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For 18 years, Jasionlight has dominated the Chinese LED display industry by producing unmatched quality and customer service. The success and growth of Jasionlight are primarily down to the skillset and industriousness of our development team. 

The relevant local and global lighting regulators have certified our LED products and production processes. Our role in developing the LED display industry has earned Jasionlight respect from peers and our customer base.

Jasionlight Emphasis on Quality and Rigorous LED Display Testing


Refined quality is the main attribute that sets JasionLight apart from other advertising LED display screen manufacturers. Our aim is always to exceed the set quality standards by adding a level of refinement to our LED products.

To achieve this, we have a quality assessment department responsible for testing and examining all our products prior to shipping. Thanks to our strict product scrutiny, our advertising LED display screens exhibit only 0.3% defects. 

Jasionlight Capacity to Satisfy International Markets.

Jasionlight’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer of LED display products goes beyond China. We have over time grown a substantial customer base in over 100 destinations. To gratify the continually increasing demand for our products, we have invested in production equipment, personnel, and technology.

By offering door-to-door delivery services on advertising LED display screens, Jasionlight has won the hearts of overseas consumers. Currently, our LED products are not limited by geographical boundaries.


Why Should You Opt for Jasionlight High-quality Advertising LED Display Screens?

Advertising LED display screens have revolutionized advertising campaigns for small and big businesses or organizations. They offer flexibility, versatility, and dependability. Underneath, we explore the reasons making advertising agencies opt for advertising LED display screens.

Great Brightness Levels

For adequate clarity from afar, both indoor and outdoor LED advertising display screens have adequate yet different light intensities. Indoor advertising LED display screens have a maximum brightness level of 3500 nits while outdoor displays support up to 7000 nits. With the aid of light sensors, they are able to regulate the brightness level automatically.

Power Conservation

Advertising LED display screens utilize LED technology, which is revered for its economic power usage. The LEDs are designed to consume the lowest power possible even at optimum brightness. In addition, advertising LED display screens automatically adjust their brightness levels depending on the surroundings.

High Ingress Protection Rate

Manufacturers equip advertising LED display screens with high IP levels to mitigate damage caused by tough outdoor conditions. With IP ratings of 65 or higher, advertising LED display screens are able to operate under rain and extremely low or high temperatures. To avert oxidation, advertising LED display screens are fitted with an oil oxygen boundary.

Quick Return on Investment

Advertising LED display screens are reasonably priced and do not demand much maintenance or repairs. Consequently, they are a great value for your money given their effectiveness in broadening audience reach and generating ad revenue. Advertising LED display screens further provides quality services for years, unlike paper-based advertisement boards.

Great Viewing Distance

Capturing the attention of most prospective clients is the primary role of advertising LED display screens. They are available in varying pixel pitches and brightness levels to support different viewing distances. P3 and P4 Indoor advertising LED displays exhibit high resolutions to a closer audience.P8 outdoor advertising LED displays on the other hand support viewing from longer distances.

Multimedia Content

The ability to support varying types of media and media formats is one of the biggest strengths of advertising LED displays. They can present high-quality and high definition still images, text, videos, or creative combinations of both. Advertising LED display screens will incorporate pictures, symbols, videos, and text thereby making your advert dynamic and eye-catching.

Extensive Catalogue of Advertising LED Display Solutions for Your Marketing Campaign

To elevate your brand’s advertising campaign

Glass Advertising LED Display Screen
Glass Advertising LED Display Screen

Transform your business premises facade with elegant glass advertising LED display screens impervious to water and dust. Thanks to high resolutions, glass advertising LED display screens elevate the appeal of your products or services that helps to increase sales.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen
Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Broaden the reach of your brand by marketing your products, ideologies, and services on water-resistant outdoor advertising LED display screens. Outdoor advertising LED display screens are rated IP65 or higher therefore they can withstand adverse outdoor conditions.

Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen
Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Indoor advertising LED display screens have higher resolutions as a consequence of their low pixel pitch. They can be utilized in indoor business premises to highlight specific products, attached discount offers, and display product descriptions.

Advertising LED Billboard

Can easily get the attention of people in crowded business centers or social set-ups by investing in dynamic advertising LED billboard. Advertising LED billboards have dynamic font sizes and formats, which stand out and catch the eyes of revelers.

Shopping Mall LED Display
Shopping Mall LED Display

Shopping mall LED displays can be used to advertise specific shops, brands, or service providers within a mall. Shopping mall LED displays have high light intensities and are multicolored. This makes them attractive hence they attract more customers.

Roadside LED Screen
Roadside LED Screen

With a versatile and waterproof roadside LED screen, you can exploit traffic on the roads by marketing your brand. Roadside LED screens are clearly visible even at night due to their high and self-adjustable brightness levels.

Mobile Advertising Truck
Mobile Advertising Truck

Makes your advertisement campaign standout towards your preferred target audience by investing in a dynamic mobile advertising truck. Mobile advertising trucks have high ingress protection levels, which can avoid damage from vibrations, rainwater, and high temperatures.

Stadium Advertising Boards
Stadium Advertising Boards

Stadium advertising boards support multiple media formats including videos, texts, and still images. It helps to generate ad revenue by advertising sponsor products or selling advertising slots. They are adequately luminous and communicate to both front and back-row fans.

Soccer Advertising Boards
Soccer Advertising Boards

Invest in a new generation branding solution customized to get the most from match-going soccer fans. Soccer advertising boards are large and offer multiple viewing angles to fans in stadiums. They are colorful and pleasing to the eye hence they promote your brand.

Why Should You Consider Utilizing Jasionlight’s High-quality Advertising LED Display Screens?

Jasionlight is a global powerhouse in the LED display manufacturing industry. We utilize our vast experience and first-rate production equipment to manufacture premium advertising LED display screens. We have recorded over 60,000 sales, which is an indication of our dominance and the trust bestowed upon us by consumers.

Jasionlight’s exemplary LED advertising solutions are not restricted to China only. Our overseas sales record keeps soaring higher every year. We have also invested in a doorstep delivery service that relieves our customers of the burden of transport logistics.

Jasionlight offers a wide pool of customized LED display at competitive market prices. From our register, you can choose an ideal LED display solution based on your intended application, size, design, and functionality.

Get to know more about Jasionlight or our LED display solutions by contacting us via email or phone call.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Advertising LED Display Screens


Take a stroll down the streets and chances are you will come across one or several advertising LED display screens.

Consumer behavior is continually changing thereby forcing advertisers to modify their advertising infrastructure and campaigns.

Advertising LED display screens offer flexibility in application and type of content uploaded thus catering for changes in consumer interests.

To create awareness on advertising LED display screens, this article will attempt to answer the web’s most asked questions.

Table of Contents

1. What is an Advertising LED Display Screen?

Advertising LED display screens are display screens utilizing light-emitting diodes to display bright advertising content for businesses.

The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) produce light whenever they are subjected to electricity resulting in outstanding color contrast. 

Manufacturers produce LED advertising display screens with distinctive screen sizes, designs, and light intensities for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Figure 1 Advertising LED display screen

2. How Does an Advertising LED Display Screen Function?

At the heart of a LED advertising display screen are multitudes of light-emitting diodes, which light up your screen.

Adjusting the light intensity of each particular LED results in the diodes connecting and creating an image.

Colored displays are created when the resulting light is mixed in varying colors using additive color mixing.

3. What are the Applications of Advertising LED Display Screens?

All forms of business, non-profit organizations, and government parastatals can optimally utilize advertising LED display screens.

This form of digital signage grants advertisers unlimited control over the location and media to display.

You can create a network of multiple advertising LED display screens for improved productivity by synchronizing them despite their location.

Let us look at some common advertising LED display screen applications.

  • Banks and micro finances utilize indoor advertising LED display screens to market their financial products and services.
  • Shopping mall LED displays help retailers to captivatingly highlight their products or services and their respective offers.
Shopping mall LED displays
Figure 2 Shopping mall LED displays
  • Glass advertising LED display screens display brand information or give directions in retail buildings without blocking visibility or sunlight.
  • Sporting grounds have stadium advertising boards that creatively present sponsor information thereby boosting revenues.
  • Hotels and restaurants incorporate LED poster display to showcase their menus and catering services.  
  • Car showrooms also deploy glass advertising LED displays to present dynamic and vivid images of respective cars.
  • Soccer advertising boards advertise match events, the club’s merchandise, and display ticketing information.

4. What are the Benefits of Using Advertising LED Display Screens?

Advertising LED display screens are an advanced form of digital advertisement compared to other advertising technologies.

They are extremely captivating and versatile enough to capture the different needs of advertisers and their target customers.

The following are benefits advertisers and consumers stand to gain from the application of display screens for advertising.

Elevated Product Appeal.

For product retailers, displaying high-definition motion pictures of your product at high-traffic areas could draw the buyer’s attention.

Shopping mall LED displays often highlight specific products and their description thereby encouraging buyers to purchase the item.

Broader Audience Reach.

Advertising your brand, product, or service on advertising LED display screens situated in high-traffic locations advances awareness.

Roadside LED screens on busy streets will undoubtedly communicate to bigger masses thereby generating more product inquiries.

Often, these inquiries develop into purchases.

Quick Returns on Investment.

Unlike printed advertisements such as posters and paper billboards, LED advertising display screens are not prone to constant damages.

Frequent repairs or replacements are not necessitated given most outdoor advertising LED display screens have an IP rating of 65.

5. What are the Distinct Types of Advertising LED Display Screens?

Advertisers have unique demands when it comes to selecting ideal advertising LED display screens.

Similarly, manufacturers are nonstop modifying and inventing newer advertising LED display screen designs to accommodate the distinct demands of advertisers.

Classification of LED advertising display screens is often on the basis of screen design, setting, and application module.

Here are some of the most prominent LED display screens for advertising:

  1. Indoor advertising LED display screen.

Indoor advertising LED display screens are custom-made to exhibit utmost productivity in closed spaces. 

Ideal locations for indoor advertising LED display screens are spaces frequented by lots of people and free from adverse conditions.

They do not necessitate extreme light intensities and ingression protection rates unlike outdoor advertising LED display screens.

Brightness levels in the region of 3500 nits or lower are perfect for indoor advertising LED display screens. 

Additionally, smaller pixel pitches such as P3, P4, and P5 are ideal since they equip your indoor screen with higher resolution.

They include shopping mall LED displays, which support multimedia advertising content and widen product awareness.

Figure 3 Indoor LED advertising display screen

        2. Outdoor advertising LED display screen.

Outdoor advertising LED display screens as the name suggests are specialized LED displays solely meant for use in open spaces.

For optimum results, manufacturers equip outdoor advertising LED display screens with high brightness rates and ingression levels.

Consequently, outdoor advertising LED display screens are dynamic, durable, and sufficiently visible even under direct sunlight.

They have a considerably higher pixel pitch ranging from 5mm to 10mm and light intensities ranging from 6000nits to 12000nits.

Below are the different types of outdoor advertising LED displays available to advertisers:

  • Fixed outdoor advertising LED display screens.

These are permanent outdoor advertising LED display screens installed in high traffic areas such as airports and public bus stops.

They have ingression protection rates not lower than IP65, which makes them tolerant to rain and extremely low or high temperatures.

  • Angular outdoor advertising LED display screen.

Angular LED screens are mounted on the corners of buildings thereby making your advert visible from two directions.

They are elegant in appearance and widen the viewing angles for your target market.

Figure 4 Angular outdoor advertising LED display screen
  • Outdoor roadside LED screen. 

Roadside LED screens are a common occurrence on busy roads leading to business centers. 

They have great light intensities and are very colorful to foster visibility from relatively large distances and capture attention.

       3. Semi-outdoor LED advertising display screens.

These are LED displays with specialized features that give the best results when utilized in semi-indoor spaces.

Semi-outdoor LED advertising display screens are popular in stadiums, product exhibitions, and entertainment events.

Furthermore, they have automatic light sensors that adjust their brightness levels depending on their surroundings.

6. What is the Price of Advertising LED Display Screens?

Advertising LED display screen price is often a culmination of different components hence it is difficult to give accurate quotations.

Elements that influence the price of distinct advertising LED displays include:

  • Size, color, and design.
  • Display cabinets.
  • Pixel pitch.
  • Resolution.
  • Ingress protection rating.
  • Manufacturer.

Manufacturers price their advertising LED display screens based on the horizontal and vertical measurements.

Higher measurements will automatically demand higher prices to accommodate the material, labor, and time consumed.

LED advertising display screens with lower pixel pitches and higher resolutions will be more costly due to higher LED clusters.

The only way to establish the precise advertising LED display screen price is by contacting your supplier or manufacturer.

Figure 5 Mobile LED display truck

7. How do I Determine the Right Pixel Pitch for Advertising LED Display Screens?

Pixel pitch is an indispensable variable when it comes to advertising LED display screens. 

Key functional aspects of your advertising display screen are massively influenced by pixel pitch hence the need for an informed decision.

LED display pixel pitch
Figure 6 LED display pixel pitch

Advertising LED billboards with longer viewing distances, for example, 20 meters, are perfect for higher pixel pitches. 

On the contrary, slightly shorter viewing distances necessitate a lower pixel pitch for higher resolution since the audience is closer.

This implies that your selection of a pixel pitch should be informed by the expected viewing distance of your advertising LED billboard.

Outdoor advertising LED display screens can possess a pixel pitch of up to P40 while indoor LED displays command P5 and lower.

8. How Does Pixel Pitch Relate to the Resolution of Advertising LED Display Screens?

The resolution of your advertising LED screen is a culmination of the pixel pitch.

A lower pixel pitch like P3 is an indication that the LEDs in your advertising LED display screen are tight-knit.

This means your LED display screen has a higher resolution while a higher pixel pitch like P10 lowers the resolution.

It is also worth noting that the quality of content you upload on your advertising LED display screen affects the resolution.

Low definition images or videos will play on low resolution irrespective of the pixel pitch or resolution of your screen.

Figure 7 - Transparent LED demands less energy

We all want advertising LED display screens with the highest resolution even without a full understanding of how resolution works.

Resolution is simply the level of detail your LED screen shows in a display area relative to the number of pixels.

In layman terms, a resolution is what we often refer to as the image quality of our LED advertising display screen.

Here is an illustration of how you determine the resolution of a LED display screen.

To establish the resolution of your P8 LED advertising display screen, first establish its pixel pitch.

If the LED display measurements are 320mm by 160mm, divide both the length and height by 8, which is the pixel pitch.

9. How Does Pixel Pitch Influence the Viewing Distance of Your LED Advertising Display Screen?

The viewing distance influences the visual effect your target audience will have when watching your LED advertising display screen.

Figure 8 Viewing distance for LED advertising display screens

For the ultimate visual effect, you need to be aware of the expected viewing distance of your LED advertising display screen.

For practical illustration, the minimum viewing distance of a P10 outdoor LED advertising display screen is 10 meters.

The ideal viewing distance of the same P10 LED display screen is however between 20 and 30 meters.

Higher pixel pitches are more favorable to longer viewing distances while lower pixel pitches suit lower viewing distances more.

10. Are Advertising LED Display Screens multi-colored?

Advancements in color mixing technology have gradually eliminated single and dual-color LED displays and subsequently replaced them with multicolor displays.

Advertising LED display screens are made up of multitudes of LEDs with red, green, and blue (RGB) as the primary colors.

For multi-colored displays, your LED advertising display screen utilizes the additive color mixing mechanism.

Advertising LED display screens have the capacity to formulate millions of color combinations, which cater to all your color specifications.

Multi-colored content in advertising is a vital concept since it allows you to match your content to your branding colors.

11. What are the Various Installation Options for Advertising LED Display Screens?

You can maximize the output of your LED advertising display screen by strategically mounting it in strategic locations.

Most advertising LED display screens are installed on walls, especially in crowded places.

You can adjust the height to exploit more creative viewing angles for your target audience.

Glass LED advertising display screens are similarly attached to glass walls in retail stores and car showrooms.

You can also install your advertising LED display screen on the roof or floor depending on the activities your audience is undertaking. 

For mobility, you can exploit mobile advertising trucks, which will help you reach target markets in different geographical locations.

Figure 9 Roadside LED screen mounted on a pole

12. What Should I Look for When Purchasing Advertising LED Display Screens?

Wrong choices when acquiring advertising LED display screens can have negative impacts on your marketing campaign.

To avoid this, you need a certain level of information on LED advertising display screens.

Below are key components that should be part of your thought process as you seek to procure the ideal advertising LED display screen.

Imminent installation venue.

First, you need to have a blueprint of the intended location you will install your display screen for advertising.

Broadly speaking, your intended location could be indoor, outdoor, or semi-outdoor.

With a firm knowledge of the venue, you can proceed to select your specialized indoor or outdoor advertising LED display screen.

 Lastly, if your intention is to advertise in multiple geographical locations, a mobile advertising truck could be a perfect option.

Figure 10 Considerations when buying LED advertising display screens.

Viewing distance.

Having established the location of your advertising LED display screen, you need to determine the distance your audience will be viewing from. 

This is often estimated in meters and it will help you determine the perfect light intensity and pixel pitch.

Brightness levels.

To determine the ideal brightness level, you will need to take into consideration the imminent viewing distance and setting.

Indoor LED advertising display screens will necessitate a maximum of 3500 nits while outdoor LED displays will necessitate more.

For clear visibility from longer viewing distances, it will be paramount that your advertising LED billboard has high brightness intensity.

Frequency of use.

For how long do you need the advertising LED display screens?

Some advertising agencies provide LED advertising display screens for hire and this would be a cost-effective solution for one-time usage.

However, if your objective is to continually advertise using the advertising LED display screen, a permanent purchase would be ideal.

Other considerations include:

  • Your budget.
  • Durability.
  • IP rating.
  • Resolution.

13. How do I Operate an Advertising LED Display Screen?

Operating an advertising LED display screen is an easy and straightforward process.

Figure 11 How to operate Advertising LED Display Screen

Using WIFI or 4G internet connections, you can give commands to your LED advertising display screen.

Some advertising LED display screens have a remote controlling device, which you can use to adjust the brightness and sound levels.

Additionally, they are endowed with various input interfaces like USB and HDMI from which you can upload your preferred content.

The advertising LED display screen will come with a detailed user manual to help you familiarize yourself with the user interface.

14. What Media Formats are Supported by Advertising LED Display Screens?

With an advertising LED display screen, you do not need to worry about the content you intend to play.

LED display advertising screens read and display different forms of content such as still images, videos, and texts.

To top it all, you can creatively combine different forms of media to create more captivating and effective content.

Advertising LED display screens also support multiple picture and video formats including:

  • Jpeg and JPG.
  • MP3 and MP4.
  • GIFS and PNG.

Advertising LED display screens are greatly preferred since they display eye-catching content often irresistible to your audience’s eyes.

15. What Display Interfaces are Supported by Advertising LED Display Screens?

To accommodate the input specifications of all users, advertising LED display screens have multiple display interfaces.

Underneath are display interfaces supported by LED advertising display screens.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

HDMI is a common input data cable used to transfer high-quality videos, audio, and images.

Unlike other display interfaces which have their audio and video interfaces alienated, HDMI is a comprehensive solution.

Using an HDMI cable you can connect your advertising LED display screen to a PC for data transfer.

Video Graphic Array (VGA).

Using a VGA cable, you can easily transfer high-definition videos from a PC to your LED advertising display screen.

VGA can either be a male or female connector and it mainly has 15 pins distributed over three rows.

Universal Serial Bus Interface (USB).

A USB interface, when connected to advertising, LED display screens allow you to plug and play the content in-store.

Advertising LED display screens support both USB 1.0 and 2.0. 

Digital Video Interface (DVI).

Alternatively, you can link your LED advertising display screen to a source of data such as a laptop using DVI technology.

Most video sources have DVI interfaces, which makes it easier to upload high-resolution videos to your advertising LED billboard.

Figure 12 DVI cable

16. What is the Energy Consumption Rate of Advertising LED Display Screens?

The LED technology, which is the founding block of advertising LED display screens, is known for its energy conservation.

On average, an indoor LED advertising display screen consumes around 15 to 100 milliamperes or approximately 0.1 to 1 watts.

Power consumed by an advertising LED display screen is primarily used to power up the light-emitting diodes.

The amount of power your LED advertising display screen consumes is reliant on the following dynamics:

  • The light intensity.
  • The duration of use.
  • The display resolution.

Higher brightness levels require more power to sustain while low light intensities do not consume as much energy.

Similarly, if your advertising LED display screen has a white background, it will consume more power to illuminate the LEDs.

17. What Should I Look Out for in a LED Advertising Display Screen Provider?

Establishing the credibility and reliability of a provider is equally as important as selecting an ideal LED advertising display screen.

Below, we have summarized a few attributes that differentiate credible advertising LED display screen providers from con artists.


First, you need to establish the number of years the supplier has been dealing with LED advertising display screens.

You can access this information by visiting their websites, particularly the “About Us” tab.

Alternatively, you can do a little background check using various social media platforms.

Customer Reviews.

Going through comments or testimonials from past buyers is probably the most reliable way to determine the credibility of suppliers.

Several negative reviews on products or services rendered by the supplier should be a red flag.

After-sale Services.

LED advertising display screen suppliers often have services such as doorstep delivery and warranties. 

Human nature leans towards suppliers who show their appreciation to customers by offering more after-sale services.

18. How Durable are Advertising LED Display Screens?

One of the main reasons why advertising LED display screens are taking over paper-based advertisements is their durability.

Ideally, expect your LED advertising display screen to serve you for approximately 100,000 hours or roughly eleven years.

Nonetheless, the life expectancy of advertising LED display screens is a consequence of several factors.

  • The maintenance was provided.
  • Underlying conditions such as prevalent temperatures.
  • Power supply.

Once your advertising LED display exceeds the 100,000-hour mark, you will most likely witness significant deterioration in light intensity.


19. Are LED Advertising Display Screens Warranty Protected?

Typically, all Advertising LED display screens have warranty protection.

The duration of the warranty however differs depending on the manufacturer or supplier and the value of the LED display screen.

Prior to purchasing a LED advertising display screen, you are advised to confirm the warranty policy and duration.

A warranty policy holds the manufacturer responsible for technical hiccups exhibited by your advertising display screen within the warranty period.

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