check the lifespan of the ceiling lights. The average lifespan of the ceiling lights is about 50,000 hours. Product quality, brand LED chips, good heat dissipation, brand LED drivers, perfect installation, and regular maintenance affect the lifespan of ceiling lights. So, choose a led ceiling light supplier who uses advanced LED chips and qualify products with the aging test. 


You should choose those ceiling lights which you can maintain easily. Some complex designs look very good but they are hard to clean and take maintenance. Choose a simple design if you want to set ceiling lights for any big projects and set them in dusty places. Jasionlight uses brand LED chips to produce high efficacy LED ceiling lights that last for a longer period. Our custom ceiling lights come with a simple design and you can easily clean them.

#5. How to Find a Reliable Ceiling Lamp Manufacturer in China?

Finding a reliable ceiling lamp is a crucial thing. China has gained competitive advantages in the technological sector. So, they can produce the most efficient lighting products at an affordable price. There are many lighting companies in China. You should avoid those manufacturers who offer low-quality products at less price. Focus on the following factors to find a reliable Chinese ceiling lights manufacturer.

Experience In Lighting Industry

Experience of the manufacturer is the first and foremost factor at the time of choosing a wholesale ceiling light manufacturer. Experienced workers with exquisite workmanship can gain efficiency in the production process and supply system. Experienced manufacturers not only can increase efficiency but also can reduce the product damage rate. 

Having the range of defective products is less than or equal to 5% is a good sign in the case of mass production for LED ceiling light manufacturers. Jasionlight has 18 years of experience in the lighting industry. From the date of inception, it has built an advanced research and development department. The members of the R&D department track and innovate the most advanced technologies and apply them to their products. 

So, Jasionlight can offer the most advanced ceiling lights at factory price. The range of defective products of Jasionlight is less than 3%. Now, our products are exported in more than 50 countries and we have built a good supplier relationship with more than 2,500 wholesalers. 

Quality Control System

You should check the quality control system of the manufacturers. The quality control systems check the quality of raw materials and the production process. A good quality control system ensures the products’ quality. 

All of our raw materials pass the ROSH and Reach tests. Our quality control members check all raw materials with automatic and manual processes. So, you will get the world’s most durable ceiling lamps from us. 

Our led drivers are CE/UL/CUL/PSE/KC/SAA certified. And, all products have CE and ROHS certificates. We maintain international standards to manufacture our products in every production process.

Global Business Experience

A new lighting manufacturer can’t accomplish the international transaction. They require more time to manufacture custom-designed ceiling lamps and can’t maintain the international industrial standards. So, check the international business history of your supplier. 

Jasionlight is the global leading professional manufacturer of wholesale ceiling lights. They have been supplying different lighting products for more than 18 years. 

Global Business Experience of Jasionlight

Sourcing of Raw Materials

The quality and durability of the products largely depend on raw materials. Ensure that your ceiling lamp manufacturer collects raw materials from well-reputed vendors. Only high-quality raw materials with advanced manufacturing processes can produce the best products. 

Jasionlight inspects all raw materials through strict quality control systems from a strong QC team. All of them are eco-friendly and meet industrial standards. 

Customers’ Support System

You may need a lot of information from selecting the right variation of ceiling lights to maintenance. So, check the manufacturer’s support systems. Having a 24/7 instant communication system is a good sign of a manufacturer.

Efficient Human Resource

You should know the background and experience of the manufacturer’s human resources. Don’t fall into the marketing hype of the manufacturers. Only trained workers can ensure the quality and make the best-LED ceiling lights. 

Jasionlight efficiently recruits talented human resources and manages them effectively. The higher the efficient human resource of the organization, the better the output products you will get. 


Warranty is a good sign of a product because it ensures the security of products. Manufacturers who follow the strict quality control system and do aging tests of products before selling, provide a warranty for a certain time. Jasionlight provides a 5 years warranty for all led ceiling lights.

If you want to run a long-term business or want to complete a large project, you must check the warranty before purchasing.

Production capacity

Production capacity is another important factor that you should consider at the time of choosing the ceiling lights manufacturer. A project requires a huge number of ceiling lights in a very short time. Besides, the demand for ceiling lights may increase in some months of the year. 

Most of the wholesalers don’t want to stock lights as they increase godown cost and take more space. So, the wholesalers want to get a great number of products in the shortest time while demand increases. Jasionlight has a 5000 square meters fabrication area and around 100 trained workers. The monthly production capacity is 100,000pcs. 

Delivery Time/Lead Time

The manufacturing time and delivery system directly affect the delivery time. Again, the manufacturing time depends on manufacturing capacity. If you need a great number of Chinese ceiling lamps with different customizations, you should check the delivery time to get the products on time. 

Jasionlight has a large production plant and so can produce a large number of lighting products in less time.


All wholesalers maintain their brand by offering customized logos, packaging, and graphics. Choose a ceiling light manufacturer who values your brand and offers customization in different brand factors. 

Competitive Price

Last but not least, you must check the price of products. Price is a critical factor for both wholesalers and project planners. To complete a lighting project within budget and keep the maintenance cost low, project planners should check the price of ceiling lamp manufacturers. 

But, you should not compromise with quality for the price. Low-quality products damage very quickly and consume more energy. So, you need to replace them after some months of installation. Thus, the price of a project increases dramatically. 

#6. How to Figure Out Problems With LED Ceiling Lights?

Choosing the right LED ceiling lights is not enough to complete your lighting projects. You can face serious fire hazards to your home and projects in case of faulty and nonworking ceiling lamps. Follow the below steps to figure out problems with LED ceiling lights.

Figuring Out Problems with LED Ceiling Lights and Fixing

Check The Specific Phenomenon of The Failures

The common problems Of LED ceiling lights are given below. 

  • The ceiling lamp is kept flickering,
  • The ceiling lamp is off completely, 
  • The ceiling lamp has shadows or darkness on the lighting area.

Check the above problems and whether the socket is receiving electrical current or not with a voltage meter. 

Loose Wiring Connection

Wire connection can be loosened in two places such as behind the fixture of ceiling electrical box and fixture’s switch of electrical box housing. Check whether the wiring connection has become loose or broken. If you find any loose connections, connect them perfectly. 

LED Driver Stops Working

You can easily detect the problems of LED drivers of LED ceiling lights. Just change the led ceiling lamp with the other one. If the other one is still off-light, then it is the led driver’s problem. You need to change the old one with a new led driver. If the other one works normally, it is not the problem of the LED driver.

Check the LED Chips

Bad heat dissipation can drastically affect the LED chips of ceiling lights. Such a problem just causes one series of led chips to fail. Therefore the shadow or darkness of the lighting area happened. If you can’t fix the led chips or change them, just replace the whole PCB board or the whole lamp.

Switch connections

The problem can happen in the switch on the wall. If you can’t find problems in the above two sections, check the switch connections. Check the wires connected to the switch through the voltage meter. If you find the electricity in the wires, there is the possibility of being damaged by the switches. Replace the old switch with a new compatible switch. Connect the switches safely and attach the cover plate in the right way.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers ensure the safety of you and your electrical connection. When the electricity works properly everywhere, it will stay in the “On” position. Sometimes circuit breakers burn out and don’t supply the electricity in the ceiling lights. If the wires become loose or burnt out, fix them with new wires. But, replace the circuit breaker if circuit breakers burn out completely.  

#7. How Do You Change Ceiling Lamps?

Fixing a ceiling lamp is easy if you have the necessary tools and materials. You need the following tools and materials to fix a ceiling lamp. 

  • New light fitting
  • Small and medium electrical screwdriver. 
  • Multi-purpose detector. 
  • Wire Strippers. 

Every ceiling lamp has different features and different fixing processes. But you need to follow the following tips to fix the lamps safely.

Tip #1

Safety is the most important factor at the time of working in electrical work. Before starting to work, turn off the fuse box. 

Tip #2

You know the different products have different ways of fixing. So, read the safety note before fitting the light. Note the position of the wires and screws. You can also take pictures to easily remember the position of the cables and screws. 

Warning: You must hire an electrician if you are not an expert in fixing electric materials. Use the proper safety tools at the time of working. 

#8. How Do You Fix a Flickering LED Ceiling Light?

Sometimes, you may face flickering of the LED ceiling lights. Don’t worry because you can stop flickering by complying with some steps. Follow the following steps to resolve the flickering or no-power issue.

Step 01: Checking the Current Setup

Check the current setup and fix it in the following ways. Don’t try to check the current setup if you have a phobia about electricity. 

  • First of all, check for loose wires. 
  • Tighten and securely screw ceiling lamps in the right place. 
  • Check the connection points and fix the loose connection. Secure wiring in case of loss at the connection point. 

Step 02: Check The Compatibility

Check the switches, driver components, relaxation oscillator, power/surge wattage, and changing voltage levels. If your old switches and other components are not compatible with your ceiling lights, replace them with new compatible components. 

Step 03: Check the malfunctioning Component and replace it with New One

If you face flickering after following the above two steps, you need to replace your old ceiling lights with a new one. Jasionlight’s LED ceiling lights are compatible with any switches and last more than 50,000 hours. As it uses the latest technologies, its ceiling lamps consume less energy and give high brightness. Contact the expert technicians to choose the right LED ceiling lamps for your lighting projects.

#9. Can You Regulate The Intensity of The Led Ceiling Lamp?

Most advanced ceiling lights have a lot of sensors and can be run with remote control. You can easily adjust the brightness, detection distance, lighting time, and standby time of the LED ceiling lamp with remote control. Take control over your LED ceiling lights and regulate the intensity with Jasionlight’s most advanced LED ceiling lights.

#10. Can You Use LED Ceiling Lights Outside?

You can use LED ceiling lights outside the environment but you must check the quality of ceiling lights. Outside ceiling lights require perfect and strong waterproof treatment to withstand in an external environment. You should check that your ceiling lamps are waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof. Double-check whether your ceiling lights have IP65 waterproof and IK10 anti-explosion features.

#11. Can You Use Sensors to Turn The Ceiling Lights On and Off?

You can use sensors to turn the ceiling lights on and off automatically. Most advanced ceiling lamps are made of different sensors such as PIR Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Daylight Sensor, and Voice Control Sensor. You can easily turn it on and off with remote control. If you have big projects and want to save the electricity bill, you should use the sensors for turning the ceiling lights on and off. 

#12. Can Ceiling Lights Be Used on Walls?

The possibility of using ceiling lights as wall lights depends on the weight and the heat emission. You can’t mount all ceiling lights as a wall lighting solution. Consider the following factors before installing ceiling lights on the wall. 

  • Consider the stability of the wall. Check whether the ceiling lamp will fall off or not. 
  • Check the heat dissipation system of the ceiling lights. 
  • The weight of the ceiling lights. A heavy-weight LED ceiling light can’t be mounted on the wall. 
  • Consider the wall whether it is humid or not.

#13. How Long Do LED Ceiling Lights Last?

The average lifespan of LED ceiling lights is about 25,000 to 30,000 hours. The lifespan of the LED ceiling lights depends on the LED chips, heat dissipation, and led driver quality. Jasionlight’s LED ceiling lights are made of the most advanced LED chips and raw materials. So, the ceiling lights of Jasionlight last more than 50,000 hours.

Final Words

There are many Chinese LED lamp manufacturers but few of them produce high-quality products. Choose a reliable LED ceiling lamp manufacturer who has skilled workers with exquisite workmanship and can produce durable ceiling lamps. Jasionlight uses high-end raw materials and the latest led chips to ensure quality accurately. They offer the world’s most efficient and durable LED ceiling lights at an affordable price. 

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