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LED Chalkboard Lights and Classroom Light Become The Mainstream of Future Schoolhouse Lighting


Led chalkboard light application background

As people pay more and more attention to education, the incidence of global myopia is also growing. In China, for example, myopia has become an urgent issue for schools. If effective intervention is not available, the incidence of myopia in the population over 5 years old is expected to increase to 50.86% to 51.36% by 2020.

And the aging of myopia is not as simple as wearing a pair of glasses. The occurrence and harm of myopia are irreversible. High myopia is prone to various types of fundus lesions, causing severe permanent visual impairment.

Just as Experts said: Because students spend nearly half of their time in school, the school’s light environment plays a vital role in the impact of students’ vision. Young students, especially primary and secondary school students whose visual acuity is in development, are nervously studying in a light environment that does not meet the requirements for a long time. They are subject to harsh light conditions and their vision will be affected.

And in the experiment of the Natural Science Foundation project “Diagnostic Lighting Based on Photobio-Effects”, it is more scientifically shown that school classroom light will directly affect students’ learning efficiency and vision health.

In order to curb the increasingly serious phenomenon of myopia, “primary and primary school students’ myopia prevention and control work program” “primary and primary school classroom light and lighting standards” “primary and secondary school design norms” and other relevant standards were introduced. 


It contains the following criteria:

① The average illuminance value on the desktop of the classroom should not be lower than 300lux, and the uniformity of illumination should not be lower than 0.7;

② the classroom chalkboard should be set with local lighting, which maintains the average illuminance value not less than 500lux, the illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0.8;

③ the classroom should use 3300K-5500K color temperature light source, the Color Rendering Index of the light source should not be less than 80;

④ The uniform glare value (URG) of the classroom should not be greater than 19.

⑤ Under the condition of maintaining the average illuminance value of 300lux, the current value of classroom light power density is not more than 11W/M2, and the target value should be 9 W/M2;

⑥ When the lighting design calculates the illuminance, the maintenance factor should be 0.8.

LED Chalkboard lights
LED Chalkboard lights

LED Chalkboard lights become the best choice

At present, the education lighting of most schools generally uses traditional T8 fluorescent lamps, which have low light efficiency, severe light decay, uneven illumination, and high maintenance costs, such as T8 fluorescent lamps, ordinary LED lamps, etc., and their luminous efficacy is 60-70 lm/ w or so, the color rendering index is only about 70, does not meet the standard requirements of not less than 80. In particular, T8 fluorescent lamps have problems such as naked glare stroboscopic, visual damage.

Therefore, many schools have begun to look for replacement of traditional lighting, and professional educational lighting has become an ideal choice for many schools. Among them, green and energy-saving LED lamps are particularly prominent.

JASIONLIGHT has designed lighting lamps for classroom lighting and chalkboard lights for education lighting. The lighting color of the classroom lights and chalkboard lights is more realistic, not glaring, the students’ eyes are very comfortable, the fatigue is low, and they will not be tired of eye fatigue and reduce the myopia rate; the illumination of the chalkboard lights is uniform, no stroboscopic, no blue light hazard.

Let’s take a look at the differences between LED Chalkboard Lights and normal lamps:

LED Chalkboard lights

1. Glare and direct glare are extremely easy problems in chalkboard lights. In order to eliminate the effects of glare in chalkboard lights, the following conditions need to be met.

① Chalkboard illumination does not enter the student’s eyes through the reflected light on the chalkboard surface;

② The light source of the chalkboard illumination does not directly enter the eyes of the students;

③ The teacher does not feel the glare of the chalkboard lighting;

④ Reasonable lighting design; in order to avoid the occurrence of reflective glare, direct glare, and other issues, the installation position, and angle of the chalkboard lights need to be professional lighting design. (Our products use lenses for secondary optical design to achieve a comfortable anti-glare effect)

⑤ Separate control switches In order to facilitate the illumination of the chalkboard according to different teaching environments, it is recommended that the chalkboard illumination be controlled separately.

⑥ high-quality chalkboard lights, in addition to meeting the above points, the selection of high-quality chalkboard lights has a pivotal role.

2. Use the special SMD4014 leds. This series of light source realizes Ra≥90 through spectral modulation, which makes the color reproduction of the light source closer to natural light, reduces the spectral content of the 400-480nm blue light hazardous area, and helps the luminaire design to achieve RG0 non-hazardous illumination.

3. Use brand led driver with no stroboscopic power supply, the ripple is <3%, and the light of the luminaire has no jitter, which better cares for the students’ eyes.

LED Chalkboard lights
led panel light


Therefore, LED classroom lights and chalkboard light will be more and more widely used in schoolhouse lighting, becoming the mainstream trend of educational lighting. Care for your child’s eyes with healthy LED lighting products, to create a healthy and comfortable classroom lighting environment.

Technology changes the way we are teaching in classrooms. in order to improve lecture efficiency, nowadays, more and more schools start to invest in new setups for classrooms, such as interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs), which can show students more legible images than traditional projector whiteboards.

Together with the chalkboard, IFPD can offer you an agreeable learning environment.

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