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Jasionlight Professionals in Best Custom LED Wall Signs

Jasionlight has been in the LED industry since 2003 and thus is a renowned custom LED wall signs manufacturer. Jasionlight will ensure that your custom LED wall signs meet the various global regulations and requirements.

Jasionlight produces your custom LED wall signs using the best technological processes and equipment which ensures they are of very high-quality. Jasionlight tends to advance with changes in technology to ensure that we stand ahead of competitors.

Jasionlight Simple and Durable Custom LED Wall Signs


If you require the quality of your custom LED wall signs for your wall for your projects or business, then select those we produce at Jasionlight. You will be able to get the best innovative custom LED wall signs at very affordable prices.

You will not need to be worried about the custom LED wall signs as Jasionlight offers a 1-year free replacement warranty and 2 years free maintenance of spare parts. The Jasionlight team is always innovating to produce the best lighting experience.

Jasionlight Excellent Customer Solutions for Custom LED Wall Signs

Jasionlight professional team will offer you the assistance you require concerning our custom LED wall signs or any other LED solutions. In case you have any questions, our customer support team will be willing to answer them in detail.

Designers at Jasionlight will always produce your custom LED wall signs to suit the specifications you want. They will then optimize them depending on their expertise to ensure that you achieve the excellent quality and design of your products.


Importance Of Choosing Jasionlight Custom LED Wall Signs

Jasionlight produces some of the best LED solutions in the global market and guarantees the same for our custom LED wall signs. Some of the reasons why you should consider Jasionlight custom LED walls signs for your business and projects include.

Complete light control

Jasionlight custom LED signs will give you complete control over the lights which go inside the signs. You also have the freedom to change the light at any time with no need for shutting it down thus offering different levels of light.


Custom LED wall signs from Jasionlight will offer you a great aesthetic value both indoors and outdoors. Our design team will make sure the features you need for your signs are incorporated in a way that displays their beauty.

Superior lighting quality

Jasionlight can customize your custom LED wall signs to suit your requirements as we have a wider range of colors and other features you can choose from. This makes it possible to match the signs with any signage that needs to achieve great quality.


Custom LED wall signs from Jasionlight will ensure a clear display of the details you would like to be displayed. This is because of the bright and attractive colors and huge letters which we use in production to make them visible from given viewing angles.

Require low maintenance

Jasionlight custom LED wall signs are built with materials that are very resistant and able to sustain years of use and exposure to weather elements. When your purchase signs from Jasionlight, you will not be worried about the frequent need for maintenance.


The return on investment for custom LED wall signs from Jasionlight will always exceed the initial investment as we sell them at very affordable prices. Jasionlight custom LED wall signs will serve you for their entire lifespan until you decide to change or upgrade.

Jasionlight Wide Range of Custom LED Wall Signs Globally

To Offer Clients All Over The World Customized Solution For Their Business

The continuous research by Jasionlight on the technological advancements in the LED industry has made us produce the best custom LED wall signs in the global market. A lot of customers worldwide always choose our products and some of the products are highlighted below.

LED neon signs for wall decor

Jasionlight LED neon signs for wall décor will ensure excellent resistance to heat thus long-term lighting without heat up. It can be a great gift for giving loved ones during special events or use for home décor or storefront design.

Neon signs wall art

Illuminate any space with Jasionlight neon signs wall art using our wide range of available selections. Neon wall art is suitable for bedroom decorations, brightening up any living space, and home improvement.

Pink LED wall sign

Jasionlight pink LED wall sign is available in different sizes, packages, and features which you may desire and has varying prices. It is suitable for use in the bedroom, as décor at parties, or for home decors in a given living space.

Good vibes only neon wall light

Jasionlight good vibes only neon wall light is suitable for giving perfect touch to your home or commercial venue. It stimulates every setting’s mood because of its brightness and easy installation procedure onto the wall.

Cool neon wall signs

The stunning glow offered by Jasionlight cool neon wall signs works well both inside and outside your business or home. At times it tends to make your room seem more fun because it reflects on the miniaturized space trying to imitate that of a city.

Neon heart wall light

Jasionlight neon heart wall light is an adorable light up and walls sign that features hearts of very excellent aesthetic value. This neon heart wall sign is of sufficient size for use as home decor on top of items like tables or as wall decor.

Wireless neon wall sign

Jasionlight wireless neon wall sign is portable and light in weight thus you can use it outdoors for example during events like parties, Christmas, and anniversaries. They are very durable and will be able to resist extreme weather conditions.

Anime neon wall sign

Jasionlight anime neon wall sign can change brightness and flicker speed which will ensure you achieve efficiency. It will be suitable for your business as you can illuminate details that attract more customers to buy your products.

Unicorn neon wall light

Unicorn neon wall light from Jasionlight is one of a kind as they add some flair to your small space. They are available in different color shades and a wide range of sizes. They will magically display the unicorn shape.

Neon dinosaur wall light

Jasionlight neon dinosaur wall light will be tailored specifically to suit your requirements. You can use it for giving as presents, as a decoration for your room, business space, or for your parties as it spices up the design of your signs.

Pineapple neon wall light

Shop Jasionlight wide range of pineapple neon wall light for use in your business, wedding, kids’ room, or man cave. It has an aesthetic value, is cool, cute and Jasionlight can custom make it to suit the specific use you need it for.

Flamingo neon wall sign

Use a Jasionlight flamingo neon wall sign as a night light for your bedroom or kids’ room to give it a beautiful look. It will make your interior very bright, attractive and up to date due to the clarity of display offered

Why Should You Reach Out to Jasionlight for Your Custom LED Wall Signs?

If you want your custom LED wall signs to stand out, then you should select those from Jasionlight. When you buy our custom LED wall signs, you will be getting a product of very high-quality and which will suit the desired function.

Our experts for custom LED wall signs care about every detail you desire thus contact Jasionlight today to get the best LED signs. At Jasionlight, we have an array of custom LED wall signs for all your applications and budget.

Reach out to Jasionlight to obtain the custom LED wall signs which you desire and we will be glad to serve you. You can contact us through our customer support agent or via email and we will begin discussions for the production of your custom LED wall signs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Guide for Custom LED Wall Signs


Custom LED wall signs have in recent times become a better choice for lighting up your life due to their high-quality and clarity. They make the art that you desire easily accessible using neon signs for wall décor thus enhancing brightness.

The purpose of this guide is to give you a clear understanding of the different elements gained from using custom LED wall signs

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom LED Wall Signs?

They are a type of LED neon wall light that uses modern lighting technologies to capture the look and feel that you desire. Custom wall LED signs can range in design, color, and size which will match your existing brand or establish a new look for your business or selected space.

Figure 1 Custom LED Wall Sign

2. What Color Can I Select for My Neon LED Wall light?

Neon LED wall light can be delivered in any color option which you desire. This makes it possible for you to vary lighting effects, brightness, and any other key elements which you need.

Producers of LED wall signs will ensure that they perfectly match the demands you have. In addition, they will ensure it is paired with your established color scheme and aesthetic desired.

3. What Is the Recommended Working Temperature of Custom LED Wall Signs?

The recommended working temperature for custom LED wall signs is between -40 degrees Celsius to -60 degrees Celsius.

4. What Are the Design Limits for Personalized LED Wall Light?

Producers can match almost every style that you desire for your personalized LED wall light design. They will also provide the best-practice guidance about your look for custom LED wall light and where and how it is possible to deploy it.

Despite large and complex designs for custom LED wall lights may need specific solutions to resolve all these will be implemented in the design process.

5. What Are the Applications of Neon LED Wall Sign?

Neon LED wall signs are beneficial for any type of business and institution and in any room, indoors and outdoors. From hotels, churches, all organizations can elevate their branding in form of advertising, lighting, and decoration by use of neon LED wall signs.

LED neon signs for wall décor create symbols that are iconic of your establishment thus attracting foot traffic. LED light wall signs tend to work alongside ceiling lights to offer supplemental illumination and create a more atmospheric effect thus alleviating glare.

Artwork can be displayed better using a neon wall as sculptures, and architectural details benefit from neon LED wall decor spaces. Outdoor custom LED wall signs are mostly used in the pouch along the exterior walls for a decorative touch as well as security and safety features.

In spaces where much lighting is done by overhead lighting, neon wall décor signs are still a valuable addition to add ambiance. They also assist in brightening corners that become dark or shadowy after the sun has set. 

The LED neon wall light is specifically suited to dimmer switches which enable you to determine the mood of the room and set accordingly.

Figure 2 Neon LED Wall Signs for Church

6. What Are the Parts of Neon LED Wall Composed of?

Custom LED wall signs are composed of several parts which work together to ensure their efficiency. The main parts of neon light wall décor include:

Acrylic Plate

It gives a three-dimensional sense of strength and hardness to neon LED wall signs. This ensures that it works well even when exposed to extreme weather elements such as sunlight, rain, and humidity.

Acrylic plate in neon sign wall art is very essential for ductility of light 24 hours a day. It is available in different thicknesses which include 3mm, 4mm, and 5 mm to ensure efficiency depending on the neon LED wall that you require.

The thicker the acrylic plate, the better the strength of the custom LED wall signs. When selecting an acrylic plate, it is important to establish its thickness, hardness, and transparency to make sure it will serve the purpose.

Neon Flex

Neon flex provides seamless fitting in LED wall signs custom and it is constructed to preserve uniformity of light. It is well-engineered for on-site configuration and assembly and this makes it the definite solution for neon wall décor signs.

It has vivid flexibility which makes it possible for designers to explore patterns that are advanced and organic shapes that were previously not possible. This makes it possible to provide high-performance homogeneous light and great flexibility for architectural illumination thus ideal for highlighting parameters.

Power Supply

It is also referred to as a transformer and it may either be a 220V/110V high voltage electricity converter or 12V/24V low voltage electricity. The quality of power supply for neon signs for wall décor is guaranteed although if you are not a professional, you can check its brand certification.

Some of the brand certifications you can check include UL, CUL, TUV/CE, and SGS/SAA. In case you are a professional, you can check the following elements of the power supply of custom LED wall sign

  • Large packaging plant wafer IC
  • Copper wire package
  • Transformer
  • Electrolytic capacitors
  • Circuit design
  • Chip ceramic capacitors
  • High-temperature aging room 
  • Bulk aging rack 

A power supply that is of poor quality or does not have any certification may cause the LED signs for the wall to flicker after about 3-6months of use. Power supplies of high-quality may last for more than 5 years without having any problems in their operation.

It is important to test the quality parameters of the power supply of your neon LED wall sign before beginning to use it.

Dimmer and Controller
Figure 3 - Dimming Controller for Custom LED Wall Signs

The best dimmer for wall light signs usually has the following features:

  • Possesses Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC) dimming mode
  • High precision and clarity
  • It is highly efficient
  • Small in size
  • Light in weight
  • Small in size
  • Easy to control using a remote

Single color remote control in neon tube wall light tends to be divided into either high-power or low-power color remote control dimming. Colorful remote control in LED wall sign custom on the other hand can be divided into either WIFI control or Bluetooth control.

Remote control controller in lighted words wall art is categorized in two groups namely IR controller and RF wireless controller. IR controller is suitable for controlling custom LED wall signs within a distance of about 6 meters thus is suitable for use mostly with indoor signs.

RF controllers can be used to control LED neon wall lights within a distance of about 30 meters and are thus suitable for outdoor signs. It also can control LED light wall signs through walls and is not limited to a given direction.

Installation Accessories
Figure 4 - Surface Mounted Custom LED Wall Light

These will depend on the mounting technique you would like for your custom LED wall light which can either be suspended or surface mounting. Custom LED wall light that is surface mounted with “cut to letter” will require either a plastic clip for those used indoors and a stainless-steel clip for those used outdoors.

Those custom LED wall signs with “cut to shape and “cut to board” will be surface mounted using stainless steel advertising nails. For suspended LED signs for walls, they can be mounted using stainless steel Jan yard.


An LED sign wall requires an amplifier for amplification of the signal coming from the controller and then to give a signal to the entire sign. This will ensure that the entire LED wall sign functions properly without encountering any malfunctions. 

When your LED sign for the wall lacks an amplifier, it will dim gradually until it is not able to be lit.


It is possible to use glue that does not chemically interact with the acrylic backing of your LED wall light neon or corrode the signage. It is important to ensure that this glue is not mixed with a specific silicone treatment water which might activate the silicone sleeve tube.

In case you use glue of substandard quality or which does not function well, it may cause the tape to fall off and the acrylic plate to change color. This may cause the acrylic plate to harden or corrode after some time which may cause your custom wall LED sign to break.

It is important to use waterproof glue which can cure at room temperature through absorption of moisture from the air. This type of glue will also possess the following features:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Arc resistance
  • Good aging resistance
  • Stable performance
  • High and low resistance to temperature
  • Good adhesive properties
  • Electrical insulation

7. How Should I Carry Out Cleaning and Ongoing Maintenances of My LED Wall Light Sign?

For the exterior of your LED wall light sign, you can wipe it using an electronics-safe solution and a microfiber cloth. Kindly avoid being tempted to use a general cleanser even if it is just a small amount as it can cause extreme damages especially if it finds its way into the display of your LED wall light sign.

In addition, avoid cleaning your neon LED wall using a paper towel because it can make bits of dust remain behind. Take note that your microfiber cloth needs to just be damp and not sopping wet.

For LED wall light signs that are large or elevated, you can clean them using a microfiber mop that is wrung out and has an extension pole. For ongoing maintenance of your Custom LED wall signs, you can consider occasionally setting a timer for about 24 hours and powering them down to enhance their performance capability.

This will also help in extending the life span of your Led neon wall light. You should also make sure that you frequently update your back-of-house software regularly to ensure increased efficiency. 

8. How can I control The Yellowing of The Silicone of My LED Wall Sign Custom After a Certain Period?

There are several reasons which might cause the yellowing of the silicone in your LED wall sign custom. Some of the factors to put in mind to eliminate such problems are highlighted below:

At times, the surface of your acrylic board may be dirty because it requires cleaning once there has been a chemical reaction between it and the silicone. Before production of your Led wall light neon, it is essential to put the acrylic board in the oven and bake it for about 8-12 hours to ensure evaporation of chemical components on its surface.

The silicone does not get vulcanized completely and it is left to vulcanize slowly at room temperature. This causes weather elements like moisture which is in the air to react with the silicone thus slowing down the speed of the tunnel furnace. 

You can raise the temperature of the tunnel furnace while being careful not to exceed the maximum working temperature of the LED wall sign custom. After that, you should then add the vulcanizing agent while bearing in mind its appropriate proportion.

This will prevent spillage when mixing to avoid insufficient vulcanizing agents during the process. Once this is done, you should repeat the baking process.

In case you ascertain that there is a problem with the material itself, you can reach out to the silicon manufacturer, primer, or vulcanizing agent to sort it out.

9. What Are the Considerations for the SMT Process of Custom Wall LED Sign?

The SMT process for custom wall LED signs will depend more on the equipment of the SMT machine and the reflow equipment and the skilled workers operating it. Some of the considerations for the SMT process of Custom wall LED signs include:

  • Print the solder paste: it is important to pay attention to the FPC which is on the LED welding pad location of the soldier after the first printing test. This will ensure that your custom LED wall signs will be of good quality.
  • Lamination: ensure you pay attention to the polarity of your LED, its resistor’s resistance to avoid mixing up the value. It is also important to ensure that the position of placement is not interfered with to ensure quality LED neon wall light.
  • Intermediate inspection process: inspect its polarity and ascertain whether its mounting has an offset, the resistance value is correct or there is a short circuit.
  • Reflow soldering: control the temperature of the reflow because the temperature that is too low will not melt the solder paste thus will lead to too low soldering.
  • Inspection of the finished product: it is important to conduct an electrical inspection to ascertain that the custom LED wall signs possess electrical integrity and the correct parameters.
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