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Jasionlight has successfully grown from a start-up since 2003 to a giant in the LED Industry worldwide. This has been brought about by the company’s commitment to ensure quality and durable products are its trademarks.

Through this mantra, Jasionlight has gained global recognition as one of the best LED solutions providers especially the Event LED screen. So far, Jasionlight Event Led screens are rated as the best.

Jasionlight Event LED Screen Fuelling The International Events


Jasionlight Event LED screens have been used globally in both small and mega-events like crusades, weddings, sports, product launches and many more. They are easy to handle, easy to install, durable and users have a quick response in case of issues.

This way, clients are gaining more confidence in having the Jasionlight LED screens in their events as they are assured of the quality. To understand the Event LED better, please contact us.

Jasionlight Quality Testing For All Event LED Screens

Before Jasionlight releases its Event LED Screen to the market, a lot of testing is done to determine its suitability for use. With our in house experts, any defects that may arise during the manufacturing process will be detected.

In case there is an issue with the Event LED screen, the client will be advised to return for a replacement. This way, we are able to guarantee all our clients that all they deserve is a good quality Event LED screen.

Why Should You Colour Your Event With Jasionlight Event Led Screen?

First is to say that the Jasionlight event led screens have been tested and tried by customers in different countries. The products are rated positively and they meet all the required standards in the LED industry. Some of the other reasons include:

Full In-house Production

Jasionlight event led screens production process follows a chain of steps before it is completed. All the processes are conducted inside the Jasionlight manufacturing factory. Jasionlight does not outsource the production of event LED screens. This is a sure way of ensuring that quality is not compromised.

Experienced R&D Team

Jasionlight is built of a team that ensures the latest demands are addressed. They also bring on the technology the latest manufacturing processed that can be implemented for improved event led screens. This is the only way through which Jasionlight clients enjoy the best and latest led solutions in the market.

Competent Workers

The Jasionlight team is made of some of the best brains in the industry if not the world. All the members are specialists in their line of duty. The Jasionlight team of experts ensures that your issues from ordering to delivery are handled satisfactorily. We are constantly training our members to maintain our position.

Advanced Production Machinery

The best team is better complemented with powerful machines to make their work even better. Jasionlight acquires the best machinery for a specific task. Jasionlight also employs the latest technology in the manufacturing process. This is why the event LEDs produced have a constant top-rated quality.

Strict Quality Control

Jasionlight seeks to ensure quality all along the production chain. This is made possible by our 10 member team that has specialized in Quality Control. Our event led display screen defect rate is low and can only be allowed to go below 3 for every 1000 pieces. And even still, tests are done before dispatch and if any defects are realized after delivery, you can return.

Standard Aging Test

With the Jasionlight Aging Test, the quality of the final product must be checked. The allowed defects are recognized at this point and are removed if any. This secondary verification ensures that as our customer, the event LED screen gets to you in its best condition possible. The chances of the event led screen failing therefore become very low.

Jasionlight Range Of Quality And Durable LED Display Solutions

Helping you communicate well with your viewers and listeners

Jasionlight’s portfolio has continuously grown since we started. Our different range of products has positively contributed to the growth of different businesses. Our advanced technology and machinery have made it possible to produce quality led solutions at affordable prices.

Our different LED solutions have been exported to the USA, North America, and Europe among other continents. All our Led solutions must undergo rigorous testing before being shipped. They are certified with UL, CE, Rohs, IP and IK grade test reports.

Some of our other products include:

Outdoor LED Screen

The outdoor led screen is used in all your events that are held outside. The outdoor LED Screen is made with special features to protect them from the harsh weather during an ongoing event. They are also made to withstand shocks.

LED Screen For Marriage

Make your beautiful wedding even more colorful using the clear LED screen for marriage. They are good at addressing huge attendees who have come to witness your marriage. Since not all can fit in the church, using a LED screen for marriage occasions will be a good idea.

Mobile LED Screen

Mobile LED Screens are meant to move where the crowds are. They carry customized messages based on the event and the audience. In a graduation ceremony event, a mobile LED Screen can be used to advertise colleges and universities that the candidates may be interested in.

Concert LED Screen

A concert led screen is the best choice as an event planner or organization that may host events frequently. It offers the best return on investment. The concert LED Screen is easy to carry, assemble and disassemble without breaking.

LED Screen For Stage Show

Live performances are made more lively using the latest LED Screen for stage show. The lighting and decorations done on stage for artists to perform can be complemented by the use of this type of Event LED screen so as to attract even more attendees to buy tickets.

LED Screen Wedding Stage

It is always a beautiful view walking down the Aisle. With a clear led screen wedding stage for wedding events, you will give all the viewers a chance to see and enjoy the event. The led screen wedding stage has a wide viewing angle for audiences on any angle.

LED Screens For Hire

Since not all events happen everyday, Event LED Screens for hire have become common. You can now order LED Screens for hire to use in a half day event and only pay for half day use. Event LED Screens for hire are very affordable compared to buying for a single day.

Trade Show LED Displays

Use the Jasionlight Trade show LED displays to showcase products or portfolios. A good display will give your customers a memorable picture of what you offer. No matter how big your booth space is, we can customize our Trade show LED displays to suit your needs.

LED Screen Backdrop

We supply lightweight and easy to maintain LED screen backdrop for show backdrops or stage production. The LED screen backdrop has high brightness with numerous colours to give a spectacular appearance. Jasionlight LED screen backdrop is easy to install with a long lifespan.

Why Should You Hold Your Events With Jasionlight Event LED Screen?

Jasionlight is the best led display solutions manufacturer in china. We export our products to different countries all over the world. All Jasionlight products have been tested and exceed the set standards in the industry. 

By partnering with Jasionlight, you will enjoy the products of a qualified team of skilled workers. Jasionlight has a research and development team of 8 members. This team will customize your product into different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your project and business.

By choosing Jasionlight to handle your project, you will enjoy our close to 18 years of experience in the led display manufacturing. 

Our professional and reliable sales team can guide you and advise you better on your solution. The team boasts of more than 5 years in the industry. This means they fully understand what the industry requires and can help bring your idea to life. 

If you experience any challenges, our customer service team will be ready waiting to answer all your questions. We offer world-class support services 24/7 to all our clients. 

Call us today and we will be happy to help you understand our event LED screens better. You can also send us an email or submit a quotation on the floating quotation form on the right. 

Professional sales team, most of them have 5 years experience in the Chinese LED industry. 7*24 hours service, fully support your difficult questions at any time.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Event LED Screen


The social nature of human beings have led to a growth in the number of events held annually across the world. Some events are conducted daily, weekly, monthly or even annually and they all need an Event LED Screen. 

It is for this reason that the Event LED Screen manufacturers have committed to quality and advanced Event LED Screen manufacturing.  Below are some of the things you may need to understand about the Event LED Screen.

Table of Contents

1. What are Event LED Screens?

Figure 1 Event LED Screen

Event LED screen refers to a type of screen that makes every viewing angle in an event to be perfect. These LED screens for events have a LED display of high resolution that can bring vibrancy and video clarity to any event.

2. What Benefits Does The Event Led Screen Have To Offer?

Some of the benefits that Event LED screens have to offer include:

  • Customizable: manufacturers can work with you to design a LED screen for the Event that suits the ideas you have for your event; it does not matter whether indoors or outdoors. They can also help you bring all the ideas you have to life with LED screens for entirely customizable events.
  • Unique:  LED screens for events always bring something special and fresh to any event as they have a lasting impression that is always remembered.
  • Dynamic: Compared to traditional projection methods, the technology used in LED screens for events is dynamic and adaptive. It is because they perform for you, support your vision, and ensure that your audience is communicated to most engagingly.
  • Marketable: LED screens for events are utilized to highlight your Event or display sponsors for trade shows, enabling them to obtain ultimate audience visibility.
  • Indoor or outdoor: LED screens are constructed to carry out indoor and outdoor functions; therefore, there is no reason to worry about weather changes.
  • Vibrant: LED screens for events produce a high/quality and rich display, which is the focal point of any event. Your audience will be able to catch every action regardless of the size of the Event LED Screen.

3. Which Are The Available Types Of LED For Event Led Screen?

Figure 2 Surface mounted device panels

There are two types of LED for LED screens for events namely:

  • Conventional (using discrete LED)
  • Surface-mounted device (SMD) panels

Most outdoor and indoor LED screens for events are made from discrete LEDs, also referred to as individually mounted LEDs. Most of them are built for indoor screens using SMD technology, which is now a common trend in the outdoor market.

4. What Are The Types Of Event LED Screen Installation?

Some of the installation methods of the Event LED screen include:

  • Wall mounting
  • Column mounting
  • Roof mounting
  • Hanging 

5. How Do You Measure The Size Of The Event LED Screen?

The first and most essential step in the determination of LED screen for event price is to determine how big it will be. To establish this, measuring tools are used; a tape measure is used when the Event LED Screen is not significant.

In case the Event LED screen is big, use a laser rangefinder. The measurements are taken in millimetre, and it is essential to note that ten millimetres equal to one centimetre.

Also, the horizontal length for your LED screen for events is calculated in millimetres. The vertical height that you want in millimetres for your Event LED screen is also established in millimetres.

6. How Do You Get The LED Screen For Event’s Price?

When you need Event LED Screen projects that need to be priced, you can get in touch with the manufacturer in the following ways:

  • Email.
  • WhatsApp or telephone: most manufacturers usually have a WhatsApp contact at the bottom or top of their websites which you can use.
  • Social media.
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer’s sales staff: manufacturers have connections of their sales staff at the bottom of their About Us page.
  • Contact the overseas distributor of the manufacturer.

7. What Are Factors To Consider For Suitable Locations For Big LED Screen Hire For Events?

Some of the factors to consider when hiring big LED screen for events include:

  • It is essential to consider local authority planning requirements if the local authority requires the installation to be semi-permanent.
  • Vehicular access: you should consider the accessibility of the venue to the trucks carrying the big LED screen hire for events.
  • Cable runs for power and video: it is essential to account for both the distance and safety and health requirements of the nature of the power source.
  • Ground suitability: ensure that the ground where the big LED screen which is hired will be erected does not have pipes, caves, tunnels, or shallow drains. The ground should also be able to support heavy loads and be free from overhead obstructions.

8. What Are The Size Options And Uses Of Big Screen Hire For Events?

Figure 3 Big screen hire for events

There are several sizes for big screen hire for events, and these range from twelve to one hundred meters squared. The sizes of big screen hire for events will depend on your audience as they can serve both smaller and bigger events.

Big screens hire for events are used for several worldwide events, some of which include:

  • Festivals
  • Brands
  • Sporting occasions

9. Is There A Turnaround Time For The Event LED Screen?

Yes, the turnaround time for the Event LED screen is about three to seven working days. In case of a mass order of Event LED Screen, the turnaround time is around fifteen working days. 

In extreme mass-production scenarios, the turnaround time for the Event LED screen can range between twenty to thirty working days.

10. Do Manufacturers Of Event LED Screen Offer Samples?

Yes, some manufacturers or Event LED Screen offer samples for some models. However, you will need to consult with the manufacturer and determine if there are samples sent to you.

11. What Should Be Considered When Buying An Event LED Screen?

Some of the factors to consider when buying an Event LED Screen include:

  • Pixel pitch: when purchasing an Event LED Screen for any event, it is essential to consider the distance between the physical pixels which constitute the LED module.
  • Screen resolution: determine the minimum screen resolution desired for the Event LED Screen by establishing the number of pixels. To output videos of acceptable quality, you require a resolution of at least fifty thousand pixels. 
  • Distance between the Event LED Screen and the audience: ensure that the distance is appropriate to ensure that the sole purpose of the Event LED Screen is achieved.
  • Travel packaging: this relates to the type of packaging used to transport the Event Screen display from the manufacturer to your destination. Different packaging methods are used either on the ship, plain or road, which will impact the final cost.

12. What Are The Features Of A Rental LED Display?

Some of the features of the Rental LED display include:

  • Silent operation.
  • Optional of front service and rear service.
  • Available in convex-shaped, concave-shaped, and wave-shaped screens.
  • The front service module design is easy to maintain.
  • Excellent thermal management.
  • Rental die-casting aluminum structure: it is rock solid and not easy to deform.
  • Seamless splicing in a way that gives you a better visual experience.
  • High-resolution level of 256 RGB each.
  • The display is available in two hundred and eighteen trillion colors.
  • Vivid and perfect video effect.
  • The indicator for working status is available.
  • It has a high refresh rate that is more significant than 1920Hz and does not need a scanning line when photographed.
  • Wide viewing angle both horizontally and vertically.
  • Lower power consumption thus saves on energy and protects the environment.

13. Are There Benefits Of Rental Event LED Screen?

Yes, Rental led display has several benefits, some of which include:

  • It is quick to install them, remove them and transport them from one location to another.
  • The Rental LED screen can be shaped differently to meet different site requirements.
  • The Rental LED screen can add flavour and dimension to the Event which you are hosting.
  • The rental LED screen is adaptable by nature and can be fitted to any size which you need.

14. Where Are Rental LED Screens Used?

Figure 4 Wedding parties

Some of the places where Rental LED screens are used include:

  • Music concerts
  • Wedding parties
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • High-end entertainment establishments
  • Auto shows, product launches and expos
  • Airports and train stations
  • Billboards and ads

15. What Is The Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor Event LED Screen?

Figure 5 indoor Event LED Screen

The difference between indoor and outdoor Event LED display screens is the protection mechanism of internal components from rain and other weather changes. Outdoor Event LED Screen tends to possess this feature as compared to indoor Event LED Screen.

The brightness of outdoor LED screens for events has the same brightness level as a high-brightness indoor Event LED Screen.

16. Which Are The Best Brands Of LEDs For Event LED Screen?

It would be best if you took note that brand names are not used to measure the sound quality of LED display models, but it is good to base on reliability. The reliability of the event LED display model is determined in rates per thousand, and the higher the rate per thousand, the better the reliability and quality.

17. How Can You Find China Wholesale Suppliers And Manufacturers Of Event LED Screen?

There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of Event LED Screen, and as a buyer, there is always a wide variety to choose from.

Some of the ways you can go about finding the right manufacturers and suppliers of Event LED Screen Include:

  • Trade fairs.
  • Online B2B marketplaces.
  • Sourcing companies, agents or buying brokers in China.
  • You can utilize google search.
  • Also, you can find manufacturers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and linked in.
  • Referrals by related business partners.
  • Use of catalogues and coupons.

18. How Do You Verify Event LED Screen Manufacturers And Suppliers In China?

Some of the ways you can go about verifying manufacturers and suppliers of Event LED Screen from China include:

  • Use search engines and Chinese suppliers’ directories. Some of the things you can check include:
  • Returns policies
  • Damages
  • Backorders
  • Suppliers’ or manufacturers’ contact information
  • Suppliers’ or manufacturer’s physical address
  • Check B2B directories such as Alibaba, Global Sources, etc., for the suppliers’ or manufacturers’ profiles.
  • Use the various verification services offered by B2B platforms such as Alibaba to verify the supplier or manufacturer.
  • Check suppliers’ or manufacturers’ recent activities such as attendance of trade shows.
  • Make a phone call to ensure the contacts provided by the manufacturer are genuine. Once connected to the supplier or manufacture, ask for:
  • Company registration number
  • Business license number
  • Ensure supplier has a landline number
  • Check business licenses; lack of a business number means the supplier or manufacturer is non-existent.
  • Ask for references. Some of the connections you can ask for include:
  • Bank reference letters.
  • Previous customers
  • Other brands reference.
  • Get a sample.
  • Check the payment method, and the best way is to use your agent to link with the manufacturer or supplier. Pay cash on delivery through the agent.
  • Conduct factory audits.
  • Make good use of databases such as the database of the Chinese Supreme Court. It is to ensure that the supplier or manufacturer has no pending cases with previous clients.
  • Do background checks using authentication services such as GloBis or China Checkup.
  • Visit the factory or company in person if you can.

19. Is Importing An Event LED Screen From China Profitable?

Yes, importing Event LED Screen Display from Chinas is Profitable because:

  • There is available skilled labour for the production of the Event LED Screen.
  • There is a readily capital base for production that ensures Event LED Screen prices remain low.
  • There is the availability of cheap raw material for making the Event LED Screen ensuring prices remain low.
  • The supply chain ecosystem is well established, making logistics cheap and affordable.
  • There is healthy competition between the suppliers and manufacturers of Event LED Screen.

20. How Do You Find The Best Prices When Importing Event LED Screens From China?

To get the best China prices when importing Event LED Screen from China, you can use the following tactics:

  • Bulk buying
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer
  • Market research
  • Familiarize yourself with the import rules of your country to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Be aware of the taxes you need to pay in China.
  • Get the necessary licenses to import Event LED Screen to avoid costs as a result of fines.
  • Look out for the right event led screen supplier and manufacturer to save on switching cost or bleach of the contact.
  • Check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.
  • Check the shipping charges and if drop shipping is available.
  • Opt for an agent to guide you on the best prices around.
  • Buy insurance for safety, especially in importing Event LED Screen from China.

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