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Jasionlight Comprehensive Producer of Superior Football Stadium Screens

Since Jasionlight was founded in 2003, the quality of our football stadium screens has been unmatched. Jasionlight has experienced a massive sprout since then thanks to the unwavering quality of our LED solutions.

Through hard work and determination, we have managed to elevate our customers’ experience, which has gained us global recognition. Jasionlight is currently one of the trusted football stadium screens providers.

Jasionlight Seasoned Development Team for Football Stadium Screens


Jasionlight football stadium screens are designed to tolerate outdoor conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures, and high brightness levels. We have a highly proficient team of developers and engineers overseeing the production of our football stadium screens.

Their quality input standard quality products, which can fulfill different purposes in a football stadium. Consequently, the quality of our football stadium screens has elevated our customers’ confidence in us.

Jasionlight Global Delivery of High-Quality Football Stadium Screens

Jasionlight holds its local and international football stadium screen customers in high regard. As such, we have instituted various reliable, cost-efficient, and secure delivery systems for our global customer base.

Our premium football stadium screens have been deployed in African, European, Asian, or American stadiums thanks to our global delivery. Jasionlight global reach has been enabled by the quality of our football stadium screens.


Why Should You Opt for Jasionlight Football Stadium Screens?

Jasionlight has built a positive reputation by delivering high-quality football stadium screens. Our LED display solutions are not only embraced for their quality. Here are some more reasons to convince you Jasionlight’s football stadium screens are the best.

High Refresh Rates

Football stadium screens permit you to display content in quick succession by supporting smooth transitions. You will easily display football live scores or multiple advertisements without wavering images during the transition. This will visually impress the football lovers attending the match.

Wide Viewing Angle

A football stadium screen will help bridge the gap between football fans in the back row and the football match. Football stadium screens are huge, brightly colored, and can stream live football matches thus offering your fans different viewing angles.


Outdoor football stadium screens are protected with a vinyl coating which makes them fully impervious to water. You can install your stadium screen in an outdoor setting and have it running even on a rainy or snowing day.

Supports Multiple Content

It is hard to sum up match content in a single media format such as images or texts. Football stadium screens can play images, texts, and videos as a combination thereby diversifying your content. This is an innovative way of making an impression on your audience.

Affordable to Maintain

Football stadium screens are manufactured in strict adherence to standard production guidelines, which ensures they are of the highest quality. They rarely malfunction since they have a higher tolerance to tough conditions brought about by outdoor application.

Easy to Run

Operating a football stadium screen is quite uncomplicated. Using remote controls or internet connections, you upload, remove and schedule the content you want to be displayed. Football stadium screens are also easily assembled, disassembled, and transported.

Jasionlight Superior LED Solutions for a Diverse Customer Base

To enhance fans’ match-going experience

Jasionlight’s understanding of the LED solutions market enables us to customize our products to meet our clients’ needs. We are trusted by LED display customers from different industries since our products are highly efficient and versatile. Let us take a look at some of our LED solutions.

Stadium TV Screen

Transform the viewing experience of football fans with stadium TV screens that support broader viewing angles. You can display relevant match highlights, live scores, and sponsor information on your stadium TV screen. The high brightness levels enable viewing even from afar.

Pitchside LED advertising

Take advantage of the prospective clients attending football matches by advertising using pitch-side LED advertising. Pitch-side LED advertising is affordable and far-reaching given the number of football fans in attendance. The advert can be in text, images, or videos.

Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

With a waterproof outdoor perimeter LED display, you can impressively make linear advertisements for your products or sponsored products. Outdoor perimeter LED displays have high brightness levels and impressive refresh rates, which provides an amazing visual effect.

360 LED Screen

Attract the attention of football masses with an elegant-looking 360 LED screen. Ideally, 360 LED screens are waterproof and dustproof, which qualifies their use in both indoor and outdoor environments. They also support instant display of multiple contents and are highly visible during the day and at night. This makes them extremely effective in crowded spaces.

LED Scoreboard

Provide timely and high-definition live match scores to football fans in stadiums with high-resolution LED scoreboards. LED scoreboards display brightly and multi-colored scores which can be viewed from relatively big distances. With LED scoreboards, attending fans will be updated on match scores thus immersing themselves more in the stadium atmosphere.

Perimeter Boards Football

Perimeter boards football has a high light intensity of 7000 nits which makes them suitable for use in crowded football stadiums. Diversify your marketing techniques by utilizing customized perimeter boards to publicize your brand. They will expand your reach exponentially.

Why You Should Purchase Football Stadium Screens From Jasionlight?

Jasionlight has almost 20 years of experience in the production of LED displays. We are endowed with quality production machinery, technology, and expertise, which enables us to produce high-quality football stadium screens. 

With our enormous experience in LED solutions, we can customize our football stadium screens to your specification. Our five-star football stadium screens are delivered to various destinations across the world at affordable fees.

Jasionlight exploits the latest technology to cut production costs on LED solutions and this is reflected on our price tags. We have also invested in first-rate customer services to ensure you feel valued by Jasionlight.

Our football stadium screens are warranty protected which means we will correct any defects exhibited at no cost. Additionally, we offer consultancy services on best maintenance practices and other LED solution issues. 

To reach us, you can call or email us and our response team will gladly be of help. 

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Football Stadium Screens


The match experience for match-going football fans has significantly upgraded owing to the deployment of football stadium screens.

Big football LED displays now characterize football stadiums and support advertising and enhance live football viewing.

Here is everything you need to know about football stadium screens and their role in revolutionizing football consumption.

Table of Contents

1. What Is A Football Stadium Screen?

Football stadium screens are electronic LED screens used to display high-definition match highlights, advertisements, and other match-related content.

Soccer advertising boards are covered with a vinyl wrapper to mitigate against damage from water and dust.

Additionally, Football LED displays are mostly wireless and can support high-quality viewing from large distances.

Figure 1 - Football Stadium Screen

2. What Are The Benefits Of Using Football Stadium Screens?

A well-thought-out installation of Football stadium LED screens can be of huge rewards to you and football fans.

Here are some of the pros accrued from the use of outdoor perimeter LED display:

Effective Advertising

Soccer advertising boards are multi-colored and they display bright and crystal-clear images or videos, which are attractive to the fan’s eye.

Creative presentation of sponsors or product advertisements on soccer advertising boards is a sure way of reaching your target market.

Additionally, pitch-side LED advertising allows you to advertise upcoming games or football-related events at economic rates.

Figure 2 - Pitch Side LED advertising

Multi-purpose Use

You can optimally utilize your football LED display to serve various functions during a live football match.

In addition to displaying live scores, your football stadium screen can equally be used for pitch-side LED advertising.

You can also exploit the brightness of your outdoor perimeter LED display to broadcast the live proceedings of a game.

Straightforward Controls

Typical football stadium screens are considerably easy to operate given they are majorly wireless.

Stadium TV screens have an operating system that is easy to navigate through using a remote control.

You can also command your LED scoreboard to display various match-related content at different intervals.

3. Where Should I Install My Football Stadium Screen?

You can largely benefit from installing your stadium TV screen in either indoor or outdoor soccer settings.

Sofi stadium LED screens are buoyant and they run on powerful batteries, which means you can literally install them anywhere.

You can get the best from your football LED display by installing it on a pitch side wall, erected posts, and tabletops.

Sofi stadium roof screens, which are now a popular occurrence in the NFL, are installed at the stadium’s rooftop.

Figure 3 - Football stadium LED screen installation Locations

4. What Are The Various Applications Of A Football Stadium Screen?

You can innovatively exploit football LED displays to serve your diverse needs and elevate the match experience for your fans.

Let us look at the various ways in which you can fully utilize your football stadium screen:

LED scoreboards

Football LED displays are majorly deployed in football stadiums to display match scores, highlights, and match results.

This allows the match attendants to actively follow the soccer match unfold irrespective of their seat number.

Pitchside LED advertising

Most football clubs and matches are heavily reliant on sponsors and revenues from advertisements.

Pitch-side LED advertising allows you to market sponsor products or display paid adverts in high resolution to a target audience.


In soccer, the last minutes are filled with tension, emotions, and suspense.

To keep your audience abreast with match durations, you can deploy your 360 LED screen to creatively display a clock.

Figure 4 - Football Stadium LED Clock

Live Broadcast

Stadium TV screens have high light intensities and distinct viewing angles which provide your fans with an perfect viewing experience.

Football stadiums have capacities of up to 100, 000, which means some fans are far off the pitch action.

You can use your 360 LED screen to bridge this gap by airing the live match in high resolution to your audience.

5. What Are The Basic Features Of A Football Stadium Screen?

Perimeter boards football viewing should provide a viable alternative to football fans.

Stadium TV screens are customized to optimally function in stadium settings which differentiates them from other LED displays.

Here are the various traits that characterize football LED displays:

  • A great refresh rate mainly revolving around 3840 HZ to provide quick transitions and prevent stretched images.
  • Diverse viewing angles to support thousands of football fans in stadiums.
  • Water and dust resistance to withstand rainwater and dust, especially in outdoor stadiums.
  • Multi-colored to display high-quality and colored highlights of the match.

6. How Do I Select The Best Stadium TV Screen?

Figure 5 - Sofi Stadium LED Screen

Choosing the perfect stadium TV screen is not as straightforward as you may think.

First, you should fully understand the uniqueness of the role you intend the football stadium screen to fulfill.

Before acquiring a football LED display, you should consult a LED screen expert.

We have however gathered some factors for you to consider before purchasing your ideal stadium TV screen.

Brightness levels

Higher light intensities for Football LED displays meant to be used in outdoor stadiums are a necessity.

A LED scoreboard with high brightness levels will comfortably display high-quality content to fans seated in the back row.

However, it would be unrealistically expensive to acquire a stadium TV screen with high brightness levels for an indoor match.

This is primarily because they are expensive to acquire and they consume more energy.

Water Resistance

You must provide a water-resistant outdoor perimeter display to prevent damage caused by rainwater. 

Stadium TV screens for outdoor settings are ideally protected with vinyl, which makes them impervious to liquids and dust.

For indoor stadiums, it would be a waste of money and resources to acquire a water-resistant football LED display.

Viewing Distance

The distance between the attending fans and the football stadium screen is an indispensable factor in LED screen selection.

For greater distances, you require soccer advertising boards with higher light intensities and lower pixel pitches for greater resolutions.

To accommodate a higher viewing distance can be pretty expensive hence you should be well informed to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

7. What Is The Price Of A Football Stadium Screen?

Football LED displays attract different prices depending on their size, resolution, and light intensity.

The price of a soccer advertising board gradually increases as the size increases and vice versa.

Similarly, sofi stadium LED screens with a higher pixel pitch have a higher price tag compared to those with less.

Different football stadium screen providers avail their products at different price points.

For accurate price quotations, you should visit their respective websites.

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