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Jasionlight, China’s most reliable manufacturers of LED lights, has specialized in LED strip lights, LED neon signs, LED ceiling lights, LED wall lights, and LED tri-proof lights. We are dedicated to ensuring high-quality LED strip lights, professional services, and competitive prices to support your businesses and lighting projects.

We are helping project planners and wholesalers to get high-efficient, affordable, and transformative lighting solutions. Contact our special sales team members to plan your next lighting project. Regardless of the project requirements and areas, we offer a wide range of customization services at an affordable price. Call us now to get a customized quote for your project or your business.

Excellent Customer Service and Competitive Price


You are at the right place if you are looking for some high-quality LED strip lights at a wholesale rate. Jasionlight is one of the most reliable manufacturers of wholesale LED strip lights. We offer customized LED strip lights with competitive prices and ceaseless customer service. We have more than 18 years of experience in global supply. We will meet your lighting designing requirements and ensure accurate brightness. 

As we have some high-efficient manpower and a large production capacity, we can produce a huge number of LED strip lights. So, we can keep the price of wholesale LED strip lights less compared to our competitors. Our high efficient management and supply chain team members ensure the shipment in your specified time. So, you will get the right LED strip lights at the right time at a competitive price.

Fully Customized LED Strip Lights at Wholesale Rate

Want fully customized LED strip lights at a wholesale rate? Don’t worry, we are here to fulfill your demand. You just need to tell the specifications of your LED strip lights, our expert team members will do the rest of the work. You can customize the following customized specifications from us.

LED Brightness

The brightness of LED strip lights is measured in lumens per foot or meter. The average brightness of LED strip lights ranges from 400 to 1000 per foot. Different lighting projects require different brightness and so we offer LED strip lights with your desired brightness.

CCT ( Color Temperature)

The color temperature is measured in the Kelvin system in LED strip lights. Color temperature with 3,000K or less indicates warm color. Color temperatures of 4500 or higher produce the cool colors in LED strip lights. At Jasionlight, we offer LED strip lights with your desired color temperature.

LED Size and Shape

Different lighting projects require particular sizes and shapes of LED strip lights. We are capable of producing LED strip lights in any size, shape, length, and density. So, you will get brighter and wider lights from us.

LED Type

Advanced technologies have brought different types of LEDs into the market. They differ from one another in size, durability, life-span, consumption of power, and robust level. LEDs with dimmer switches, color LED, SMD LED, COB LED, Graphene LED, and organic LED are the most common type of LEDs. Among them, most of the manufacturers choose surface-mounted LED chips for LED strip lights.

Ingress Ratings of LED strip light

It is another important feature that you should check at the time of choosing LED strip lights for outdoor applications. Our LED strip lights are silicone-made, flexible, rigid, and suitable for any harsh weather. Tell the details about your desired applications of LED strip lights, we will offer suitable ingress ratings for your projects.

Color Rendering Index or CRI

The CRI of LED strip lights refers to the ability to reproduce an object’s colors compared with natural light sources. The color rendering index or CRI is measured from 0 to 100. You will get more accurate colors if you purchase LED strip lights with higher CRI. At Jasionlight, you will get wholesale LED strip lights with higher CRI for industrial and commercial lighting applications.

Wide Range of LED Strip Lights For Your Option

To support your business and projects

Jasionlight has a wide range of LED strip lights, such as colorful RGB, RGBW, RGBWW series, high CRI 80/90/95 series, high efficiency up to 150lm/w, 160lm/w series, CCT adjustable dim to warm series, silicon neon strip series, super length constant current series, waterproof IP65/IP67/IP68 series, etc.

Tunable White LED Strip

Adjustable color temperature via tunable white from 2700 to 6500K, 2in1 SMD5050 LED chip. The CCT range can be customized by your requirements.

Programmable LED Strip

Uses WS2813 dual signal, you can get perfect visual impact for your projects. It also called pixel LED tape, chasing LEDs, addressable LEDs. Widely praised by customers.

Super Bright LED Strips

High Efficiency, constant current design, 160lm/w. It's for specialist applications that demand intensely bright. If you have a similar project, Jasionlight will be your best choice.

S Type LED Strip

"S" or "Z" type design, so it can be bent up to 90°, and is unlike any other type of LED strip. It is specially designed for signs, sculptured lettering and backlit lighting.

high cri led strip
High CRI LED Strip

Faithfully reveal the original colors, infinite close to the reference light. Frequently in professionals such as retail, hospital, library, and interior design installs.

Side Emitting LED Strip

If you have a project that needs right angles to a surface, this item will be your best choice. RGB LED strip uses high-quality Epistar brand LED chips, SMD020 LEDs.

Colorful LED Strip Lights

Simple installation, colorful mood lighting, 16 color 4 DIY modes. Export millions of meters to the world every year. Jasionlight is your best choice in China.

neon led tape
Neon LED Tape

Perfect waterproof IP grade, IP65/IP67/IP68 optional. More flexible alternative, widely used in custom neon sign, outdoor lighting, and ambient lighting in complex environments.

Constant Current LED Strip

Special constant current design, allow longer, continuous runs of LED tape light. Same brightness from beginning to the end. Super long up to 30M.

Buy LED Strip Lights at Wholesale Rate From Jasionlight

Jasionlight has expert team members with exquisite workmanship to design top-notch LED strip lights. You can customize LED strip lights with the specified size, color, brightness, weatherproof, and waterproof features. Our raw material management department, manufacturing department, and sales department work together to fulfill your order in your expected time. 

Our strict quality control system ensures the quality from collecting raw materials to delivering the products. Our dedicated research and development team members are innovating and adapting new lighting technologies. We have built the world’s most efficient production system and so the product’s failure rate is less than 1%. 

You will get any lighting solution from us as we produce almost all kinds of LED lights. Our wholesale LED strip lights will support your business and meet the requirement of your lighting projects.

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Wholesale LED Strip Light - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you searching for LED strip lights at wholesale rates for your business?

If yes, you are at the right place. In this FAQ guide, we will describe what type of LED strips you need and where you should purchase them at wholesale rate. 

Table of Contents

1. What Is LED Strip Light?

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board populated by SMD LED chips and other components. LED strip lights are also known as LED tape and ribbon light. 


LED strip lights with adhesive backing are very popular for accent lighting, decorative lighting, task lighting, and backlighting.

2. What Is the Application of LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights have become a popular lighting solution for their versatility. You can use LED strip lights in almost all lighting projects. Let’s see some popular applications of LED strip lights. 

  • Wall Lighting ( Recessed Wall Lighting, Surface Mounted Wall Lighting, Decorative wall lighting) 
  • Backlighting of LCD Screens
  • Car Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting 
  • Stage Design Lighting
  • Staircase Lighting 
  • Display Case Lighting 
  • Commercial Shelf Lighting
  • Mode Lighting in Cafes and Bars
  • Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Signage and Advertising Lighting
  • Inspection Room Lighting
  • Bike Design Lighting
  • Party Lighting
  • Mirror Lighting
  • Halloween Costume Lighting
  • Photography Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Camping and Boat Lighting
Figure 02 Different Applications of LED Strip Lights

You can use LED strip lights in almost all kinds of lighting designs for their flexibility, high brightness, and different sizes.

3. How Do You Stick LED Strip Lights to the Wall?

Sticking LED strip lights to the wall is not a herculean task. You can easily stick LED strip lights to your wall by following the below steps.

Figure 03 Sticking LED strip Lights to the Wall

Step 01: Measuring the Area

First of all, you need to measure the wall where you want to stick LED strip lights. If you cut the strip by guessing, you will not get the desired lighting design. 

Step 02: Cutting LED Strip Lights at Right Length

After measuring your wall, cut your LED strip in the right way. You will get a dashed or scissor sign on the LED strip lights. 

Cut LED strip lights according to your measurement. 

Step 03: Prepare The Surface of the Wall

Sometimes, we hear about the falling of LED strip lights from walls. If you don’t prepare your wall before sticking strips to the wall, you will also face these problems. 

To ensure the forming strong bond between the adhesive and the surface of the wall, clean the surface properly. Follow the following tips for preparing the surface. 

  • Dampen a clean cloth with moderately warm water. 
  • Rub back and forth on the surface by rubbing alcohol. 
  • Dry the area with a paper towel or a lint-free rag 

Step 04: Peeling off the Adhesive Backing

Now, you are ready to go. To reveal the adhesive backing of LED strip lights, peel off the plastic sticker. 

Figure 04 Peeling off the Adhesive Backing of LED Strip Lights

Only peel off at the moment of sticking to the wall to prevent debris or dust from the adhesive backing. 

Step 5: Position and Press

After keeping the LED strip lights in the right place of the wall, press with your hand. Keep sticking until you get your desired design.  

4. Do LED Strip Lights Ruin Your Walls?

The ruining or damaging of the wall with LED strip lights depends on many factors. The durability of the paint on the wall, the strength of the strip’s adhesive, and the duration of sticking on the wall affect the possibility of running through the wall. 

5. How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

The lifespan of the LED strip lights varies from light to light. The quality of LED chips & PCBs, the manufacturing processes & technologies, installation, and the maintenance process affect the lifespan. 

The average lifespan of LED strip lights ranges from 30,000 hours to 40,000 hours. Manufacturers who produce commercial-grade LED strip lights for big lighting projects and renowned brands last more. 

Jasionlight is a renowned manufacturer of LED strip lights, LED neon signs, LED wall lights. It uses high-quality raw materials and the latest technologies. You can use their high-quality LED strip lights for more than 50,000 hours without any problems. 

6. Are Our LED Strip Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

LED strip lights produce natural light and so there is no risk of damaging your eyes with LED strip lights.

Figure 05 The Effect of LED Strip Lights for Eyes

LED strip lights are excessively bright and less powerful compared to traditional incandescent lights. So, they don’t affect the eyes. 

Caution: Don’t use LED strip lights with excessive blue Colors in your bedroom and where we work regularly. 

7. Do LED Strip Lights Cause Cancer?

Some researchers claim that excessive “blue light” of LED strip lights can cause cancer. They have also found that there is a relationship between blue light and cancer. 

But, manufacturers claim that the new technologies of LED lights have eradicated the risk of causing cancer. Most of the LED strip lights now produce almost natural light and so they don’t cause cancer. 

To be safe from the risk, ensure that your LED strip lights are UV protected. 

8. Can LED Strip Lights Catch Fire?

No, there is no risk of causing a fire with LED strip lights. LED strip lights run in very low voltages such as 5V, 12V, or 24V. As they consume less power, they can’t catch fire. 

Note: You should not purchase low-quality LED strip lights. They may have defective production processes and so they are likely to cause a fire. 

9. How to Choose the Suitable LED Strip Lights Providers in Wholesale Rate?

Some project planners,  wholesalers and distributors hesitate to choose the right sources for purchasing LED strip lights. Both manufacturers and suppliers export LED strip lights. 

Reaching manufacturers directly is difficult sometimes. So, some project planners, wholesalers and distributors choose suppliers. As they are the third party, they charge high for products. 

Let’s see a comparative analysis to choose the right source of LED strip light at a wholesale rate or in bulk. 


Manufacturers can take responsibility for the LED strip lights. They know the product’s specifications and features in-depth. So, they can offer longer warranty time and professional services. You will also get after-sale service from the manufacturers. 

Suppliers of LED strip lights don’t know the real problems of products and so they can’t give an instant solution to LED strip lights. For warranty, troubleshooting, and other problems, supplies depend on the manufacturers. So, you need to wait for a long time to resolve your problems.


Manufacturers can produce LED strip lights with unlimited variety. They can add or deduct any features to meet your requirements. So, you will get the most innovative LED strip lights from manufacturers. 

As suppliers collect LED strip lights with some specific features and are not capable of adding extra features, you will not get your desired specifications. 


You can ensure the quality of LED strip lights by checking the quality control system, production process, and aging test report of the manufacturers. You can also know whether manufacturers follow the industrial standards of the lighting industry or not with their certifications. 

It is hard to check the quality control system, manufacturing system, and other factors before purchasing LED strip lights from suppliers. So, you can’t check whether they follow the proper industrial standards and other quality control systems. 

Availability and Quick Supply

You will get an unlimited number of LED strip lights for your business and lighting projects. As they have a huge stock of LED strip lights and are capable of producing a huge number of LED strip lights, you will get your products consistently. 

As suppliers depend on the manufacturers for collecting LED strip lights, they sometimes can’t give the products consistently. So, you will have to wait for a long time for getting your products. 

If you want to minimize the project cost or want to gain competitive advantages in your business, you must choose manufacturers. You will get a factory rate of LED strip lights from manufacturers. So, purchase LED strip lights from manufacturers instead of suppliers. 

10. How to Find a Reliable Manufacturer of Wholesale LED Strip Lights?

There are many manufacturers of wholesale LED strip lights. China is the popular source of LED strip lights for high-efficiency and low cost. Focus on the following factors at the time of choosing a reliable manufacturer. 

  • Experience in the lighting industry
  • Experience in the international lighting supply
  • The product’s diversification and quality
  • The quality control and management system of manufacturers. 
  • Customization services
  • The capacity of production.

11. How Do You Connect LED Strips with Soldering?

LED strip lights are very flexible in designing any indoor and outdoor lighting projects. You can easily shorten and extend the length by cutting and joining new strip lights. 

Here, we are going to describe the process of soldering LED strip lights.

Figure 06 Connecting LED Strips with Soldering

Basic Materials for Soldering

  • Good quality soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Wire Cutters
  • A clean workspace
  • A somewhat heavy item to hold down LED strips. 

Step 01:

Before joining two separate LED strips, peel back the end portion. Then remove the adhesive from the solder pads.

Step 02:

Heat soldering iron properly. Tin and clean the tip of the iron for getting the best results. 

Step 03:

Now, in the solder pads on the segment of the strip where you will place the other segment of the strips. Apply heat to the target area to avoid a bad connection. After heating sufficiently, start adding solder. 

Step 04:

Align the non-tinned strip part over the newly tinned pads. And then, apply heat properly. Hold the soldering iron at the targeted place up to that time the solder re-melts and starts flowing. Add a very little amount of solder at the top pad to improve visual appeal and strengthen the bond. 

This is the basic process of soldering LED strip lights. You can also connect LED strip lights without soldering. Some manufacturers provide LED strip light connectors to easily connect two separate LED strips. 

12. Why is Your LED Strip Light Flashing?

The reason for flashing your LED strip lights is the overloading of your power supply. If your LED driver supplies more power to LED strip lights, they will flash in a consistent pattern. 

So, use a LED driver that supplies at least 10% less power than the maximum wattage capacity of LED strips. 

13. Why Do LED Strip Lights Turn Yellow?

LED strip lights are great sources for illuminating your indoor and outdoor lighting area. But, the brightness of strip lights decreases and turns yellow. But why? 

Overheating is the main reason for turning LED strip lights into yellow. To prevent voltage drop of LED strip lights, users sometimes use a high-rated power supply. So, connect the right power supply with your LED strip lights to prevent yellow. 

Figure 07 Turning LED strip Lights into Yellow

Manufacturers sometimes mix PVC or other materials into the silicone raw materials in the extrusion process, which means that they are not pure silicone. As they don’t use pure silicone, the production cost becomes low and they offer a cheap rate to attract more customers. So, these types of LED strip lights turn yellow after using some months. Sometimes they become brittle and fall off from the surface. 

14. How Many LED Strips Can You Connect?

You can connect as many strips as you want together. But, you need to inject power at the time of connecting more LED strip lights. 

If you connect low-powered LED strips without a sufficient power supply, you will face power drop problems. 

Experts of LED strip lights recommend not to use more than 3 complete LED strip lights of 5 meters without adding additional power supply units. Higher gauge power wire and more power supply units in the LED strip lights prevent power drops and flickering. 

15. What Type of LED Driver Do I Need for LED Strip Lights?

The compatibility of LED drivers with LED strip lights is crucial at the time of choosing LED drivers. Your full LED strip light systems may damage if you use the wrong LED driver. You need to focus on the following factors at the time of choosing an LED driver. 


LED strip lights require different output voltages such as 12V or 24V to illuminate. Adding a 24V LED driver with 12V LED strips will get a high voltage that results in flushing and burning the tape out. 

On the flip side, adding a 12V LED driver with 24V LED strip lights results in a low power supply at the last end. You will face voltage drop problems and see the flickering in the LED strips. 


The amount of power an LED strip light consumes per meter is known as the wattage of LED strip lights. So, the total power consumption depends on the voltage of the strips and the length of strips. 

First of all, multiply the number of meters and the wattage of LED strip lights to know the total amount of wattage. The total wattage of the driver refers to the maximum capacity of strips. Choose an LED driver depending on the voltage, the resistance, the length of the LED strip lights, and the LED density. 

Water Resistance

You should check the water-resistance of the LED driver while installing LED strips in outdoors, kitchens, and bathrooms. Check the ingress protection level of the drivers. If you want to install LED strip lights in more wet areas, choose waterproof drivers with IP67 or more. 

Dimming Capability

If your lighting projects require dimming to create more vivid and vibrant lighting, you should choose either ELV drivers or TRIAC drivers. These two popular dimmable drivers work by reducing the amount of power supply to the LED chips. 

Dimming Control of LED Strip Lights
Figure 08 Dimming Control of LED Strip Lights


Some LED drivers come with complex installation systems. You need professionals to connect those LED drivers with LED strips. You should choose LED drivers that feature plug-and-play technology. 

Contact the technical team members of Jaisonlight to choose the right LED drivers for your LED strip lights. 

Final Words

LED strip lights are a versatile lighting solution for any residential or commercial lighting projects. Many people hesitate to choose the right LED strip from the right sources. Renowned manufacturers with high production capacity can offer LED strip lights at a wholesale rate. 

Want LED strip lights in bulk, contact us to get a free quote.

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