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As a pioneer lighting factory in China, Jasionlight manufactures high-quality custom LED light strips at a competitive cost. Jasionlight can provide customizable LED light strips for any lighting company.

Jasionlight uses brand LED chips, quality circuit board, high ingress protection, and extra coating of white paint to produce custom LED light strips. So, you will get the world’s most efficient lighting solution from us.

Customizable LED Light Strips to Meet Your Requirements


Jasionlight provides a wide range of customization services such as sizes, color rendering index, brightness, IP ratings, and dimming options. Our custom LED light strips consume less energy and produce more lumens per meter.

You can use our custom LED light strips in any application. Jasionlight’s high-quality branded surface-mounted LED chips ensure consistent brightness for a longer period of time. Jasionlight’s custom LED light strips are both cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

A Wide Range of Applications of Custom LED Light Strips

Jasionlight custom light strips are used in residential, and commercial lighting projects. You can also use it in any indoor and outdoor lighting. Bar counter lighting, living area lighting, signage, accent lighting, task lighting, and different display lighting are some common uses of LED strips.

Whether you are a project planner, wholesaler, or reseller of custom LED light strips, Jasionlight is your reliable manufacturer and supplier. Just send your lighting project requirements, we will send customized quotes for you.


Custom LED Strip Lights For a Wide Range of Uses

With the popularity of led lighting, the application of led light strips has become more and more extensive. Some special applications require customized light strips. Jasionlight will always here to help you.

Custom Indoor Strip Lighting

Our custom LED light strips have a wide range of colors and brightness intensities. These versatile strips will illuminate your homes and commercial space with their vivid and vibrant features. You can create your desired illumination in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, theater room, and others.

LED Strip for Holiday Decoration

Decorate your doors, roofs, walls, ceilings, and other indoor & outdoor places with our custom LED light strips. Don’t miss the dynamic lighting to make your holidays more enjoyable. You can use our custom strips on Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving, and other holidays.

Custom Architectural LED Strip Lighting

Jasionlight’s superb color rendering custom LED light strips create bold and vivid colors for lighting up architectural creations. Our architectural series of custom LED light strips meet any architectural lighting requirements. You can use them for coves, eaves, sculptures, and other architectural creations.

Custom Outdoor Strip Lighting

Jasionlight’s custom LED light strips are not limited to indoor lighting. Our custom LED light strips have higher ingress ratings and so you can use them in harsh outdoor lightings. You can use our custom LED strips for decorating any outdoor parties.

Custom LED Strip for Interior Car Lighting

Customize the interior lighting of your cars like your personal rooms and make them more appealing to your family members. Our plug-and-play LED strips facilitate your lighting in the shortest period of time.

Custom Commercial LED Strip Lighting

We provide custom lighting solutions for illuminating shelves and display cases of your businesses. Our custom strips will highlight your products to the customers with different lighting effects.

All Types of LED Strip Light to Boost Your Business.

Easy customization service to support your requirements.

Jasionlight has a wide range of led strip lights, from constant voltage to constant current, from RA80 to RA95, from IP20, IP65 to IP68, from 5V, 12V to 24V, from white, RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW, any of your needs will be met here.

Constant Current LED Strip

Constant current design, ensure the same brightness at both ends of the led tape. Super length for your special requirements.

Color Changing Light Strip

Colorful LED strip light, white, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, you can also customize any color for different applications.

Temperature Change LED Strip

Longer lifespan with the temperature sensor, when the LED strips exceed the specified temperature, the current will go down.

High Efficiency LED Strip

High lumen, high efficiency LED strip light up to 160lm/w, which with constant current PCB design. To meet some special requirements.

Tunable White LED Strip

Dim to warm, the color temperature can be adjustable from 2700K to 6500K. Use SMD5050 SMD2835 2 in 1 LED chip.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Great waterproof LED strips for your projects, IP65, IP67, IP68 optional. High-quality silicon and environmentally friendly glue.

Neon LED Strip

Use food-grade silicone, excellent flexibility, arbitrarily shaped. Uniform and soft brightness, high brightness.

High CRI LED Strip

High CRI up to RA95, to illuminate objects' true colors. Always try to infinitely close to natural daylight, to meet your special requirements.

Addressable LED Strip

Dual signal channels to realize the function of data interruption and continuous transmission.

Why Jasionlight is Best for Custom LED Light Strips

Jasionlight is the leading manufacturer and reliable supplier of custom LED light strips. We can offer you at a competitive price for our large production plant. The supply ability of Jasionlight is about 650,000 meters per month. So, you will get any amount of custom LED light strips in the shortest period of time. 

As one of the most pioneer manufacturers, Jasionlight uses high-quality raw materials and follows efficient production processes. We meet and exceed FCC, UL, CE, and ROHS certifications. We also have international quality control certification of ISO9001. 

Besides custom LED light strips, Jasionlight manufactures other LED lights such as LED neon signs, LED ceiling lights, LED wall lights, and other LED lights. We have 18 years of experience in producing high-quality LED lights. 

Our professional sales team will provide 24/7 hours services. You can ask any questions about our product and our company. 

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Custom LED Light Strips - The Definitive FAQ Guide


Are you searching for a flexible lighting solution for your project? If yes, a custom LED light strip is for you. Choosing the right LED strips and finding a reliable manufacturer is also important. In the FAQ guide, you will get all the necessary information that you need to know before purchasing in bulk.  

Table of Contents

1. What Do You Mean By Custom LED Light Strips?

Custom LED light strips refer to the customizable LED light strips. Custom LED light strips are also known as tape lights, smart lights, ribbon lights, and custom LED tape. Custom LED light strips are made of flexible circuit boards, SMD chips, and other components. You can easily attach them to any surface for their adhesive backing.

Custom LED light strips
Figure 1 Custom LED light strips

2. What Features Can You Customize for Custom LED Light Strips?

Custom LED strip lights are perfect for any indoor and outdoor lighting project. But, different lighting projects require particular customizations. You can customize the following features. 

  • Color Rendering Index ( CRI) 
  • LED strip kit options
  • dimming options
  • Brightness
  • IP ratings. 
  • Beam Angle
  • Lighting Direction
  • Light strip control method: wifi control, bluetooth control, remote control, intelligent control

3. What Are the Applications of LED Strip Lights?

Custom LED light strips have been very popular for their low heat emissions, eco-friendliness, and higher efficiency. You can use these popular LED light strips for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial purposes. Let’s see some popular applications of custom-length LED strips.

  • Bar Counter
  • Kitchen
  • TV backlight
  • Path Lighting ( Reduces the risk of Injury) 
  • Signage
  • Accent Lighting – Architecture and display lighting
  • Task Lighting 
  • Recreational Lighting in cars, boats, electronic Devices, and more. 
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting
  • Backlighting for Light-Sensitive Areas. 
  • Home Interiors
  • Malls
  • Theater
  • Retail Outlets
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Spa
  • Concerts
  • Lighting Shows
  • Aquariums
  • Stair Lighting
  • Handrail Lighting
  • LED lighting in shoes and bags

4. Is It Ok to Connect More Than One LED Strips?

Yes, it is ok to connect more than one LED strip. But you need to be careful at the time of connecting. The number of strips you can connect together depends on the voltage of strips, attaching the additional power supply. 

If you don’t add an additional power supply, the voltage drop of custom LED light strips will happen. Then, you will not get the expected brightness from LED light strips. 

We recommend not to connect more than 20 meters of custom LED light strips without adding additional power supply units or higher gauge power wire. 

5. How to Connect Two Custom LED Light Strips with Connectors?

Connecting two LED strip lights with connectors is easier than soldering. Follow the following steps to connect two custom LED strips with connectors. 

Step 01: Use a Tape to a Starter Lead Connector

Starter lead connectors for single color and RGB look the same. Where a single color connector has 2 colored cables, the RGB connector has 4 colored cables. 

Step 02: Cut the LED Tape along the Cut Line

You shouldn’t cut custom LED light strips anywhere. They have cut lines with dashed or scissor icons. Cut the LED tape with sharp scissors or knives.

Figure 02 Cutting LED Strip Lights Properly

Step 03: Join the LED tape to the starter lead connector

Open the connector and slide the connector over the LED tape. Remove the 3M self-adhesive tape before joining. Keep the plus(+) sign on the side of the red cable and keep the minus(-) sign on the black cable’s side. 

Step 04: Close the Connector lid Down

After tightening the end, close the connector lid down into place. Connect the transformer to the starter lead connector with a connector block. Turn on the LED strip to check the seamless connection. 

6. How to Connect Two Custom LED Light Strips without Connectors? / How to Connect Two Custom LED Light Strips by Soldering Process?

Connecting two custom LED light strips by the soldering process is another efficient way to finish your installation.

Connecting Two Custom LED strip lights by Soldering
Figure 03 Connecting Two Custom LED strip lights by Soldering

Though connecting strips by soldering process is a little bit time-consuming and laborious, this process is cost-efficient. As soldering ensures more stability, you should connect custom LED light strips in bigger lighting applications.

Soldering Requirements

You need to have the following materials to connect strips by the soldering process. 

  • High-quality Soldering Iron
  • Wire Cutters
  • A Clean Workspace
  • Solder
  • Something Heavy item

Process of Soldering

  1. First of all, dab off solder onto your custom LED light strip’s copper pads. You should do this process to both ends expected to join. 
  2. After tinning, cut off a bit of the strip to expose the bead of solder to contact both tinned sections. 
  3. Before applying heat to the tinned section, check the polarity and align two separate pieces of custom LED strips. 
  4. After the above process, drag the solder over the joining bread.

Caution: Connecting two custom LED strip lights by soldering process is a little bit complex process. If you have basic knowledge about soldering, then you should try soldering strips yourself. Otherwise, do this process with experts.

7. How to Connect a Custom LED Light Strip to a Power Supply?

Providing the appropriate power input to the custom LED light strip is a crucial step to light up. The connecting methods may differ based on the type of LED strips and the type of LED power supply. Let’s see the common setups for connecting a custom LED strip to a power supply. 

Step 01:

First of all, check the electrical compatibility of the power supply and custom LED strip lights. Most of the custom LED strip lights come in 24V, 12V, and 5V. Connecting higher voltage power supply to your custom LED strip lights can damage your lights. Again, you will see the low brightness if you connect the low power to your custom LED light strips.

Then, check the compatibility of connectors and plugs. Ensure that your manufacturers provide all necessary accessories. If manufacturers provide all necessary accessories with LED strips, you don’t need to worry more. If not, check the compatibility of the plugs and connectors before purchasing them.

Step 02:

Check the DC output connector of the power supply. Most of the power supply has a male plug. In the case of some mean-well power supplies, you will see two wires such as red and white. Based on the output connectors, the connection methodology is different. 

Connecting a Custom LED Light Strip to a Power Supply
Figure 04 Connecting a Custom LED Light Strip to a Power Supply

Step 03:

Next, check the custom LED light strip’s connection type. All custom LED light strips have copper pads. 

If you purchase the whole reel of custom LED strips, you will have some wires at the end of the LED strips. In this case, you can easily connect the wires to the DC output connector of the power supply.

If you cut custom LED strips into small segments, you need to join the wires before connecting with the power supply. You can join the wires to the copper pads either with connecting clips or a soldering process. 

Connect the positive wires of the connector of the power supply to the plus(+) sign of the copper pad. Again, connect the negative wire of the connector of the power supply to the minus(-) sign of the copper pad.

8. How do You Protect Your Custom LED Light strip from Falling off?

Some wholesalers and project planners become frustrated as their custom LED strip lights tend to fall off over time. Low-quality custom LED strips with poor adhesive tape backing can fall off from the installation. Follow the following tips to prevent this problem. 

  • Purchase high-quality custom LED strips that have strong adhesive tape backing. 
  • Clean the grease, water, moisture, dust, and other elements. You can also use different cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits. If you use these cleaning agents, let the surface be dry. 
  • Use lint-free and dry cloths before installing the custom LED strips on the surface. 
  • Experts recommend dabbing some extra adhesive if the finishes of the surface don’t bond well. You can also use LED strip fixing clips to prevent your custom LED light strips from falling off
  • Remove the adhesive tape from the LED strips just before installing them on the surface. 

9. How Do You Identify a Good Custom LED strip?

If you need a dynamic lighting solution, custom LED strips are a great choice. Custom LED light strips come in different colors, voltages, and LEDs. 

You should focus on the following factors at the time of choosing a good custom LED strip. 

LED Chips

The quality of custom LED light strips largely depends on the LED chips. They differ in sizes and colors. 

Manufacturers use SMD 5050, SMD 3528, SMD2835, and other LED chips. The number in the LED chips refers to the size of the chip. 

In the SMD 5050 chips, the width is 5.0 mm and the height is 5.0mm. Again, the width is 2.8 and the height 3.5 mm in the SMD 2835 chips. 

If you want to purchase digitally addressable LED strips, you will see numbers like WS2812B or SK6812. The numbers in these digitally addressable LED strips refer to the name of integrated controller chips.

The circuit design, materials used, and power consumed affect the performance of LED chips. Let’s see the chip surface, luminous flux, and power consumed by some LED chips. 


The voltage is another important factor that you should check at the time of choosing good custom LED light strips. Custom LED light strips come in different varieties such as 24V, 12V, and 5V. 

The higher the voltage of LED strips, the better for illumination. You will not face the problem of voltage drop in case of using higher voltage.

At the time of traveling voltage through custom LED light strips, the voltage lessens with the distance. The higher voltage of LED strips prevents the voltage drop. And, you will get the same brightness in all ends of the strips. 

You may be thinking about your low voltage requirements for your projects. Yes, some projects require low voltage to illuminate the projects. Don’t worry because you can also protect the voltage drop by implementing a power injection system. 

LED Density

The LED density is measured by the number of LEDs per meter of LED strips. It also refers to the distance between LEDs. Manufacturers use 60 to 120 LEDs per meter. The higher the density, the better your brightness. 

Figure 05 LED density for LED strip Lights

You will get an evenly distributed lighting effect if you choose custom LED light strips with higher brightness. As LEDs are the most expensive part of LED strips, the density largely affects the price of custom LED light strips.

The brightness of LED strips

The brightness of custom LED strips is the most important factor in any indoor and outdoor lighting project. In these modern days, the brightness of LED strips is measured by lumen per foot or lumen per meter. The average lumens per meter of LED strips is about 1500. 

The number of LEDs per meter, the power draw of the LED strip per meter, light efficiency & output per LED emitter affect the brightness. The lumens required per meter depending on the usages. Let’s see the lumens required per meter based on the usage.

Color Requirements

Consider the color temperature based on the applications of your custom LED light strips. Warm white, daylight white, and cool white are the most popular color temperature. Let’s see the applications of these color temperatures. 

Circuit Board quality and Consumption

If your project requires higher power custom LED strips, you should focus on the quality and specification of LED strips’ circuit board. Your custom LED light strips should have sufficient copper materials to travel high levels of electrical current. 

Choose custom LED strips with at least 2 oz to 4 oz so that the circuit board can handle the high power. Otherwise, you will face the problem of voltage drop.

The Surface of LED strips

You should check the surface of LED strips to increase the reflectivity of the lights. The extra coating of the white paint on the surface of the LED strips increases the overall light output. This white paint coating affects the color and brightness of the LED strips. 

Many manufacturers avoid this step at the time of manufacturing custom LED light strips. 

Ingress Protection Ratings

You should consider the ingress protection ratings of custom LED strips at the time of installing them for outdoor lighting purposes. Manufacturers use silicone coating to prevent water, dust, and other small elements. 

The higher the ingress protection ratings, the better for protection. Choose custom LED light strips with ingress protection ratings of IP65, IP67, or IP68. 

10. Can You Use One Remote for Two Custom LED Strips?

The capacity of one remote to control multiple customs LED strips depends on the receiver of the strips. If two custom LED light strips use the same type of receiver, you can control them with one remote. 

Figure 6 Remote for LED strip Lights

Check the code of the receiver and match them. If they are the same, you can easily activate your remote to control two custom LED light strips. 

11. What Is the Average Lifespan of Custom LED Light Strips?

The LED chips, the quality of copper pads, circuit boards, production processes & technologies of the manufacturers affect the lifespan of strips. The users’ installation process and proper maintenance also affect the lifespan. 

The average lifespan of the custom LED light strips is approximately 30,000 hours to 40,000 hours. The LED strips of some renowned manufacturers last more. 

Jasionlight is a renowned manufacturer of custom LED strip lights. We use high-quality raw materials and apply the latest lighting technologies. So, you can use our custom LED light strip for more than 50,000 hours. 

12. How Do You Identify the Best Manufacturer of the Custom LED Light strips?

There are many manufacturers of custom LED light strips in China. Consider the following factors at the time of identifying custom LED light strips. 

  • Experience in manufacturing custom LED light strips. ( at least 10 years) 
  • Usage of quality raw materials. 
  • Experience in international business
  • Quality control system
  • Warranty of custom LED lights strips
  • Customer supporting system
  • After-sale service

Jasionlight is one of the most renowned manufacturers of custom LED light strips. Apart from producing custom LED light strips, Jasionlight also produces high-quality LED neon signs, LED ceiling lights, LED tri-proof light, LED downlight, LED panel light and other LED lights. 

Final Thought

Due to low profile design, versatility, and efficiency, you can use custom LED light strips in both residential and commercial lighting projects. I have tried to give all the pain points that our customers ask before purchasing custom LED strips. If you have more questions about our products, contact us.

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