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Jasionlight Excellent Custom Neon Letters

Jasionlight has been developing custom neon letters and other LED sign solutions for over 18 years. This rich experience by our professional team has resulted in continuous innovation to create our signature custom neon letters.

The technology that Jasionlight uses in the production of custom neon letters can power them in a way that offers maximum performance for a long time. This will ensure that your custom neon letters are cost-efficient.

Jasionlight Future Proof and Simple Custom Neon Letters


Jasionlight custom letters are designed in a way that is durable and very easy for you to install without the need for engaging a technician.  They also need low maintenance costs and power costs thus will ensure service efficiency.

If you need custom neon letters of high-quality and which will serve you for about 50,000 hours or more, then you should choose those produced by Jasionlight. Your design specifications will also be put into consideration in their production.

Jasionlight Best Customer Service for Custom Neon Letters

The entire professional team at Jasionlight will ensure that you get all the information and clarifications that you may need in regards to custom neon letters. Jasionlight will make sure that you obtain all the necessary details needed.

All Jasionlight custom neon letters are custom designed by our designers and they can be altered to suit your specifications, colors, and size. The Jasionlight engineering team can perfectly make any custom neon sign you want.


Why Should You Choose Jasionlight Custom Neon Letters?

Jasionlight produces excellent custom neon letters which you can personalize as you desire to ensure they meet your specifications. They will also serve numerous functions and thus you should choose Jasionlight custom neon letters because of the reasons below.


Custom neon letters from Jasionlight help keep up with the needs of your business, unlike conventional neon signs. They offer you the ability to alter the configuration of your sign at any time to make it possible to push different products.


Jasionlight always has the mission to make the best custom neon letters at a very fair price. Jasionlight takes the commitment to a new level and allows you to be in total control of what custom signs you wish to create.


Jasionlight custom neon letters come in a wide range of different sizes and colors which gives you the ability to create your preferred sign. This gives you the ability to choose from options like alphanumeric and special characters.


Jasion light custom neon letters are made from materials of very high-quality which ensures that they last for a very long time. This will ensure that your custom neon letters serve their role efficiently and bring returns on investment.

Energy efficient

Custom neon letters from Jasionlight do not consume too much energy while at the same time, they create brighter and clear images. Therefore, they will ensure that you do not need to sacrifice bright light in saving costs and energy.

Lightweight designs

Jasionlight custom neon letters are very light in weight due to their composition, sizes, and dimensions. Therefore, they will enable you to enjoy a view that is bold and bright but also easy to lift off their display mounts.

Jasionlight Wide Selection Of Custom Neon Letters Internationally

To enable clients achieve unique labelling and naming of both personal and business spaces

Jasionlight can make custom neon letters in any design you want and in a wide selection of colors to ensure they serve any purpose you desire. Many customers internationally tend to choose Jasionlight products and some of them are elaborated below.

Hello Neon Sign

Jasionlight hello neon sign gives a perfect touch of light for your home interior, an event, or even a commercial venue. It tends to stimulate moods in every setting due to its brightness and is very easy to install on any surface.

It Was All A Dream LED Sign

You can use It was all a dream LED sign from Jasionlight as a declaration of your love. These signs give a very beautiful touch of light and make your special day more memorable and can be used as an interior after the big day.

Kiss Me Neon Sign

Use Jasionlight kiss me neon sign to decorate any room of your home, a party, wedding, event, or even issue it as a gift. Jasionlight produces it perfectly and in multiple colors and styles to give you neon variation selections.

Girls Girls Girls Neon Light

Jasionlight girls girls girls neon light is perfect for use in the bedroom, living room, man cave, and bar. You will obtain signs that are of very high-quality from Jasionlight with colors that are cute and very bright for a beautiful ambiance.

M Neon Light

Use Jasionlight M neon light to illuminate different spaces that you desire in your business or home. M neon light from Jasionlight possesses a colorful glowing outline alphabet symbol on a background that offers an aesthetic value.

K Neon Light

Jasionlight K neon light is a perfect way to use as a decoration in the home interior, party, wedding, anniversary, and in your commercial business. They offer an aesthetic value that captivates the attention of people.

Neon Light A

Jasionlight neon light A is a perfect way which is bright and attractive for you to capture the attention of your prospective clients. You can also use it to decorate events, patties, and different spaces in your home and workplace.

Z Neon Light

Use Jasionlight Z neon light to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces during events or even as a décor for your home or office. They are made from materials that are durable and resistant to weather elements and thus will serve you for a long time.

S Neon Light

Jasionlight S neon sign has a cool and lively ambience that will bring a fun and artistic twist to your office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bar, or café. It is well constructed with no buzzing sounds and thus is safe for the entire family.

Why You Should Contact Jasionlight For Your Custom Neon Wall Signs?

Part of Jasionlight’s commitment is to provide a quality and easy custom neon letters experience to all our customers. Jasionlight listens and demonstrates expertise by offering solutions that are innovative and creative.

Experts of custom neon letters at Jasionlight always put keen interest to ensure that they produce the specific features which you require. You can always contact our customer support team in case you would like to make order adjustments.

Contact us today at Jasionlight to get the perfect custom neon letters that you need and our team is always ready to offer you the necessary support. Any inquiries and clarifications you need will be met before we commence production.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Custom Neon Letters


Custom neon letters are the evolutionary step for neon signs globally. They are a product that is easily customizable and flexible as they feature high-quality LED technology to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

There are several uses and features which custom neon letters come with. That is why this guide aims to give you a clear understanding of the custom neon letter sign.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Neon Letters?

Custom neon letters are a type of LED lighting used in the decoration of spaces by using different types of letters which you prefer. You can design any letters that you prefer so long as they suit your specific requirements.

Figure 1 - Custom-Neon-Letters

2. What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting Neon Letter Signs?

If you would like to obtain neon letter signs of high-quality, you should keep in mind several factors. Consider the following factors when choosing neon letter signs.

LED Chips Selection

Custom neon letters which are made from a surface-mounted device or SMD chips are great. This is because they need a surface that is small and tends to be flatter.

Surface-mounted LED chips in LED neon letters also use less energy thus cut down on a lot of costs. The average lifespan of custom neon letters with LED chips that are surface mounted tends to range between 45,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

Therefore, it is important to confirm if your light-up neon will be manufactured with surface-mounted LED chips in the selection process.

Choosing Silicone of High-quality

It is important to select word light signs which are made from silicone of high-quality to ensure that they are long-lasting. High-quality silicone tends to possess the following features:

  • It does not have smell or odors
  • It is more transparent as compared to other materials
  • High-quality silicone has Rosh environment test reports
  • It is flexible and thus can easily be bent.

Raw Materials

To obtain light-up neon letters of high-quality, it is essential to base on the types of raw materials which are used in production. Silicon and LED chips tend to be the main raw materials that are used in the production of custom word LED lights.


When choosing neon letter boards, choose those which are of high-quality as they will last for a long time. It is important to keep in mind that the lifespan of neon LED letter signs tends to depend on the LED chips used in production and the process of manufacturing them.

The best neon word light should be able to serve you between 45,000 hours to 50,000 hours. In addition, you should avoid buying neon word signs which are cheaply personalized as they will result in incurring more costs in the future.

This is because the cheap custom neon letters will consume a lot of energy and have increased maintenance costs. They will also require replacement after every few years of usage.

Size of Custom Neon Letters

It is very important to decide the size that you desire for your LED word wall light to ensure that they suit your needs. In case you would like your word light signs to be set up in a smaller room, then you should consider selecting those that are smaller in size.


This is a very important factor you should consider when choosing your custom neon word signs. The brightness of the neon letter board tends to depend on the light features possessed by the LED chips.

You should select LED word signs which are made from surface-mounted LED chips because they form a consistent level of brightness that is high. Select custom neon letters which are made from highly advanced LED chips such as 3014 SMD LED chips, 2835 SMD LED chips and 3020 SMD LED chips.

The neon channel letters can also be made from 5050 SMD chips to obtain the colorful effect or 2835 SMD chips for achieving a single color.

3. What Are the Applications of Neon Letter Lights?

Neon letter lights are used in several applications either at an event, in your home, or your business. You can use neon letter lights in the following ways.

  • Marriage ceremony
  • As a gift to loved ones or personalized gifts
  • Wall decor
  • Birthday parties
  • Company outdoor neon letter lights
  • Celebration of valentine’s day
  • Décor at Christmas parties
  • Wedding party
  • Home décor for spaces such as living room, kitchen, or bedroom.
Bar Decor Neon Letter Sign
Figure 2 - Bar Decor Neon Letter Sign

4. What Customization Services Can Be Included in My Neon Letter Signs Custom?

Custom Neon Sign Manufacturer tend to include a lot of customization features to make sure that the signs suit your needs. Some manufacturers tend to provide customization features like color and design while others offer several features.

However, to make your custom letter neon sign designs more customized, the following services can be included.

  • Increased size of the neon letter light at the widest point.
  • Font sizes
  • Font colors
  • The position of the letters can either be center, left, or right.
  • The color of the background of your neon wall letters
  • The cable size of the light-up neon letters
  • UV printing which is used
  • Color of the cable
  • Dimmer
  • The color of the acrylic packing

5. What Is the Price of LED Word Lights Custom?

The cost of LED word lights tends to depend on several factors such as its size, design of the letters, the complexity of the design, urgency of the order, backing color, and materials used. In addition, the ability of the neon word light to be water-resistant also determines its price as it is possible to use it both indoors and outdoors.

6. Is it possible to obtain custom word LED lights with a remote controller?

Yes, you can get custom word LED lights with a remote controller as it will enable you to control them from a given distance. Remote controllers will also make it possible to change the mode of light, set the dimming function, and change the light mode and this ensures efficiency in its operation.

Figure 3 - Custom Word LED Lights with A Remote Control

7. What Are Some of The Color Options for Light Up Neon Letters?

Most manufacturers tend to use the RGB feature with digital color combinations to design light-up neon letters in any color which you desire. It is important to try as much as possible to select the color of neon LED letter lights that match other decorations and themes of your space and parties.

Some of the colors which are very popular in beautifying light-up neon letters for decoration of parties and homes are listed below. 

  • White Ice Blue
  • White purple
  • White Blue
  • White Green
  • Warm White
  • Hot pink
  • Baby Pink
  • White pink
  • White baby pink
  • Cold white
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Ice Green
  • Purple
  • Red 
  • White-red
  • Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • White Orange 
  • White Yellow
Blue Light Up Neon Letters
Figure 4 - Blue Light Up Neon Letters

8. What Might Cause White Neon Letters to Stop Working?

There are several reasons which may cause white neon letters to stop working and some of these include.

  • In case the joints of your white neon letters become loose.
  • The presence of a leaky tube in the white neon letters.
  • If there are transformers that are damaged.
  • In this case, there are wires which are either short or broken.

9. Is Custom Neon Letter Sign Water-resistant?

Yes, a custom neon letter sign is water-resistant as it is designed for use both indoors and outdoors purposes. They are made from materials of very high-quality to ensure that they can withstand weather conditions like sunlight, humidity, dew, snow, and rain.

If the LED neon letter lights are not waterproof and they get wet, their lights will be damaged. To eliminate this kind of problem, it is important to ensure that they are made of durable materials and sealed with a wide range of silicon fillers and glues.

It is important to also ensure that the holes where wires connect the design and letters of custom neon letters are well closed.

10. How Should I Maintain My Custom LED Word Lights?

It is important to keep in mind that you do not require maintenance of custom LED word lights every day. Some of the maintenance tips for taking care of your word light signs are highlighted below. 

First, you will need to eliminate dust that has accumulated on the surface of custom neon word lights as it may make them unclear. You should then unplug the wire before you commence cleaning your custom LED word lights to avoid dangers that may result from transformers.

Remove dust from your custom word LED lights using a vacuum cleaner. You can use a paintbrush to eliminate dust which is located in crannies and nooks that are hard to reach on your custom LED word lights.

Wipe the tubes of your LED word sign using either a soft cloth or a nylon brush. In case of grease or grime on your neon word lights custom, you can use an ammonia-based cleanser.

You should take note that the frequency of cleaning your light-up neon letters depends on their placement. In addition, avoid imposing a lot of pressure during the time of cleaning them as they may get damaged.

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