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Jasionlight is considered as the expert in the manufacturing of LED solutions globally. This includes the Jasionlight advertising LED screen manufacturer that caters to marketing purposes.

Jasionlight’s expertise has been built over the years since 2003. As a company, the many years of experience have taught us what the market needs and in what quality. By following this, we have provided a market standard Advertising LED screen to cater to all advertising needs.

Jasionlight Professional Support for Your Advertising LED Screen Business


Jasionlight is held together by a team of the committed, qualified and courteous support team. The Jasionlight professional support team handles all your queries before purchasing the Advertising LED Screen.

The team will walk with you even when there is a problem in the field. You can never suffer on your own. The Jasionlight support team members have at least 5 years of experience. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and they love it.

Jasionlight Best Advertising LED Screen in The Market

Jasionlight produces the best and highly demanded advertising LED screens in the market. The Jasionlight advertising LED screens are used in different places all over the world. From malls, roadside, buildings, museums, parks, cities, etc, you are likely to come across the use of our advertising LED screen.

Jasionlight controls quite a large market especially in Europe, North America, South America among other continents. This is due to the quality of LED solutions that we manufacture from our factory here in China.


Why Should You Choose Jasionlight Advertising LED Screen?

Jasionlight has some of the best LED solutions in the world. The same can be said about our advertising LED screens. Some of the reasons you should consider using Jasionlight digital screen for your advertisement include.


One of the many advantages of advertising LED screens is their ability to capture the attention of everyone around. Advertising LED screens have a vivid and bright display of the content. This will make the message stick in your viewer's mind and may take action in the future.

Varying content can be uploaded

LED Technology has advanced and brought along unique opportunities in the creation and setting of video content. It has made it easier to display and set different contents at different times. It is possible to promote every product in your collection with the Jasionlight LED screen

Easy to Operate

The advertising LED screen can be operated using a Wi-Fi connection. You can manage your various billboards with just a single click from anywhere. If you have content designed for a certain audience, it is very easy. Upload the advertisement to the software and you will be good to go.

Controlling the Message

It is very easy to control the brands or events being displayed on the advertisement LED Screen. Based on the Location of the advertisement LEDs and the event type, you can easily control the content displayed. This increases the number of target audiences that are targeted.

Low maintenance

Considering how the Advertising LED screen has high resistance to damage, very little maintenance is required. Advertising LED screen is manufactured with adherence to high durability. This makes them withstand any changes in weather and time. This means you do not have to perform frequent maintenance on the advertising LED screen.


The Jasionlight advertisement LED screen can serve you for a long period if properly maintained. The products are manufactured with the highest adherence to industry standards. Jasionlight does not compromise on quality and that is what makes our products highly demanded. You will be assisted on any issues with your advertising LED Screen.

Jasionlight Quality LED Solutions for the International Market

Meeting The Ever-growing Demand With Jasionlight LED Solutions

Our continued research on the best technologies in LED has made us produce LED products that speak to everyone. It is for this reason that customers all over are searching for our brand. We have reliably distributed many products to different markets. Some of these products include the ones listed below.

Indoor LED Advertising Screen

Maximize the incoming traffic using the Indoor LED advertising screen. You can use this in any closed area functions to pass a message to the visitors. This can be in hospital, government buildings, institutions or even company offices. The message is easy to understand due to the appealing visual display.

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Jasionlight Outdoor advertising LED screen helps you utilize the audience in the open areas who may not get very close to the Outdoor advertising LED screen. They are made to be seen many metres away. This makes the audience like in sports activities see your screen and keep the message with them and may act on it.

Shopping Mall LED Display

Sell to mall visitors the right products at the right time. With the Shopping mall LED Display, you can schedule the contents to suit your various audiences. You can use Shopping mall LED Display to show the different foods available in your restaurant. You can also display the items available in the different areas.

Stadium Advertising Boards

Stadium advertising Boards can be used to advertise some of the things that go along with matches. This may include alcohol and other matches to be played in the future. Depending on the audience attending the match or sport, the ads can be customized. The Stadium advertising Boards are built strong to absorb high impacts.

Roadside LED screen

These are some of the most common advertising LED screens. They are placed on the roadside for road users to view. The contents of the Roadside LED screen will alternate time after time depending on which audience are using the road. On a Sunday for example, more Christian contents may be displayed.

Mobile Advertising Truck

This is done by the use of mobile trucks. Mobile advertising Truck is a marketing truck which moves with an advertising LED Screen in target areas where the content may be seen. You can use this Mobile advertising Truck to get extra income. The investment is not expensive especially after the first purchase since little maintenance is needed.

Bus Stop LED Display

A bus stop LED display will work well due to the number of people always waiting for the next bus. The bus stop LED display applies the architecture of an outdoor LED screen which means it can withstand any harsh conditions. A bus stop LED display is going to serve your marketing needs well as well as guaranteeing returns on your investments.

Advertising LED Billboard

Promote sponsored brands using the modern and digital advertising LED billboard. They are able to capture the attention of the audience easily thus increasing the sales of your clients. Advertising LED billboard is durable and has a high return on Investment due to its low costs of maintenance. The lighting of an advertising LED billboard cannot be affected by sunlight during the day.

Giant LED Screen Advertising

A giant LED Screen advertising is a good way of maximizing the high traffic in congested places. The giant LED Screen advertising is huge with a large viewing angle. It can be viewed from a long distance making it a good project especially in cities. Giant LED Screen advertising is made with protective features to protect it from harmful weather conditions like rain, dust, sunlight etc.

Why Should You Invest In Your Advertising Business With Jasionlight Advertising LED Screen?

Jasionlight is a trusted LED manufacturing company with many years of experience. Over time we have mastered the art of producing the best LED products for the market including the advertising LED screen. By purchasing an advertising LED screen, you are assured of professional support from our team. 

All our advertising LED screens are warranted and any defects are fully considered to make your experience the best when using our advertising LED screen. Our products have passed all the set industry standards and have been vetted as the leading in the industry. There is no doubt that the Jasionlight advertising LED screen will serve you better.

Order yours today and we will be glad to serve you. You can call us today or send us an email so that we can start the discussion. We are always waiting to serve you.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Advertising LED Screen


The advertisement industry has changed over time and in this era, digital advertising LED screen has become very common these days. With it, there have been so many advantages.

Advertising LED screen uses the led panels to display the images, videos and text to the audience in a visually interactive manner.

Table of Contents

1. What Is An Advertising LED Screen?

An advertising LED Screen
Figure 1. An advertising LED Screen

An advertising LED screen is a digital billboard. It has LEDs that produce different colors to create the desired visual outcome. Advertising LED screen uses software that feeds the digital LED screen with information that is displayed. It is remotely operated and has enough lighting to allow viewing even on a sunny day.

2. Where Can I Install The Advertising LED Screen?

Figure 2. Where can I install the advertising led screen

There are many different areas where you can install the Advertising LED Screen. They include but not limited to:

  • Business buildings
  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Halls
  • Malls
  • Stadium
  • Other outdoor locations, etc.

3. What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying An Advertising LED Screen?

You should be careful while purchasing an advertising LED screen to ensure you get value for your money. To achieve this, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you need an outdoor or indoor Advertising LED screen?
  • Will you make money through the advertising LED screen?
  • Should your advertising LED screen be installed temporarily or permanently?
  • Should the Advertising LED screen panels be exposed to sunlight or not?
  • What optimum viewing distance will meet the advertising LED display needs?
  • What pixel pitch does your Advertising LED screen require?
  • What resolution and aspect ratio should the advertising LED Screen have based on the content?
  • What are the rules to follow when installing the advertising LED screen in your area?
  • Does your advertising LED screen manufacturer offer 24/7 technical customer service?
  • Are you okay with the advertising LED Screen you intend to buy?

4. How Can I Become A Successful Advertising LED Screen Distributor And Reseller?

To become a retailer or a distributor, you need to have a reliable Advertising LED screen manufacturer. The terms should be favorable enough to help you do business.

The distributor acts as the middle man between the buyer/retailer and the manufacturer. The Advertising LED screen distributor may have a long chain of distribution.

The Advertising LED screen display is growing tremendously and there is a big opportunity for resellers and distributors to make huge profit margins. The profit margins for an advertising LED screen can range from 5% to 30%.

The Advertising LED screen profit margins for a retailer can get to as high as 60% depending on the company’s agreement with the retailer including marketing.

As an Advertising LED screen distributor or retailer, you should have all the information relating to the product. Always keep a close relationship with your advertising LED screen manufacturer to get all the updates regarding the product.

5. Who Are The Top 10 Advertising LED Screen Manufacturers In China?

Figure 3. Advertising led screen manufacturers in china

The list below indicates some of the best-rated Advertising LED Screen manufacturers in china.

Top 10 Advertising LED Screen Manufacturers In China

  • Jasionlight

Jasionlight is the best Advertising LED Screen manufacturer in China. Jasionlight was founded back in 2003 to provide professional services and manufacturing LED products. It comes with a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of LED products all over the world.

Jasionlight boasts of ISO9001 quality management system certificate. They also offer 24/7 customer service for any of their services.

  • Absen

Absen is a reliable LED product manufacturer too. They are famous for all types of led display solutions. It exports from China to many other countries. They produce both indoor and outdoor advertising LED display screens. 

  • Unilumin

Unilumin was established in 2004. It has grown through the ranks as a manufacturer in led related products. It also provides solutions for development, manufacturing, sales as well as after-sales services. They produce high-quality advertising LED screens among other viewing solutions.

  • ROE Visual

ROE visual has always tried its level best to offer advertising LED screen customers the best. As a LED display manufacturer, they produce unique display solutions for commercial use.

  • InfiLED

  • Yaham

  • LedMan

  • Leyard Group

  • Liantronics

  • AOTO

Many other companies are involved in the manufacturing of advertising LED Screens in China. Before engaging with either of them, make sure you have done enough research about them and the advertising LED screen they produce.

6. What Is The Best Way To Earn Through The Advertising LED Screen?

Monetize your Advertising LED screen

Every business is always trying to be a step ahead in its marketing. One of the ways can be through the use of your advertising LED screen. You will only need to put their ads on your advertising LED screen and you will earn money.

Work with businesses that have businesses that resonate with the audience surrounding your advertising LED screen.

Educate People About It

We are always reading on the road from the signs, billboards, and other ads. To make money from your advertising LED screen, you should try educating people as you promote products and services.

This type of marketing helps people learn from your advertising LED screen while making them interested in what you’re selling.

Show Active And Interactive Messages

If you show people content that helps them interact with your products on the advertising LED screen, they get more engaged. They fall in love with your brand. This can be achieved by requesting the viewers to give reviews on the social accounts indicated on the advertising LED screen.

The more interactive and interesting content you display on the advertising LED screen, the more interested viewers you will get.

Real-time CTA and Metrics 

You should use real metrics for all costs relating to the advertising LED Screen. By doing this, you will be able to improve your marketing services.

If you are including the call to action (CTA) in your advertising LED screen, you will have all the information. You will get to know how many people responded to your call that specific day or time. With this information, you will know what to improve on the messages displayed on your advertising LED screen.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Using An Advertising LED Screen?

Figure 4. Benefits of using an advertising LED screen

Many benefits come along with the use of advertising LED Screens. Some of the benefits include:

Advertising LED screens better creative content and formats. For an advert to attract the attention of the crowd, the message should be original and creative. With the advertising LED screens, you can achieve this with ease. You can combine images, videos, and even text to achieve the best creative message to capture the passers-by’s attention.

Advertising LED screen is good for personalizing messages. The advertising industry has diversified and there is a need to create advertisements that viewers can relate with. The advertising LED screen is not like the static billboards. Advertising LED screen gives you the flexibility to choose what ads to run, where and at what time.

Advertising LED screens can be used to issue a wide range of messages and announcements. With traditional billboards, you may have to erect several billboards to give different messages. But using the advertising LED screen, you can change the messages and announcements 24/7.

The Advertising LED screen offers long-term durability. The advertising LED screen is designed with protective features against bad weather conditions. These features protect the advertising LED screens from damage giving them longer durability.

Advertising LED screen gives a high Quality visual than television monitors. The advertising LED screen has a higher resolution and brightness compared to the traditional monitors. This ensures that the message is visible even when the sun directly hits the advertising LED screen.

Advertising LED screen saves you money. By using the advertising LED screen, you can save a significant amount of money. These are costs associated with the putting and removal of posters. The costs of lighting up the billboard will also be cut off. For the advertising LED screen, you only need to program your message and control it remotely.

The advertising LED screen allows for third-party advertising. You can use your advertising LED screen to advertise based on the contract. This way you will be guaranteed a fixed return on investment (ROI)

You do not need to hire a professional designer. Advertising LED display to utilize software that is easy to program without a designer. This saves you both time and money by having to do everything at a go from one point.

8. What Should You Consider Before Putting Up An Advertising LED Screen?

Before putting up an advertising LED screen, you should consider the following factors:

How visible the advertising LED Screen is? Visibility of the advertising LED Screen is very important and should be your first priority. Visibility will determine whether the advertising LED Screen will generate any sales or not.

To achieve a proper view of the advertising LED Screen you should:

  • Ensure the advertising LED Screen is facing the front
  • Ensure the advertising LED Screen is installed at a readable and viewable height
  • Install the advertising LED Screen in a place where there are no visible interferences

The traffic of the location: You should conduct comprehensive research on the traffic count in that area. You may have to get correct data from the Transport Department to ensure your advertising LED Screen projects is worth it.

They should provide you with the statistics and profiles of the said traffic. You will then tailor-make your ads to suit the expected traffic.

Consider the demographics of your audience: It is important that you understand your target audience. If you don’t, any ads on the advertising LED Screen will be irrelevant. Once you have identified the correct target audience, you can then place the advertising LED Screen appropriately.

9. How Is The Brightness Of The Advertising LED Screen Compared To Other LED Display Screens?

Figure 5. The brightness of the advertising led screen

The brightness of an advertising LED screen must be high enough to create a clear visual of the content being advertised. This is because the ads are normally paid for. To assure investors return for money, the advertising LED screen must be bright. The bright screen will also attract the attention of the passers-by.

10. What Is The Advertising LED Screen Price?

The price of an advertising LED screen is determined by several factors. They include the:

  • Size of the advertising LED screen
  • The indoor or outdoor led advertising screen
  • Resolution of the digital advertising screen among others.

Every manufacturer will price their advertising led screen depending on the special customizations they offer.

To get the exact figure of the advertising LED screen, you should contact your LED display manufacturer.

11. How Do I Maintain The Advertising LED Screen?

Figure 6. Maintain the advertising led screen

Proper maintenance is key in attaining the maximum lifespan of your advertising LED screen. Some of the precautionary measures that should be taken include:

No scraping during cleaning: It is important to clean your advertising LED screen frequently. You should however do this with care. You should protect the LEDs from being hit by a hard object.

Maintain a dry environment: The indoor advertising LED screen may be affected by any liquid elements. Even for the outdoor advertising LED screen, you should not handle them with water. This is to prevent any risk of short-circuiting when you power on. The water may also erode some components of the advertising LED screen beyond repair.

Cleaning off Dust: You should make sure that you have installed your indoor advertising LED screen in a place with good air circulation. For the outdoor advertising LED screen, they are made with special features to take care of such incidents. You should however do regular maintenance to ensure everything is running well.

Large dust particles can weaken the display effect of your advertising LED screen. It may also harm the circuit of your advertising LED screen.

12. What Is The Difference Between The Indoor Advertising LED Screen And Outdoor LED Screen?

Figure 7. Indoor advertising led screen and outdoor led screen

The advertising LED Screen can be used inside buildings or out on the streets. The two advertising LED screens are made different and the cost is also different. The differences that set the indoor advertising LED screen from the outdoor advertising LED screen include:

Resolution: Since the outdoor advertising LED screen is watched from a distance, high resolution is not necessary. The indoor advertising LED screen however must have high resolution for quality display purposes.

Cooling System and IP level: The outdoor advertising LED screen is made with certain tropicalization techniques which offer excellent resistance to salty air, water, and other corrosive contents. There is also a ventilation system that keeps the internal temperature constant. These are the features that are not there in the indoor advertising LED screen.

Sun and vandalism guard: The outdoor advertising LED screen is made with special protective features. This system protects the advertising LED screen from light as well as vandalism.

Brightness: The outdoor application of an advertising LED screen requires a higher level of brightness compared to the indoor advertising LED screen. This allows the advertising LED screen to remain visible in changing lights and even from long distances.

13. Can I Get A Customized Large Giant LED Screen For Advertising?

Yes, it is possible. Manufacturers are now offering customized solutions for advertising led screens. This is due to the changing nature of the industry as well as the different markets.

The customized advertising LED screen may differ in size, shape, flexibility, resolutions amongst other features.

Customized advertising led screens may be expensive compared to readily available advertising. This is brought about by the extra features, work, and attention is given for the special led solution to be made.

14. Can You See The Videos Or Content On Both Sides Of An Advertising LED Screen?

This is not possible if you are going to use a single digital advertising screen. The LED is only mounted on one side of the printed circuit. If you want your advertising LED screen to show on both sides, you should have two screens. You can then place them back to back and the two advertising LED screens will display at the same time.

15. How Can I Install An Advertising LED Screen?

The installation of an advertising LED screen will largely depend on the position where the screen is being installed. It can be inside a building, on the wall, etc.

No matter the area of installation, the following process and considerations should be taken:

Unpacking of the cabinets: You should always handle the cabinets with extra care. Any damage to them will mean damage to the full advertising LED screen. Otherwise, you may have to replace it to maintain the same size. The most likely areas to suffer are the edges and the corner LEDs. Dragging can easily rub them off.

Proper mounting of the advertising LED Screen: Place the cabinets properly and closely to each other. Proper positioning will ensure a complete image of content flow.

Cabling: Normally the cabling process is required to follow a zigzag pattern as they connect to the cabinets. This pattern should start from the LED cabinet at the bottom left. For advanced software, the cabling process is made easier since you can know whenever there is something wrong.

Lighting: If all the steps are properly observed, providing power to the advertising LED screen should be the last step. Your advertising LED display screen should start lighting once the power is put on.

16. Can Advertising LED Screen Display Different Contents At The Same Time?

Yes, it is possible to have separate messages on an advertising LED screen. You can do this by combining different content formats on one screen. This may include video or image on the background and the image on top.

The separate contents can also be set on each side.

17. How Long Can A LED Advertising Last?

Figure 8. How long can a led advertising last

Advertising LED Screens can last for a long time depending on how well they are built to last. Although the manufacturer can estimate, it is upon the client to make it possible to get to such levels. 

As an advertising LED screen user, you are required to the power intensity and the internal temperature conditions are met. 

As a general rule, you should maintain the utmost 120 °C internal temperature for the digital advertising screen. 

The power intensity should also be maintained at below 20mA to maintain the lifespan of the advertising LED screen. 

If you can maintain the above conditions your advertising LED screen should sustain you for 100,000 hours. This is 11 years in the estimate. 

You should follow all the led manufacturer’s maintenance procedures and other conditions for the warranty to hold.

18. How Much Power Does An Advertising LED Screen Consume?

The advertising LED screen power consumption largely depends on the manufacturer, but generally, the power consumption is low. The colors of the advertising LED screen will also determine how much power will be consumed.

As an average, the advertising LED screen power consumption will range between 15ma and 100ma. The power will also be between 0.1 watts and 1 watt.

19. What Are The Types Of Content That Can Be Displayed On The Advertising LED Screen?

The advertising LED screen uses software that makes the creation of content simple and beautiful. Some of the content that can be displayed on an advertising LED screen includes:

  • Graphics and text
  • Flash and video with audio
  • PowerPoint
  • Schedule of events
  • Interactive directories and wayfinding
  • News, weather and stock updates
  • Alert notices
  • Websites
  • Survey, polls, and contests
  • Live streaming
  • Social media among others.

20. Why Should A Marketing Company Switch To Advertising LED Screen?

The world is going digital. With the improvement in technology, using the traditional methods of advertising is proving expensive. The digital advertising screen can capture the attention of all the people around. As long as you display valuable and engaging content on the advertising LED screen, your marketing must work.

There are many reasons why you should move from the billboards to the advertising LED screen. It enables you to communicate effectively to any type of crow anytime.

21. How Long Will It Take To Install An Advertising LED Screen?

Figure 9. Time to install advertising led screen

The amount of time taken to install an advertising LED screen will depend on the displays required. The content to be displayed, the complexity, and the requirements of the advertising LED screen will also impact the time taken.

Installation of an advertising LED screen is however not expensive. It is easy if all the instructions are followed keenly. Always adhere to the advertising LED screen installation guidelines as set by the manufacturer.

22. Who Uses Advertising LED Screen?

There is no limit to who should use the advertising LED screen. Its purpose has solved some of the most common communication challenges. Some of the industries include:

  • Entertainment
  • Finance,
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sport etc.
  • Transport

Other unique markets for advertising LED screen is coming up every day. You should consult with a led display manufacturer to find out if they have one for your special use.

23. How Cost-effective Is The Advertising LED Screen?

Figure 10. How cost-effective is the advertising led screen.

The cost of an advertising LED screen can be high during the initial investment. However, compared to the existing marketing options, the advertising LED screen is very cost-effective in the long run. This is because the maintenance costs of an advertising LED screen are low. Once it is set up and running, you won’t need to look for money to spend on it.

On the contrary, setting an advertising LED screen will mean immediate earnings. There are no printing costs, putting and removing of posters, etc. The technology used in advertising LED screens is very efficient. It does not require additional labor to run it. You only need to update content or hire a person to help you.

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